Reverend Insanity
1473 Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence Physique
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1473 Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence Physique

The banquet was extremely lively, this engagement ceremony had an extremely heavy political impact.

Not only for the variant human alliance, but also for Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan did not reject any of the toasts from the variant human Gu Immortals, with his interpersonal skills, he greatly improved his relationship with all the variant human Gu Immortals.

Fang Yuan's original status was quite awkward.

He was a pure bred human, inside the variant human alliance, he was a loner by nature. The variant humans were suspicious towards Fang Yuan from the start.

But this time, Fang Yuan had an engagement with Xue Er, the feeling was different now. He had squeezed his way into the variant human Gu Immortal circle. Before this, he was only part of Lang Ya Sect.

"Of course, the true reason is because I have rank eight battle strength." Fang Yuan was crystal clear about this.

In the Gu Master world, an entity could rule above the group. As long as one had high cultivation level and battle strength, they would be unstoppable.

"If she knew I had rank eight battle strength, would You Chan have backed off?" Fang Yuan suddenly had a thought in his mind.

The dragonfish business was Fang Yuan's next focus in his immortal aperture development.

If You Chan backed off now, it would be perfect for Fang Yuan. But unfortunately, You Chan would not do that.

Fang Yuan shook his head secretly.

You Chan was currently one of the beneficiaries, it was too difficult to get her to give up her share of the cake. In treasure yellow heaven, even rank six Gu Immortals dared to contest rank eight Gu Immortals openly in business, or even provoke them.

Treasure yellow heaven was a place not even Heavenly Court could take over!

"You Chan… Eastern Sea's six beauties… Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence Physique…" Fang Yuan entertained the guests as he thought in his mind.

Others did not know You Chan's secret, but after gaining Shadow Sect's inheritance, Fang Yuan learned about many crucial details. One of them stated that You Chan had one of the ten extreme physiques, the Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence Physique!

This was You Chan's greatest secret, she had hidden it well, but Shadow Sect had a specialized method to search for the ten extreme physiques.

In order to refine sovereign immortal fetus Gu, Shadow Sect needed to gather all ten extreme physiques, during this process, they found out about You Chan's secret.

But back then, Shadow Sect already had the Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence Physique, so they did not target You Chan.

As for why You Chan had the Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence Physique but cultivated water path, that was the difficulty faced by lone cultivators. You Chan obtained a water path inheritance in the past, without other options, she had to cultivate it solely.

And later, it was too hard to change paths due to the risks involved, You Chan thus went on with it until now.

Fang Yuan could deduce that You Chan was deducing him because he had a lot of information about her, he knew that she was his biggest competition in the dragonfish business. On the other hand, Fang Yuan had ghost official garment and many of Purple Mountain True Monarch's killer moves, he even had the methods from Shadow Sect and Lang Ya Sect.

As for the Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence Physique, it was written in >, chapter four, section twenty-seven —

Legend says that the miniman surpassed Boundless Forest Samsara and persevered to build the ladder and made his way out of Ordinary Abyss.

When the miniman saw Ren Zu, Ren Zu sighed, if he had perseverance Gu back then, he would have conquered Reverse Flow River and would not have created such a mess.

Ren Zu wanted to save his children, but until now, he had not achieved anything.

Ren Zu saw that the miniman had perseverance Gu and gained new hope, he said to the miniman: "Miniman, oh miniman, I need your help."

The miniman asked: "Oh Ren Zu, how do you want me to help you?"

Ren Zu told the miniman that he wanted to borrow and use perseverance Gu.

The miniman said: "Oh Ren Zu, the reason why I could leave Ordinary Abyss was because I used the trees that you planted. I chopped down those trees and built my ladder, thus, I owe you a favor."

The miniman agreed to lend perseverance Gu to Ren Zu.

But after Ren Zu gained perseverance Gu, he realized he could not use it.

"This is the perseverance of the miniman, not yours, Ren Zu." Cognition Gu appeared at this time and told Ren Zu this fact.

Ren Zu was anguished, he sighed deeply.

He asked cognition Gu: "Then what should I do? I know that perseverance Gu can help me but I cannot use it. I know the feathermen can help me but love cannot control them."

Cognition Gu told Ren Zu: "Nobody can force anyone to love them, but you can create a Gu to lure the feathermen into helping you do things. Think about it, how did the miniman gain perseverance Gu?"

Cognition Gu's words were a huge inspiration to Ren Zu.

Ren Zu was overjoyed: "Oh cognition Gu, thank you for the great idea. I know what to do now, I want to create my own Gu."

Cognition Gu was curious: "What Gu is that?"

Ren Zu shook his head: "I am not sure, but I have an idea. I want this Gu to be something everyone in the world wants."

Thus, Ren Zu left Ordinary Abyss and went to the blue sea.

This was the blue sea that formed life Gu, it was the source of all life in the world.

Ren Zu had walked ashore from the blue sea, he was back here again.

Ren Zu was thirsty, he scooped up the blue sea water and drank a few mouthfuls, he got more thirsty as he drank it, but Ren Zu was satisfied: "I want to use the blue sea water to refine Gu. After I succeed, no matter who obtains it, they will never be satisfied, they will want more."

Thus, Ren Zu took away a lot of blue sea water.

After the sea level reduced, the beach was exposed. Ren Zu found that there were many sea urchin-like Gu on the beach.

This was not life Gu, it was difficulty Gu.

Any life would face difficulties.

Ren Zu's eyes shone, he said: "I want to refine Gu that everyone needs, but to obtain it, there will be difficulties."

Thus, he took many difficulty Gu.

After doing all these, Ren Zu left the blue sea and headed to the door of life and death.

After entering it, Ren Zu did not go deeply into the door of life and death, but only walked one round around the road of life.

He gathered a lot of worry Gu as he said: "I want to refine Gu that after getting it, people will not abandon easily, they will be worried that it will go missing."

After leaving the door of life and death, along the way, Ren Zu met with sadness Gu.

Ren Zu laughed happily: "Excellent, I want to refine Gu in which once people lose it, they will be very sad. This way, people will not abandon it easily."

Thus, he collected the sadness Gu.

Ren Zu had gathered everything, he started to refine Gu.

The flames of the Gu refinement raged on, a lot of black smoke was produced, attracting many Gu and lifeforms to come and watch.

"Oh Ren Zu, what Gu are you trying to refine?" Stupidity Gu was lured here as it asked curiously.

Ren Zu smiled: "Oh stupidity Gu, if you want to know, go into the fire and see for yourself."

Stupidity Gu went inside and never came out again.

Not long after, wisdom Gu came here as well, it asked: "Oh Ren Zu, what are you trying to refine?"

Ren Zu laughed: "Oh wisdom Gu, if you want to know, go into the fire and see for yourself."

Wisdom Gu flew in too.

But it only flew into the black smoke, once its vision was obscured, it flew around randomly and flew out again.

"Ren Zu, oh Ren Zu, I was almost deceived by you. I already know what you are refining, I am leaving." Saying this, wisdom Gu flew away.

Ren Zu felt that it was a pity, he sighed: "This way, after my Gu is refined, it can enslave stupid people, and blind wise people for some time."

Days passed one by one.

The Gu refinement flame continued to burn, but he did not succeed.

The black smoke did not fade away, it gathered in the sky and created huge black clouds.

"Oh Ren Zu, you must have felt it, we are just one step away. This final step is the most crucial one." Cognition Gu said.

Ren Zu nodded, he stood up with determination and walked towards the fire: "It seems that this Gu needs to be created with human hands."

Saying so, Ren Zu chopped off both hands and threw them into the fire.


The flame exploded as the endless dark clouds in the sky faded, under the golden sunlight that shone down, a little girl appeared before Ren Zu.

"Oh father, thank you for giving life to me, I am Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence." The girl was radiating an aura of prosperity, she smiled towards Ren Zu.

Ren Zu looked at her and laughed: "Hahaha, I have another daughter now. But wait, did my Gu refinement succeed?"

Myriad Gold Wondrous Essence opened her right palm as she held the Gu towards Ren Zu: "Look father, this is the Gu that you refined, it is called — Wealth."


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