Reverend Insanity
1443 Cleanse Soul Refined!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1443 Cleanse Soul Refined!

"This is the snow lotus essence?" Fang Yuan looked at the immortal material in his hand and murmured in admiration.

Snow lotus essence was extremely exquisite, it was only the size of an adult fist, its pink petals, bright red stamens, and the whole flower surface, was covered in a layer of ice as thick as a fingernail.

This ice layer was pure and transparent, radiating bursts of coldness. This coldness was not a chilling cold, but was more like the coldness of spring, despite being cold, it contained vigorous vitality.

It was the first time for Fang Yuan to come across and see this rank seven immortal material. Because it was so rare that even in treasure yellow heaven, it was a scarce item.

The reason for this was that this immortal material only grew in large scale snowman tribes. And the current five regions were ruled by humans, while the various variant human tribes were forced to live in some corners of the world.

Fang Yuan was able to easily obtain this immortal material, mainly due to the variant human alliance.

Not only did Fang Yuan obtain snow lotus essence, it was moreover a huge amount.

"I am really surprised, I did not think the snowman tribe would have amassed so much snow lotus essence." Sixth Hair said from the side.

"Snow lotus essence is very rare even in treasure yellow heaven, it will definitely cause a bidding war if it is put up for sale. Unfortunately, strength decides the rules in this world. The snowman tribe is worried about the risks of exposing themselves, so they only sell small amounts of immortal materials like snow lotus essence every once in a while." Fang Yuan said with a gaze that was clear of the underlying reasons.

"It is indeed the case." Sixth Hair nodded: "Actually, our Lang Ya Sect also has such resources which are rare in the human Gu Immortal world, but we also cannot casually bring them out, for fear that we would leave behind clues and lead to an invasion by human Gu Immortals."

Fang Yuan's eyes shined brightly.

He saw a business opportunity.

Maybe later on, he could be a middleman for the transactions, after all, he was a human.

He really needed these profits.

With the frequent Gu refinement attempts recently, Fang Yuan had already paid an enormous price. Although most of the cost was paid using all kinds of inheritance contents, be it him or other Gu Immortals of Shadow Sect, they would need more resources to continue cultivating and managing their immortal apertures.

Fang Yuan looked at Sixth Hair as he shook his head.

He knew Sixth Hair's words had deep meaning. Since he raised this issue, he not only reminded Fang Yuan, but also used an implicit way to offer himself to take on the assignment. If Fang Yuan had plans on doing something in this area, then Sixth Hair could mediate between the two sides, and help Fang Yuan fight for benefits.

But this was not important now.

"Right now, what I want is to refine cleanse soul Immortal Gu as soon as possible. Since we have obtained snow lotus essence, then we shall start on modifying the Immortal Gu recipe next. We will first separately modify the recipe, then combine them later to overcome the shortcomings on both sides, and finally obtain the most optimal Gu recipe." Fang Yuan instructed Sixth Hair.

Sixth Hair did not forget to put on an act to deceive Lang Ya land spirit: "How many sect contribution points will you give me then?"

After a round of haggling, Sixth Hair obtained a satisfactory price, while Fang Yuan left the Gu refinement hall and returned to his cloud city.

He had personally examined the snow lotus essence, and just like the type that Sixth Hair had recommended, these were superior immortal materials.

The flowers were ice-cold, but they contained warm life force within, they would be an extremely good replacement for that flowing fire core in the original Gu recipe.

The main reason was that Fang Yuan was using the ice refinement method. Snow lotus essence naturally suited the ice refinement method more than flowing fire core.

An Immortal Gu could have a lot of different Immortal Gu recipes. There was not just one way to reach the same goal.

And when an Immortal Gu recipe was given to an expert refinement path Gu Immortal, they first distinguished which Gu refinement method was closer to the Immortal Gu recipe and had a higher probability of success.

Then in the Gu refinement process, the Gu Immortal might discover that some procedures in the Immortal Gu recipe did not suit them, or maybe they found better replacements for immortal materials.

Like this, they could further increase the success rate.

Fang Yuan and Sixth Hair were currently doing this.

However, the task of modifying the Immortal Gu recipe was mainly given to Sixth Hair. After all, Sixth Hair's refinement path attainment was higher than Fang Yuan's.

What Fang Yuan was exceptional in was his wisdom path attainment level and his wisdom path methods.

The only pity was that both Fang Yuan and Sixth Hair had ordinary attainment in soul path.

In the following days, Fang Yuan began cultivating while modifying the Immortal Gu recipe of Cleanse Soul.

Dang Hun Mountain and Luo Po Valley.

He was once again using these two great secluded domains of heaven and earth to cultivate soul path.

His soul path cultivation progressed by leaps and bounds, even Fang Yuan felt it was somewhat inconceivable.

"Truly the sacred lands of soul path, of course the main reasons are these cultivation methods. These are from Spectral Soul's true inheritance!" Fang Yuan was quite moved.

Back then, Spectral Soul Demon Venerable had also cultivated in these two secluded domains of heaven and earth. He had summed up and formulated a complete set of comprehensive, complementary, and orderly cultivation methods.

Fang Yuan was just following it word-by-word.

Previously, he had used burning soul bursting luck once in Western Desert, and it had been enough to deplete his soul path foundation entirely.

But after just a few days, he had almost restored his foundation with terrifying efficiency!

"This is still considering that I lack the crucial Immortal Gu and cannot use many immortal killer moves, only able to use these mortal methods. Fortunately, my sovereign immortal body has no conflict in dao marks, so mortal methods are also effective."

Fang Yuan was cultivating soul path, raising his soul foundation once again.

The main reason was naturally to refine cleanse soul Immortal Gu.

Burning soul bursting luck could immediately cause his luck to increase sharply, and this had a mystical effect when refining Immortal Gu.

As to making Ying Wu Xie use burning soul bursting luck, it was not that it was not effective, but there were too many who were luck connected, only a part of the luck would be effective on Fang Yuan. It was far better for Fang Yuan to use burning soul bursting luck himself, and then fix his luck.

There was also another reason, Ying Wu Xie could use lead soul into dream, if his soul path foundation was too low, this killer move's power would be limited.

Of course, Fang Yuan was definitely going to master this killer move later on.

However, now that he was in Lang Ya blessed land, there was no hurry.

Time went by quickly, over half a month had passed in Lang Ya blessed land.

Fang Yuan and Sixth Hair had collated their gains and created a modified Immortal Gu recipe.

There was nothing to talk about, next was to continue the Gu refinement.

First attempt, failure.

Second attempt, failure.

Third attempt, failure.

Large amounts of immortal materials were wasted, however they were not in vain, after the failures, Fang Yuan and Sixth Hair adjusted the Immortal Gu recipe and perfected it to the limit of their abilities.

During the fourth attempt, Fang Yuan activated burning soul bursting luck, causing his luck to increase greatly.

This time, he refined to the final juncture, but regretfully, still failed.

Fifth attempt, failure.

Sixth attempt, another failure.

Seventh, eighth, ninth…

Fang Yuan continued to attempt it, persevering without giving up.

After every failure, he would bitterly practise his refinement path skills, and at the same time, enter the two sacred lands of soul path and use the cultivation methods in Spectral Soul's true inheritance to quickly increase his soul path foundation.

When his soul foundation was of standard, Fang Yuan used burning soul bursting luck once again, and continued attempting the Gu refinement.

Thirteenth attempt, failure.

Fourteenth attempt, failure.



Success came unexpectedly and somewhat suddenly. Fang Yuan held cleanse soul Immortal Gu in his hand.

He succeeded at the fifteenth attempt, adding on Sixth Hair's previous failures, the refinement had been attempted close to thirty times in total!

The resources spent were in an incomparably enormous amount, just to refine one rank six Immortal Gu.

If it were an ordinary Gu Immortal, they would have gone bankrupt long ago.

Even the past Fang Yuan with his sovereign immortal aperture would not be able to bear such a price.

Having inherited Shadow Sect's true inheritances and having a buyer that could afford them, Lang Ya Sect, as well as having enough supply of the crucial immortal material, snow lotus essence, and a refinement path Gu Immortal's committed support, all these reasons finally created Fang Yuan's success.

"Cleanse soul Immortal Gu has finally been refined." Fang Yuan inhaled deeply before sighing.


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