Reverend Insanity
1434 Huang Shi“s Death
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1434 Huang Shi“s Death


The enormous wave moved past the immemorial year monkey, encircling and attacking Lord Huang Shi.

Lord Huang Shi's heart instantly chilled at that moment.

He was a Heavenly Court Gu Immortal, an elite among rank eight experts, right now, he finally realized it.

"Fang Yuan and these people can actually control this river segment?!"

He was immensely shocked.

This meant the scene of the immemorial year monkey being trapped in the sword-blade river segment before was a trap. And he had entered head-first into the trap, and was still unaware of it during the earlier fight!

As far as Lord Huang Shi was concerned, this was humiliating!

"But how is it possible? Fang Yuan might have inherited Hei Fan's true inheritance, but he still should not have the ability to control a segment of the River of Time! This was what Lady Zi Wei had deduced."

Shock gradually disappeared as suspicions rose in Lord Huang Shi's mind.

As the giant wave approached him, countless thoughts emerged in his mind.

"This might be the power of Red Lotus' true inheritance."

"Only a person like Red Lotus Demon Venerable could use methods to control a segment of the River of Time."

Seeing that the giant towering wave was already before him, Lord Huang Shi's expression turned resolute.

"Never mind!"

"I shall let you all know my, Lord Huang Shi's, true power!"

"Ahh——!" Lord Huang Shi suddenly roared towards the sky, countless Gu worm auras emerged from his body, yellow lights were continuously shining on his body.

His bald head shone and sparkled.

The large yellow soil rock above his head enlarged and turned into a hill, suppressing the water of the River of Time.

His aura turned deep and unfathomable, under his gaze, the river wave gradually returned to its original state.

At the same time, countless ripples of time jumped out of his body and moved towards Bai Ning Bing and the rest, with seemingly slow speed but actually being really fast!

The anger in his heart together with the dangerous situation caused Lord Huang Shi to erupt with his full strength!

"Amazing! He activated at least four immortal killer moves in an instant." Fang Yuan's heart jolted at such a sight.

Since Lord Huang Shi could obtain Fairy Zi Wei's trust to move in River of Time alone and attack Fang Yuan, he naturally had ample strength.

Right now, he erupted with his full strength, immediately blocking the giant time river wave and ensuring his safety, while also sending strong attacks towards Bai Ning Bing and the rest.

Bai Ning Bing and the rest turned pale, they were trapped in the yellow dust and were unable to free themselves.

Even the immemorial year monkey struggled intensely, its growling showing its fear and panic.

The might of the ripple of time was unpredictable, but its terror was well-known. Even Feng Jiu Ge did not dare to easily come in contact with it, let alone Bai Ning Bing and the rest.

"He is forcing me to appear." Fang Yuan mumbled as he looked towards Spectral Soul's will beside him.

He turned Bai Ning Bing and the rest into bait, it would be an enormous loss to him if he sacrificed them at this moment.

However, among them was the split soul, Ying Wu Xie, whom Fang Yuan had intentionally left behind, he was guarding against Spectral Soul's will just in case.

Spectral Soul's will laughed loudly: "Don't worry, Fang Yuan, this stone lotus island was personally constructed by Red Lotus Demon Venerable. Although Lord Huang Shi resisted the time river wave, the wave also contains the peerless killer moves of both sword path and blade path."

"Look, this was the most powerful offensive killer move of Dao Jiu Lang back then, its name is nine-nine reincarnation blades. Once it is activated, it continues on endlessly. If a layer of the blade light is broken, there is another layer, with a total of nine layers of blade lights, every layer has the power to slaughter ghosts and deities. After the blade lights strike down, they will cycle back and attack again, a layer of blade light will attack for nine times, altogether, the nine layers of blade light will attack for a total of eighty-one times. This move is extremely terrifying, even Dao Jiu Lang only used it three times in his lifetime, every time he used it, it would consume a hundred years of his lifespan! And the move I am triggering right now is his pinnacle masterpiece used when fighting Xi Yuan!"

Shortly after Spectral Soul's will's explanation, Fang Yuan saw nine layers of blade light shooting out of the suppressed River of Time wave.

The blade lights were extremely radiant like fragments of the sun, it was so bright that even Fang Yuan, who was watching it through an image, felt piercing pain in his eyes and had to squint.

Even outside of the battlefield he reacted like this, it was unimaginable what the immortals who were in the battlefield felt.

Seeing these blade lights, Lord Huang Shi's expression changed rapidly to that of horror and despair.

He felt an intense threat to his life from these nine layers of blade light. This was no joke, if Dao Jiu Lang was born in Central Continent, he could absolutely join Heavenly Court.

He was a blade path legend who stood at the peak of Western Desert, he was an influential rank eight figure.

This attack was his greatest display of power, it was the killer move he had used in his deathmatch with Xi Yuan.

Lord Huang Shi was extremely terror-stricken, he did not care anymore about the river wave, the immemorial year monkey or Bai Ning Bing.

He shouted with all his strength as he used his hidden trump card to defend himself.

Bam bam bam…

Huge explosions sounded continuously as layers of blade light bombarded on his body. The dazzling blade lights continued to strike layer after layer, encircling and slashing at the pitiful Lord Huang Shi, while interweaving together into a large ball of scorching white light.

In the center of this light ball, Lord Huang Shi was curled up in the large yellow rock above his head, defending with all his might.

The blade lights' bombardment lasted for a while before they gradually dissipated.

The large rock around Lord Huang Shi had disappeared, he looked extremely haggard with no color on his face. There were even large injuries on his body that spread throughout his chest and back.

There was no blood flowing out from the injuries, but this instead signified the miserable situation, because the injuries were filled with blade path dao marks which were continuously emitting blade qi that invaded Lord Huang Shi's organs.

"Hahaha, look, he is finished." Spectral Soul's will laughed heartily.

"Now, take this move!" Spectral Soul's will furrowed its brows while moving its hands: "This move is Xi Yuan's main trump card, haha, I don't believe you can survive this!"

Saying this, a powerful sword qi started to slowly rise from the giant River of Time wave.

This sword qi was deep and powerful, its depths unfathomable, and it carried an unmatchable might that could bury countless living beings!

Lord Huang Shi's pupils shrunk to pin size. Only one thought emerged in his mind — Run!

But, he found he was locked on by this sword qi and was unable to budge from his position.

"This, this is Xi Yuan's signature killer move, sword burial abyss! Damn it, damn it!!"

Lord Huang Shi's heart thumped wildly in panic.

He had used up all his methods in resisting nine-nine reincarnation blades, he was in an extremely weak state right now with his defenses falling to almost zero.

"Am I going to perish here?" Lord Huang Shi felt a strong sense of death.

Right at this time, Spectral Soul's will called out in the stone lotus island: "Not good, the stone lotus island cannot endure this burden. If we insist on killing Lord Huang Shi, this stone lotus island's foundation will be used up. If we let go of Huang Shi, it can still last for a few years."

"Kill him." Fang Yuan's gaze shined eerily as he spat out these two words without any hesitation.

"Understood!" Spectral Soul's will acknowledged and stopped speaking.

Lord Huang Shi struggled bitterly, but was unable to get rid of the shackles of the sword qi.

His expression had turned savage and frightening as he roared.

"Who could have thought I, the grand Huang Shi, would actually die here."

"My sacrifice is not important, but I have let Heavenly Court's plan fail, letting this otherworldly demon Fang Yuan continue to roam free."

"I am not reconciled… Ahhh! I am not resigned…"

Lord Huang Shi roared repeatedly, but his voice suddenly came to a stop.

His life force completely dissipated, that sword qi was like a legendary beast in the dark swallowing his life force completely.

Lord Huang Shi, a rank eight time path Heavenly Court Gu Immortal, was dead!


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