Reverend Insanity
1452 Three Sellers
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1452 Three Sellers

Eastern Sea.

Clear sea area.

A jade pavilion stood by itself in the depths of the sea, emitting aura of a rank six Immortal Gu House.

Inside the jade pavilion, Gu Immortal Xie Bao Shu was hosting his close friend, You Xian Zi.

Looking at the large patches of vicissitude trees outside the jade pavilion, You Xian Zi said with a moved tone: "It is time to harvest year Gu once again, the growth of these vicissitude trees is much more vigorous than the previous year. Looks like your method of growing these resources has made another breakthrough."

Xie Bao Shu was handsome and had a warm nature, he rubbed his nose, smiling: "You don't need to flatter me."

You Xian Zi laughed: "I am just worrying about you, don't you know someone is already selling year Gu in treasure yellow heaven?"

Xie Bao Shu was silent as he took out a mortal year Gu and handed it to You Xian Zi.

You Xian Zi received it and took a glance: "Hmm, good, this rank five year Gu's quality is pretty good. It is glossy and healthy, it is quite appealing."

Xie Bao Shu slightly shook his head: "This year Gu was not raised by me, it is from that seller."

"I see." You Xian Zi was slightly surprised, before quickly accepting this fact.

He knew his friend very well.

Xie Bao Shu was a well-known lone cultivator in Eastern Sea's Gu Immortal world.

He had unique insights on growing vicissitude trees.

Vicissitude trees were an immortal material, but their usage was very narrow. Despite being an immortal material, because they had many kinds of dao marks, they were very impure.

So few Gu Immortals paid attention to this tree.

But Xie Bao Shu found new ways of using them, he planted this tree on a large scale, and using an ingenious method, he used vicissitude trees to raise and attract wild year Gu.

Now, he was one of the three giants of the year Gu market!

He only put a small portion of these year Gu in treasure yellow heaven, the larger portion was sold to various super forces of Eastern Sea.

Even so, Xie Bao Shu would not easily give up treasure yellow heaven's market. Because this was the whole world's market, and from a certain aspect, treasure yellow heaven could be said to be much more significant than those Eastern Sea super forces.

Now that someone was suddenly entering the year Gu market, making huge transactions, how could Xie Bao Shu just watch from the sidelines?

Although it was still not time for him to sell year Gu, he had always been paying attention to the situation of the year Gu market.

"I have examined this year Gu, it is indeed a high grade item. This time, the opponent is not a simple one." Xie Bao Shu sighed.

You Xian Zi nodded: "With such a huge amount, some region's super force might be involved in this, it is very difficult for an individual to take out so many of them. Didn't you also climb up by accumulating your strength step by step?"

Xie Bao Shu smiled: "Oh you, why are you encouraging me in a roundabout way? Among the three sellers, only I am a lone cultivator. Because of this, I could only move step by step, facing setbacks along the way and getting past them to create a solid foundation, what difficulties have I not encountered? This time will also not be an exception. Moreover…"

You Xian Zi finished his words: "Moreover, you three have already reached an agreement. Every business has its own hidden rules, this newcomer might have come aggressively, but he has broken the hidden rules, he will probably be suppressed and forced out by you three, right?"

"Hahaha, I really cannot hide anything from you, you rat who specializes in stealing oil." Xie Bao Shu jokingly scolded while pointing at You Xian Zi's nose.

Northern Plains, Lang Ya blessed land.

Cloud city, inside a secret room, Fang Yuan had been sitting cross-legged without moving for several days.

These last days, he had been activating rank eight time path Immortal Gu Years Flow Like Water.

He had obtained this Immortal Gu from Hei Fan's true inheritance, even rank six Gu Immortals could activate it, but the effect would be limited.

Now, Fang Yuan was continuously pouring his rank seven red date immortal essence into Years Flow Like Water, constantly producing mortal year Gu.

And these year Gu were then moved to treasure yellow heaven's market.

He let his will stabilize the situation and carry out year Gu transactions with other Gu Immortals.

Indeed, he was the newcomer who had been selling large amounts of year Gu. He was extremely aggressive, not only creating an uproar in treasure yellow heaven, he even made Xie Bao Shu and the others feel apprehension.

Fang Yuan had borrowed over one million seven hundred and thirty thousand immortal essence stones, he turned them into red date immortal essence, which he made full use of in the year Gu business.

Rank eight Years Flow Like Water was too amazing, it not only produced a lot of mortal Gu, their quality was also good.

The market response had been extremely good these few days. After buying some, many Gu Immortals felt that the goods were pretty good, they would find Fang Yuan to purchase another batch.

"Hmm?" Right at this time, Fang Yuan's activation of Years Flow Like Water paused for a moment.

He had all along been maintaining his connection to treasure yellow heaven, and had just received a message from his will, which he had placed in treasure yellow heaven, that there was a super force which wanted to purchase Fang Yuan's goods in bulk quantity, but was afraid Fang Yuan would not be able to supply them, so they wanted to discuss with his main body. If it was possible, they could establish long-term cooperation.

This news could be true but could also be false.

"There is a higher chance that this message is sent by those traditional year Gu sellers using a disguised identity." Fang Yuan sneered, completely disregarding this message.

Long-term cooperation? Fang Yuan was not interested. He wanted to wage war this time!

Central Continent.

Rong Xin was silent.

"The seller is actually not interested in my proposal?" Rong Xin was quite surprised.

He had disguised as a huge buyer to try to communicate with Fang Yuan personally and glean his background. But Fang Yuan actually ignored him.

"How can this be? Even if he is a representative of a super force, they would also hope that their year Gu would have much larger buyers. Unless… he does not have many year Gu left?"

Rong Xin was a member of the ten great ancient sects, and as a righteous path member, he naturally understood the thoughts of righteous path Gu Immortals and super forces.

He pondered and felt this guess was very likely.

"It must be because of this that this mysterious seller is selling year Gu this early. It is to avoid us three sellers?"

"He refused even my proposal, he probably really does not have much stock left. Actually, the amount of year Gu he has sold is only one-tenth of what I have in stock."


Rong Xin chuckled when he thought of this.

"This is a good method to gain attention." He commented in his head on Fang Yuan's action: "Unfortunately, what use is it if you don't have enough strength?"

Southern Border.

Dragon Return Valley.

The rumbling of a waterfall echoed in the valley.

Mist permeated and the vegetation thrived.

Wang Ming Yue, an external supreme elder of the righteous path super force Yao clan, was standing on a giant boulder, gazing at the waterfall.

This waterfall was not ordinary, it was a tributary of the River of Time!

"Year Gu has three great sellers. Eastern Sea's Xie Bao Shu uses vicissitude trees to nurture year Gu. Central Continent's Rong Xin uses refinement path methods to periodically refine countless year Gu. But only I have a grasp over a tributary of the River of Time, I can capture natural wild year Gu."

Wang Ming Yue inwardly compared herself to them.

This tributary of the River of Time was rather special, it was a tributary that had forked from the middle of the River of Time.

The River of Time had many special river segments.

For instance, the sword-blade river segment, it was a special river segment that was personally set up by Red Lotus Demon Venerable using the past Xi Yuan's sword aura and Dao Jiu Lang's blade aura to protect one of his stone lotus islands.

The year river segment was filled with countless wild year Gu.

Wang Ming Yue had discovered this tributary back when she had been a lone immortal, and had secretly managed it. But several years later, Southern Border's righteous path forces discovered it and were naturally covetous.

After a secret exchange, Yao clan won, and Yao clan Gu Immortal Yao Tian Ze married Wang Ming Yue. With this reason, Yao clan openly took this Dragon Return valley as their territory.

"This year's harvests are pretty good, the amount of year Gu captured is actually thirty percent higher than normal."

"The other two are not making a move, then I shall start first. If I continue letting that newcomer sell his year Gu, it will probably not be easy for me to sell all these wild year Gu."

Wang Ming Yue put her thoughts into action, and began selling her year Gu in treasure yellow heaven.

Her move immediately caused an uproar in treasure yellow heaven.

"One of the three main sellers of year Gu, Wang Ming Yue, has made a move."

"If that mysterious seller is allowed to continue selling year Gu, the sellers after him definitely won't have an easy time selling year Gu."

"This will be quite a show."

"Right. That mysterious seller is selling so many year Gu, the three main sellers definitely have a hard time being patient. Now that Wang Ming Yue has made a move, the other two won't stand still."

"Let's wait and see, there might even be a price war, us buyers can pick up some benefits."

Many Gu Immortals secretly communicated.


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