Reverend Insanity
1395 Scaring Away Three Rank Sevens
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1395 Scaring Away Three Rank Sevens

From the appearance, this resembled a rhinoceros beetle.

Fang Yuan held it in his palm, feeling the heavy stone-like weight.

It had a huge carapace and a thick head, giving people the feeling of strength. Its tall and long forked horn seemed like a spear stabbing towards the sky.

Rule path rank seven Immortal Gu — Fight!

This Immortal Gu was Fang Yuan's biggest gain this time.

With his status as Shadow Sect's leader, Fang Yuan quickly refined this Gu and kept it in his immortal aperture.

Other than that, there was another Immortal Gu.

It was rank six earth path, called Yellow Sand.

This Immortal Gu looked like a ladybug and had a round carapace with six yellow stars on it.

With rank seven Immortal Gu Fight and rank six Immortal Gu Yellow Sand, as well as some mortal Gu,the dense earth qi inside these caves, and earth path dao marks, Western Desert Zombie Alliance created this defensive Gu formation.

But as Fang Yuan gathered Gu worms into his immortal aperture, the Gu formation broke apart and collapsed.

Fang Yuan took another look at the treasury of Corpse City.

Within the mortal Gu House, there were lots of immortal materials.

The most precious one was the cold moon divine bravery, it was a rank seven immortal material condensed from moonlight at the center of the desert, taking ten thousand years to form.

Inside treasure yellow heaven, it was priceless.

The quantity was so few that even rank eight Gu Immortals did not have much.

The one with the most quantity was a rank six immortal material, phosphorescent wood, this grew in fierce ghost desert, in the territory of Western Desert Zombie Alliance.

There was a lot of phosphorescent wood, this was the accumulation of the Western Desert Zombie Alliance branch after countless years.

"This shows the massive foundation that Shadow Sect once had!"

"Unfortunately, to refine sovereign immortal fetus Gu, they invested too much, after the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, their remaining forces were targeted by heaven's will, Heavenly Court, as well as me."

Fang Yuan sighed internally.

Ying Wu Xie and gang had already visited the other branches, Central Continent, Northern Plains, and Southern Border's Zombie Alliance inheritance had already been used up.

Over at Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance branch, the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals had taken over and were in control of it.

And now, the final Western Desert inheritance was in Fang Yuan's hands.

This was the final bit of fortune that Shadow Sect had.

Other than this, there were some minor things, but in Western Desert, the only things that Fang Yuan cared about were the resource points similar to Jade Pot Mountain, Shadow Sect had secretly nurtured them to spawn wild Immortal Gu.

In the underground cave, Fairy Miao Yin and Fang Yuan waited for some time.

A white clothed person walked in, it was dragon lady Bai Ning Bing.

She was cold like an icy mountain, her robe was white as snow, she was holding a captive in her hands.

It was Fairy Cui Bo from earlier!

Right now, she was a frozen popsicle, her eyes were shut and her body was covered in frost, she did not move, she was at Bai Ning Bing's mercy.

Bai Ning Bing actually captured Fairy Cui Bo.

This result made Fairy Miao Yin praise her as Fang Yuan's eyes shone.

Even though Bai Ning Bing had rank six cultivation level, her battle strength was truly at rank seven, and one of the stronger experts among rank seven too.

Northern Dark Ice Soul Physique of the ten extreme physiques complemented Bai Xiang's true inheritance to display many times the original effect!

And most importantly, Bai Ning Bing did not fear death, she was someone with incredible talent.

Back in Southern Border, she had fought against three and killed two while heavily injuring the last one, the results were incredible. And now, she forcefully captured a rank seven Gu Immortal, her battle strength was only second to Fang Yuan now.

"Even though we captured Fairy Cui Bo, I am in no rush to annex her immortal aperture." Fang Yuan thought.

Firstly, this place was filled with earth qi and did not have heaven qi, it was not suitable to place immortal aperture.

Earlier, the rank six Gu Immortal Fiend Mosquito in the defensive Gu formation had turned into sand, both his immortal aperture and corpse were of no value now.

Fang Yuan was not hungry now, he was not at the point of needing food yet.

And most importantly, Fairy Cui Bo was related to the rank eight Gu Immortal Thousand Transformations Ancestor. He could use her to alleviate some of heaven's will's schemes.

"Since you captured her, you can keep her inside your immortal aperture." Fang Yuan said to Bai Ning Bing.

Bai Ning Bing nodded.

She could not turn back now, she was pursued by both Heavenly Court and Southern Border, she also needed Shadow Sect's help to refine Gu, she had to cooperate with Fang Yuan.

Hei Lou Lan returned too.

There were traces of blood on her: "That boy was burned to ashes, his immortal aperture was destroyed too. Additionally, the battle attracted a bunch of Western Desert Gu Immortals, but I did not fight them, I returned immediately. Their aura shows they are not simple."

Fang Yuan nodded.

Even though Hei Lou Lan had just undergone her immortal ascension, she already had very keen insight.

Her evaluation was unlikely to be wrong, these Western Desert Gu Immortals should be experts among rank sevens.

It was no wonder.

Western Desert Zombie Alliance was a super force after all. It was normal for the Western Desert Gu Immortals to come to search for its inheritance. Even super forces would pay attention to it, moreover, don't forget heaven's will was here trying to cause more problems for them.

"We will leave now." Fang Yuan said but before he finished, three figures emerged from left, right, and above him.

"Friend, you are dreaming if you want to leave after getting Zombie Alliance's inheritance." At the left, a thin young-looking Gu Immortal with rainbow feathers laughed shrilly.

He was a rank seven Gu Immortal who cultivated enslavement path, known as Peacock Deity.

"You can leave, but you need to leave a portion of Zombie Alliance's inheritance for us." A female immortal above him wore a traditional Western Desert white dress, her face was half concealed by a veil, her beautiful eyes had thick and long eyelashes on them.

This beauty was a famous fairy in Western Desert's Gu Immortal world, her status was on par with Qiao Si Liu and Fairy Miao Yin, she was called Beautiful Camel Immortal.

To the right was a Gu Immortal with a beard and bare chest, his muscular body and strong arms, along with his bronze skin and deep breathing, made him seem like a powerful person.

He had a huge background, because his surname was Dong.

Dong clan was a super clan of Western Desert.

Dong Lie Feng, wind path rank seven expert, most skilled at tracking and following people.

"Two Southern Border, one Northern Plains, and one Western Desert Gu Immortal, why such a motley crew!" Dong Lie Feng frowned.

Fang Yuan had the sovereign immortal body and was in Western Desert, he had the aura of a Western Desert Gu Immortal. Hei Lou Lan underwent immortal ascension in Northern Plains, she was a Northern Plains Gu Immortal. Bai Ning Bing and Fairy Miao Yin were both Southern Border Gu Immortals.

Gu Immortals of other regions were usually ostracized.

In this regard, Eastern Sea displayed it the least, but the other four regions normally hated outsiders. Gu Immortals of other regions usually acted with a low profile because any strife or conflict would cause them to be ganged up upon by everyone.

Be it Peacock Deity, Beautiful Camel Immortal, or Dong Lie Feng, they had ugly expressions.

Because Fang Yuan and the others took away Zombie Alliance's inheritance. This belonged to them in their minds.

"These are Gu Immortals of other regions, we can put down our differences and work together, to kill all of these outsider Gu Immortals first!"

"That's right, Western Desert is ruled by us Western Desert natives, these outsiders want to steal our treasures in our territory."

"Hand over Zombie Alliance's inheritance and we might spare your lives!"

The three Western Desert Gu Immortals shouted.

At the same time, they communicated secretly.

"Be careful, they have two rank seven and two rank six Gu Immortals."

"Those two rank sixes are not simple, their auras are strange."

"That rank seven youngster seems quite familiar, where have I seen him before… hmm?!"

Dong Lie Feng's pupils shrunk as he realized Fang Yuan's identity.

Fang Yuan was currently using his real appearance. Since he knew about the investigative killer move on him, and since familiar face used up mental energy and immortal essence, he decided to stop concealing his identity since it was pointless.

"He is Liu Guan Yi!" Dong Lie Feng thought in shock, he immediately retreated.

Swoosh, he spiraled away.

Vanishing in an instant.

Beautiful Camel Immortal and Peacock Deity were stunned!

What happened?!

They were still filled with battle intent earlier and discussing about battle tactics, but now, Dong Lie Feng ran away?

Was he hit by a peculiar killer move from the enemy?

Or… did he retreat on his own?

"Wait!" Beautiful Camel Immortal's expression also changed, she realized that Fang Yuan was Liu Guan Yi.

After the battle of Reverse Flow River, Liu Guan Yi became famous in all five regions, his appearance was known to all. This level of popularity varied in the five regions.

Northern Plains was the most informed about it, while Central Continent also knew a lot because Heavenly Court participated in the battle.

As for the other three regions, some knew about Liu Guan Yi's appearance, but others only heard about about the matter, they did not have much information.

After all, in their minds, Liu Guan Yi was a Northern Plains Gu Immortal, he was not in the same region as them.

Like earlier, Fairy Cui Bo did not manage to recognize Fang Yuan, ending up as a captive.

Beautiful Camel Immortal recognized Fang Yuan and immediately gasped, why would she stay here?

She escaped immediately!

What a joke, this person could rival rank eight experts.

How could she fight him? Trying to find trouble with him was courting death!

At the same time, Beautiful Camel Immortal scolded Dong Lie Feng in her mind, he ran so quickly without informing them.

But in his perspective, if Beautiful Camel Immortal found out about Fang Yuan's identity first, she would do the same.

After all, when escaping, not only did you and your enemy's speed matter, the important thing was the difference in speed between you and your allies.

Peacock Deity was dazed.

Beautiful Camel Immortal fled too?!

Oh no!!

At this moment, Peacock Deity felt something amiss, even though he did not understand why, he had a lot of life experience, he immediately reacted.

His body shook as he flew away like lightning, he was even faster than Beautiful Camel Immortal.

Before Fang Yuan did anything, these three Western Desert rank seven experts fled in fear.

Fang Yuan looked at the sky as he snickered.

Even if heaven's will plotted, so what?

As long as Fang Yuan was strong enough, no matter who was instigated, their survival instincts would take over at the crucial moment.

Earlier, when he escaped around Southern Border, it was because his enemies were too strong.

But in fact, Fang Yuan was already a Gu Immortal expert. Ordinary rank seven Gu Immortals could not even face him directly!


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