Reverend Insanity
1408 Inextinguishable Star Targe
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1408 Inextinguishable Star Targe

On this day, in Southern Border, regardless of mortal or immortal, they went into panic and shock.

The earth vein was shaking, affecting the entirety of Southern Border, important areas were devastated, mountains collapsed as rivers were blocked, pits were buried. The power of heaven and earth was displayed openly with unparalleled might at this moment.

Countless unfortunate mortals died in this vast calamity, the super forces were all collating their losses.

Many mortal forces were exterminated. Even for super forces, they lost quite a few resource points, they had suffered great setbacks.

This sudden earth vein earthquake made the tense Southern Border political situation go silent.

The super forces placed their conflicts aside as they started to investigate the cause of the earth vein commotion together.

Such an earthquake had not happened in the last ten thousand, or hundred thousand years, or even during the Olden Antiquity Era or Remote Antiquity Era.

Throughout history, this was the first time.

Southern Border's Gu Immortal world, be it righteous path, demonic path, or lone immortals, they were all nervous and curious about the cause of this huge commotion in the earth vein.

"The indication of the great era has appeared." Fang Yuan, who was far away in Western Desert, collected information about the commotion in Southern Border as he sighed deeply.

At this moment, he had moved away again.

To another location.

When night faded away, light started to shine from the horizon.

It was dawn.

Soon, the sun rose up and restored the world to a bright state, shining down on the vast desert.

It was a new day.

Fang Yuan wore his white robe, he had a deep gaze as he looked at the rising sun with a deep mood.

Compared to the rising sun, his future was not this smooth and hopeful.

In the past, he was kept in the dark, but after getting Purple Mountain True Monarch's inheritance, he learned of the relationship between the great era and Spectral Soul, as well as Shadow Sect.

The great era originally should have approached at this time.

But in the five hundred years of his previous life, Spectral Soul succeeded in defying fate, he resisted Heavenly Court and heaven's will, using his supreme methods to forcefully stall the great era by five hundred years!

Heaven's will was forced into desperation by Spectral Soul, it had to take a big risk and use Fang Yuan as a tool to send him back to the past, using Spring Autumn Cicada and attempting to thwart Shadow Sect's plans.

Thus, the entire world went back to its original path.

Without Shadow Sect and Spectral Soul, the great era started to unveil itself.

The tremor of the earth vein was the signal for the start of this great era.

"The great era is coming, the five regional walls are going to vanish. But before that, the earth veins of the five regions, Southern Border, Northern Plains, Central Continent, Western Desert, Eastern Sea, they will unify and combine into one."

"For the following period, earth vein tremors will continue to happen. Not just in Southern Border, the other four regions will also face it."

"The reason why Southern Border was the first to have these earth vein tremors is because Southern Border has the most earth path dao marks in all five regions. Therefore, Southern Border's earth vein is also the deepest among the five regions. Precisely so, when the great era descends and the world changes, it will be the first one affected."

Fang Yuan had a pondering gaze.

The great era descended like this, it greatly interrupted his former cultivation plan.

In his original plan, he had a lot of time.

Fang Yuan would continue to cultivate and use the dream realm to raise his attainment levels and accumulate wealth, while rising up in cultivation level. When the five regions chaotic war starts during the great era, he would have rank eight cultivation level and deep foundations and wealth, even if he did not reach great grandmaster in every path, he would be close.

That way, he would gain the most benefits during the five regions chaotic war.

But that was not possible now.

The great era was coming too quickly, Fang Yuan's plans were completely disrupted.

Not just that, he was currently chased by Heavenly Court and was plotted against by heaven's will, he had to run every minute and stay alert, a strong enemy might appear at any time to kill him.

"This is a huge change!"

"Currently, only I, Heavenly Court, Shadow Sect, and a few other forces know the truth behind the earth vein tremors."

"However, the other Gu Immortals are not stupid, after some investigation, they will realize this sooner or later."

"After a while, this will turn into a consensus and every Gu Immortal would understand: An unprecedented change is occurring in the world."

"Sigh, my rebirth advantage is going to dwindle again."

"If not for the dream realm battle, I would still have my identity as Wu Yi Hai. Southern Border's earth vein tremors will cause large amounts of earth trenches, pits, and countless rare beasts and plants to appear."

"This is a great harvest, all forces and Gu Immortals will compete for them. Such things will occur often in the five regions, but Southern Border will be the most affected, because Southern Border's earth vein has the biggest foundation, it has the most valuable treasures. The worst is Eastern Sea, because these are earth vein tremors, Eastern Sea would have the least number of fortuitous encounters from them."

Fang Yuan recalled.

Eastern Sea has always had the most resources among the five regions. Because of this, Gu Immortals from the other regions took risks to go there and explore it, trying to find ways to advance their cultivation.

But Eastern Sea had the least gains from the earth vein tremors.

There was a theory in the five hundred years of Fang Yuan's previous life: This fortuitous encounter of countless treasures was like the gift of heaven and earth, to purposely balance the five regions.

If Fang Yuan was still using Wu Yi Hai's identity now, he would be able to gain great benefits. With his memories, he remembered many places where precious resources emerged, and even wild Immortal Gu!

Unfortunately, because his identity was exposed, these great fortuitous encounters were no longer available to him.

Fang Yuan felt that it was a pity, but he did not know that this earth vein tremor helped him instead.

Because of the earth vein tremor, Wu clan's immortal formation was destroyed, Wu Yong's plan failed and Fang Yuan dodged a crisis, he did not fall to Wu clan's scheme.

The earth vein tremors were bound to happen eventually, but it had to happen at that precise moment, that was because of Fang Yuan's burning soul bursting luck.

"Thankfully, I obtained rank seven Immortal Gu Self Love. After using immortal killer move self cleansing successfully, I got rid of all the detrimental dao marks on me, including Wu clan's alliance agreement."

This way, Fang Yuan left Wu clan entirely, they were no longer connected.

"By now, my life tablet Gu and soul lantern Gu must have shattered. Wu Yong cannot use this to deal with me anymore."

Even though his worries were lifted, Fang Yuan also saw a weakness of self cleansing.

Self cleansing was extremely unique, it could cleanse all of the dao marks that were unfavorable to the Gu Immortal, but the choice was not according to Fang Yuan's intentions.

For example, Fang Yuan had gotten rid of the alliance agreement with Wu clan completely, but his alliance agreement dao marks with other forces like Chu Du, Lang Ya land spirit, the variant humans, and Crazed Demon Cave, were unaffected.

This was because these alliance agreement dao marks were not 'harmful' to Fang Yuan, self cleansing would not get rid of them.

However, the moment Fang Yuan betrays them, these alliance agreement dao marks would activate and punish Fang Yuan, it would be too late for him to use self cleansing on them.

And most important was Fairy Zi Wei's investigative killer move.

These dao marks were very detrimental to Fang Yuan, self cleansing naturally got rid of them. But the shocking thing was, even though the killer move was effective and removed these dao marks, they soon started to recover and grow again.

At this speed, in just six hours, the dao marks of Heavenly Court's investigative killer move would completely be restored.

"Self cleansing is the strongest method in this aspect that Purple Mountain True Monarch had."

"Even though it is effective on me, the enemy this time is too powerful."

"The investigative killer move on me is likely created by Fairy Zi Wei using Star Constellation Chessboard."

Even though Fang Yuan was guessing, he was quite sure of it.

Because he had seen such self-producing dao marks before.

It was his original body, the rank six strength path eight armed heavenly immortal zombie body.

Currently, in this body, the second aperture had completely broken down, while the first rank five aperture still had Spring Autumn Cicada sealed inside.

Spring Autumn Cicada could not be used, because heaven's will was inside.

And in the body, Ying Wu Xie used his soul path method to set a vicious trap.

Once Fang Yuan sends souls inside, the trap would activate and kill it, before nourishing itself and producing more soul path dao marks, becoming even harder to deal with.

This was the first time Fang Yuan saw self-regenerating dao marks.

Even though it was Ying Wu Xie's killer move, Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable had something similar.

After getting Purple Mountain True Monarch's inheritance, Fang Yuan learned that only rank nine venerables could create killer moves with regenerating dao marks.

Thus, Fang Yuan guessed that Fairy Zi Wei used Star Constellation Chessboard to activate the investigative killer move.

Because Star Constellation Chessboard belonged to Star Constellation Immortal Venerable.

Thanks to Fang Yuan's current identity, he had a deeper understanding of Heavenly Court than before.

Fang Yuan recalled, it was true, the other Immortal Venerables or Demon Venerables had such methods.

Dao marks replenished themselves without expending immortal essence.

For example, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's rank eight Immortal Gu Fortune Rivalling Heaven. After Ma Hong Yun used it, the lucky effect had lasted the entire time until he died.

The true essence of his luck were luck path dao marks.

Ma Hong Yun had luck path dao marks on his body, he absorbed the luck of those around him, causing his fortune to rise. In the entire process, he did not have to expend any immortal essence or primeval essence.

Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable also had such killer moves.

Divine concealment and ghostly concealment.

These two defensive killer moves created a thin cloak of dao marks on the soul. The former allowed the user to be free from heaven's will and deductions, while the latter made one unnoticeable to souls.

This killer move's effect had always lasted without using any immortal essence. At the same time, if there was any damage, the dao mark cloak would regenerate itself.

"It is publicly recognized that every rank nine venerable's main path is at supreme grandmaster."

"According to the cultivation experience from Purple Mountain True Monarch: Grandmaster attainment level is imitation of other paths, great grandmaster is the use of natural dao marks, while supreme grandmaster is the regeneration of dao marks and even self-sustenance, breaking free from the restriction of immortal essence?"

The classification was clear now.

Purple Mountain True Monarch's inheritance gave Fang Yuan a clear recognition of all the Gu Immortal attainment levels.

Now, with his own experiences, Fang Yuan gained a lot of insight.

The eight arm heavenly zombie body's soul path trap could be resolved now. But the investigative dao marks on the sovereign immortal body were hard to deal with.

"Using self cleansing, I can get rid of a number of investigative dao marks, but the more I reduce them, the faster they regenerate!"

"Using self cleansing killer move once will get rid of ten percent of these dao marks. But in half a day, they will completely grow back."

"This means that if I want to get rid of the investigative killer move, I will need to sustain self cleansing all the time, for about half a month without any pauses in the middle."

Fang Yuan estimated based on all the information that he had.

It was problematic, the investigative killer move was far more troublesome than Fang Yuan had expected.

And the most important thing was, this was unrealistic.

Self cleansing was not a sustained killer move, it had to be used each time. Each time he used it, there was a certain duration that it lasted.

Even though he had self love Immortal Gu and successfully used self cleansing, Fang Yuan did not get rid of the harmful dao marks completely.

He met with another problem.

What should he do?

"If you are given enough time to prepare, you might be able to resolve it. But too bad, you have no chance now." In Heavenly Court, Fairy Zi Wei smiled.

She was very confident in the investigative killer move used on Fang Yuan and the rest.

Because this was Star Constellation Chessboard's method, and also the killer move created personally by Star Constellation Immortal Venerable — Inextinguishable Star Target.

Compared to other investigative killer moves, inextinguishable star target could only locate the position of its target, this effect alone was inferior to the method that Fairy Zi Wei used on Feng Jiu Ge,

The latter allowed Star Constellation Chessboard to display the scenes of the target's situation, one could easily understand what was going on.

But inextinguishable star target's greatest effect was that it could regenerate endlessly, normal methods could not get rid of it properly.

One could say that as long as this killer move still lasted, Fang Yuan would be a pawn on Fairy Zi Wei's board, he could not escape her grasp. To eliminate him was only a matter of time.

Against Fang Yuan and the others, Fairy Zi Wei had the complete advantage, she was unshakeable in this situation.

As long as Fang Yuan had no time or freedom to develop, as time dragged on, Fairy Zi Wei and Heavenly Court's advantage would get bigger and bigger.

One could say, Fairy Zi Wei was in an invincible position!


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