Reverend Insanity
1436 Return
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1436 Return

Stone lotus island.

The voice of Spectral Soul's will started to become choppy as his whole body turned increasingly translucent.

Fang Yuan wanted to help and replenish it, but was stopped.

"Let me disappear, I am Spectral Soul's will, my main body is being suppressed by Heavenly Court, I will be found out by Heavenly Court sooner or later."

"As for the split souls… there is no need to worry about them within a short period of time."

"The stone lotus island is no more, my mission has also been finished."

"Now, while I still have some strength left, let me speed up time for you and make one last contribution."

Fang Yuan was silent, before slowly nodding: "Alright."

After he agreed, he took out the self cleansing immortal Gu formation.

Shortly afterwards, Bai Ning Bing and the rest entered the immortal formation, the immortal Gu formation started operating while letting out deafening rumbling noises.

Spectral Soul's will smiled as the stone lotus island let out its final frail afterglow.

"Lord Huang Shi is dead!"

When this news was transmitted, Feng Jiu Ge and the two rank eight Gu Immortals from Heavenly Court felt an intense shock.

Shortly afterwards, more detailed information was transmitted to them by Fairy Zi Wei.

"Fang Yuan lost the upper extreme heavenly eagle, but has actually gotten control of an immemorial year monkey?!"

"That Red Lotus true inheritance is truly beyond belief, it can actually control a segment of the River of Time!"

"If it were not for the stone lotus island, even if Fang Yuan had strength that rivaled rank eight along with the protection of the immemorial year monkey, he would not be able to take Lord Huang Shi's life. Sigh…"

Right now, the three immortals had already gotten past the defense line of dream realms and arrived in front of the tributary of the River of Time.

The dream realms which Fang Yuan had meticulously arranged, because of their own circulation, showed a gap, letting the three immortals easily pass by it without wasting any energy.

Dream realms could obstruct enemies for some time, but they could not be relied on for a long time.

Especially when these dream realms were already infiltrated by heaven's will. Their circulation would clearly favor Heavenly Court.

This was also the reason why Fang Yuan did not use the dream realm defense line to make a last-ditch struggle when escaping earlier.

The three immortals' expressions turned unsightly upon hearing the news of Lord Huang Shi's death.

According to their original plan, Lord Huang Shi would make a move inside the River of Time, destroying Red Lotus' true inheritance, and forcing out Fang Yuan and the rest, then with the three immortals outside, they would encircle and eliminate Fang Yuan and the remaining Shadow Sect members.

But now, their strongest member, Lord Huang Shi, was instead the first to fall, this caused the situation of Feng Jiu Ge and the others to become rather awkward.

Should they wait or not?

If they continue waiting, would Fang Yuan and the rest eventually be forced to appear in front of them?

The three immortals hesitated, they had come well-prepared, but who could have expected their morale to receive a strike before they even fought.

"Continue waiting." Fairy Zi Wei sent them new instructions.

"I have already deduced that in the information Fang Yuan has, only this tributary of the River of Time is remaining."

"Lord Huang Shi was sacrificed, but his sacrifice has provided us a lot of valuable information regarding the ins and outs of Fang Yuan and the other Shadow Sect members. Especially regarding Red Lotus' true inheritance, our Heavenly Court is now no longer completely in the dark about it!"

"Fang Yuan and the others cannot continue to hide in Red Lotus' true inheritance. They must come out eventually."

Fairy Zi Wei's tone was resolute, causing the fighting spirit of Feng Jiu Ge and the two immortals to soar.

Fairy Zi Wei was one of the few wisdom path great experts in the current five regions, her deduction absolutely would not err.

"Then we shall continue to wait!"

"Damned otherworldly demon, a calamity to all living beings, I will definitely take your life this time; I will tear off your skin, pull out your tendons, and grind your bones till they turn to dust!!"

The two Heavenly Court Gu Immortals were furious, while Feng Jiu Ge's expression was calm as he gazed at the turbulent tributary of the River of Time in silence.

However, a day passed, two days passed, soon, five, six days passed.

But the tributary of the River of Time showed no commotion.

Ten days went by, half a month passed, but the waiting immortals did not even see a trace of Fang Yuan!

However, they were not shaken.

They were either current or future Heavenly Court Gu Immortals, how could such people lack patience?

Especially Feng Jiu Ge, who had battled Fang Yuan a few times and knew of his terrifying growth rate, he had already marked Fang Yuan as a great threat to the world. He had already made up his mind to eliminate Fang Yuan as early as possible, or else he would not be at ease.

"Where is Fang Yuan?"

"Are they still on the stone lotus island?"

"Why do I feel a sense of unease?"

In Heavenly Court, Fairy Zi Wei, however, was starting to feel puzzled.

Not long after Lord Huang Shi's sacrifice, she had completely lost the information of Fang Yuan and the rest. The Shadow Sect members had used the self cleansing immortal Gu formation along with the power of Red Lotus' true inheritance to speed up time, they had completely gotten rid of the investigative killer move on them.

Although there was no evidence to prove Fang Yuan and the others had escaped from the River of Time, Fairy Zi Wei vaguely sensed something wrong.

This attracted Fairy Zi Wei's attention.

Wisdom path Gu Immortals were not just about intellect, wisdom path cultivation emphasized on three main points - thoughts, wills and emotions.

Among them, emotions and feelings were also specialty methods of wisdom path Gu Immortals.

Thus, the unease in Fairy Zi Wei's heart had not just appeared out of nowhere, it was a premonition.

"In the worst case scenario, Fang Yuan has already escaped the River of Time?'

"But Feng Jiu Ge and the group had already blocked the entrance, so how did he succeed in escaping?"

"Did he gain some extremely powerful concealment method from Red Lotus' true inheritance? Or… did he use another tributary of the River of Time?"

Fairy Zi Wei suddenly had a flash of inspiration. The two tributaries of the River of Time that Fang Yuan had access to were already exposed.

This information was definite because its source was Spectral Soul's main body!

Spectral Soul's main body had been suppressed by Duke Long, Heavenly Court naturally would not let him go and had conducted soul searching on him. However, Spectral Soul was a peak expert of soul path, even if there was only a tiny fraction of his soul remaining, how could he be easily soul searched by ordinary methods?

Heavenly Court had exhausted all their means to extract information, but Spectral Soul's main body was still struggling stubbornly, and as such, they had not obtained much information.

"If Fang Yuan did not use this tributary of the River of Time, then which exit did he choose?'"

Tributaries of the River of Time were exits, Feng Jiu Ge and the group were blocking the final exit. Even if Fang Yuan did not investigate it, he would have already expected this situation and might have taken the risk to charge through another tributary of the River of Time. Because rather than fighting with the sufficiently prepared Heavenly Court forces, it might be better to break through other, unaware forces.

'"And in Western Desert, there are altogether three forces who have control over a tributary of the River of Time."

"First is Tian clan. This clan mainly cultivates wood path and earth path, and are mainly renowned for their immortal aperture management, and even have good reputation in the other four regions. In the current Western Desert Gu Immortal world, it is one of the super forces with the most solid foundations."

"Second is Gong clan. Gong clan Gu Immortals are proficient in long range fighting methods, especially their curse related killer moves, which are imperceptible and can silently take their enemy's life even when they are separated by an enormous range. Their most famous immortal killer move, bow shadow cup, had terrorized the whole of Western Desert's Gu Immortal world. They only need a trace of the target's shadow, after which, they can activate the killer move and can kill their target no matter how far apart the distance."

"Third is Tang clan. Tang clan is a declining clan, its strength is mid-lower tier among Western Desert's super forces. But they still have an Immortal Gu House and has control over a tributary of the River of Time, which is right by their headquarters. With their powerful defensive strength, other forces cannot easily seize it."

"If Fang Yuan were to forcibly charge through, which clan would he choose?"

"If I consider this, along with no movement from the three clans, Fang Yuan might still be in River of Time."

Fairy Zi Wei was in deep contemplation.

She was deeply aware of the situation of Western Desert's Gu Immortal world. The power of Heavenly Court's information gathering was clear from this.

Tang clan.

The remnant afterglow of an immortal killer move successively condensed on Fang Yuan and the rest.

"This move will provide us three months of time. Not only can it defend against the deductions of Gu Immortals, it can also avert the attention of heaven's will." Fang Yuan slowly opened his eyes, which shined briefly with joy.

Other than Fang Yuan, there was also Bai Ning Bing, Hei Lou Lan, Ying Wu Xie, Black Tigress and Fairy Miao Yin, no one was missing.

Fairy Zi Wei's conjecture was only half-correct.

Fang Yuan indeed had no plans to engage in a desperate battle with Heavenly Court's forces, and had given up on that tributary of the River of Time. But Fang Yuan's group had already left the River of Time ten days ago, returning to Western Desert.

"Let's go. It is time to leave Western Desert." Fang Yuan moved forward while the other immortals followed closely behind.

They were deep below the ground, the group kept on moving until they reached the surface.

Two Western Desert Gu Immortals were already waiting for them at the entrance.

"Tang Fang Ming (Tang Lan Ke) pays respects to Shadow Sect leader." The two Gu Immortals looked young, and after seeing Fang Yuan, they elegantly bowed.

Fang Yuan laughed: "I have troubled you two, these are the Immortal Gu I borrowed from your esteemed clan."

Fang Yuan waved his hand; several Immortal Gu slowly flew into Tang Fang Ming's hand.

Tang Fang Ming carefully examined and after determining there was no damage to the Immortal Gu, he cautiously stored them into his immortal aperture.

He said with some embarrassment: "Please forgive my actions, I borrowed these Gu from the clan personally, this is a huge responsibility, I have no choice but to be more careful."

Fang Yuan smiled, Tang Fang Ming's words had deep meaning. After all, Tang clan was a righteous path force but was cooperating with the demonic path's Shadow Sect, if this was exposed, they would be denounced and there would be immense trouble.

But factions did not represent anything, benefits were the only things that everyone chased after.

Tang clan was weak, the external pressure on them was enormous. Such an environment made almost all the Tang clan Gu Immortals possess the spirit of going all out, taking risks, bearing hardships, and enduring patiently.

Tang clan's grand strategy was to develop dream path.

In Fang Yuan's first life of five hundred years, Tang clan had moved to the top by exploiting dream realms. During the five regions chaotic war, they had made countless achievements, their strength rose explosively, and became the number one righteous path force of Western Desert in one leap!

Fang Yuan had thus contacted Tang clan, to use Shadow Sect's research results in dream path in exchange for Tang clan opening up their tributary of the River of Time, so that there was a final retreat path for him. Moreover, he was willing to cooperate with Tang clan in the future, to jointly research the dream realm, and also obtained their financial help to produce guts Gu.

Such enormous benefits moved all the Tang clansmen!

The support of guts Gu, Fang Yuan's unravel dream and Ying Wu Xie's lead soul into dream, they were all greatly desired by Tang clan's Gu Immortals.

Naturally, the latter two would absolutely not be easy for Tang clan to obtain.


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