Reverend Insanity
1453 Price War
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1453 Price War

Wang Ming Yue took out her stock.

Only Fang Yuan alone had been supplying year Gu in a large amount in treasure yellow heaven over these last days, now with one more competitor, it immediately caused a stir.

"Women are women after all, not even having this bit of patience." Central Continent's Rong Xin scoffed when he obtained this news.

"With this, many Gu Immortals will probably choose to watch." He had plentiful experience in selling year Gu, and could immediately guess the changes in the market.

Sure enough, the fervor of buying year Gu in treasure yellow heaven suddenly fell.

Wang Ming Yue became Fang Yuan's competitor, which all of a sudden caused the supply of year Gu to be greater than demand, other Gu Immortals were now keeping patient, waiting to see a good show.

A storm was brewing in treasure yellow heaven

In previous years, the sale of year Gu had always been a hot business. This year, with year Gu being sold ahead of time, the situation had now become 'desolate' with almost no one showing any interest.

Wang Ming Yue was helpless about this.

There was no other way, she had a huge stock of year Gu, if she did not start now and waited for the other two sellers to start selling, there would be a much smaller market for her goods.

"Wang Ming Yue is actually selling ahead of time?" Different from Rong Xin's passive stance, Xie Bao Shu was hesitating.

Xie Bao Shu understood Wang Ming Yue, this person was a veteran seller with plenty of experience, how could she not see the disadvantage of selling early?

"Most probably, she also has a lot of year Gu on her." Xie Bao Shu did not show anything on the surface, but was inwardly getting worried.

A day later, he finally decided to take action, putting year Gu for sale in treasure yellow heaven.

"Xie Bao Shu has also made a move."

"Two of the three main sellers are already selling their goods ahead of time."

"Of course! This year is different from the past, there is now a fourth gladiator in the arena."

Within treasure yellow heaven, the Gu Immortals discussed.

"Damn it. These two…" When Rong Xin obtained news of this, he could only follow while gritting his teeth.

The situation was already different from before.

Previously, Fang Yuan was selling by himself, Rong Xin could endure this and remained unmoved. When Wang Ming Yue joined, Rong Xin only felt slightly tensed, but with Xie Bao Shu also joining in, the pressure on Rong Xin had increased.

Among the four sellers, if he alone did not take action, then the one who suffered the most would no doubt be him.

It was just that he had his own difficulties.

His year Gu were the results of refinement.

Because there was not a set time like past years, his stock had not been accumulated enough. So he had the least amount of stock among the four sellers.

Forced by the situation, Rong Xin could only grit his teeth and put his year Gu for sale in treasure yellow heaven.

"I have the least amount of stock, I cannot act forcefully." Rong Xin already had a hunch, what he needed now was time to refine much more year Gu.

Thinking of this, he contacted Xie Bao Shu and Wang Ming Yue.

These three knew each other for many years, competing and communicating with each other about year Gu business, and naturally had each other's information path Gu worms.

"Although there is a newcomer, I think us three should still act according to the old agreement, isn't that so?" Rong Xin reminded the two.

Xie Bao Shu and Wang Ming Yue naturally agreed.

They had already broken some terms of the old agreement by selling year Gu early. But since this was a special situation, it could be understood.

But if they broke other terms, especially the one about price of year Gu, that would be breaking the rules!

With more sellers, there would naturally be a price war.

This was a powerful method of a price war.

But if it was used too strongly, it would hurt themselves.

Xie Bao Shu, Wang Ming Yue, and Rong Xin had already competed with each other countless times, but they never changed the agreed price. Besides not being able to do anything to the other party, the main reason was to protect their benefits.

This created a problem.

If Fang Yuan's side suddenly dropped the price, what should they do?

These three could obey the agreement, but Fang Yuan was a newcomer, even if Rong Xin persuaded him, he might not listen.

But Rong Xin, Xie Bao Shu, and Wang Ming Yue were seemingly not worried about this.

With four sellers supplying year Gu, Fang Yuan immediately felt his sales becoming stagnant.

"I am a newcomer after all. Although my goods are of top quality, how could my status compare to those three main sellers in other Gu Immortals' hearts?"

Wang Ming Yue, Xie Bao Shu, and Rong Xin were in this business for many years already, they had good reputation among the public. Fang Yuan could absolutely not compare in this aspect.

This was where Fang Yuan was disadvantaged in.

But Fang Yuan had his methods to resolve it.

Soon, at almost the same time, Rong Xin, Xie Bao Shu, and Wang Ming Yue obtained a significant news.

That mysterious seller was beginning to drop the price of year Gu!

"He went for this after all."

"Hmph, I still thought he had some other methods!"

They were not anxious, even feeling somewhat disdainful. They had long grown out of this action of decreasing the price, and had even suffered a lot because of this.

In a price war, taking the initiative to reduce the price was a double-edged sword, it would hurt others and hurt oneself as well.

But as far as buyers were concerned, Fang Yuan reducing the price was no doubt good news.

Weren't they waiting for this kind of opportunity?

They were like hungry sharks that immediately swarmed in.

Fang Yuan's year Gu began to sell in large amounts, forming a stark contrast with Xie Bao Shu, Wang Ming Yue, and Rong Xin's.

"The other side seems to be an experienced veteran, this price reduction is quite to the standard. It gives a feeling of being a lot, but actually is not that much." Wang Ming Yue had been observing the situation.

"But so what?"

"The year Gu market of the whole of treasure yellow heaven is extremely big, how can you supply to the buyers of the whole five regions by yourself? In the end, the one to suffer will be yourself. We can clearly sell at a higher price."

The three main sellers maintained their price, but several days later, they could not sit still!

"What's going on? This guy has so many year Gu? It almost seems to be endless."

"How could he accumulate so many year Gu? Something's wrong here."

The moods of the three main sellers had become slightly heavy.

But should they follow and reduce their price? They were hesitant.

In the end, they had different mentalities.

Fang Yuan was a newcomer, however much he earned would be fresh income. But these three main sellers were old veterans, and had a rough estimation of their profits every year.

So if they were to reduce the price, their expected profits would decrease.

Hesitation was natural.

Several days later, Fang Yuan's sales were still going on fiercely, the three main sellers saw the situation was going in an unfavorable direction, Wang Ming Yue was the first to discuss with the other two if they should also reduce the price.

Xie Bao Shu had a cold expression: "Looking at this situation, this guy probably has enough stock. If we don't reduce our price, we simply won't be able to sell."

"That's right." Wang Ming Yue added, "This person's methods are not simple, he reduced the price just enough to suppress us three."

Rong Xin snorted: "Whether we lose profits or not, it will have to be seen after selling all the year Gu. If we decreased the price too much, even if we sell a lot, we will still lose massive profits overall, what is the point of that?"

He did not approve of this method, still wanting to wait patiently for a while more.

There was no other way, he did not have much stock. If he reduced the price, there would be a lot of buyers and his goods would be all sold, when others learned he was out of stock so early, his image and reputation would be damaged.

But he could not do anything about it, since the other two wanted to reduce the price, Rong Xin could only follow them.


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