Reverend Insanity
1410 Formation Path Immortal Gu, True Inheritance
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1410 Formation Path Immortal Gu, True Inheritance

Western Desert.

Fang Yuan opened his eyes, he saw a jade green forest.

There was a blue lake, it was like a sapphire in a sea of yellow sand, it was extremely beautiful.

This was a small oasis, there was a natural spirit spring here.

Oases like this were usually the foundation of a mortal clan. If a Gu Master stayed here and preserved the spirit spring, if it developed well, it could become a mid size or even a large size oasis.

Humans chose environments that were suitable for living, and at the same time, they would modify the natural environment to suit their needs.

This was the coexistence between people and nature in Western Desert.

However, now, this newly formed oasis was going to be destroyed.

Because Fang Yuan and the rest would destroy all the traces left behind when they left for a new location.

Even though they were hit by Heavenly Court's killer move, they had to guard against enemies in Western Desert, especially when heaven's will was plotting all the time.

"This deduction finally has some results." Fang Yuan let out a breath of air, feeling slightly happy.

Ever since he saw the power of inextinguishable star target, he started to resolve this problem.

Immortal killer move self cleansing was good, it had to be used time and time again with fixed durations, but Fang Yuan could modify it to be a lasting move.

Fang Yuan had the foundation for this.

Because he was a wisdom path grandmaster, and self cleansing was a wisdom path killer move, he could modify it.

And he had a crucial Immortal Gu.

It was because of this Immortal Gu that Fang Yuan had great confidence.

This Immortal Gu was Perseverance.

Rank seven perseverance Immortal Gu's effect was to supplement other Immortal Gu or killer moves in their duration. For example, when Fang Yuan became an ancient sword dragon, his sword light dragon breath had to be breathed out each time. But if he used perseverance Immortal Gu, he could use the sword light dragon breath continuously, until his throat reached its limit.

Perseverance Immortal Gu was suited for the modification of self cleansing.

Recently, Fang Yuan had been moving around while deducing, he had finally gotten some results now.

He succeeded in making Immortal Gu Perseverance the second core of this self cleansing killer move.

This way, self cleansing could be used for longer durations, it would get rid of Fang Yuan's unfavorable dao marks continuously.

"But this would not be enough to clear all the dao marks." Fang Yuan had a deep gaze, he did not relax.

He knew that another tough problem was coming.

Even if self cleansing could be used continuously, Fang Yuan did not have the time to wait.

He was currently being pursued, even though Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals were nowhere to be seen, they might be tailing him already.

At any time, it was possible for Fang Yuan and the rest to be pursued and sneak attacked.

Using self cleansing, it would take a month at least to get rid of Fang Yuan's inextinguishable star target dao marks.

In this month, he had to use the killer move non-stop.

Inextinguishable star target was hard to deal with, the more dao marks removed, the faster they regenerated.

Fang Yuan had done his best to reach this stage, he could not raise self cleansing's effect anymore.

"According to the situation, I need to be on the run at all times, it is impossible for me to get a month's time. And even if I have a month, what about the others? They were also hit by inextinguishable star target."

There was no chance of doing so.

Fang Yuan's biggest worry was that Heavenly Court would come out and ruin everything when he was about to succeed.

If that happened, he would have expended a lot of immortal essence without getting rid of inextinguishable star target. Next, if he fought the Heavenly Court Gu Immortals or escaped, inextinguishable star target would regenerate, the dao marks would grow and Fang Yuan's efforts would be in vain.

"And self cleansing is an immortal killer move, using it would expend not only a lot of immortal essence, but to sustain it, I need to use up a lot of mental energy on it."

"I have not used this killer move much, I am not proficient with it. Including the times when I will fail, not only will I waste immortal essence and need to heal myself, even without Heavenly Court's interference, I will weaken greatly if this goes on."

"Escaping to Lang Ya blessed land is impossible too. Not only I am under Heavenly Court's surveillance and would expose Lang Ya blessed land's location, the journey is too long, there is too much danger in going there, there is not only Heavenly Court and heaven's will, Northern Plains even has Longevity Heaven."

Of course, there were difficulties and also solutions.

Fang Yuan soon thought of a counter measure for this.

He had enough strength to execute this plan as well.

That was to use formation path.

He needed to modify the killer move, self cleansing, into an immortal Gu formation.

This was not out of this world.

As mentioned earlier, Gu formations were in essence killer moves, but they were formation path killer moves.

If Fang Yuan had a self cleansing Gu formation, it would be much easier. He would need to expend much less immortal essence and mental energy to sustain the Gu formation compared to using killer moves.

Furthermore, the killer move self cleansing was effective on Fang Yuan alone, other Gu Immortals needed to learn the move to use it themselves later.

But if it was an immortal Gu formation, then Shadow Sect's Gu Immortals could enter the formation and get rid of the inextinguishable star target dao marks on their bodies.

"Thus, not only do I need to modify the killer move and turn it into an immortal Gu formation, I also need Gu worms like formation plate Gu, formation flag Gu, or formation chart Gu, and it would be great if they were Immortal Gu."

Immortal level formation plate Gu, Lang Ya Sect had one.

This Immortal Gu's effect was to use all sorts of Gu worms to set up a Gu formation on its own. The Gu Immortal only needed to provide immortal essence for it, they did not need any formation path attainment.

Formation flag Gu was used to manage a Gu formation that was already set up. When Gu Immortals use formation flag Gu, they can choose a Gu formation and directly keep it inside formation flag Gu.

Next, within their line of sight, the Gu Immortal can bring formation flag Gu and teleport away.

After finding a suitable location, they can activate formation flag Gu to set up the Gu formation again at a new location.

As for formation chart Gu, it was a type of consumable Gu.

Formation chart Gu recorded the information of a Gu formation, it has a similar effect to formation plate Gu, but the chances of error were much smaller compared to formation plate Gu.

These three Gu worms suited Fang Yuan greatly.

Tremor desert.

This special desert would have intense tremors from time to time.

Deep under tremor desert, an immortal Gu formation was slowly activated.

Han Li walked in with a nervous expression, he encouraged himself: "This is the final test of the formation path true inheritance left by Gu Immortal Zhen Yuan Zi. Han Li, work hard!"


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