Reverend Insanity
1484 Fang Yuan“s Kindness
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1484 Fang Yuan“s Kindness

Inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

Mini Eastern Sea.

Dragon scale sea area.

A Gu Immortal was floating in the air with fluttering sleeves, looking down at the sea below him.

He had a common face but extraordinary aura, he had abyss-like eyes that gave off deep wisdom and experience.

It was Fang Yuan's rank six Gu Immortal time path clone.

Right now, the seawater was in turbulence and waves were rumbling, but there was no wind at all.

"My sovereign immortal aperture has no atmospheric changes, there are neither winds nor clouds here. The reason this dragon scale sea area has waves is because my main body set up that immortal formation."

The time path clone thought.

Right now, dragon scale sea area was the number one sea area in the sovereign immortal aperture. It was Fang Yuan's current focus for development, he had invested a huge sum of funds.

The time path clone looked over, seeing that within the tides and waves, countless dragonfish were swimming about, they were densely packed and the number was terrifying.

Fang Yuan had put in a lot of investments, along with the sovereign immortal aperture's high rate of time, and his food path methods, the dragonfish bred rapidly, the numbers soared.

Not just the ordinary dragonfish, there were even many copper dragonfish, some iron dragonfish, and a few silver dragonfish.

Fang Yuan's clone looked beyond these dragonfish, towards the depths of the dragonfish group.

Soon, his expression turned to joy, he found his target.

This was a dragonfish shining like gold, it had densely packed golden scales, its eyes were not as dull as the other dragonfish, there was sharpness in them.

Compared to the other dragonfish, it was the smallest, it was not even the size of a person's palm, it was tiny.

But Fang Yuan's clone could sense that this golden scaled dragonfish had only food path dao marks in it and no other path's dao marks.

Even though it was small, it gave off a true ancient desolate beast aura!

The other dragonfish could only reach desolate beast at most, but the golden dragonfish could become ancient desolate beast!

This was not to be underestimated, it meant that after becoming golden, the dragonfish had gone beyond the limits of its species and reached a brand new level.

"At this point, the golden dragonfish is the limit of development." Fang Yuan's clone sighed.

The ancient golden dragonfish swam in the sea, be it the ordinary dragonfish, desolate beast dragonfish, copper dragonfish, iron dragonfish, or silver dragonfish, they were all moving around it.

The ancient golden dragonfish was the king of the dragonfish, once it appeared, all of the lower dragonfish species would all defend and follow it.

"Even I, the owner of these dragonfish, have lower control of the dragonfish group compared to the ancient golden dragonfish." Fang Yuan's clone nonchalantly watched with a flickering gaze.

It could be said that if Fang Yuan and the ancient golden dragonfish fought for control over these dragonfish, Fang Yuan would lose to it.

This ancient desolate beast only needed to exist to gain the loyalty of all the dragonfish without question.

"But that is not a problem, the ancient golden dragonfish controls the dragonfish while I control the ancient golden dragonfish itself. Unfortunately, dragonfish have no fighting strength, even the ancient golden dragonfish is bottom tier in battle strength compared to other ancient desolate beasts. Therefore, these dragonfish can only be used as goods."

Time passed quickly, half a month passed.

You Chan had a tough time during this period.

Even though she succeeded in breeding the silver dragonfish, she had used the help of Qin Bai He, Heavenly Court, and Fang Yuan's silver dragonfish.

Thus, even though she could produce silver dragonfish, in terms of production, she could not compare to Fang Yuan, the originator.

Fang Yuan was currently dominating her in terms of dragonfish business in treasure yellow heaven.

The silver dragonfish was simply too useful, and since Fang Yuan did not raise prices by too much, the other dragonfish competitors were outmatched.

And Fang Yuan sold silver dragonfish at a far larger scale than You Chan.

The difference in their strength was evident, Fang Yuan had the clear advantage.

However, You Chan did not give up, she was still persevering and putting up a fight.

White crane sea area.

Qin Bai He laughed loudly: "Hahaha, I finally got through this difficult part, our method has improved again. This way, our silver dragonfish production will increase greatly!"

You Chan had a haggard look, but joy was in her eyes.

She had worked with Qin Bai He for half a month without resting, along with the use of Heavenly Court's findings.

"But… even with such a result, our production still cannot match that person." You Chan sighed.

"Little Chan Er, don't worry, as long as we work together, we can resolve this, that silver dragonfish is not guts Gu after all. By then, our production will be on par with him." Qin Bai He was quite optimistic.

"But even then, we will only be equal with him. It is too difficult to continue innovating, we do not have the strength. That means we can only be at a stalemate with him at best. And this is under the assumption that he does not produce any newer species of dragonfish." You Chan shook her head.

Qin Bai He opened her mouth and wanted to comfort You Chan but no words came out.

The truth was, at this point in the battle, the result was already quite clear.

You Chan was not Fang Yuan's match, she could only act passively and try to catch up to him to balance the situation.

They did not have any way of winning, unless there was strong help given to them by external influences.

Like Heavenly Court.

It had a large number of food path inheritances.

But why would Fairy Zi Wei help Qin Bai He and You Chan unconditionally?

Both sides were from different regions, Qin Bai He and You Chan were very alert when working with Heavenly Court.

But Fairy Zi Wei's intention was to lure these two into becoming pawns of Heavenly Court that infiltrated Eastern Sea's Gu Immortal world.

The five regions chaotic war was about to start, Heavenly Court had to start planning before the great era.

"I am afraid this person selling dragonfish is Fang Yuan."

"Using him, I can pressure You Chan and Qin Bai He to become the pawns of my Heavenly Court."


Within Heavenly Court, Fairy Zi Wei was paying close attention to treasure yellow heaven.

The thing that stifled her was that Fang Yuan was not doing anything, after putting up the silver dragonfish, he stopped doing anything, he only sold the dragonfish normally.

This situation made Fairy Zi Wei feel a sense of unease.

She knew that Fang Yuan was not a person to take matters lying down.

"If that really is Fang Yuan, he definitely has a trump card."

"He is a ruthless person, he does not leave others a way out. The current situation of this dragonfish business is not something he'll accept."

While Fairy Zi Wei was thinking of this, Eastern Sea's You Chan suddenly had a change of expression.

"What is it, Chan Er?" Qin Bai He asked in concern.

"Oh, oh no. My dragonfish sea is being attacked by a Gu Immortal! The Gu formation has been destroyed, I must return!!" You Chan screamed in anxiety.

Even though her immortal aperture had a lot of dragonfish, the bulk of them were in the dragonfish sea area.

The dragonfish sea area was the foundation of her finances, most of her assets were there, how could she let anyone destroy it?

Qin Bai He realized the severity of the issue, she grabbed You Chan's hand: "There is no time, I will go with you. Don't worry, I want to see who has the guts to act so arrogantly in front of us!"

The Immortal Gu House flew out like a rainbow, carrying the two fairies' rage as it went from white crane sea area to dragonfish sea area.

The two sea areas were not too far away, this was why You Chan could stay at Qin Bai He's place without too much worry.

Thus, when they reached dragonfish sea area, the attacker had not left yet.

You Chan's immortal Gu formation had already been half destroyed, that Gu Immortal was still taking the dragonfish into his immortal aperture.

"Such guts!" Even with You Chan's great disposition, she became furious upon seeing her dragonfish, which were raised with such difficulty, taken away in front of her.

"Who are you, you dare to attack my woman's place, today will be your death date!!" Qin Bai He shouted as she transmitted to You Chan.

"Chan Er, be careful, this person is quite weird, his method to take the dragonfish is very skillful."

Even though Qin Bai He was angry, she had not lost her reason, she assessed the place and had a clear understanding of the current situation.

You Chan looked over following Qin Bai He's guidance and her heart jumped.

The mysterious Gu Immortal did not use any immortal methods, he was only controlling an ancient desolate beast, but the dragonfish that You Chan raised obediently followed him into his immortal aperture.

You Chan took a closer look and felt even more shocked: "What is going on? This tiny golden scaled ancient desolate beast is a dragonfish? Golden… dragonfish? Don't tell me this person is my opponent in treasure yellow heaven? Wait, according to Heavenly Court, this person is likely to be Fang Yuan?!"

You Chan had just thought of this when the person taking the dragonfish closed his immortal aperture's entrance and turned around to face the two furious fairies.

"You are finally here, my effort to wait here was not wasted, you managed to come. Hehehe, I am Fang Yuan, remember this name."

"To be able to know the name of your murderer before death, this is my act of kindness towards you."

Fang Yuan said this as the entire world changed, an immortal battlefield appeared and trapped You Chan and Qin Bai He.

Qin Bai He and You Chan were immensely shocked, they looked at each other with pale faces.

Fang Yuan was a vicious fiend with rank eight battle strength, why was he here?

Wasn't he hiding somewhere in seclusion because of Heavenly Court's pursuit?

Why did he dare, why did he dare to come out!

And why was he so arrogant and vicious, he dared to attack another Gu Immortal's territory in broad daylight?!


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