Reverend Insanity
1445 Culprit Fang Yuan?
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1445 Culprit Fang Yuan?

Murong Qing Si flew with all her might, her reckless action immediately attracting the attention of other Gu Immortals.

"What happened?"

"Looking at Murong Qing Si's expression, something seems wrong!"

"Qing Si, wait a moment, why are you so panicked?"

A tribe Gu Immortal inquired, but Murong Qing Si just kept on flying, her heart was filled with panic and terror as she was desperate to verify the truth.

"Move, let's go take a look."

"Today is the day that Yun Liang is coming to propose a marriage, but Murong Qing Si is so anxious, unless….."

Soon, three Gu Immortal figures flew out from Murong tribe's headquarters and followed after Murong Qing Si.

The life tablet Gu and soul lantern Gu on Murong Qing Si had already shattered, so she was unable to rely on them to determine Yun Liang's location, but she knew the route Yun Liang was going to take to come to Murong tribe. Right now, she only needed to check this route.

After madly flying for few minutes, a ruined battlefield suddenly appeared in Murong Qing Si's vision.

Her whole body shook violently as she quickly descended.

"Yun Liang? Yun Liang!"

"Where are you?"

Murong Qing Si called out repeatedly, but only the sound of wind replied her in this battered battlefield.

"Oh no!"

"There was a huge battle here."

"How could this happen?!"

The three Murong tribe Gu Immortals who had followed from behind, saw this scene and immediately realized the severity of the situation as they began to search as well.

The four Gu Immortals turned over the whole battlefield, finally making some discoveries.

An information path mortal Gu was deeply buried under the ground, and seemed to be a dying message left behind by Yun Liang.

"Qing Si, you need to mentally prepare yourself." A Murong tribe Gu Immortal worriedly looked at Murong Qing Si.

Her condition was clearly not good, and looking at this information path mortal Gu, her mind started shaking as fear filled her heart.

But finally, she still clasped this mortal Gu with her trembling hands.

She then transferred her mental sense inside, and the moment she read the contents, she shouted: "Fang Yuan, I won't forgive you!"

Her voice was so sad and contained such hatred that it even shook the hearts of the other Murong tribe Gu Immortals.


At the next moment, Murong Qing Si coughed out a mouthful of blood, and fell down on her back. But the anger and sorrow in her heart were so great that she fainted.

The other Murong tribe Gu Immortals quickly moved to support her.

She was not injured, it was just that her heart had suffered a huge trauma.

They discussed for a moment, and decided that waking her up now would not be good for her.

The three Gu Immortals then took turns in inspecting the contents of the Gu worm.

This crucial information path mortal Gu recorded the scene of the final battle of Yun Liang's life. His opponent was an ancient sword dragon!

This ancient sword dragon could use immortal killer moves, and also possessed an extremely powerful defensive method that could reflect attacks.

Its identity was almost certain, the three Gu Immortals immediately thought of a name — Liu Guan Yi!

But what relation did Liu Guan Yi have with Fang Yuan?

They continued to read the contents before coming to a realization. Towards the end of the battle, the ancient sword dragon transformed into a human, he was Liu Guan Yi, and he struck Yun Liang with a fatal move.

Yun Liang cursed: "Liu Guan Yi, we have neither hatred nor grievance between us, but you are going after my life, I won't let you go even if I turn into a ghost!"

Liu Guan Yi sneered: "So unfortunate, you won't even have the opportunity to turn into a ghost. Go die, oh, that's right, Liu Guan Yi is only my alias, my real name is Fang Yuan!"

"Fang Yuan…" Yun Liang's gaze slowly dimmed.

Fang Yuan sneered: "Heh, being able to know my name before dying is your honor. Because in the future, my name will resound throughout heaven and earth, countless beings shall tremble at my name!"

Merciless, savage, and domineering aura assaulted the three Murong tribe Gu Immortals.

"So Liu Guan Yi is actually Fang Yuan, and Fang Yuan is Liu Guan Yi, they are both the same person!"

"Bastard! Liu Guan Yi, no, Fang Yuan, he actually dared to kill Yun Liang, this is a complete disregard for my Murong tribe!!"

One Gu Immortal clenched his fists, unable to restrain his fury.

But the other two immortals fell into a strange silence.

"Why are you not speaking?" The furious Gu Immortal asked.

Those two Gu Immortals sighed at the same time, one of them said: "Fang Yuan is an otherworldly demon who destroyed Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, he is also Liu Guan Yi who subdued Reverse Flow River and has rank eight battle strength. He offended both Ye Lui tribe and Liu tribe, but look at how they are behaving now."

"Although they had issued arrest warrants against Fang Yuan, after the battle of Reverse Flow River, these two tribes ceased all activities and don't dare to find trouble for Fang Yuan. I am afraid our Murong tribe…"

The furious Gu Immortal's eyes opened wide as he shouted: "Afraid of what?! We belong to the grand Huang Jin tribes, descendants of Giant Sun, with so many Gu Immortals, how can we fear a measly otherworldly demon?! We need to take revenge! We need to show them the might of Northern Plains' righteous path!"

The other two Gu Immortals could only look at each other bitterly.

"Even after so many years, Murong Xing Sheng is still the same." The two secretly conversed.

"Ignore him, this matter is not so simple. Murong Qing Si's and Yun Liang's marriage is not just a matter of our Murong tribe, Longevity Heaven is also paying attention to it. If this is not handled properly, it might raise a huge turbulence! There is more than meets the eye, it is not something that rank six minor characters like us can take part in, if we are not careful, we might get engulfed by this whirlpool and die without a corpse."

"You are right, the urgent thing now is to report this situation and this crucial clue to first supreme elder."

Lang Ya blessed land, inside a cloud city.

Inside a secret room, Fang Yuan was sitting cross-legged on a cushion with his eyes shut tightly.

Almost all of his attention was on his sovereign immortal aperture.

Cleanse soul Immortal Gu, which had been refined not long ago, was floating in the air. Large amount of mortal Gu as well as several supplementary Immortal Gu were surrounding it.

All these Gu worms activated, emitting faint white radiance.

The radiance gathered on an immortal zombie body.

It was Fang Yuan's eight armed strength path immortal zombie body!

The faint white radiance had already covered it for a long time now, but the immortal zombie body showed not even the slightest movement.

But Fang Yuan was not anxious or surprised, because he had still not taken the crucial step.

He had only been getting familiar with this immortal killer move, and stabilizing the situation.

After few minutes of time, Fang Yuan inwardly nodded.

He took out a rank seven Gu Immortal's soul.

It was the soul of Ye Lui Qun Xing, a rank seven expert of Ye Lui tribe.

Maybe it felt the danger of destruction, Ye Lui Qun Xing's soul struggled intensely, letting out ear-piercing soul howls.

But that was it.

Not to mention the current Fang Yuan who had Spectral Soul's true inheritance, even if it were before, he could easily suppress this measly soul.

Ye Lui Qun Xing was very powerful when he was alive, but this was just a soul, what could he do?


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