Reverend Insanity
1409 Lu Wei Yin
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1409 Lu Wei Yin

"Compared to fate, luck cannot last."

"Even though there were some mishaps, so what?"

Fairy Zi Wei smiled gracefully and elegantly.

The Star Constellation Chessboard in her hands displayed the figures of the two Heavenly Court Gu Immortals.

The Immortal Gu House was flying.

The two Heavenly Court Gu Immortals had grim expressions, conversing with each other.

"The upper extreme heavenly eagle used the black-white overturning cloud to escape to black heaven. But according to the current time, it is already daytime in the five regions, we are in white heaven now, so black heaven is above us. Therefore, we need to fly upwards past the heavenly wind qi wall to enter black heaven."

"That's right, we have already used investigative methods on the upper extreme heavenly eagle. As long as we get into black heaven, we will be able to sense it, there is no problem."

"If we meet the upper extreme heavenly eagle again, we cannot repeat the same mistake, we will to try hard and prevent it from escaping again."

The two Heavenly Court Gu Immortals were deeply confident, they had recovered from the setback earlier.

Their confidence came from their great strength.

With such strength, even if the upper extreme heavenly eagle had a few lucky breaks, so what?

Could it rely on luck every time?

As long as it failed once, Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals would win, the upper extreme heavenly eagle would be captured with no way of escaping.

Star Constellation Chessboard shook lightly, the scene changed as Feng Jiu Ge was shown.

At this moment, Feng Jiu Ge had already left the River of Time, he was in Western Desert.

But this time, because he used a different tributary of the River of Time, even though he was in Western Desert, he could not return using the same way.

Fairy Zi Wei gave him advice, Feng Jiu Ge was currently very far away from Fang Yuan.

"Feng Jiu Ge is a Dao Guardian."

"His luck is firm like an unmoving mountain, only people with such intense luck can counter a person like Fang Yuan."

"If I send other Heavenly Court Gu Immortals over, it would be a mess, Fang Yuan would suppress their luck and he would benefit from the situation instead."

"Fang Yuan's upper extreme heavenly eagle was a clear example. It could escape from two Heavenly Court Gu Immortals, not to mention Fang Yuan himself."

"I will let Feng Jiu Ge chase after Fang Yuan and force him to find Red Lotus' true inheritance. Even if he cannot find it, he will continue to expose his trump cards, by the time he expends them, I will go after him personally."

Thinking of this, killing intent shined in Fairy Zi Wei's eyes.

It was not that she did not think highly of Fang Yuan, instead, she placed a lot of emphasis on him.

To kill this complete otherworldly demon, Fairy Zi Wei had to act personally to feel assured.

But now was not the time.

Firstly, Fang Yuan still had hidden trump cards, he was not in a desperate situation.

Secondly, Heavenly Court needed to be defended because Duke Long was deep in Heavenly Court trying to suppress Spectral Soul's main body. Fairy Zi Wei needed to oversee the entirety of Central Continent and send out orders to control the situation.

Thirdly, the great era was coming, Southern Border was already having earth vein tremors, Central Continent's location was too disadvantageous, they had to make ample preparations.

Even though Fang Yuan obtained self love Immortal Gu, he did not leave Fairy Zi Wei's control.

Even though the upper extreme heavenly eagle escaped, it was still being pursued, it was not out of danger.

Fairy Zi Wei was more concerned about the stone lotus island in the River of Time rather than these two.

"Why did Red Lotus' true inheritance suddenly appear and disappear again?" Fairy Zi Wei frowned, she did not understand.

With Star Constellation Chessboard, she was one of the three strongest wisdom path great experts in the current world.

But against the most mysterious Red Lotus Demon Venerable in human history, Fairy Zi Wei could feel her own inability and weakness.

"Oh Red Lotus…" Fairy Zi Wei sighed.

She knew that among the Demon Venerables, this Red Lotus Demon Venerable had the deepest connection to Heavenly Court.

In fact, he was once thought to be the future Red Lotus Immortal Venerable and to become in charge of Heavenly Court…

Black heaven.

The yellow-green grass looked like a giant carpet, growing at a part of black heaven.

Heaven attached fungi.

This was a rank six immortal material that only grew in the immemorial nine heavens.

It grew in very specific locations.

They had to grow alone without any other dao marks around them, other life forms, or even any meteorites.

But thankfully, the immemorial nine heavens was huge, even though there were lots of ancient desolate and immemorial desolate life forms around, there was enough room for the heaven attached fungi to grow.

However, there were two people on this heaven attached fungi now.

Chirp chirp!

Sounds of anxious bird chirping could be heard.

A Gu Master with the appearance of a young man raised his right hand with difficulty, there was a layer of rainbow aurora light covering his forearm and right hand.

This light was very active, it seemed to want to escape from the young man, but it could not.

The young man was gritting his teeth, holding on desperately with sweating covering his forehead.

"Go, aurora bird!" The young Gu Master was at his limit, he knew he had to take a risk, he shouted as he pushed forward with his arm.

Chirp chirp chirp!

At the next moment, the aurora light and chirping became even louder and sharper.

Next, the rainbow aurora light jumped out of the young Gu Master's arm, jumping into the sky and turning into a bird.

The bird wings flapped as the rainbow aurora light shot out at an incredible speed.


With a loud sound, the rainbow aurora bird landed on the heaven attached fungi nearby and destroyed all of the fungi.

After the aurora light faded, there was a tiny pit in the heaven attached fungi.

The young Gu Master saw this and was surprised and joyous.

He was happy that his hard work after so much training and dangerous situations had paid off, he succeeded in this killer move.

He was surprised that this killer move was so powerful, just like what his master said.

"Master, I succeeded!" The young Gu Master went to another person and greeted, saying excitedly.

"Mm, not bad." His master commented plainly.

The young Gu Master saw his master's expression and the excitement in his heart calmed down.

His expression became normal as he paid his respects, saying plainly: "I had lost my composure."

"No worries." The young Gu Master's master waved as he walked away slowly.

A few steps later, he stopped as he looked up at the sky.

He wore a grey hemp garment, it was very simple and plain, but his muscular body could not be concealed.

He wore a conical hat that was large and wide, it covered his face under the shadow, concealing his appearance.

Even though he was the young Gu Master's master, his appearance had never been seen.

The truth was, only now when he looked at the sky, the young Gu Master could see his appearance.

But he only saw his chin.

His chin was wide and thick, it gave people the feeling of steadiness and unwavering determination.

"Master, thank you for your guidance, if I cultivated alone, how could I have reached such a level." The young Gu Master said.

His master was silent for a while before speaking slowly: "Ye Fan, you are incredibly talented and have great insight. This killer move was created by you using the transformation path and light path understanding that you have, I was only guiding you along. Even though you succeeded in this move, you need to practise it more, beware of your safety, I cannot stay by you."

"Master, we are going to be separated?" The young Gu Master asked anxiously in shock.

He was Ye Fan of Southern Border.

He admired Shang Xin Ci and when she became the clan leader, he stood up and helped her resolve many problems of the mortal Shang clan.

But there is always someone better than you, Ye Fan met Bai Ning Bing and suffered a terrible loss, he even went through an experience of being at the brink of life and death.

He survived, but was extremely shocked.

This unforgettable experience made him contemplative, pondering about life and about himself.

Through an unexpected surprise, he met his current master and became master and disciple.

To think that his master was a Gu Immortal.

To nurture this disciple with great talent, he brought Ye Fan to black heaven to train him.

Even though they spent a short time together, Ye Fan admired this mysterious master deeply.

Affinity was needed between people. Some people could live together for a lifetime and still be strangers. Some people could be together for a short while and easily become soulmates.

Even though Ye Fan did not see his master's appearance, he could feel the sincerity and kindness from his master.

He had complete confidence in his master, he did not suspect that his master had any ulterior motives.

"Affinity comes and goes, we do not have much of a connection to begin with. After using it up today, our relationship will end tomorrow. We might as well use it slowly and await the future. Ye Fan, do you know why I brought you here." His master said.

Ye Fan blinked: "Master, didn't you say that black heaven restricts my light path, so that it is safe to cultivate here even though it is hard."

"This is just one of the reasons. The second reason is that I deduced that you have some karma here." His master said in a low tone.

"Karma?" Ye Fan showed a perplexed gaze.

"In this world, every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause. Look, your karma has arrived." Saying this, the mysterious Gu Immortal pointed at the sky.

Ye Fan looked over and gasped.

Over there, an upper extreme heavenly eagle flew towards the heaven attached fungi here.

"What a strong divine eagle! Ah, it is injured." It was getting closer as Ye Fan could see upper extreme heavenly eagle's heavy injuries.

Even though Ye Fan met with a good teacher, he was still not a Gu Immortal himself. The truth was, even ordinary rank six Gu Immortals would not know about the immemorial desolate beast upper extreme heavenly eagle.

The upper extreme heavenly eagle was currently not clearheaded, its wounds were healing and had not healed.

Even though it shook off Heavenly Court's pursuers, black heaven and white heaven were very dangerous, it was not safe anywhere.

When it saw the heaven attached fungi, it flew over, trying to get precious time to rest.

But it did not manage to land on the heaven attached fungi, it fainted a few thousand steps away.

However, Ye Fan's master acted rapidly and grabbed this upper extreme heavenly eagle.

His palm was open and using some unknown method, under Ye Fan's surprised gaze, this upper extreme heavenly eagle became smaller and smaller by some effect, landing in Ye Fan's master's palm like a baby chick.

Ye Fan's mysterious master stretched out another hand to caress the upper extreme heavenly eagle.

Suddenly, the upper extreme heavenly eagle's injuries vanished, it went into deep sleep in a relaxed state.

"Ye Fan, you are bound by the karma on you, this upper extreme heavenly eagle might be the key to resolving it in the future for you."

"Bring it by your side, when it wakes up, it will bring you out of black heaven and back to Southern Border."

"Master is leaving now."

Saying this, the mysterious Gu Immortal in a conical hat and grey clothes flew away towards the sky.

"Master, stay safe." Ye Fan received the little bird upper extreme heavenly eagle and rapidly chased.

He had tears in his eyes, he was quite upset.

He chased until he got to the edge of the heaven attached fungi, seeing his master's shrinking figure, he shouted: "Master, may I know your name?"

"My name is Lu Wei Yin."

His master's voice could be heard softly in his ears.

"Master… Lu Wei Yin…" Ye Fan muttered in a daze.Rice farmer


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