Reverend Insanity
1486 Death of Beauties
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1486 Death of Beauties

Under Fang Yuan's ferocious attacks, after a dozen breaths, You Chan felt fatigued, she could not carry on much longer.

"Sigh…" Qin Bai He sighed deeply as she stopped the immortal killer move fragrant flowery words that had been active.

Fang Yuan did not lie to her, fragrant flowery words was useless here, Qin Bai He had tested it, she joined the battle with a heavy heart.

She was a wood path Gu Immortal, she used her killer moves consecutively. Only to see that flowers were falling everywhere, some of her moves had corrosive gases, some of her moves had endless flower petal blades.

Qin Bai He's long dress was fluttering with her black hair, she seemed to be dancing in the battle, her body was elegant and extremely attractive.

On the other hand, You Chan shouted heroically but seductively at the same time.

The two women were famous fairies in Eastern Sea's Gu Immortal world indeed, they had incredible elegance and were very attractive. If any ordinary Gu Immortal met these two precious gems, they would already be melted by their appearance, why would they find problems with them? Not to mention killing them.

It was a pity that the two girls met Fang Yuan!

Immortal killer move — Ancient Sword Dragon Transformation!

Immortal killer move — Reverse Flow Protection Seal!


The sword dragon roared and suddenly appeared, charging at the two girls without stopping.

"Oh no!" You Chan shouted loudly.

Qin Bai He's heart was about to jump out, she gritted her teeth: "Evil fiend, take this move!"

Saying so, flower petals gathered around her and formed into a tornado, sweeping towards the ancient sword dragon.

You Chan also reacted as she shouted: "I will lend you a hand!"

Saying so, she used her water path killer move and shot out a tidal current.

The current fused into the petal tornado and instantly, the tornado grew by several times, its power and multiplied.

"What a great fusion of water and wood!" Qin Bai He praised as her confidence level rose.

The flower petal tornado crashed into the ancient sword dragon as after a moment, the ancient sword dragon was completely destroyed by the tornado.

Such an incredible result did not make these two fairies happy, they showed an expression of shock instead.

"Oh no, this ancient sword dragon is fake!" Qin Bai He had just thought of this when a huge silver dragon appeared behind her soundlessly.

Time seemed to have stopped at that moment!

Qin Bai He turned around with difficulty, with the corner of her eyes, she could see that the ancient sword dragon had opened its mouth, biting into her tiny body. Those sharp dragon fangs shining with cold light were like spears, Qin Bai He felt a chill upon seeing them!

"Fang Yuan, you are a reputed person with rank eight battle strength, you actually sneak attacked!" At the other side, You Chan shouted with deep anger in her.

Fang Yuan had such an advantage but he still sneak attacked, he was truly too shameless, he did not have the disposition of an expert, he was too shameless!

Seeing that Qin Bai He was about to end up in his mouth, at the moment of crisis, You Chan attacked with unprecedented ferocity!

A huge rain started to drizzle, the raindrops shot towards Fang Yuan like countless arrows.

Fang Yuan laughed coldly in his heart, he bit hard without concern.


Because he used too much force, when his teeth collided, there was a dull and loud sound.

"No—!" You Chan screamed in shock.

Almost at the same time, her strong attacks were all reflected back to her by reverse flow protection seal.

You Chan defended herself in a panic, at this moment, she truly felt how weak she was.

"How can I beat him?"

"His defensive method uses Reverse Flow River, all of my attacks are reflected back at me, he is too shameless!"

You Chan felt like she was in an icy abyss.

However, when Fang Yuan opened his mouth, there were no bones or flesh, only some petals were in between his teeth.

And on the other end, the flying petals gathered and formed a human body.

The body quickly moved away, it was a naked Qin Bai He, without any clothes.

At this moment, she had used her lifesaving killer move and rendered Fang Yuan's attack useless, Qin Bai He managed to escape with her life.

"Bai He!" You Chan shouted happily.

Qin Bai He had an ashen expression, her lips were trembling. She had escaped from death, the situation was so dangerous earlier, she was only a second away from actually dying.

The flower petals flew towards her and gathered on her body, instantly turning into a beautiful dress.

You Chan quickly flew over and regrouped with her.

The two girls had alerted gazes as they looked at Fang Yuan, from the depth of their eyes, there was deep fear and shock.

The ancient sword dragon's attack missed but it did not attack again, its dragon pupils were observing the surroundings.

"I understand now, so that's it." Suddenly, the ancient sword dragon's mouth opened as its voice reverberated in the two girls' ears.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Countless purple stars shot down again, all of the petals in the battlefield were decimated.

Qin Bai He's body shook intensely.

Fang Yuan's act left her with no way out, she could not use that lifesaving method again.

Ancient sword dragon roared again as it pounced.

The two fairies were pale and were biting their lips, fighting for their lives.

This was truly a battle of survival.

The two fairies did not dare to hold back anymore, they used their trump cards.

Boom boom boom!

The intense attacks resulted in dazzling lights, it was like a fireworks display.

The ancient sword dragon crossed the fireworks and moved smoothly, reverse flow protection seal reflected all attacks away from it, it was truly unstoppable!

The two girls were injured, and their injuries were deepening rapidly.

However, Fang Yuan could not take their lives in the meantime.

These two fairies were rank seven Gu Immortals, they had many methods to protect themselves, being famous people with deep foundations, they were not so simple.

"Fang Yuan, don't attack, we surrender!"

"We acknowledge your strength, I swear that we will step out of the dragonfish business from now on. Please let us off."

After a while of fighting, the two girls were bathed in blood and panting, they begged for mercy.

There was no hope of victory for them in this battle at all.

From start to end, Fang Yuan had the upper hand, the two girls were resisting desperately, but they could not last much longer.

"We can pay resources and large amounts of wealth, as long as you let us off."

"That's right, if we fight to the death, we will detonate our Immortal Gu, you will get nothing."

"We should not have been enemies with you, these dragonfish are all yours, we have learned a lesson already, if we see you again, we will take a detour."

"We swear that after this battle, we will not be enemies with you or initiate any acts of revenge."

The two girls said one after another, their opinions were the same.

"Truly intelligent and perceptive of the situation." The ancient sword dragon stopped attacking and floated elegantly in the air.

His cold dragon eyes looked at the two women as Fang Yuan said: "Then offer one Immortal Gu each to me, that will express your sincerity."

The two girls' hearts tightened, they looked at each other, feeling that Fang Yuan was truly hard to deal with!

Once they lost their Immortal Gu, their battle strength would fall rapidly.

But if they did not hand over their Immortal Gu, they would be in mortal danger.

After a bit of hesitation, You Chan said: "We will agree to this condition, but to prevent any accidents, let's set an agreement to not harm each other, we will use information path methods from both sides."

"Let's do it." Fang Yuan nodded.

However, during their negotiation, they met with obstruction.

Qin Bai He and You Chan emphasized that once Fang Yuan violates the agreement, he would be faced with death. He would not accept that.

Fang Yuan had his own schemes, he had the self cleansing immortal formation, he planned to use this immortal formation to get rid of the alliance agreements that were not favorable to him.

But Fang Yuan could not control this method himself, it would take some time to get rid of these dao marks.

If it was an instant death rule, self cleansing immortal formation could not help him.

Fang Yuan did not want to let these two Gu Immortals off.

If he did, it would be very hard to capture them again like this.

Furthermore, Heavenly Court might remove the alliance agreement for them, that would aggravate the situation. In this dragonfish business, Fang Yuan would still have a strong contender in that case.

The two did not reach an agreement, the two girls understood Fang Yuan's intentions completely.

"Fang Yuan, it seems you really want us to die."

"Even if we die, we will not let you gain anything!"

Filled with rage, these two girls chose to fight to the death.

Fang Yuan smiled coldly, his killing intent surging. After some fighting, he found a chance and his attack landed, half of Qin Bai He's body was torn apart.

The entire left side of her body was slashed apart, her organs and bones could be seen inside.

"Bai He, I will help you!" You Chan was extremely worried, she came to help but did not know that Fang Yuan's true target was her.

You Chan was caught unguarded and was bit by the ancient sword dragon.


Thick blood oozed out of the crevices between his sharp teeth.

Crack, crack.

Fang Yuan chewed and swallowed, this beautiful You Chan had turned into a pile of mushy flesh and blood, she had died.

"Ah, Chan Er!" Qin Bai He saw that her beloved was killed, she screamed in grief, her eyes were red as tears flowed out.

"Fang Yuan, you murderer, I will not let you off!" Qin Bai He did not dodge anymore, she charged at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan sneered, he used the immortal killer move purple thought perception starlight to break Qin Bai He's defense.

Next, he opened his mouth and breathed out his sword light dragon breath.

After the dragon breath passed, Qin Bai He's body was completely decimated, only her head was left, staring angrily at Fang Yuan, her beautiful face was still intact, but it was twisted and covered in blood.

Fang Yuan flew over slowly and slashed with his dragon claws.


Like watermelon landing on the ground, the dragon claw tore Qin Bai He's head into pieces as brain matter and blood splattered on the ground.We know who's top now.


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