Reverend Insanity
1482 Iron Dragonfish
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1482 Iron Dragonfish

Sixth Hair's problem was more difficult than Fang Yuan had thought.

The refinement path killer move he created was called refinement snake lifespan flower, it not only contained the essence of refinement path, it also involved the karma of rule path.

Sixth Hair created this move using an incomplete Gu refinement method from Lang Ya Sect's treasury as the inspiration.

Fang Yuan deduced it and realized: refinement snake lifespan flower was not so easy to fix, if he was careless, Sixth Hair might lose his life.

Thus, Fang Yuan changed his tactic and slowed down.

"If my refinement path attainment level is higher, I will need much less time to deduce refinement snake lifespan flower."

Fang Yuan would not concentrate on this problem like he did with heaven's will dissipation refinement path immortal formation, because Sixth Hair's problem needed a lot of time to resolve.

And Sixth Hair was not in any rush.

As long as he did not use this move anymore, he would not lose his life.

Fang Yuan continued his soul path cultivation while deducing.

Dang Hun Mountain and Luo Po Valley were truly the sacred lands of soul cultivation, the soul foundation of Fang Yuan's main body started to rise rapidly again.

But the clone did not cultivate this.

The reason was conflicting dao marks.

Dang Hun Mountain and Luo Po Valley were filled with soul path dao marks, be it guts Gu or Luo Po winds, they were in essence adding soul path dao marks to Fang Yuan's soul.

The clone's soul had already received the maximum portion from Fang Yuan, if the soul foundation increased, it would disrupt his time path cultivation.

Thus, Fang Yuan did not even give the clone ghost official garment.

As for how to defend against heaven's will, Fang Yuan had his time path method, even though the effect was inferior to ghost official garment.

But the time path method complemented the clone's cultivation, the advantages outweighed the disadvantages.

Even though Fang Yuan's main body had non-conflicting dao marks and could cultivate all paths, in such a special situation, he still needed to pay attention to killer moves of different paths. For example, ghost official garment was greatly weakened due to ghostly concealment.

Other than deducing Sixth Hair's problem and the killer move to protect the time path clone from heaven's will, Fang Yuan had to modify his luck path killer moves.

Wisdom path, sword path, and soul path killer moves had already been modified to his limit, now was luck path.

Fang Yuan had many useful luck path true inheritances, among these assorted inheritances, the most prominent ones were Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's self luck and all living beings luck true inheritances.

Fang Yuan had the complete content of the former and an incomplete version of the latter.

He had many luck path Immortal Gu, Dog Shit Luck, Qi Luck, Luck Inspection, Connect Luck, and Time Luck were all rank six, they were not very suitable to Fang Yuan now since he was already rank seven.

Fang Yuan was not going to rank up his luck path Immortal Gu for now, his focus was to refine one Gu, it was Spring Autumn Cicada!

Rank six Spring Autumn Cicada could only allow rank six Gu Immortals to rebirth, Fang Yuan had rank seven cultivation level now, he needed rank seven Spring Autumn Cicada. Either that or rank six Spring Autumn Cicada used as a core of a rank seven immortal killer move.

He was still at the initial stage of Spring Autumn Cicada's refinement, Sixth Hair was in charge of the entire Immortal Gu recipe, he was collecting the necessary Gu materials.

Fang Yuan did not forget to practise his killer moves.

He had modified his soul path killer moves long ago, he was very skilled with them now. Fang Yuan would practice the sword path and wisdom path killer moves from time to time, revising their usage.

Fang Yuan knew that he had to work hard during peaceful times, by the time he fights, these killer moves would be instinctive to him. If his killer move fails during battle and he loses his momentum, that would be a disaster.

Among the killer moves he practised, wisdom path killer move exposing heavenly secret was the most important.

This killer move used heavenly secret Immortal Gu as the core to deduce the contents of the following tribulation. Of course, there was a limit to it, Fang Yuan could not deduce the content of his next grand tribulation yet, he needed to wait for some time.

Other than exposing heavenly secret, Fang Yuan also needed to practise heaven's will dissipation.

This killer move was Fang Yuan's greatest success during this period of time, he was not going to give it up.

Exposing heavenly secret allowed Fang Yuan to learn about the thinking of heaven's will. Heaven's will dissipation was a countermeasure that needed to be modified further, because it took a long time to prepare, it could only be used in the background now, it could not be utilized in an actual battle.

His red date immortal essence was barely enough for use.

His immortal essence stone storage had run dry already.

The members of Shadow Sect were all developing well. Making use of Tai Qiu, they were accumulating resources, replenishing the amount they lost while escaping from Southern Border, they even improved in some aspects.

Fang Yuan only took away the souls of the desolate beasts and ancient desolate beasts that they captured, the remaining corpses were immortal materials that could be sold for a high price.

Fang Yuan did not go after their gains, on one hand he was not attracted to this small amount, on another hand he wanted to maintain the rules of Shadow Sect. At the crucial moment, Fang Yuan could borrow resources from them for emergencies, Fang Yuan was not shy to do that.

But if he tried that now, he would ruin their momentum and growth, the cost was too high compared to the benefits in this situation.

Even though he obtained Shadow Sect's inheritance and gained a deeper understanding of Heavenly Court, there were many things that Fang Yuan did not know. Against such a huge organization, the tactic of Shadow Sect that they used in the five hundred years of his previous life were worth mimicking.

Thus, other than his own cultivation, Fang Yuan started plotting.

He had some relationship with the five regions in some way or another now, even though he was wanted by the righteous path forces of Northern Plains including Longevity Heaven, he had become part of the variant human alliance due to the engagement, his relationship with the variant humans was very close now.

The problem now was that Fang Yuan lacked funds.

Consecutive Gu refinement, cultivation, and practise of killer moves made his funds run dry. Even though he scrimped and saved, and his red date immortal essence also replenish on its own, Fang Yuan's advancement was too fast, he was operating at a deficit now, his funds could not catch up to his expenditure.

For this problem, Fang Yuan's solution was the dragonfish business.

But not long ago, You Chan also started to sell copper dragonfish, Fang Yuan was slightly surprised.

But Fang Yuan soon accepted the fact.

Dragonfish was different from guts Gu, new products could be deduced and created by his competitors too.

This was like how Fang Yuan modified the light shine fungi.

He could modify people's products, they could do the same to him.

It was not like the guts Gu business, other than him, nobody else could produce it, that was truly the monopoly that Gu Immortals dreamed of.

Thus, it was not strange that others could sell copper dragonfish. Fang Yuan was only surprised that You Chan did it so quickly.

Days passed by.

Immortal killer move — Years Pass Like Days!

The tributary of the River of Time in sovereign immortal aperture expanded rapidly, the river water started to flow faster.

The sovereign immortal aperture originally had very high rate of time to begin with, after using this killer move, the time flow became even faster.

This way, calamities and tribulations would occur more rapidly.

But Fang Yuan had no fear.

He was already unmoved by calamities and tribulations at this point. As for grand tribulations, he had heavenly secret Gu and exposing heavenly secret, what was there to fear?

The increase in his rate of time also led to the increased production of other resources.

Especially dragonfish.

In dragon scale sea area, a large number of dragonfish were swimming around. Most were ordinary red dragonfish, thirty percent were copper dragonfish, and the rest were black in color.

"This is my iron dragonfish." Fang Yuan smiled.

With this huge formation, his dragonfish did not need to be researched on, the modification was automated.

"This time, after I sell the iron dragonfish, I wonder how You Chan will react?"


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