Reverend Insanity
1467 The View of a Rank Eigh
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1467 The View of a Rank Eigh

"We're saved!"

"Lord Fang Yuan is invincible!"

The two hairy man Gu Immortals saw Fang Yuan defeating the myriad head coiling dragon, they cheered loudly and expressed their joy of surviving the ordeal.

But the Shadow Sect immortals were silent.

Bai Ning Bing snorted.

Ying Wu Xie had a look of nostalgia, after seeing these wisdom path killer moves again, he thought of the sacrificed Purple Mountain True Monarch.

Hei Lou Lan was silent, the stronger Fang Yuan became, the smaller her chances of escaping.

Xue Er blinked in succession, she was mentally shaken, looking at the ravaged battlefield, she understood why the tribe wanted to have a marriage connection with Fang Yuan.

"This is rank eight battle strength?"

"Ordinary immemorial desolate beasts cannot deal with Gu Immortals that have rank eight battle strength. Because humans possess intelligence and wisdom, we can use countless immortal killer moves."

"Being married to this man, even if we only rely on this connection, our tribe will no longer be bullied by the rockmen. If we can use his help, the entire tribe will be lifted, we will definitely prosper!"

Meanwhile, Fang Yuan stared at the dragon corpse and the fallen dragon heads, collating his gains and losses.

Immemorial desolate beasts had rank eight battle strength, but they were still classified into different tiers. This myriad head coiling dragon was one of the weaker ones among immemorial desolate beasts.

It was not in good condition, it had just woken up from sleep and was countered by Fang Yuan's wisdom path killer moves.

If Fang Yuan used other methods or fought by charging in, he might have had to spend more effort. But ignited thought flying rock had an incredible effect that dealt with it easily.

"How should I deal with this myriad head coiling dragon? Without the immemorial dragon head, it is only ancient desolate level now. But it still has its foundation, in time, a new ancient dragon head will become immemorial level."

This type of formation path immemorial desolate beast was very rare, Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture was in its development stage, he first thought of moving this myriad head coiling dragon into his immortal aperture.

But regretfully, once the myriad head coiling dragon is in the ground, it could no longer be moved. It was not just deep underground, it was connected to the earth vein, it grew from extracting nutrients from the earth vein.

Thus, if the surrounding soil was dug up, the myriad head coiling dragon would lose its connection to the myriad head coiling dragon, it would lose its life.

Ordinary Gu Immortals might be without options, but Fang Yuan had methods.

Be it Shadow Sect's inheritances or Lang Ya Sect's inheritances, they had countless methods to relocate the myriad head coiling dragon.

But Fang Yuan gave up this alluring idea after considering it.

The reason was simple, these methods needed Immortal Gu that Fang Yuan did not have. Even if he used the light of wisdom, the time, effort, and resources needed were huge, it was not worth it for just this immemorial desolate beast.

But to kill it and sell off its body parts was a huge waste.

After all, an immemorial desolate beast that was alive had greater value than a dead one.

Thoughts clashed in Fang Yuan's mind as he thought of the best way to resolve this — Lang Ya Sect!

He had just prepared to contact Lang Ya land spirit when Lang Ya land spirit already contacted him using information path mortal Gu.

Lang Ya land spirit was also very happy, Fang Yuan was able to defeat the immemorial desolate beast and save two hairy man Gu Immortals, he wanted to thank Fang Yuan and had a warm tone.

Fang Yuan smiled silently.

The status of a rank eight Gu Immortal was totally different.

In the absence of rank nine, rank eights were the dominating overlords!

Each rank eight Gu Immortal caused great influences in their every action. Even though Fang Yuan did not have rank eight cultivation level, having only rank eight battle strength and being considered a quasi-rank eight, he could already feel how amazing it was to be a rank eight at this moment.

Fang Yuan said to Lang Ya land spirit: "This myriad head coiling dragon is still alive, a new immemorial dragon head will regrow in the future. I want to sell this immemorial desolate beast to Lang Ya Sect, first supreme elder, how many sect contribution points can I get for this?"

Lang Ya land spirit was dazed before shouting: "Great idea!"

Lang Ya Sect was exploring Tai Qiu, they could use an immemorial desolate beast's corpse to create a teleportation immortal formation. This was a base point for them. Using this base, they could explore outwards and gain more resources from Tai Qiu.

But in the huge Tai Qiu, just one base was not enough. Like this time, because of the distance, it was not easy to rescue them.

"This myriad head coiling dragon is a natural immortal formation, we do not need to do anything, as long as we subdue it, we will be able to create a second base. As for sect contribution points…" Lang Ya land spirit considered before giving Fang Yuan a number he was satisfied with.

Fang Yuan had to refine a large number of Immortal Gu earlier, his sect contribution points had dwindled, he needed to replenish them so that he could refine Gu again.

Right now, Fang Yuan was handing out a Gu refinement mission, his main goal was heavenly secret Immortal Gu!

After settling his loot, Fang Yuan led the immortals back victoriously.

The Shadow Sect immortals were all injured, Hei Lou Lan had the heaviest injuries. Even though the fire path methods were good, it was not compatible with her Great Strength True Martial Physique.

Unfortunately, Fang Yuan needed to develop his strength path too, there was a conflict between them.

Fang Yuan had to satisfy his own needs first before he could pass down excessive Gu worms to raise the Shadow Sect immortals' strength. After all, Heavenly Court was too strong, their strength was needed for Fang Yuan to gain a decisive victory in the future.

"However, I can modify her fire path killer moves to make them more compatible. I can even modify this strength path immortal killer moves for her to use." Fang Yuan thought.

Hei Lou Lan was still very loyal due to Shadow Sect's alliance agreement. But in Fang Yuan's mind, Fairy Miao Yin and Lady White Rabbit were more trustworthy.

At the same time, Fang Yuan had a way to restrict Hei Lou Lan, that was her father cum enemy, Hei Cheng.

This huge trump card had always been in Fang Yuan's hands, Hei Lou Lan was kept in the dark.

"I can nurture Hei Lou Lan slightly, modifying these killer moves is very easy, the expended time and effort is low, I can do it rapidly."

Thus, for the next few days, Shadow Sect's immortals healed themselves while Hei Lou Lan's injuries slowly recovered, she was only mildly injured.

Fang Yuan handed star eyes Immortal Gu to her and let her use it to refine the stars in the sky.

Fang Yuan chose a huge star, when he was in Southern Border disguised as Wu Yi Hai, there were too many people, he could not casually refine the stars.

There was little development in this, it kept dragging on until now.

Fang Yuan did not have the time or energy for this. He passed star eyes Immortal Gu to Hei Lou Lan and made her use her time to refine the star, allowing star eyes Immortal Gu to display its worth.

When Hei Lou Lan succeeded, Fang Yuan would give her the modified immortal killer moves as the reward.

Fang Yuan had created an organization in his previous life. To nurture a person, they could not be given rewards for no reason and at a rapid pace. Breaking the rules of advancement was a huge problem for organizations. Any act of promotion or demotion needed to have appropriate reasons.

If there was no reason for it, then he should create a reason.

Fang Yuan was very experienced in this.

After the matter of the myriad head coiling dragon, Fang Yuan realized that the Shadow Sect immortals also needed more battle strength. When they got stronger, they would be more helpful to Fang Yuan.

However, the most important thing now was Fang Yuan's own development.

The most reliable person was himself, a truly mature person would never rely on others in times of need. The Shadow Sect immortals were merely icing on the cake for Fang Yuan.

After returning to his cloud city, Fang Yuan took out a rank six strength path immortal material.

Next, he used immortal killer move eat strength.

A moment later, this pure strength path immortal material had melted, a small portion of the dao marks in it had been transferred to Fang Yuan.

Using perceivable dao Immortal Gu to check it, his strength path dao marks did not grow by much.

Fang Yuan was not disappointed, this was an expected result.

The main way for Gu Immortals to increase their dao marks was through tribulations. For Fang Yuan, he had another immortal aperture annexing method. As for eat strength killer move, it could only slowly accumulate, there would only be effect after a long time.

Thus now, when dealing with the myriad head coiling dragon, even though he gained some strength path dao marks, his battle strength did not rise much.

"However, if I can refine snack Immortal Gu into the rank seven Big Snack, I can modify eat strength so that the gain in my strength path dao marks will be more evident and achieve a qualitative change."

This thought appeared in Fang Yuan's mind before rapidly vanishing.

Refining snack Immortal Gu into big snack Immortal Gu was alluring, but it was not the appropriate time to do that now.

Refining heavenly secret Immortal Gu was the main priority, and Fang Yuan was continuing his immortal aperture development to satisfy the needs of his Immortal Gu in terms of food. The latter expended almost all of his finances.

How long had it been? His ten million immortal essence stones had already started depleting.

But his great efforts also gave him great rewards, he had already completed more than half of his basic development.

"My soul foundation has already reached ten million man soul, let's continue like this."

"In terms of killer moves, I am already familiar with Purple Mountain True Monarch's wisdom path killer moves, next, I will modify Bo Qing's sword path killer moves."

In terms of wisdom path, Fang Yuan had grandmaster attainment level, he also had wisdom path Immortal Gu, it was naturally his priority.

In terms of sword path, even though he had several sword path Immortal Gu, he lacked the attainment level for it, it was lower on his priority.

In terms of soul path, not only did he lack attainment level, he also lacked Immortal Gu, he only had rank seven Change Soul and rank six Cleanse Soul, it was even lower on the priority list.

Fang Yuan had been preparing himself, he had considered his options thoroughly.

"At the same time as modifying Bo Qing's sword path killer moves, I will also modify some killer moves for Hei Lou Lan. The only problem is that after completing my basic development, my finances will be at a dangerous level."

Fang Yuan was a little worried, but after three days, the snowman tribe sent the third set of gifts to him.

The third set of gifts was the most valuable one among the three.

After getting this, Fang Yuan's basic immortal aperture development no longer had the problem of lacking funds for the time being.


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