Reverend Insanity
1438 Heavenly Court Shocks the Five Regions
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1438 Heavenly Court Shocks the Five Regions

Central Continent, Heavenly Court.

Halls made of white jade stood majestically in the clouds, while the majestic silver sky shone brightly and grandly.

Among these halls was a pitch black hall that was very conspicuous.

Three large words were carved on the plaque of the door — Soul Suppression Hall!

The aura emanating from this hall exposed its extraordinariness, undoubtedly, this was a rank eight Immortal Gu House!

At the center of this hall were five enormous pillars.

Purple-gold chains were connected around the scarlet pillars to form a giant web.

And a remnant soul was shackled at the center of this giant web.

It was Spectral Soul's main body!

Fairy Zi Wei stood expressionlessly at the edge of the five pillars: "Spectral Soul Demon Venerable, you were a rank nine Gu Venerable when alive, you did not accept your death and acted in defiance against heaven. Your current outcome is entirely the negative consequence of your own actions. Do you admit your wrongdoing?"

Her voice was crystal clear as it resonated in the large hall.

On the contrary, the remnant soul remained silent, not even letting out a grunt.

Fairy Zi Wei continued: "In the past, you had rampaged around the whole world, slaughtering countless beings to satisfy your desires and attain your personal achievements. Now, you have become a prisoner, are you still not going to repent and strive for the well-being of all lifeforms to atone for your crimes?"

The remnant soul was still silent.

Fairy Zi Wei sighed, activating Soul Suppression Hall.

Immediately, the vast auras of Gu worms surged like rolling tides, and like lava, the five giant pillars started radiating light and heat.

The giant web formed by countless purple-gold chains subsequently shone with a dazzling and bewitching light.

Spectral Soul's main body began to tremble, and as time passed, his trembling grew more intense.

When the trembling reached a certain degree, bits of information was extracted, which followed the countless purple-gold chains into Soul Suppression Hall.

Images started to emerge on the surface of the giant pillars, playing out some scenes of Spectral Soul's life back in the day.

There were scenes of his cultivation, his valor in battles, conversations with others, and so on.

The whole soul search lasted for fifteen minutes before it slowly stopped.

Fairy Zi Wei, however, was not pleased. The extracted information was only superficial, and there was almost no truly valuable information.

Her gaze turned grim as she sneered: "Oh Spectral Soul, since ancient times it has always been winners who take all, what is the point of doing this? You already have no hope, are you still hoping someone will attack Heavenly Court and save you? Hehe. What can you achieve by putting up this resistance? Your outcome is set and it cannot be changed."

Spectral Soul was still silent, like a piece of steel or rock.

Fairy Zi Wei snorted, turning around and leaving.


The large door of Soul Suppression Hall closed heavily behind her.

Looking at the empty Heavenly Court and the silent halls, Fairy Zi Wei's brows furrowed slightly.

Over these days, the uneasy feeling in her had become increasingly intense.

And over on Feng Jiu Ge's end, they still had not found any traces of Fang Yuan's group.

Not only this, in the information that Heavenly Court gathered regarding Western Desert, there was no news of anyone coming out of a tributary of the River of Time.

Everything was peaceful.

However, Fairy Zi Wei sensed something wrong from this peace.

"Unfortunately, Spectral Soul is still putting up a resistance even after falling to this state! The information extracted from him is of no help in deducing Fang Yuan's tracks."

"He was after all a rank nine venerable, a peak legendary expert of soul path. Even if this is just a trace of his soul, it is actually able to resist the search of Soul Suppression Hall. Truly amazing! If it were my remnant soul, not to speak of an Immortal Gu House, it won't be able to resist even a rank six Immortal Gu."

"Forget it. Even if Spectral Soul won't cooperate, Soul Suppression Hall can still continue to soul search, it is just that the progress is rather slow. But given some time, there will be a day when all the information will be extracted from Spectral Soul."

"As for now…"

Fairy Zi Wei gazed at the sky, her lips curling upwards as she revealed an extremely beautiful smile.

"It is time for the world to know of Heavenly Court's might."

Heavenly Court, which had been keeping silent for several months after the battle of dream realm, suddenly revealed astonishingly terrifying news!

The former Spectral Soul Demon, Venerable left with merely a remnant soul, was captured by Heavenly Court, his heaven-defying scheme was ruined by Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals.

The moment this news spread, the whole Gu Immortal world went into an uproar.

Countless Gu Immortals were shaken.

Rank nine venerables were invincible existences who ruled an era.

No one could have imagined Heavenly Court to be able to capture a rank nine venerable. Moreover, it was Spectral Soul Demon Venerable, who had the most murderous nature among all the venerables!

Despite it being only a remnant soul, it was still enough to shake the world.

Naturally, there were voices who questioned the authenticity of this news, but they soon vanished.

Heavenly Court had naturally made sufficient preparation, listing out all kinds of evidence, spanning from Zombie Alliance, Shadow Sect as well as the Battle of Yi Tian Mountain, the battle of the super dream realm, and so on.

The ironclad evidence completely convinced the people.

In an instant, the whole world's attention was gathered on Heavenly Court.

The past glory of Heavenly Court was dug up by countless Gu Immortals.

It was the number one force in the Gu Immortal world, the strongest force since the start!

It was founded by Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable, and was inherited by multiple Immortal Venerables later on, standing tall throughout countless generations.

Even when three Demon Venerables invaded it, they had to leave without success.

It was mysterious, it was powerful, it stood high above, it was unfathomable!

This was Heavenly Court!!

Northern Plains, Longevity Heaven.

South Desolation Immortal was lying on a sickbed, his aged face showing his final remaining bit of vitality.

"Sigh, who could have thought that the grand Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's reputation to be lost after death, actually ending up in Heavenly Court's hands." South Desolation Immortal heaved a deep sigh.

Yao Huang, who was standing beside the sickbed, comforted: "Lord South Desolation, you should focus on recuperating and resting."

South Desolation Immortal chuckled: "It doesn't matter, I only have a few days remaining. Remember the things I instructed you, you will take the position of South Desolation after my death."

"Yes, lord."

South Desolation Immortal showed some worry: "Times are changing, the five regions are descending into an unprecedented state. I have already sensed the surging waves of time, and it is not an ordinary wave, it is a tsunami that far surpasses even the venerables' eras. Even my Longevity Heaven will be swallowed by this tsunami if we take a wrong step. Heavenly Court is our biggest enemy, be careful."

"Lord, this junior has firmly engraved your words in mind."

Southern Border, Corpse Emperor Yu Ding Tian.

This was an extremely peculiar mountain peak. In ancient times, a rank eight Southern Border Gu Immortal turned into an immortal zombie, and fought against allied attacks of super forces in this peak, finally dying here. As time passed, on the mangled corpse of this rank eight immortal zombie, due to the nourishment of the natural essence from the river, along with the aquatic plants in the river that rooted themselves, this place turned into a corpse mountain.

Corpse Emperor Yu Ding Tian was as high as several hundreds of meters, it was close to the whirlpool in the intersection of red dragon river and yellow dragon river where natural essence was extremely dense, and as such its resource productivity was huge and it by itself was a place of strategical importance.

Right now, Wu Yong was standing at the peak of Corpse Emperor Yu Ding Tian, gazing at the vast whirlpool in the intersection of red dragon river and yellow dragon river.

Behind him was a Wu clan Gu Immortal, Wu Zhen.

Wu Zhen gazed at Wu Yong's back, not in the least concealing the admiration in his heart.

This Corpse Emperor Yu Ding Tian originally belonged to Wu clan, but not long ago, it was seized by Yao clan. After the battle of dream realm, Wu Yong had brought out Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building and displayed his powerful strength, aweing the experts of Southern Border's righteous path. Moreover, after he had successfully negotiated and got back the lost Immortal Gu from Heavenly Court, he had returned them to their respective righteous path clans.

As a result, Wu Yong's prestige had risen greatly, and although Wu clan had suffered severe losses, this swept away their declining state and stabilized their throne at number one in Southern Border.

A stick in one hand and a carrot in the other, Wu Yong benefited in every way, he successfully retrieved the lost territories, making many righteous forces retreat without much fight.

Now, in Wu clan, many were comparing Wu Yong to Wu Du Xiu. Wu clan's morale soared, and they believed Wu Yong would definitely sustain Wu clan's glory!

"Wu Zhen, this Corpse Emperor Yu Ding Tian is a strategic place. Among all the clansmen, I can only be at ease handing this to you." Wu Yong said without looking back.

"Yes, I will not disappoint first supreme elder." Wu Zhen's tone was slightly trembling.

"Lord…" He paused before continuing, "Corpse Emperor Yu Ding Tian is our final lost territory, do we counterattack now?"

Wu Yong frowned.

He had all along been scheming about counterattacking.

But after the news of Heavenly Court capturing Spectral Soul, Wu Yong decided to give up this plan.

"This time, Wu clan lost many Gu Immortals. Since we have already recovered all the lost territories, our manpower, which was already barely able to control our vast territories before, has an even bigger issue now. It is time to recuperate and cultivate the next generation of clansmen to become Gu Immortals."

"Yes, I shall follow first supreme elder's decision." Wu Zhen said respectfully.

The current Wu Yong's prestige was extremely high, his decision was supported by all the Wu clan Gu Immortals.

"However, we cannot settle the matter of infringing on our Wu clan so easily. Although we won't expand our territories, we will get resources as compensation." Wu Yong continued, his voice containing a trace of battle intent.

Wu Zhen's spirits immediately rose: "First supreme elder is wise!"

Western Desert, Tang clan's headquarters.

"Heavenly Court's might really is frightening." Tang clan's second supreme elder was worried.

Tang clan's first supreme elder indifferently glanced at him, well aware of why the other had come.

Previously, when they discussed collaboration with Fang Yuan's group, the second supreme elder was opposed to it. Now that the news of Heavenly Court capturing Spectral Soul was publicized, Tang clan's Gu Immortals felt huge pressure.

"Will Heavenly Court hold us accountable for cooperating with Shadow Sect?" Second supreme elder sighed.

"So what if they do? So what if they do not?" First supreme elder smiled.

Second supreme elder frowned and said while pacing around: "If they don't blame us, it is naturally a matter of great joy, and we can continue to collaborate with Shadow Sect. But if they hold us accountable, our Tang clan is after all a super force of Western Desert, we can collaborate with other clans to resist Heavenly Court. Of course, we must strictly keep the secret and not let out any evidence. Otherwise, with justification on their side, Heavenly Court can interrogate us while our clan won't be able to seek reinforcements."

"Also, if that doesn't work, we can only sacrifice Tang Fang Ming and Tang Lan Ke for the clan."

First supreme elder laughed: "Haha, look, you already know how to deal with the situation, so what are you panicking for?"


First supreme elder restrained his laughter, and said in a serious tone: "If Tang clan wants to rise, we must take such risks. Riches and fortune are found in danger, if we cannot grasp Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's dream realm, would we be worthy of this great opportunity? As for Tang Fang Ming and Tang Lan Ke, they are already aware. Sacrificing for the clan is the greatest honor."

Second supreme elder sighed: "First supreme elder is wise!"


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