Reverend Insanity
1397 Switching Souls with Ying Wu Xie
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1397 Switching Souls with Ying Wu Xie

His wavy black hair flowed down to his shoulders.

He had a tall nose, his lips were sharp like blades, he was currently pressing his lips together lightly, showing a cold and cool demeanor.

It was Ying Wu Xie's soul.

Now, he had already left the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body, his soul was floating in the air.

"This body?" Ying Wu Xie frowned, looking at the ice coffin in front of him.

This ice coffin was emitting frost energy at all times, it was translucent like a crystal, a Gu Immortal was sealed inside.

Her body was small and dainty, she was like a little girl wearing a flowery green dress, there were two pearl earrings hanging on her ears, as if water was inside the pearls, there were green ripples inside when they shook.

Her eyes were shut, with Bai Ning Bing sealing her in the ice, even the thoughts in her mind were frozen, her life was in their hands.

This female immortal was none other than the Western Desert Gu Immortal who, out of lack of knowledge, did not flee from Fang Yuan immediately and got captured by Bai Ning Bing — Fairy Cui Bo.

Seeing Ying Wu Xie's hesitation, Fang Yuan urged: "In this situation, how can we find another suitable body for you? Just use this for now."

Ying Wu Xie nodded: "Sigh, this is the only way, let's start!"

Fang Yuan waved his right hand as a rank seven Immortal Gu flew out from his hand.

This Immortal Gu was like a swan's egg, it was translucent, and from the outside, jade light could be seen in it. When it was close, Fang Yuan could feel a bone chilling coldness emitting from this Immortal Gu.

This cold was different from the frost of the ice coffin.

The ice coffin's coldness was bone piercing, but this Immortal Gu's coldness was targeted directly at the soul.

Ying Wu Xie's soul shuddered uncontrollably when this Immortal Gu came out.

On the other end, Bai Ning Bing watched quietly, her gaze was attracted to this rank seven Immortal Gu.

"This is change soul Immortal Gu?" Bai Ning Bing thought to herself.

Indeed, it was change soul Immortal Gu.

This Immortal Gu's history was quite complex.

It was first refined by Green of Spectral Soul's first generation split souls.

It was then passed to Spirit Affinity House's Fairy Mo Yao.

To save her lover Bo Qing, Mo Yao used Change Soul to swap her soul with Bo Qing.

Bo Qing's remnant soul was saved by Shadow Sect and hidden inside Central Continent's Earth Abyss, they tried healing him but his injuries were too severe, he was captured by Heavenly Court in the end.

Meanwhile, Mo Yao's remnant soul was left inside Bo Qing's immortal zombie body, and change soul Immortal Gu, as well as Bo Qing's sword path Immortal Gu, were all left behind.

After this, Fang Yuan went into Falling Heavenly River and used Mo Yao's will to lure out some Immortal Gu, including change soul Immortal Gu.

But even though Fang Yuan used the light of wisdom to refine these Immortal Gu, he knew nothing about change soul Immortal Gu.

Only when Star Constellation heaven's will directed Fang Yuan and gave him a powerful killer move for switching souls, did Fang Yuan learn about its effect.

Fang Yuan switched souls in his dream and took over Ying Wu Xie's body at the most crucial moment, he successfully plotted against Spectral Soul and took away sovereign immortal fetus Gu.

One could say, during the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, Shadow Sect lost completely and Fang Yuan managed to turn it around for himself, this change soul Immortal Gu played a crucial role!

And now, this Immortal Gu was used once again, but this time, Fang Yuan was not dealing with Shadow Sect, he was helping it. He had even become the leader of Shadow Sect himself!

Events in life were truly unpredictable.

Before this, be it Fang Yuan or Shadow Sect, who could have expected this outcome?

Under the effect of Change Soul, Ying Wu Xie's soul and Fairy Cui Bo's soul were switched.

"What are you doing? What have you done with me?" Fairy Cui Bo's soul left the ice coffin and woke up, screaming in terror.

But she lacked a body, even though her soul was screaming, the only thing that came out would be meaningless screeches to a person's ear.

Of course, Fang Yuan understood them.

He had soul language Gu worms, they were mortal Gu and he possessed a huge quantity of them, inherited from Purple Mountain True Monarch.

Fang Yuan snickered, waving lightly towards Fairy Cui Bo's soul.

Fairy Cui Bo felt an irresistible force as she floated towards Fang Yuan's hand.

"No—!" She screamed loudly, her voice was so shrill that even Bai Ning Bing frowned lightly.

At the next moment, she was stuffed into the sovereign immortal aperture by Fang Yuan's method.

Even though Bai Ning Bing had already soul searched Fairy Cui Bo and she had no secrets left, her Gu Immortal soul itself could be used.

Dang Hun Mountain was an effective way to use her.

Gu Immortal souls, especially human Gu Immortal souls with higher cultivation level, would have deeper foundations, after they were smashed on Dang Hun Mountain, the guts Gu produced would be higher in quantity.

But now, Fang Yuan had other methods to deal with her.

Thanks to Purple Mountain True Monarch's inheritance, there were many soul path methods recorded inside, one of them was a way to refine a Gu Immortal soul into a human shaped soul beast.

Fairy Cui Bo, with rank seven cultivation level, would become an ancient soul beast.

If Fang Yuan refined her into a soul beast, he did not need to use any enslavement path methods, he could make her obey him with absolute loyalty.

After becoming the leader of Shadow Sect, Fang Yuan's greatest gain was in methods and killer moves. Even though there were many immortal materials and Immortal Gu, their value in total was still lower.

But these methods needed time to be converted into true battle strength.

And Fang Yuan was now facing the pursuit of enemies, he lacked time.

Fairy Cui Bo's soul was suppressed, and Fang Yuan stored away change soul Immortal Gu, at this time, Bai Ning Bing let out 'Fairy Cui Bo' from the ice coffin.

Or rather, it was Ying Wu Xie inside Fairy Cui Bo's body.

"So cold." Ying Wu Xie muttered, he was still covered in frost.

Bai Ning Bing gave a wave, the frost on Ying Wu Xie's body vanished.

Ying Wu Xie expressed his gratitude before receiving a large number of Gu worms from Fang Yuan.

He received a large amount of mortal Gu and Immortal Gu, as well as immortal essence stones.

"You still want me to use lead soul into dream?" Ying Wu Xie saw these Gu worms and was surprised.

"Take them, I already know about lead soul into dream. This killer move is too complex, I cannot master it in a short time, we were hit by Heavenly Court's investigative killer move earlier, we need your battle strength!" Fang Yuan said calmly.

Ying Wu Xie nodded deeply, his eyes were shining as he clenched his fists: "Sect leader, you are right, I will not let you down!"

Bai Ning Bing had a look of suspicion in her gaze.

Even though Ying Wu Xie regained his morale, his personality seemed to have changed.

Fang Yuan nodded in agreement, but he understood.

Wisdom path had thoughts, wills, and emotions. Ying Wu Xie was originally depressed, but because his fighting spirit was renewed, his personality had changed slightly, it was natural.

"Sect leader, what are we going to do next? Tell us!"

"Even if we are attacking Heavenly Court, I will follow you!"

"Damn these righteous path scoundrels, I will kill all of them!!"

Ying Wu Xie said as he waved his arms, he was extremely excited, his huge plump chest was bouncing up and down in response.

Fang Yuan pondered: "Heavenly Court's pursuit is the problem I want to address. They are the people most familiar with our information, the Gu Immortals they send will definitely be too strong for us to resist."

Fang Yuan thought of this as he frowned.

He thought of Feng Jiu Ge.

Feng Jiu Ge said that he had met Fang Yuan and the others because he was pursuing an Immortal Gu related to Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable.

But their encounter was simply too coincidental.

Was Feng Jiu Ge the back up plan of Heavenly Court?

It seemed like it, yet not really.

Fang Yuan thought in their shoes: "If I were Heavenly Court, I would do my best to deal with the remnant forces of Shadow Sect, and deal a fatal blow. Sending Feng Jiu Ge seems to be a poor decision."

Fang Yuan did not understand this.

There was little chance of Heavenly Court making a mistake.

Heavenly Court dealt with Shadow Sect and attacked twice with great effect. The first was during the Battle of Yi Tian Mountain, and the second was the battle of the giant dream realm.

These were two crucial battles, because of Heavenly Court's interference, Shadow Sect lost and Spectral Soul's hundred thousand year plan was foiled.

"I became the leader of Shadow Sect and Heavenly Court immediately makes a careless mistake? No, there is something that I am not understanding." Fang Yuan thought to himself.

At the same time, someone emerged from Western Desert's regional wall.

He had a tall body, sharp brows and bright eyes, his expression was warm and he had a graceful demeanor, making people feel admiration towards him.

It was Feng Jiu Ge!

"With such a rank eight Immortal Gu, crossing the regional wall is countless times easier now." Feng Jiu Ge looked behind, recalling the scene earlier.

Two Heavenly Court rank eight Gu Immortals suddenly appeared and stopped Feng Jiu Ge's and Wu Yong's battle.

Heavenly Court returned the Gu worms of Southern Border's righteous path, and because Wu Yong was already injured, he accepted this result and left.

"Feng Jiu Ge, you have already vowed upon it, from now on, go pursue Fang Yuan and Shadow Sect."

"This rank eight Immortal Gu will be lent to you, in the future, when you face rank eight Gu Immortals, it will not be so difficult."

"But against Fang Yuan, you need to be careful of one thing." The Heavenly Court Gu Immortals instructed Feng Jiu Ge.

Feng Jiu Ge was confused, asking: "What do you mean?"

The Heavenly Court Gu Immortals had dark gazes: "Fang Yuan is a complete otherworldly demon, he needs to be killed. But it is not enough to kill him."

"Red Lotus Demon Venerable's chosen pawn is Fang Yuan. Fang Yuan has Spring Autumn Cicada and is now the leader of Shadow Sect, he will definitely head to the River of Time and find the stone lotus islands to inherit Red Lotus' true inheritance."

"Red Lotus Demon Venerable's true inheritance is hidden deep in the River of Time, it is incredibly concealed."

"Pursue Fang Yuan and force him to find Red Lotus' true inheritance, before destroying him along with Red Lotus' true inheritance!"

Feng Jiu Ge's gaze flickered, he finally understood Heavenly Court's true objective.

"Fang Yuan, Red Lotus' true inheritance…"

Back in reality, Feng Jiu Ge muttered as he flew into the sky, directly towards the location where Fang Yuan and the others were hiding.


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