Reverend Insanity
1448 Ghost Official Garmen
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1448 Ghost Official Garmen

The modified immortal killer move, ghost official garment, used rank seven change soul Immortal Gu and rank six cleanse soul Immortal Gu as the cores. After several failures, Fang Yuan succeeded in activating it.

He directly moved out his soul from his sovereign immortal body.

His soul floated in the air, it was not very condensed.

His soul foundation had been expended several times because of burning soul bursting luck, and was now only at hundred man soul level.

The difference was that his soul was now covered in a broad garment, with long sleeves and a lower hem that was dragging on the ground.

This was the manifestation of the killer move ghost official garment.

Its general term was ghost official garment, but if it was subdivided, rank six level ghost official garment was called ghost soldier garment, rank seven was ghost general garment, rank eight was ghost king garment, and rank nine was ghost venerable garment.

At rank nine level, it could defend against rank nine venerable's deductions. Naturally, this was only in theory, even Spectral Soul Demon Venerable had not raised this killer move to rank nine in the past.

Because he did not need to.

He was a grand Demon Venerable when alive, slaughtering countless beings, he simply did not need to defend against deductions.

As such, the highest level of his ghost official garment was only rank eight.

Fang Yuan's soul inspected it and was puzzled: "Huh? Why is it only rank six ghost soldier garment?"

After he modified the killer move, the core was replaced by rank seven Change Soul and rank six Cleanse Soul, that meant this was a rank seven killer move, why was it ghost soldier garment instead of ghost general garment?

"Is it because of my modification?" This guess had just appeared in Fang Yuan's mind before he denied it.

He had used the light of wisdom to modify it, how could it be wrong?

"Oh, I understand." Fang Yuan thought for a moment before he realized.

The answer was in his body.

Beneath ghost official garment was another layer of clothing.

If ghost soldier garment was said to be made of hemp and was a shoddy product, then this inner garment was like silk, it was extremely compact, giving an exquisite and smooth feeling.

This clothing of dao marks was the rank nine immortal killer move ghostly concealment, just based on their ranks, ghost soldier garment could never compare to it.

"The original ghost official garment was meant to directly attach to my soul. But now, it has been separated by a layer, thus it fell from rank seven to rank six."

Fang Yuan had never expected such a problem.

He had all along been enjoying the advantage of non-conflicting dao marks of the sovereign immortal body. He had never expected to stumble slightly on this matter.

"There is no conflict of dao marks in my sovereign immortal body."

"But there is still a conflict between killer moves of different paths."

"Ghostly concealment has ghost in its name, but it is a theft path killer move, while ghost official garment is a soul path killer move, the two conflict with each other. To solve this issue, the most fundamental method is to combine both into one move."

Fang Yuan bitterly smiled when he thought this.

The difficulty was too big.

Fang Yuan had no understanding of ghostly concealment. Moreover, he lacked attainment in theft path and soul path. Even with the light of wisdom to help him deduce, the progress would be extremely slow, according to the current conditions, he would have to keep on deducing for hundreds to thousands of years without rest, and even then he might not deduce a successful outcome.

After all, it was a rank nine killer move, and to Fang Yuan, rank nine was far away. Despite him possessing rank eight battle strength, he was not even a rank eight Gu Immortal.

"Then let's do this."

Fang Yuan put his soul back in his body.

He did not intend to further improve his method.

He had obtained all the inheritances of Shadow Sect, and just earlier, he had exchanged them with almost all the inheritances of Lang Ya Sect.

It was only 'almost', there were some crucial contents which both sides did not exchange. This applied to both Lang Ya Sect and Fang Yuan.

Even so, the near-complete collection of inheritances in Lang Ya Sect had reached an enormous amount, only slightly inferior to Shadow Sect's collection.

After all, Long Hair Ancestor was from the Medieval Antiquity Era, he had lived three hundred thousand years ago. Lang Ya blessed land had also existed for three hundred thousand years.

Based on just time alone, Lang Ya Sect was much older than Shadow Sect.

But the inheritances in Lang Ya Sect were basically all related to refinement path, even inheritances of other paths mostly touched upon refinement path. Moreover, Lang Ya Sect's collection ability definitely could not match Spectral Soul Demon Venerable and Shadow Sect.

Fang Yuan was able to get both the collections for his own use, just based on inheritances, he had already surpassed any one ancient sect of Central Continent. Two or three ancient sects would have to collaborate to match the amount of inheritances he had.

As for Heavenly Court, Fang Yuan could not compare to them. Heavenly Court had been governed by three Immortal Venerables, and its history was extremely long, it was established three million years ago, in the Remote Antiquity Era.

Combining the inheritances Fang Yuan held currently, ghost official garment was the most suitable to him and also had the highest growth potential. In the future, it would be the most useful immortal killer move that could defend against others' deductions as well as deceive heaven's will.

It could be said that ghost official garment killer move was a key part of Spectral Soul's true inheritance.

It was very special.

Once activated, it could last forever, it did not spend immortal essence, instead it expended the Gu Immortal's soul foundation to maintain itself.

Theoretically, as long as the Gu Immortal's soul existed, and ghost official garment was not directly attacked, it could last for eternity.

Precisely because it was linked to a Gu Immortal's soul foundation, it had another huge advantage.

Its might would change according to the Gu Immortal's soul foundation.

When the Gu Immortal's soul foundation increased, ghost official garment's might would also increase. And similarly, if the soul foundation fell, ghost official garment would also weaken.

"Previously, I used dark limit Immortal Gu, and had to reactivate it after every set interval of time to replenish its effect, it was really inconvenient, especially when escaping. But ghost official garment can last forever with just one activation, and its strength grows with my soul foundation."

This was a practical immortal killer move.

In fact, there were other soul path killer moves that could be used together with it.

For instance, the killer moves soul shaking flag and soul shackle.

These two moves could be used with ghost soldier garment, once activated, when Fang Yuan's soul leaves his body, not only would it be covered with the ghost garment, it would also have weapons, the soul shaking flag in its right hand and soul shackles in his left hand.

With this, even Fang Yuan's soul would possess offensive prowess.

This was also an important characteristic of Spectral Soul's true inheritance — to allow a person's soul to possess powerful battle strength.

However, Fang Yuan only chose ghost official garment, and did not choose soul shaking flag or soul shackle.

After testing the effect of ghost official garment, Fang Yuan continued to bathe in the light of wisdom.

Borrowing the help of the light of wisdom, he began to ponder over his current situation.

"With ghost official garment and Lang Ya blessed land, I am currently safe. Even if Heavenly Court attacks, I can rely on my own strength to escape."

"But what I need to do is to completely destroy Heavenly Court's fate Immortal Gu."

"Ten years! After ten years, Heavenly Court will have definitely restored Fate, by then I probably would have no hope of winning."

This was the most troubling issue Fang Yuan was facing.

Heavenly Court had terrifying strength, let alone attacking Heavenly Court, it was extremely dangerous for Fang Yuan to even enter Central Continent. Heavenly Court only needed to send out one or two rank eight Gu Immortals to make Fang Yuan's situation miserable.

Even by relying on the light of wisdom, Fang Yuan was unable to think of how to resolve this greatest issue.

"Fortunately, I still have Red Lotus' true inheritances. Red Lotus Demon Venerable had damaged fate Gu back then and left behind his true inheritances. With Spring Autumn Cicada, the crucial key, in my hand, I have a huge possibility of obtaining his true inheritances."

Fang Yuan had used Red Lotus' true inheritance to kill a Heavenly Court rank eight time path Gu Immortal, Lord Huang Shi. So perhaps he could use other true inheritances of Red Lotus to find hope of destroying fate Immortal Gu.

Relying on fate Gu, Heavenly Court stood unshaken to this day.

Relying on fate Gu and Star Constellation's arrangements, Heavenly Court had resisted three Demon Venerables.

Relying on fate Gu, Heavenly Court had all along occupied the throne of the number one Gu Immortal force in the whole world.

There was no doubt that destroying fate Immortal Gu was the key to defeating Heavenly Court.

If Fang Yuan did not destroy Fate, after ten years, it would be time for Heavenly Court to take Fang Yuan's life.

Fang Yuan had inherited Shadow Sect's legacy, and had a profound awareness of this point.

"But now is not a good time to go after the true inheritances of Red Lotus."

"Heavenly Court has slipped up once, but they have obtained a huge amount of precious information, next time, they will utilize much more strength and even more rank eight Gu Immortals."

"I can only continue to develop first and raise my battle strength before I go to inherit Red Lotus' true inheritances, only then will I have some hope of destroying fate Gu."

There was no doubt about this general plan.

Fang Yuan currently lacked immortal essence, while his immortal essence stone storage was also almost empty. Reverse flow protection seal was already being targeted, in the previous battle, Feng Jiu Ge's sound path killer move had already begun to penetrate reverse flow protection seal and affected Fang Yuan's main body. During the battle inside the River of Time, he had barely been able to kill Lord Huang Shi after using the strength of a stone lotus island.

Now, Fang Yuan had Spectral Soul's true inheritance along with countless inheritances, he also had Dang Hun Mountain, Luo Po Valley and the light of wisdom.

In this situation, if he did not develop and strengthen himself, running around and causing trouble instead, he would truly be asking for death!


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