Reverend Insanity
1422 Battle Resul
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1422 Battle Resul

Fang Yuan's current dao mark quantity was at the peak of rank seven. Myriad dragon killer move was amplified by his transformation path, sword path, and other dao marks, its power reached the very limit of a rank seven killer move.

The dragons attacked the four song warriors fiercely.

The green jade song warrior was surrounded by countless crumbling jade dragons, but it was unable to hold on for long as it got drowned in sword dragons.

The heaven and earth song warrior attacked grandly with overwhelming pressure, but the dragons were too numerous, it was eventually eaten by one of them.

The submission song warrior lasted the longest, it managed to make some of the ancient sword dragon clones submit to it, but it could not turn this situation around.

And finally, the separation song warrior separated some ancient sword dragon clones, it charged out but was still surrounded by more sword dragons, it could not resist the tide of endless waves of dragons.

All along, Fang Yuan's myriad self had been high in quantity and low in quality. Especially against Gu Immortal experts, it was useless. As Fang Yuan's enemies got stronger, myriad self had turned into a method for him to escape while using familiar face.

But now, after creating this combination move, using myriad self on top of ancient sword dragon transformation, the effect had been elevated to achieve a qualitative change.

Ancient sword dragon transformation used rank seven dragon breath Immortal Gu and dragon scale Immortal Gu, as well as rank six dragon strength Immortal Gu, he had the constitution of an ancient desolate beast.

The clones of the ancient sword dragon were not comparable with the myriad self killer move clones at all!

This was the strongest attacking method that Fang Yuan currently possessed.

The myriad dragons engulfed the four song warriors, before encircling Feng Jiu Ge tightly.

Fang Yuan did not hesitate, he directly mobilized the dragon group, attacking Feng Jiu Ge from all directions.

Feng Jiu Ge's admiration faded from his gaze as he clenched his right fist and punched forward.


A loud drum sound shook heaven and earth, it was like rumbling thunder, five or six ancient sword dragon clones were destroyed.

At almost the same time, Feng Jiu Ge's left hand palm slapped towards the side.


The chimes of the bell caused several ancient sword dragons to stop their movement, before their bodies shook and they disintegrated into nothingness after a breath's time.

Drum fist!

Bell palm!

Feng Jiu Ge continued to attack, there were unceasing sounds as he attacked to defend himself, forcing the ancient sword dragons to stay away from him.

Myriad dragon could send most rank seven Gu Immortals in this world into mortal danger. But against Feng Jiu Ge, it was not enough.

Feng Jiu Ge's accumulation of sound path dao marks was simply too deep, even inside the anti-sound desert, his power could not be fully suppressed.

But Fang Yuan felt some surprise upon seeing this.

"It is a bit strange."

"Why is Feng Jiu Ge not using yang pass tune?"

"In this situation, the song warriors are already destroyed, Feng Jiu Ge can totally move away and avoid my attacks, he would be able to expend less immortal essence at a steady rate."

"Unless he is preparing a certain immortal killer move…"

"But he is using drum fist and bell palm already, there is a low possibility of him using other killer moves. And he is not going to use a killer move under such a dangerous situation, right?"

"This means, there is likely to be one reason. The information in the five hundred years of my previous life was not without reason, it seems."

All sorts of thoughts collided and sparked in Fang Yuan's mind.

At the next moment, he turned back to human and told the Shadow Sect immortals: "We will retreat!"

Ancient battle formation Omni-directional Travel activated again as Feng Jiu Ge smiled bitterly, watching Fang Yuan and the others leave without giving chase.

It turned out that even though his movement killer move, yang pass tune, was very superb, it could even contain a variation move, song warrior, it had one weakness.

That was a time limit.

Each activation of yang pass tune lasted a limited amount of time.

Once it was up, yang pass tune's effect would vanish, and Feng Jiu Ge would only be able to use it after fourteen hours.

Thus, for Feng Jiu Ge, this was a very precious immortal killer move, he would not use it casually in normal battles.

Because once he used the killer move, he would be faced with a time limit.

Once he could not end the battle within the time limit, Feng Jiu Ge would not have a better movement method to leave the battlefield.

In the battle with Wu Yong earlier, Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building was too fast, even if Feng Jiu Ge used yang pass tune, he could not escape.

Earlier when chasing Fang Yuan, because he used Omni-directional Travel, Feng Jiu Ge had to use yang pass tune to catch up.

When Fang Yuan used myriad dragon, yang pass tune's time limit was up, Feng Jiu Ge could only smile bitterly in his heart as he used drum fist and bell palm to defend against myriad dragon.

After Fang Yuan and the rest left, myriad dragon slowly faded away.

In the huge battlefield, only Feng Jiu Ge was left.

He was completely unharmed, he was still graceful and elegant, as if he had not fought in the battle earlier.

Fang Yuan successfully retreated, Feng Jiu Ge did not feel dejected, he even smiled lightly.

"Fighting with Fang Yuan, how can it be settled in one battle?"

"There has to be lots of probing, after finding out all his trump cards, I will be able to kill him. But before that, there is Heavenly Court's mission to force Fang Yuan and give us a chance of destroying Red Lotus' true inheritance."

"Fang Yuan seems to know a lot about me, is it because of Spring Autumn Cicada?"

"That new female immortal looks like Fairy Cui Bo from Western Desert, but she uses soul path methods, it is quite strange."

The result of his probing was very fruitful.

Especially regarding Ying Wu Xie.

In the previous fight, because of Fang Yuan's ample arrangements, Feng Jiu Ge did not notice Fairy Cui Bo.

But now was different.

"Ying Wu Xie has lead soul into dream, he is the greatest threat, Fang Yuan might have the move now, but it could also be with Ying Wu Xie."

"In this battle, there was no Ying Wu Xie, but there was a new member, Fairy Cui Bo."

"If I remember correctly, Fairy Cui Bo is the concubine of Thousand Transformations Ancestor, why is she hanging out with Fang Yuan now?"

"Is it because Fairy Cui Bo is a member of Shadow Sect, or did she… get possessed by Ying Wu Xie?"

Even though Feng Jiu Ge was not a wisdom path Gu Immortal, he was intelligent and nearly reached the truth in a short amount of time.

And at the other side.

"Feng Jiu Ge indeed didn't chase us." Fang Yuan looked at the sky, even though his retreat had elements of probing, he had already obtained the truth.

Yang pass tune had a time limit.

After knowing this, the other Shadow Sect Gu Immortals let out a sigh of relief.

"Feng Jiu Ge is powerful, true to his reputation!"

"I can feel that he has methods left, he has not used all his trump cards."

"All in all, this was just a test run, we did not use our trump cards either, right?"

The Gu Immortals conversed.

It was indeed so.

Be it Black Tigress' tiger lick killer move, or Bai Ning Bing's Bai Xiang, or Ying Wu Xie's lead soul into dream, they were not used.

In this battle, both sides reserved strength, but they also used many of their methods.

Like Feng Jiu Ge's yang pass tune, song warrior, and Fang Yuan's myriad dragon.

When they fight again, these killer moves would be countered, or at least, they would be defended against.

Several days later, on an ordinary sand dune.

The wind of the desert blew up clouds of sand and smoke.

The sun was setting, the clouds were red like blood.

Camel bells rang with the wind, far away, there was a merchant caravan made by a group of mortal Gu Masters.

These people were naturally unable to detect Fang Yuan and gang.

At this moment, Fang Yuan's consciousness was in his immortal aperture.

An immortal Gu formation was set up in Mini Central Continent.

Self cleansing immortal Gu formation!

Using self love Immortal Gu as the core of the rank seven Gu formation, and formation flag Immortal Gu as the supplement, once activated, it would cleanse all of the harmful dao marks constantly. And because of formation flag Immortal Gu, this immortal Gu formation could be moved temporarily.

That was to say, when Fang Yuan wanted to, he could take out this immortal formation and use it himself.

If he did not need to use it, he could place it back into the sovereign immortal aperture, it was very convenient.

"This immortal formation has a lot of room for improvement. For example, I can add time path Gu worms to increase the rate of time. Unfortunately, my time path attainment level is too low, I cannot make deductions on that."

Fang Yuan felt it was a pity.

"However, I am at least able to relocate the formation spirit over to become the formation spirit of this immortal formation."

This was not strange.

Fang Yuan only needed to combine that incomplete immortal formation with the self cleansing immortal formation.

And this was a type of immortal killer move technique, combination move.

Fang Yuan was skilled in this and was a formation path grandmaster.

He was very confident in this, he estimated that three days was all he needed.

"With the formation spirit, I will not need to activate the immortal Gu formation myself, I can spend my time and energy on other things."

"But before that, I need to elevate myriad self to another level first!"

When he fought against Feng Jiu Ge in the anti-sound desert, Fang Yuan gained a huge amount of inspiration.

That was the elevation of immortal killer move myriad self!

At the same time.

"This is a dream realm indeed!"

"But husband's will, rank eight Immortal Gu Mutation, and Dancer Hong Yun, are they still inside?"

In the air, two rank seven female immortals looked at each other.

They were Thousand Transformations Ancestor's concubines, one was called Night Temptress, the other was Immortal Concubine Qing Lan.

Dancer Hong Yun and his will were trapped, Thousand Transformations Ancestor naturally felt it. Not long ago, he received information that Fang Yuan and the others had plotted against him and even possessed Fairy Cui Bo.

Thousand Transformations Ancestor was furious, but because his injuries were not healed yet, and without actual facts, he sent his two concubines to investigate it.

Be it Night Temptress or Immortal Concubine Qing Lan, they were rank seven experts, but against the dream realm, they were helpless.

When they were feeling lost, a mysterious voice entered their heads: "If you cannot explore the dream realm, why don't you find the culprit, Fairy Cui Bo is with them."


"Come out!"

The two female immortals shouted, they used their investigative methods but they could not find the source of the voice.

"Such impressive sound path methods." The expressions of Night Temptress and Immortal Concubine Qing Lan changed.


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