Reverend Insanity
1450 One Million Seven Hundred and Thirty Thousand!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1450 One Million Seven Hundred and Thirty Thousand!

"Oh, Chu Du is lending me a hundred and fifty thousand immortal essence stones?"

Fang Yuan soon received Chu Du's reply, moreover the amount Chu Du was lending had slightly surpassed Fang Yuan's expectation.

In Chu Du's reply letter, he had written in euphemistic words. He talked about their pleasant past collaboration, then talked of how unexpected events and circumstances in life toyed with people and how their camps differed, which created an awkward situation. Moreover, lending one hundred and fifty thousand immortal essence stones was already his limit, and the time for returning it could be determined by Fang Yuan himself.

"Looks like Chu Du still wants to continue collaborating with me. Reckless Savage's true meaning is tempting after all." This reply immediately let Fang Yuan know of Chu Du's attitude and intention.

Chu Du was originally born a lone cultivator, later he went against Liu tribe and was accused of being in the demonic path. Now, he had established Chu tribe and was in the righteous path.

But by nature, he still prioritized his own benefits.

So despite the high risks of collaborating with Fang Yuan, due to the huge profits, Chu Du did not hesitate to take the risk, not only lending one hundred and fifty thousand immortal essence stones, but also personally writing a reply letter.

This letter Gu might only be a mortal Gu, but its significance was not ordinary. If Fang Yuan took it out, it would be strong proof that Chu Du was collaborating with the demonic path.

But this was done intentionally by Chu Du. He used this method to give Fang Yuan a hold on him, to express his sincerity in collaborating.

And Fang Yuan felt this sincerity fully.

"I can continue to collaborate with Chu Du."

"Of course, the calamity beckoning Gu I lent him before is also a strong foundation of collaboration between us."

Fang Yuan was rather pleased.

One hundred and fifty thousand immortal essence stones was already a high amount.

Normally, a rank six Gu Immortal would have at most one thousand immortal essence stones as reserve.

Rank seven Gu Immortals would have roughly ten thousand. Most rank seven Gu Immortals usually had several thousands of immortal essence stones as their reserve.

And at rank eight level, having several tens of thousands in reserve was the minimum, they would often have over a hundred thousand, and those senior rank eights would even have a million.

As for rank nine, their immortal essence stones would reach ten million, or even one hundred million!

Of course, it depended on the Gu Immortal's individual circumstances.

As far as organizations were concerned, an ordinary super force would have around a million immortal essence stones in reserve.

Wu clan had such reserves, which is why in the battle of the dream realm, Wu Yong did not hesitate to lend Fang Yuan one hundred thousand immortal essence stones. This was within the capability of Wu clan. Of course, Wu clan could lend much more, but Wu Yong thought this amount was enough for Fang Yuan to stabilize the immortal formation.

And Chu tribe was a recently established super force, although they had many Gu Immortals, most of them were of strength path and had few assets to themselves. According to Fang Yuan's estimate, it was good if Chu tribe had six hundred thousand immortal essence stones in reserve.

And Chu Du had lent one hundred and fifty thousand from this reserve of six hundred thousand immortal essence stones, and with no time limit to return it. His sincerity was truly high.

There was no doubt that immortal essence stones was also a factor to weigh a Gu Immortal's and a force's strength.

But it was not that the more money you saved, the better. Just piling up money without making use of it was like collecting dust.

Storage of immortal essence stones followed the same logic.

With Chu Du's support, Fang Yuan's originally emptied immortal essence stone storage jumped to one hundred and fifty thousand!

But Fang Yuan was not satisfied.

He continued to patiently wait for replies.

He had not only sent the letter to Chu Du, but also sent them to the three eccentrics of Crazed Demon Cave, as well as Miao Ming Shen of Eastern Sea, asking for immortal essence stones.

The request for immortal essence stones was only one objective, Fang Yuan had another goal as well, it was to know their attitudes.

Especially in this sensitive time when his Liu Guan Yi identity was exposed.

The replies of the Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics and Miao Ming Shen came almost at the same time.

Both sides agreed to Fang Yuan's request, each lending a sum of immortal essence stones. The former gave two hundred thousand immortal essence stones, while the latter gave one hundred thousand.

The Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics' attitude towards Fang Yuan had gotten even more warm than before, with no issues regarding Fang Yuan's true identity. As far as these three were concerned, they did not care about the fight between the righteous path or demonic path, from their perspective, there was only Limitless' true inheritance! They would acknowledge anyone that could help them achieve this desire.

And the stronger Fang Yuan became, the higher their acknowledgement of him.

As for Miao Ming Shen, he had a pleasant interaction with Fang Yuan's other identity 'Chu Ying'. In the trading convention, Fang Yuan had taken the initiative to sell lifespan Gu to Miao Ming Shen, this sharply elevated Fang Yuan's status to Miao Ming Shen.

Therefore, Miao Ming Shen had specially written in the letter: His funds were quite tight recently, one hundred thousand was his current limit, but if it was not enough, he could borrow from his friends to aid Fang Yuan.

Like this, Fang Yuan got three batches of immortal essence stones, the total amount reaching four hundred and fifty thousand.

Whether it be his previous life or currently, he had never possessed such an enormous sum of immortal essence stones.

However, Fang Yuan did not stop borrowing, he then discussed with Lang Ya land spirit and borrowed a sum of immortal essence stones, and also used his sect contribution points to exchange for another sum until it reached Lang Ya land spirit's bottom-line.

"I cannot exchange anymore. Although you have a lot of sect contribution points, the sect also needs to have some in reserve to prepare for any unexpected situations." Lang Ya land spirit firmly refused.

In these recent few years, because of his development plan for the blessed land, the rich foundation was being constantly expended. Adding on the previous time when Fang Yuan used large amounts of sect contribution points to exchange for immortal materials as well as make Lang Ya Sect refine Immortal Gu, Lang Ya Sect's foundation was further expended sharply.

When Lang Ya land spirit refused Fang Yuan, Lang Ya Sect had no more than three hundred thousand immortal essence stones left in reserve.

Fang Yuan then asked Bai Ning Bing.

Bai Ning Bing had inherited Bai Xiang grotto-heaven, it should have had a huge immortal essence stone reserve.

Among the Shadow Sect Gu Immortals, Bai Ning Bing was the richest.

Hei Lou Lan was the poorest, and Ying Wu Xie was similar, although he had possessed Fairy Cui Bo's body, her immortal aperture and resources were all taken by Bai Ning Bing as battle spoils.

After Lady White Rabbit and Fairy Miao Yin heard of Fang Yuan's action, they took the initiative to lend some immortal essence stones, although the amount was rather small.

Among all the lenders, Lady White Rabbit's terms were the most lax, she had even said with a flushed face that it would not matter even if Fang Yuan did not return the immortal essence stones. At second were Fairy Miao Yin and Chu Du who did not put a limit on the time of return.

The Three Crazed Demon Eccentrics wanted to make use of Fang Yuan, but their friendship was shallow after all, so they lent according to the market rate. Lang Ya land spirit did the same. Among them, Miao Ming Shen's time limit was the most lax.

The harshest loan term was from Bai Ning Bing. She mentioned a rather interesting condition, she could lend a large amount of immortal essence stones to Fang Yuan, but the more Fang Yuan borrowed, the higher the interest and shorter the return time.

Fang Yuan then borrowed most of her immortal essence stones.

After borrowing from here and there, Fang Yuan's immortal essence stones had reached an astonishing amount of over one million seven hundred and thirty thousand!

A huge sum.

This reserve had already surpassed what Chu tribe, Lang Ya Sect, and most of the super forces could take out. Among Gu Immortals, almost no rank six and rank seven Gu Immortals had such capital, even among rank eight Gu Immortals, only few possessed such capital, they were usually long time rank eight experts with a reserve of more than a million immortal essence stones.

Naturally, this was purely comparing quantity.

The truly 'healthy' form of assets was to maintain balance between income and expenditure. Fang Yuan might be holding this huge sum, but it was not his, he had only borrowed it.

In an instant, Fang Yuan was deep in debt.

However, he was not nervous at all, he was fully confident he could use these immortal essence stones to earn even more!


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