Reverend Insanity
1449 Borrowing Immortal Essence Stones
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1449 Borrowing Immortal Essence Stones

A flat and boundless plain was in her sight.

Zhao Lian Yun's divine sense continued to spread before finally covering the whole blessed land.

She had succeeded in her immortal ascension not long ago and became a wisdom path rank six Gu Immortal of Spirit Affinity House, forming this blessed land.

Lian Yun blessed land.

It had a total of 5700km2 of land, a large tributary of the River of Time, with time flowing thirty-three times faster than the outside world, which meant the immortal aperture would produce over thirty green grape immortal essence every year.

"Half grassland and half plain?" Zhao Lian Yun mumbled.

The blessed land's topography was closely connected to the Gu Immortal's specific situation.

The grassland topography might be because Zhao Lian Yun's heart was connected to Northern Plains, having spent most of her time there since her transmigration. As for the plain, it might be because she had inherited Central Continent's customs.

Even without any cultivation and plantation, the grassland was already filled with green grass. While the plain had fertile land and water, with some cultivation, it could produce plenty of products.

Besides the blessed land, there was also Immortal Gu.

Rank nine love Immortal Gu went without saying, but because of her immortal ascension with a high grade blessed land, Zhao Lian Yun had obtained her second Immortal Gu — Remembrance.

This was a wisdom path Immortal Gu. Its appearance was like a flying ant, and had astonishing flying speed. Its whole body was silver, and when it was still, it emitted an illusory white halo.

"Hong Yun, do you know that I am now no longer a mortal, I have become a Gu Immortal!"

Zhao Lian Yun retracted her divine sense and slowly opened her eyes, looking at the outside world.

She sighed lightly.

After becoming an immortal, she did feel joy, but even more than that, she felt empty and lonely.

In the battle of Reverse Flow River, Ma Hong Yun might have been killed by Fang Yuan, but his soul still existed.

This was not random speculation by Zhao Lian Yun, but had been deduced by a wisdom path Gu Immortal of Spirit Affinity House, Xu Hao.

Zhao Lian Yun chose to believe him, and thus this became her motivation and hope for putting forth effort in cultivation.

Thinking of a trace of hope to revive Ma Hong Yun, Zhao Lian Yun restrained her feelings and stood up, leaving this closed secret room.

Today was an important day.

Zhao Lian Yun walked past a corridor, Li Jun Ying had been waiting for her at the end of the corridor.

"Greetings to Sister Jun Ying." Zhao Lian Yun immediately bowed in greeting.

Li Jun Ying smiled: "Sister Lian Yun, no need to be so polite, let's go, I will accompany you to secret inheritance peak."

Secret inheritance peak was a place where Spirit Affinity House's Gu Immortals often set foot in.

Zhao Lian Yun was going there for the first time, sure enough, the peak was extraordinary. It was floating in the air, surrounded by vast emptiness. It seemed to be close but was actually far away, the aura on the mountain was thick and condensed, a high level immortal Gu formation was set up in it.

The one in charge of this peak was a supreme elder of the neutral faction, her name was Fairy Liu Fang.

In this trip, Zhao Lian Yun did not see Fairy Liu Fang herself, but was welcomed by a will left behind by her.

Zhao Lian Yun did not think anything of it, but Li Jun Ying frowned slightly.

According to convention, Zhao Lian Yun who was the current generation fairy of Spirit Affinity House would be heavily nurtured by the sect, and in this first visit to secret inheritance peak to receive financial assistance from the sect, she should have been personally welcomed by the secret inheritance peak master.

But Fairy Liu Fang did not follow this convention.

"Junior Lian Yun pays respects to Senior Liu Fang." Zhao Lian Yun bowed to Liu Fang's will.

"No need to be so courteous, you are the current generation fairy of the sect. Please take a look at this Gu." Liu Fang's will smiled, her attitude was extremely polite as she handed an information path mortal Gu to Zhao Lian Yun.

Zhao Lian Yun looked through the contents in the Gu, there was a long list of wonderful items inside which dazzled her eyes for a moment.

"I do not know much, Sister Jun Ying, could you please check for me." Zhao Lian Yun was a smart person, she quickly handed this Gu to Li Jun Ying.

Li Jun Ying looked through the list, and nodded slightly.

There was no reduction in items listed in this information path mortal Gu, it was the real deal.

She transmitted her voice to Zhao Lian Yun: "Lian Yun, since you have become a Gu Immortal, and have Immortal Gu Love and Remembrance, as well as a high grade blessed land, your starting point is already extremely high."

"You now need to manage your immortal aperture and increase your foundation. The first task is to feed Immortal Gu. Fortunately, even though your love Immortal Gu is rank nine, it does not have any issue regarding its food."

"So, what you need to consider now is remembrance Immortal Gu. This Gu feeds on bright eye flowers, and in this list of benefits, there is a method to raise bright eye flowers, you should choose it."

Zhao Lian Yun continued to nod as she transmitted her voice: "You are right, sister. Then what about the other two choices?"

There were extraordinary benefits in being the current generation fairy of Spirit Affinity House.

According to the sect rules, once the current generation fairy's cultivation makes a breakthrough, she can choose three resources free of charge from secret inheritance peak.

While other Gu Immortals, besides the ones who have made huge contributions, could only use their sect contribution points to exchange for these resources.

Li Jun Ying smiled and said: "Besides this, I recommend you to choose clear chance grass. Since you are a wisdom path Gu Immortal, you will have to manage your immortal aperture from the wisdom path aspect. Clear chance grass is a wisdom path resource, and its nurturing is also rather easy, moreover it fetches a high price in treasure yellow heaven, you won't make a loss if you choose this."

"Then I shall choose it, sister, your choice won't be wrong." Zhao Lian Yun quickly said.

Li Jun Ying was greatly pleased with Zhao Lian Yun's attitude, her tone becoming warmer by several degrees.

"Then what should I pick for the final choice?" Zhao Lian Yun asked.

"Naturally the first item."

"Immortal essence stones?"

"Right." Li Jun Ying could not help chuckling at Zhao Lian Yun's puzzled look: "Whether it be bright eye flowers or clear chance grass, the amount provided by the sect won't be enough for you to plant them on a large scale. If these resources are not planted on a large scale, they will lose their significance. So, you need a large amount of immortal essence stones to purchase their seeds and plant them."

"Immortal essence stones are an important resource which Gu Immortals must have reserves of. Because they are not only the most common currency in transactions of Gu Immortals, they also have value in being turned into immortal essence for your own use."

"I see. Then I shall choose immortal essence stones." Without any hesitation, Zhao Lian Yun quickly exchanged for the three items from Liu Fang's will.

The two left secret inheritance peak and flew outside.

Before they parted, Li Jun Ying gave a sum of immortal essence stones to Zhao Lian Yun: "Sister Lian Yun, Xu Hao and I are lending you these three thousand immortal essence stones. Feel free to use them as much as you like, because there is no time limit for this loan."

"Ah!" Zhao Lian Yun softly exclaimed, revealing a moved expression: "The sect only gave me one thousand immortal essence stones, but sister, you are directly giving me three thousand, how should I use it?"

Li Jun Ying patted Zhao Lian Yun's shoulder: "Silly girl, the sect has already given you a lot. You have the sect's support. You should know those lone cultivators and demonic immortals have to fight for even a piece of immortal essence stone."

"Speaking of immortal essence stone storage, a newly ascended rank six Gu Immortal is almost completely broke. Those with a hundred immortal essence stones are already in the mid level of rank six. Having one thousand immortal essence stones is very rare among rank six Gu Immortals."

"Your situation is different, because you are not only a Gu Immortal from one of the Central Continent's ten great ancient sects, you are also the current generation fairy of Spirit Affinity House, you will be heavily prioritized by the sect, thus you are an exception."

"In normal situations in the five regions and two heavens, most rank six Gu Immortals don't have more than one hundred immortal essence stones, few have several hundred, and very few have a thousand immortal essence stones."

"And among rank seven Gu Immortals, they have at least several hundred immortal essence stones, most have over one thousand, and very few have several tens of thousand immortal essence stones."

"This is just common knowledge, you can simply remember it."

"Many thanks for your guidance, sister!" Zhao Lian Yun gave a deep bow with a grateful look.

Li Jun Ying's words were telling her that the sect did not mistreat her, and that she and her husband were also actively supporting her.

"I will definitely work hard." Zhao Lian Yun said solemnly.

Li Jun Ying nodded: "Go cultivate, if you have any doubts, don't hesitate to write me a letter, you can also ask Xu Hao."

"Yes." Joy flashed past Zhao Lian Yun's eyes, having someone for guidance and learning by oneself were naturally two different concepts.

Looking at Zhao Lian Yun's receding figure, Li Jun Ying's smile slowly disappeared.

Ever since Feng Jin Huang was taken under Duke Long, her life had become increasingly difficult.

She and her husband Xu Hao were of the famous Anti-Feng faction. But now, the supreme elders of Spirit Affinity House knew that Feng Jin Huang was an Immortal Venerable seed with infinite future prospects!

Fairy Liu Fang's attitude this time clearly showed the political direction of Spirit Affinity House.

Li Jun Ying had also expected this and had thus accompanied Zhao Lian Yun to prevent anyone from reducing Zhao Lian Yun's sect benefits. Fortunately, that did not happen.

It could be foreseen that this couple would have to face some political cold shoulders next. And in this coldness, they could only unite anyone they could, for instance Zhao Lian Yun, and then huddle together for warmth.

Northern Plains, Chu tribe.

The famous strength path Gu Immortal Chu Du put down an information path Gu worm in his hand.

"Fang Yuan, it is really not easy to be your friend." Chu Du gave a bitter smile.

This letter Gu was sent by Fang Yuan, he was asking for immortal essence stones!

Fang Yuan had once cooperated with Chu Du using the alias of Liu Guan Yi, and their relationship had not been shallow. Not long ago, Heavenly Court assassinated Gu Immortal Yun Liang, destroying Longevity Heaven's plan as well as publicizing the secret that Fang Yuan and Liu Guan Yi were the same person, while incriminating the crime on Fang Yuan.

Hence, Chu Du already knew Liu Guan Yi was Fang Yuan.

But Chu Du was not too surprised, in fact, he had once had suspicions regarding this, and had even sang a poem to test Fang Yuan.

Whether it be Liu Guan Yi or Fang Yuan, Chu Du wanted to collaborate with both.

However, the current Chu Du's identity was different from before.

He was now the first supreme elder of Chu tribe, he had a lot of Gu Immortals under him, and was a member of the righteous path.

As a Northern Plains righteous path Gu Immortal, if he continued to collaborate with Fang Yuan, the moment it was exposed, all his previous effort in creating his force would turn into naught.

Collaborating with Fang Yuan was extremely risky.

Chu Du had planned to ignore it at first and maintain a vague attitude, but Fang Yuan did not give him this opportunity, and directly sent a letter asking for immortal essence stones.

And in this letter, Fang Yuan only mentioned of borrowing immortal essence stones, he intentionally did not mention the specific amount, the meaning was for Chu Du to decide how much to lend.

This made Chu Du feel even more troubled!

"As expected of someone like Fang Yuan." Chu Du sighed.


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