Reverend Insanity
1406 Self Love Refined
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1406 Self Love Refined

"The upper extreme heavenly eagle actually escaped, how could this happen?" In Heavenly Court, Fairy Zi Wei used Star Constellation Chessboard to observe white heaven's situation.

She frowned as a bright light flashed in her eyes.

"Luck path."

A guess appeared in her mind.

She thought of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, the culprit that destroyed it was Fang Yuan, what was the possibility that Fang Yuan obtained Giant Sun's true inheritance?

"Unfortunately, my investigative killer move can only locate Fang Yuan and the others, it cannot show their current situation."

Fairy Zi Wei sighed and used Star Constellation Chessboard again.

At the next moment, the scene of the River of Time appeared in Star Constellation Chessboard again.

Feng Jiu Ge and Lord Huang Shi had already flown to a nearby tributary of the River of Time.

"This tributary of the River of Time is not small, it is enough for you to leave." Lord Huang Shi smiled, pointing forward, "Let me use my immortal killer move to send you out, don't resist."

Feng Jiu Ge nodded, cupping his fists gracefully: "I will trouble you."

Lord Huang Shi was about to speak when his expression changed.

"That tiger year beast is coming again?" Feng Jiu Ge's expression also changed.

"No!" Lord Huang Shi's eyes looked ahead, in the river in front of them, there was a dense fog that emerged.

"Strange, why is there fog in the River of Time?" Feng Jiu Ge frowned.

Lord Huang Shi was extremely excited, there was huge expectation in his eyes: "This fog, don't tell me?"

At this moment, the two saw a faint silhouette in the fog.

The figure was vague and concealed by the fog, it could not be seen clearly.

Lord Huang Shi's expression became even more heated, but Feng Jiu Ge was completely confused.

Soon, the fog moved and exposed a corner of the huge silhouette, Feng Jiu Ge finally saw what it was.

"This looks like an island?"

"That's right, this is a stone lotus island! Legends says that Red Lotus' true inheritance is inside!" Lord Huang Shi's tone was trembling.

Even though Red Lotus Demon Venerable and Heavenly Court were enemies, he was the absolute peak of time path, nobody could match him. Lord Huang Shi, who specialized in time path, felt an unparalleled allure towards Red Lotus' true inheritance!

"Stay here, I will return shortly." Lord Huang Shi said that before flying out at a rapid speed.

However, the fog seemed to respond, when Lord Huang Shi got closer, the fog retreated.

After a long time, Lord Huang Shi did not manage to shorten the distance, it was lengthening instead.

A moment later, the fog vanished, and the mysterious stone island went missing too.

Lord Huang Shi returned dejectedly, his expression was quite ugly.

Even Fairy Zi Wei, who was watching this in Heavenly Court, had a look of disappointment.

But soon, she frowned.

She fell into deep thoughts: "Why did that stone lotus island appear? Was it because Fang Yuan destroyed a tributary of the River of Time? But Lord Huang Shi and Feng Jiu Ge had already left that place already, and most importantly — how can someone enter the stone lotus island? Must they have the key, Spring Autumn Cicada?"

Southern Border, Wu clan headquarters.

A super Gu formation was created.

Wu Yong stood in front of the Gu formation, observing it, he nodded, showing a satisfied expression.

Beside him, a Wu clan supreme elder said: "Elder Wu Bei, we have troubled you."

"It is my job to work for the clan, this was no trouble at all." Elder Wu Bei said respectfully and humbly.

Among Wu clan's Gu Immortals, he cultivated formation path.

Not long ago, he even took over Fang Yuan's position to defend the super Gu formation.

After the battle of Reverse Flow River, Fang Yuan returned from Northern Plains and plotted to get Wu Bei away from here so that he could return to the super Gu formation.

Elder Wu Bei actually managed to escape from danger because of this and did not join in the battle of the dream realm.

In this battle, Southern Border's righteous path Gu Immortals suffered huge losses, even the Immortal Gu used to create the super Gu formation were taken by Heavenly Court.

However, not long ago, even though Wu Yong failed to kill Fang Yuan, he managed to make a secret agreement with Heavenly Court.

Wu Yong let go of Feng Jiu Ge, and Heavenly Court returned the taken Immortal Gu back to Wu Yong.

Wu Yong returned to Southern Border's righteous path and returned all the Immortal Gu back to their owners.

This act raised his reputation to the peak in Southern Border's righteous path!

Southern Border's clans were all grateful to Wu Yong, not only could he negotiate with Heavenly Court and succeed, he even returned every Immortal Gu without taking any for himself, they were all in admiration.

Furthermore, Wu Yong exposed his rank eight Immortal Gu House Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building, and after he showed his tremendous battle strength in the battle of the purple blood river formation, all of the Southern Border super forces were apprehensive against him.

Thus, even though he did not kill Shadow Sect's remaining members, Wu clan's status had changed drastically.

The clans that took over Wu clan's resource points earlier retreated back to their own territories and even offered some compensation in a roundabout manner.

Qiao clan was Wu clan's affiliate force, their territory, which was taken by Ba clan and Xia clan, was also returned on the basis of Wu clan's reputation.

Wu Yong was not happy with such a result, after returning, he had been controlling the situation, negotiating with the super forces, getting them to hand over more benefits.

Currently, both sides were still negotiating, even though Wu clan was very forceful, the other super clans were not made of paper, they were adamant in defending their own interests.

Wu clan's losses were indeed severe.

All in all, they lost multiple Gu Immortals, and Fang Yuan even cheated them of six Immortal Gu and a hundred thousand immortal essence stones.

But this matter could only be withheld by Wu clan, they could not openly seek Fang Yuan for trouble.

Wu Yong wanted to compensate his losses from the other super forces, but he was not going to forget the demonic path scoundrel Fang Yuan!

The super Gu formation here was made based on Wu Yong's instructions, not only did he put Elder Wu Bei in charge of everything, he even asked Chi clan's Gu Immortals for help.

"Alright, you can act now." A sharp light flashed in Wu Yong's eyes, he spoke to Wu Bei in a calm tone.

Wu Bei's heart shook as he felt the anger and hatred underneath Wu Yong's calm expression.

"To think that Wu Yi Hai was an impostor all along. Hmph, he was too daring, he actually deceived Wu clan! We will show you now, there are some people in this world that you cannot offend!" Wu Bei snorted coldly as he used his Gu formation.

This immortal formation used an earth vein as the foundation, and Fang Yuan's life tablet Gu and soul lantern Gu, as well as more than ten Immortal Gu and an uncountable number of mortal Gu to create.

Its effect was to find trouble with Fang Yuan. Every time it was activated, it would create a formless force that would cross Southern Border and be inflicted on Fang Yuan.

This immortal formation was very powerful, it far surpassed the killer move that Wu Yong used against Fang Yuan earlier.

At the same time, it was lasting.

This was the advantage of a Gu formation.

Once the Gu formation was created, the activation and deactivation process was very easily. It was not like a killer move, every use would have a complex process and every step would need to be accurate. Otherwise, the activation would fail and there might be a backlash on the user.

Gu formations were different, after they were created, unless they were destroyed, there would be no threat of backlash.

"Let's try half of the power." Wu Yong added.

Wu Bei nodded.

Wu Yong was not doing this because he was magnanimous, it was so that he could conveniently negotiate with Fang Yuan.

Don't forget that Wu clan's Immortal Gu were still in Fang Yuan's hands.

Wu Yong naturally wanted them back.

Even if Fang Yuan ran to Western Desert, Wu Yong did not give up on that idea.

"Fang Yuan's reverse flow protection seal is powerful, and can deflect all attacks, but too bad! This move uses too much mental energy, and the immortal essence expenditure is high, how can Fang Yuan keep it active at all times?"

"With this Gu formation, we can attack any time we want, and stop it at any moment, we hold the initiative."

"Let him suffer first before we negotiate."

Wu Yong was already preparing his tactics.

The Gu formation activated, and was about to unleash its power when suddenly, the ground started to shake.


The entirety of Wu Yi Mountain was shaking.

"What is going on?"

"Why is there an earthquake? Which Gu Immortal is undergoing tribulation?"

"This is not a tribulation, the earth vein is shaking, the entirety of Southern Border is implicated, this is far more severe than just an earthquake!"

"Oh no, Elder Wu Bei!!"

The surrounding Wu clan Gu Immortals gasped as they realized something.


The immortal formation exploded as Wu Bei coughed out blood, after an anguished scream, he fell to the ground, unconscious.

Northern Plains, Lang Ya blessed land.

Sixth Hair was covered in sweat, he was completely drenched, his hair was stuck together, it was a sad sight.

"The final step!" Sixth Hair's eyes were red, filled with blood.

Lang Ya land spirit heard this and handed the processed immortal material over to Sixth Hair.

Even though he was the first supreme elder, since Fang Yuan made the request, and the rules were set by Lang Ya land spirit himself, he had to follow it.

Thus, he did not mind helping Sixth Hair, he at most had some grievances against Fang Yuan.


A long crisp sound came from the ice fire.

Like the sound of clashing silver coins.

Soon, the sound stopped as the blazing ice fire extinguished, only the round profound ice was left.

Sixth Hair breathed roughly as he muttered: "Come out, rank seven Immortal Gu Self Love."

Crack crack.

Cracks appeared on the profound ice before it broke apart, as an Immortal Gu flew out.

Rank seven Immortal Gu Self Love was finally refined!


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