Reverend Insanity
1423 Brand New Myriad Self
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1423 Brand New Myriad Self

Western Desert.

In the clear sky, the blazing sun was shining down.

A red dream realm was floating in the air, it was extremely conspicuous.

Dancer Hong Yun and Thousand Transformations' will were trapped inside the dream realm, unable to escape.

Night Temptress and Immortal Concubine Qing Lan surrounded the dream realm, flying around it.

Gu worms flew out of their hands as they were set up around the dream realm.

Similar to the Southern Border righteous path Gu Immortals, they were creating an immortal Gu formation to surround the dream realm and prevent others from getting it.

There was no other way, all the super forces in the five regions and two heavens, including some lone immortals and demonic path experts, were researching dream realms, but they were still at the elementary stages.

During this period, few Gu Immortals would have methods against dream realms.

Even though Thousand Transformations Ancestor was a rank eight Gu Immortal, and inherited a true inheritance of Reckless Savage, he was also without options against the dream realm.

But concerning Dancer Hong Yun and his own rank eight Immortal Gu Mutation, he could not give up.

Thinking about it, he could only seal this dream realm first and wait.

"It is about time."

"I will defend us, you can finish the final few steps."

Night Temptress and Immortal Concubine Qing Lan conversed for a while, Night Temptress was going to defend them while Immortal Concubine Qing Lan was going to set up the immortal Gu formation.

Among Thousand Transformations Ancestor's concubines, Night Temptress had the highest status and strength, Immortal Concubine Qing Lan was second to her.

Earlier, when the two heard the mysterious voice telling them about Fairy Cui Bo's location, they became incredibly alert.

Red date immortal essence was instilled as the Gu worms were activated, forming a vague shadow of the Gu formation.

The light was orange-brown, sand was dancing in the sky, as the shadows of beasts roamed around.

Next, Immortal Concubine Qing Lan took out a crucial Immortal Gu.

This was a rank seven Immortal Gu, it seemed like a flightless cockroach, it had the size of a fetus' fist, it was flat and shining in a metallic color, giving off a feeling of toughness.

"Rule path Immortal Gu — Pass?" Seeing this Immortal Gu, Feng Jiu Ge, who was hiding, felt moved, his gaze turned heated.

He had been looking for this rule path Immortal Gu for the longest time.

"If I had pass Gu, I would be able to extend the duration of immortal killer move yang pass tune, and with this Immortal Gu, I can remove most of the mortal Gu, and reduce the difficulty and time needed to use this move."

"To think that Thousand Transformations Ancestor has this Immortal Gu."

Feng Jiu Ge sighed.

"Even though I created obtain treasure song, which can refine wild Immortal Gu, in this situation, the chances of getting it are too low."

Night Temptress and Immortal Concubine Qing Lan were very vigilant, it was really difficult to snatch someone else's Immortal Gu, only Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable could achieve it with great success in his time. After him, even theft path Gu Immortals could not replicate his achievements.

Pass Gu was the core of this immortal formation, it activated and went into the yellow sand.

A moment later, the shadows stopped transforming, turning into a light yellow cloud that floated in the air.

Immortal Concubine Qing Lan and Night Temptress let out sighs of relief.

"Alright, we created the immortal Gu formation."

"With this Gu formation, we can come here almost instantly, let's see who dares to trifle with us!"

The two female immortals were full of killing intent.

But Feng Jiu Ge did not show up from start to finish.

Seeing that nobody came, the two women were relieved but also disappointed.

Next, they left the place and returned.

Feng Jiu Ge tailed them for a while, realizing that their destination was obvious, they were returning to myriad statue desert.

"Strange, why are they not looking for Fairy Cui Bo? According to Thousand Transformations Ancestor's personality, how could he do nothing? Don't tell me something happened to Thousand Transformations Ancestor?"

Feng Jiu Ge had lots of information from Heavenly Court, he knew about Thousand Transformations Ancestor's mentality, he was an overbearing person who would always take revenge, therefore he created this plan. But Thousand Transformations Ancestor did not fall for it, he completely disregarded Fairy Cui Bo.

This was strange.

Feng Jiu Ge's plan of using Thousand Transformations to pressure Fang Yuan failed entirely.

At this moment, Feng Jiu Ge obtained a transmission.

He left secretly and met with two Heavenly Court rank eight Gu Immortals behind a sand dune.

Feng Jiu Ge was not unfamiliar with these two.

Because in Southern Border, these two had appeared to block Wu Yong for him.

After that, Feng Jiu Ge went to chase Fang Yuan while they went after the upper extreme heavenly eagle. Unfortunately, the upper extreme heavenly eagle had the effect of connect luck Immortal Gu due to Fang Yuan.

Back then, because Fang Yuan relied heavily on this precious rank eight battle strength, he used Connect Luck to ensure its safety and also used qi luck sensation to find its whereabouts.

Even though Fang Yuan had other investigative killer moves, considering that Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals could destroy them, he chose luck path to be safe.

After all, the only force excelling in luck path was Longevity Heaven.

Even though Giant Sun was known as an Immortal Venerable, he had never joined Heavenly Court, or passed his luck path true inheritance to Heavenly Court.

Thus, after Fang Yuan and the others used burning soul bursting luck, the upper extreme heavenly eagle gained a boost of luck and escaped. Next, Lu Wei Yin saved it and also removed all of Heavenly Court's investigative killer moves that were used on it.

Because of that, the two Heavenly Court Gu Immortals chased it for a long time, expending a lot of effort, but did not manage to capture the upper extreme heavenly eagle that had escaped.

They failed in their task and were reprimanded by Fairy Zi Wei.

After that, Fairy Zi Wei sent them to reinforce Feng Jiu Ge.

"We already know about the matter of the dream realm. Thousand Transformations Ancestor's attitude is really strange now. We have received orders from Lady Zi Wei, we will go to probe Thousand Transformations Ancestor." The two Heavenly Court rank eight Gu Immortals said.

Thousand Transformations Ancestor had a different response than usual to Fairy Cui Bo's matter.

Feng Jiu Ge could sense something, the wisdom path great expert Fairy Zi Wei naturally deduced more things.

She deduced that there was a huge chance that Thousand Transformations Ancestor was injured and weakened, he could even be dead.

Thus, if they probed him, they might be able to get Thousand Transformations Ancestor's true inheritance of Reckless Savage. Even if there was no gain, causing internal strife in Western Desert's Gu Immortal world and getting rid of a rank eight Gu Immortal was very beneficial for them.

After all, the five regions chaotic war was coming.

Central Continent was facing four regions, it had to prepare early and weaken the rest, such situations were favorable to them.

Fang Yuan flew in the sky.

These last days, Feng Jiu Ge did not chase them, Fang Yuan decided to stop using Omni-directional Travel.

After all, the price of using this ancient battle formation was the dao marks of the Gu Immortals' bodies.

And because Feng Jiu Ge's location was unknown, using Omni-directional Travel recklessly might even shorten their distance.

Omni-directional Travel was only meant for emergencies.

The rest went into his sovereign immortal aperture as Fang Yuan flew and pondered.

A moment later, bright light flashed in his eyes as he slowed down and descended.

When he landed, he opened his immortal aperture's entrance and let out Bai Ning Bing and the rest.

"Defend me, I have already conceptualized it, we can set up the self cleansing immortal Gu formation now." Fang Yuan said.

Next, he sat in the group and concentrated.

The truth was, the self cleansing immortal Gu formation had already been set up and was inside Mini Central Continent.

But this immortal formation was not up to his expectations.

According to his concept, Fang Yuan started to activate self cleansing immortal formation, at the same time, he split his concentration to activate the incomplete Gu formation.

This incomplete immortal formation was taken from Dancer Hong Yun, the formation flag Immortal Gu inside was taken out too, becoming a part of the self cleansing immortal formation.

And now, Fang Yuan was trying to fuse these two immortal formations into one.

Two hours later, Fang Yuan was covered in sweat, he opened his eyes and let out a breath of air, relaxing.

The two immortal formations had fused into one.

His main motivation for doing this was the formation spirit.

The incomplete immortal formation with the formation spirit was fused into the self cleansing immortal formation, the formation spirit also moved into it.

After achieving this goal, Fang Yuan removed some of the Gu worms from the incomplete Gu formation and simplified the self cleansing immortal formation.

At this point, the entire immortal formation was completed, it could remove unfavorable dao marks for Fang Yuan and the rest.

However, Fang Yuan was not in a rush to get rid of dao marks, he took out self love Immortal Gu from the immortal Gu formation instead.

Self love Immortal Gu was the first core of the self cleansing immortal formation, once it was taken out, the immortal formation would collapse. However, the current immortal formation was still intact.

It turned out that the formation spirit's ability to manipulate Gu formations was above Fang Yuan. When self love Immortal Gu was taken out, the immortal formation was near the brink of collapsing.

But the formation spirit acted in time, adding a large number of self love mortal Gu into the formation and replacing self love Immortal Gu.

But this method could only be used in emergencies, self love Immortal Gu was the core after all, it was like the pillar holding up a building. With self love Immortal Gu taken away, the large number of mortal Gu used to hold up the building was just a temporary pillar.

As time passes, this immortal formation would break apart eventually.

Fang Yuan estimated that he had about fourteen hours.

If he returned self love Immortal Gu before the time limit, it would not break apart.

Fang Yuan took out self love Immortal Gu not to test the formation spirit's ability.

He had other objectives.

Self love Immortal Gu and affection Immortal Gu, these two Immortal Gu flew in his immortal aperture as Fang Yuan instilled red date immortal essence and activated many mortal Gu.

At the next moment, a vast amount of self will was created by Fang Yuan like a huge tidal wave.

Self will formed into a giant of over a hundred feet, it resembled Fang Yuan's appearance, it stood on the ground with a majestic body.

"Next…" Fang Yuan breathed in deeply, activating immortal killer move myriad self.

At the next moment, the self will giant vanished, as ten thousand myriad self clones appeared in Fang Yuan's Mini Central Continent.

"Success! Myriad self has been elevated to a new level, my battle strength has risen along with it!" Fang Yuan was overjoyed.


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