Reverend Insanity
1429 Gaining Another Rank Eight Battle Strength
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1429 Gaining Another Rank Eight Battle Strength

The immemorial year beast fishing formation had strong defenses, it remained unmoved by the immemorial year monkey's attack.

But this intensified the immemorial year monkey's fighting spirit.

Boom boom boom!

It raised its fists and slammed down, its fists were like shooting stars, landing on the immortal formation each time.

The immortal formation started shaking, the interior was having tremors, each attack by the immemorial year monkey caused large numbers of mortal Gu to be destroyed.

White Rabbit, Hei Lou Lan, and Ying Wu Xie, they were rapidly replenishing mortal Gu.

Some Gu formations would break apart after losing ten percent of its Gu worms. Better Gu formations would still remain intact even if half were destroyed.

But the immemorial year beast fishing formation would remain intact as long as the core Immortal Gu was still around, and if it had sixty percent of its Gu worms left.

But its defense would collapse eventually, Fang Yuan could not allow the immemorial year monkey to continue attacking it.

Immortal killer move — Bai Xiang!

At the next moment, a crack opened in the immortal Gu formation as Bai Ning Bing flew out rapidly.


She was extremely fast, shooting out like an ice arrow towards the immemorial year monkey.

Both were quite close together to begin with, and because of Bai Ning Bing's speed, the immemorial year monkey could not react in time, its throat was immediately struck by Bai Ning Bing.

The immemorial year monkey took a small step back, it felt pain and growled, it grabbed towards Bai Ning Bing with its huge hands.

Instantly, Bai Ning Bing felt her vision turn dark as two huge monkey hands approached to slam down on her, casting dark shadows.

Bai Ning Bing was not fazed, she snorted as she flew away.

The immemorial year monkey's hands slammed from above, while Bai Ning Bing flew out from under its crotch.

Originally, with her speed, she could definitely escape the monkey, but strangely, the moment she got to the immemorial year monkey's stomach, she was caught.

The immemorial year monkey grabbed with its hands, holding Bai Ning Bing like a crystal ball.

Next, it gripped tightly before extending its palms after some grinding.

If Bai Ning Bing was in her normal body, she would have turned into meat paste. But she had used the killer move Bai Xiang already, she had turned into a five meter tall snow giant. She wore ice armor and had three heads and six arms, she was barefooted and stood on two pale blue clouds.

The immemorial year monkey opened its palms, Bai Xiang was already crushed to bits.

"Chirp chirp!"

The immemorial year monkey saw that its enemy was eliminated, it laughed happily as it threw away the ice in its hands, before slamming at the immortal Gu formation again.

The bits and pieces of Bai Xiang floated in the air, slowing gathered with the wind and in a few breaths' time, the complete Bai Xiang had recovered, returning to a five meter giant.

This was the profundity of the killer move Bai Xiang.

Bai Ning Bing, who had turned into Bai Xiang form, was no longer contained in a flesh body, even if she had a fingernail sized piece of ice left, she could instantly return back to the giant form.

"But this time, not only did my flying speed fall, my Bai Xiang's recovery speed has fallen too." Bai Ning Bing thought as she flew towards the immemorial year monkey again.

Immemorial year beasts had plentiful time path dao marks in their bodies, their actions had time path effects, they could carve time path dao marks in the surroundings, they were not a force to trifle with.

Immortal killer move — Penetrating Ice Blade!


The ice blade filled with frost energy landed on the immemorial year monkey's shoulder, but could not pierce into its skin. Compared to the huge immemorial year monkey, the ice blade was like a tiny fruit knife.

The immemorial year monkey caught Bai Ning Bing again, she tried to dodge but failed again.

But no matter how many times she was destroyed, as long as fragments of her body remained, she would rapidly recover.

Of course, they had already checked that the immemorial year beast did not have any wild Immortal Gu, otherwise, Bai Ning Bing would not be so daring as to challenge the immemorial year beast's battle strength.

The immemorial year monkey had a large number of wild mortal Gu, but these Gu worms were nothing to Bai Ning Bing.

The true threat was the immemorial year monkey itself.

After a dozen rounds, Bai Ning Bing got progressively slower and Bai Xiang was taking longer to recover.

In contrast, the immemorial year monkey was barely injured, there was some frost on its body, but it easily shrug it off. Bai Ning Bing's attacks could penetrate its skin, but the immemorial year beast's recovery speed was too strong, it completely healed in a few breaths' time.

Even Bai Ning Bing was feeling a little dejected.

She felt like she was an annoying fly buzzing around the immemorial year monkey. Most of its attention was still on the immortal formation.

Boom boom boom!

Often, the immemorial year monkey would ignore Bai Ning Bing's attacks as it slammed down on the immortal Gu formation.

"This immemorial year beast has great strength!" Fang Yuan observed the battle and concluded.

Like how rank eight Gu Immortals differed in strength, the same went for immemorial year beasts. This immemorial year monkey had incredible strength, Bai Ning Bing could not deal any major damage even if she used her full strength.

Even though Bai Ning Bing had incredible talent, having the Northern Dark Ice Soul Physique and Bai Xiang's true inheritance, her foundation could not compare with the immemorial year monkey which had lived for tens of thousands of years.

The immemorial year beast fishing formation was suffering greater losses, the speed of replenishment by Fang Yuan and the others was starting to be unable to keep up.

As the immemorial year monkey got more agitated by Bai Ning Bing's attacks, it started to attack more rapidly, the immortal formation was starting to have cracks emerging.

As the one with the strongest battle strength, Fang Yuan was not going to fight.

Letting the immemorial year monkey attack the immemorial year beast fishing formation was a form of tactic to weaken it first.

Among immemorial year beasts, they had different strengths and weaknesses according to their respective zodiac animal. In terms of strength, the immemorial year monkey was merely mid tier among them. Immemorial year dragons, bulls, and tigers had far greater strength under the same circumstances.

But even against this immemorial year monkey, the immortal Gu formation was starting to collapse.

"Miao Yin, go help Bai Ning Bing." Fang Yuan ordered.

Fairy Miao Yin nodded as she flew out of the immortal Gu formation.

Having watched the battle for a long time and knowing the power of this immemorial year monkey, she did not dare to fight at close range, she immediately flew to a distance away.

Immortal killer move — Curved Moon!

Curved crescent moons appeared in both her eyes as she stared at the immemorial year monkey's eyes.

After a long time…

The immemorial year monkey had no reaction, as if Fairy Miao Yin had not attacked! It continued to attack the immortal Gu formation.

Sweat appeared on Fairy Miao Yin's forehead.

Immemorial year monkeys lived in the River of Time, their eyes were submerged in the river water, the eyes had the most dense concentration of time path dao marks.

Fairy Miao Yin's sight attack was completely useless.

"Fine." Fairy Miao Yin's fighting spirit was ignited as she used another immortal killer move — Lingering Tune.

This was not an offensive killer move, it was to supplement her other move.

Next, Fairy Miao Yin started to sing.

Immortal killer move — Soft Bone Music.

The music flew towards the immemorial year monkey's arms, and with the help of lingering tune, it coiled around the monkey's arms without fading away.

Affected by this music, the immemorial year monkey's arm bones started to turn soft.

The immemorial year monkey was slightly confused as it stopped for a second and looked at its arms.


It continued to send a flurry of punches, each hit made the immortal formation shake intensely.

Fairy Miao Yin's eyelids were twitching.

She activated two killer moves in a row, but it merely made the immemorial year monkey feel a little confused.

"The difference between rank seven and eight is too huge. Our attacks are simply ineffective."

"For the last few thousand years, the only people who could resist rank eight as rank sevens were Fang Yuan and Feng Jiu Ge in this whole wide world."

Similar feelings of admiration appeared in the Shadow Sect immortals' hearts.

Immortal killer move — Crimson Ray.

Immortal killer move — Angry Bird.

Immortal killer move — Fire Phoenix.

Hei Lou Lan also flew out, she was familiar with the fire path killer moves, she activated them smoothly as they landed on the immemorial year monkey. They caused a huge commotion but did little damage.

Fang Yuan, Ying Wu Xie, and Lady White Rabbit were still inside the immortal Gu formation.

"Rank seven killer moves, even if they are profound, can barely have any effect on rank eight existences." Fang Yuan understood this clearly, in his battles against Wu Yong and Feng Jiu Ge earlier, reverse flow protection seal dealt the most damage.

Fang Yuan used many methods to be able to fight rank eight Gu Immortals, but to kill them, it would be too hard. Not only could these rank eight Gu Immortals escape, with just Fang Yuan's current offensive methods, he only used rank seven Immortal Gu as the cores, his defense far surpassed his offense.

If he could not, forget about the Shadow Sect immortals.

Only Ying Wu Xie's lead soul into dream was unstoppable, it threatened even rank eight Gu Immortals.

But Fang Yuan would not use it now.

Firstly, fighting the immemorial year monkey could allow everyone to gain experience on how it felt to fight rank eight existences.

Secondly, by defeating the immemorial year monkey in a frontal battle, Fang Yuan could use hundred and eighty slaves more easily later. After subduing it, this immemorial year monkey would be more obedient.

"It is almost time." After some time, the immortal Gu formation was at the brink of collapse as Fang Yuan flew out.

Immortal killer move — Myriad Self.

Immortal killer move — Ancient Sword Dragon Transformation.

Immortal killer move — Reverse Flow Protection Seal!

After several breaths, Fang Yuan turned into an ancient sword dragon, his silvery scales shined brightly and outstandingly.

But against the immemorial year beast, he was simply like a tiny snake beside a human.

But it was not a problem.

Next, Fang Yuan activated a rule path Immortal Gu —


Big, Big, Big.

Ancient sword dragon's body rapidly expanded, it quickly became the same size as the immemorial year beast.

The immemorial year monkey looked at Fang Yuan with deep wariness.

Fang Yuan charged ahead and fought the immemorial year monkey directly.

Fang Yuan had strength path methods, but his strength could not compare to the immemorial year monkey. Rule path Immortal Gu Big could only make him larger.

Fang Yuan was often sent flying by the immemorial year monkey, but it suffered greater injuries than him.

This was because the attacks it dealt to the ancient sword dragon were reflected fully by reverse flow protection seal, landing back on itself.

This battle lasted for several hours.

Fang Yuan focused on attacking while the others supplemented him. Even if rank seven killer moves were ineffective, the damage still added up eventually.

The immemorial year monkey was covered in injuries, it breathed roughly as it tried to escape.

It tore through space and wanted to escape into the River of Time, but Fang Yuan blocked it with his ancient sword dragon body.

The immemorial year monkey was obstructed and could not escape.

Eventually, Fang Yuan used hundred and eighty slaves, after the third time, it lowered its head, submitting to Fang Yuan.

The immemorial year monkey was subdued!

After losing his upper extreme heavenly eagle, Fang Yuan obtained another rank eight battle strength once more!


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