Reverend Insanity
1442 Duke Long“s Disciple
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1442 Duke Long“s Disciple

Over a month later.

Central Continent, Spirit Affinity House's headquarters.

A daoist temple was floating on the clouds.

Immortal Gu aura permeated all around it, this daoist temple was Spirit Affinity House's time path Immortal Gu House — Sun and Moon Temple.

The archway, the main hall and the side halls were all integrated into one. This daoist temple was one of the foundations of Spirit Affinity House, its biggest effect was to facilitate in cultivation of Gu Immortals.

In normal times, Sun and Moon Temple would be in the control of Spirit Affinity House's supreme elders, they would take turns in using it to help in their cultivation.

But right now, Sun and Moon Temple was taken out and placed in the air. Moreover, it was activated, every corner and tile of the daoist temple was alternating between emitting the light of the sun and moon.

The beautiful light shone on the surrounding clouds, making them look auspicious, and creating a scene of an immortal sanctuary.

In the main hall of the daoist temple, Gu Immortals had already gathered.

Almost all the Spirit Affinity House's supreme elders were present, along with Feng Jiu Ge, Fairy Bai Qing, Xu Hao, Li Jun Ying, and the recently turned Gu Immortal - the current generation fairy of Spirit Affinity House, Zhao Lian Yun.

But currently, the main character was not any of them, but Feng Jin Huang.

Feng Jin Huang was dressed in neat and sharp white clothing, while her expression was solemn.

She was kneeling on the ground, kowtowing to Duke Long who was on the main seat.

This was the ceremony of Feng Jin Huang becoming the disciple of Duke Long!

Normally speaking, Feng Jin Huang, who was already in a sect, could not easily acknowledge another Gu Immortal as her master.

But who was Duke Long?

Everyone in Spirit Affinity House complied with this, they were jubilant. Several supreme elders of Spirit Affinity House had even discussed to make this ceremony of the highest standard, and also publicize this widely to raise the sect's prestige.

However, this suggestion was refused by Duke Long.

Duke Long had notified them: Everything should be kept simple, they should not publicize it, but the standards should be kept high.

The first supreme elder of Spirit Affinity House personally took charge, she devoted all her effort to consult ancient texts and spent painstaking care to follow the master-disciple acknowledgement ceremony that was popular in Duke Long's era.

Duke Long did not show anything on the surface, but was inwardly quite satisfied with this grand ceremony.

Especially when his gaze landed on Feng Jin Huang, his eyes revealed even more joy.

After the kowtowing ceremony was finished, Feng Jin Huang stood up and took out a cup of tea, offering it to Duke Long with both hands.

In the silent hall, Feng Jin Huang spoke in a clear voice: "Lord Duke Long, please accept my golden jade dew tea."

Duke Long took the teacup and lifted the lid.

Instantly, the tea let out a gorgeous and gentle golden light, shining upon the ceiling, creating a magnificent scene.

Duke Long slowly closed his eyes and brought the teacup to his nose, taking a light sniff.

The fragrance was subtle and extremely clear like the smell of dew on the grass in the morning of spring, pure and without blemish, and also gave off a smell of brightness and liveliness.

"This tea is good." Duke Long smiled, slowly opening his eyes as he took a sip.

The tea entered his throat, and it indeed was not ordinary. Even Duke Long had rarely come across such an excellent tea in his life.

"Feng Jin Huang, you are a refinement path great grandmaster, your tea brewing is naturally extraordinary. Good, from now onwards, you shall be my second disciple."

The great hall immediately started buzzing with his words.

Every Gu Immortal was smiling happily, even Xu Hao and Li Jun Ying were no exception.

"Play the immortal music." Spirit Affinity House's first supreme elder said softly; the next moment, clear and wonderful immortal music started playing without lacking solemness and grandness.

"Disciple pays respect to master!" Feng Jin Huang kowtowed once again, this time she addressed Duke Long as 'master', and herself as 'disciple'.

This grand master-disciple acknowledgment ceremony had finally finished after over two hours.

The significance of this grand ceremony was extremely huge.

Spirit Affinity House's supreme elders were red with excitement.

This was the leader of Heavenly Court, Lord Duke Long, he had personally taken in a disciple!

The whole of Spirit Affinity House felt honored.

As Feng Jin Huang's mother, tears fell out of Fairy Bai Qing's eyes in excitement.

Feng Jiu Ge stood by her and lightly held her hand, he was also extremely gratified.

"Tomorrow, Feng Jin Huang will return to Heavenly Court with me and cultivate there."

"Feng Jiu Ge and Bai Qing, remain behind, others can leave now."

Duke Long waved for the others to leave, only Feng Jin Huang and her parents still remained.

"Feng Jiu Ge (Bai Qing) pays respects to Lord Duke Long." The two bowed respectfully.

Duke Long slightly nodded, taking a glance at Fairy Bai Qing before looking at Feng Jiu Ge.

"The task of killing Fang Yuan failed?" Duke Long said with an indifferent tone.

Feng Jiu Ge: "I am ashamed."

A few months back, Feng Jiu Ge and the others had been guarding that tributary of the River of Time in Western Desert, but where could they see Fang Yuan?

As time passed, Fairy Zi Wei also felt something wrong, and because of Feng Jin Huang's master acknowledgement ceremony, Feng Jiu Ge was called back to Central Continent. But the other two Heavenly Court rank eight Gu Immortals still remained back in Western Desert, and had even began setting up an Immortal Gu formation.

Duke Long continued: "Fang Yuan is an otherworldly demon, and also the only complete otherworldly demon, he is the worst enemy of Heavenly Court, and also the target that you, Feng Jiu Ge, must eliminate."

"I have only taken in two disciples my whole life, you should be clear of the significance. Feng Jin Huang is the prospective Great Dream Immortal Venerable, and you, Feng Jiu Ge, are her Dao Guardian."

"What? I am Huang Er's Dao Guardian?" Feng Jiu Ge was surprised.

"This is a heavenly secret, it should not have been revealed. But this has already been learned by Shadow Sect, so it doesn't matter now. The great era is coming, Great Dream Immortal Venerable will be born, and heaven and earth shall experience an unprecedented transformation! Fang Yuan is the obstacle blocking the path of Heavenly Court, and is also the inevitable enemy of you two, father and daughter. You need to shoulder this heavy task that fate has assigned to you, lead all living beings to a brand new era."

Saying this, Duke Long paused to give the three time to digest it.

Feng Jin Huang's family calmed down only after a while.

Duke Long then said to Feng Jin Huang: "Huang Er, my disciple, you will follow me and accept my guidance. You are going to be separated from your parents in some time, you can spend some time together now, tomorrow, at dawn, I will come to take you to Heavenly Court."

Duke Long instructed, his figure quietly disappearing from the main seat.

"Huang Er, to think that you are the chosen one. You must cultivate hard in Heavenly Court. You bear the task of the new era, the well-being of the people in this world will depend on your decisions in the future." Fairy Bai Qing's eyes reddened, slightly reluctant to separate.

"Mother, I still cannot believe it. This is just like a dream." Feng Jin Huang threw herself into Fairy Bai Qing's arms.

"When I heard that Lord Duke Long wanted to take you as his disciple, I had already predicted some matters about you. It is just that I did not expect your father to be your Dao Guardian." Fairy Bai Qing was filled with emotions.

"Father, mother, what is a Dao Guardian?" Feng Jin Huang asked curiously.

Feng Jiu Ge explained: "In an Immortal Venerable's or Demon Venerable's cultivation journey, they would always have a Dao Guardian. Every Dao Guardian plays an important role in the development of the venerable."

"Oh." Feng Jin Huang then asked again: "Master said that he has two disciples. I am the second, that means there is a first disciple? Who is it?"

Feng Jiu Ge's and Fairy Bai Qing's expressions changed slightly.

The two quickly glanced at each other.

Fairy Bai Qing instructed Feng Jin Huang in a heavy tone: "Huang Er, this is a taboo, when you arrive in Heavenly Court, never mention it. Especially in front of your master."

"Why?" Feng Jin Huang became even more curious.

At this time, Feng Jiu Ge gave the answer: "Because Duke Long's first disciple, your senior brother, was the most mysterious Red Lotus Demon Venerable in history!"


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