Reverend Insanity
1393 Fang Yuan Eats People
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1393 Fang Yuan Eats People

A boundless sea of sand, reaching as far as the eye could see.

The sky was blue with white clouds and clear rays of the sun.

"I am finally in Western Desert." A figure emerged from Western Desert's regional wall, instead of slowing down, he accelerated towards the sky.

This youthful looking person was dressed in a white robe with long sleeves, he had black hair and dark eyes, his face was clear as jade.

It was Fang Yuan!

Feng Jiu Ge blocked Wu Yong for him, allowing him to escape.

The sovereign immortal body was adept at traveling between regional walls, be it Southern Border's regional wall or Western Desert's regional wall, they could not stop Fang Yuan.

In fact, the regional walls were where Fang Yuan was safest, he was like a fish in water.

Bai Ning Bing, Hei Lou Lan, and the rest were inside Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture, thanks to him, they were able to travel through the regional walls, arriving in Western Desert as well.

Thankfully, none of them were rank eight Gu Immortals, and because Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture had annexed many blessed lands and had sufficient dao marks and foundation, he could contain these Gu Immortals.

If ordinary Gu Immortals crossed regional walls, they would need to rest for some time, but with his sovereign immortal body, Fang Yuan traveled through them easily, there were no losses.

After the battle of the giant dream realm, even though Fang Yuan became the new leader of Shadow Sect and inherited Purple Mountain True Monarch's many inheritances, he had lost the identity of Wu Yi Hai, his Liu Guan Yi identity was exposed, and the crucial dark limit Immortal Gu had fallen into Heavenly Court's hands. And most important, he lost a rank eight battle strength — upper extreme heavenly eagle!

Along the way, Fang Yuan had been thinking about this battle, summing up his gains and losses.

"To think that the manifested dream realm would be invaded by heaven's will. If I did not explore the dream realm, heaven's will might not have found me."

"However, Shadow Sect was going to attack the dream realm eventually."

"Even though I am inside Western Desert now, I lost Dark Limit and was hit by Heavenly Court's investigative killer move, and most importantly, heaven's will is watching me, my traces are completely exposed.

Escaping from Southern Border and arriving in Western Desert was only temporarily alleviating the situation.

If Heavenly Court or heaven's will had enough time to plan, Western Desert would become a dangerous place too, Fang Yuan would be assaulted by countless Gu Immortals or forces here.

Thus, his urgent needs now were to get rid of the investigative killer move on him and find a way to hide from heaven's will.

"Western Desert's Zombie Alliance was destroyed, but there are still a lot of resources left deep within translocation desert."

"Other than that, there are two places that naturally form Gu, and can also produce Immortal Gu, like Southern Border's Jade Pot Mountain."

Bai Ning Bing's ice soul Immortal Gu was a wild Immortal Gu naturally created in Jade Pot Mountain.

Because of Shadow Sect's secret operation, Western Desert had many secret spots, two such spots were like Jade Pot Mountain, there were wild Immortal Gu about to spawn from them.

Undoubtedly, Fang Yuan had to rush to these three locations.

"Feng Jiu Ge saved me, the favor is used up."

"His appearance was too coincidental, it might be part of Heavenly Court's plan."

"If he chases after me, even if I have reverse flow protection seal, I cannot do anything to him. And most importantly, Central Continent is going to send more experts, after all, it is only a matter of time."

"Thus, I need to act fast!"

Thinking of this, a bright light flashed in Fang Yuan's eyes.

Immortal killer move — Ancient Sword Dragon Transformation!

White light flashed, at the next moment, Fang Yuan turned into a slender silvery sword dragon.

The sword dragon waved its tail and moved elegantly with rapid speed.

Soon, Fang Yuan used sword escape Immortal Gu on top of the ancient sword dragon transformation.


He flew like a silvery light, tearing through space, the speed was unthinkably fast.

Several days later, in translocation desert.

This was one of the more famous deserts in Western Desert.

Like how Eastern Sea had ice flow sea area, twin polar sea strait, air bubble sea area, shark sea, elegant splendorous sea area and other mystical sea areas.

Western Desert had a large number of deserts scattered all over. They normally had special traits that differentiated them from the others, becoming famous among Western Desert Gu Immortals.

Rank six transformation path Gu Immortal Yi Zuan, known as "Fiend Mosquito", was currently floating above translocation desert.

He wore thin black leather armor, he had a sharp nose and small eyes, his black hair was messy like weeds, not only was it sticking upwards, it also extended to his shoulder.

"Hehehe, I am tailing Three Feather Boy, I might be able to find that Corpse City of Zombie Alliance."

He was smug internally, sniffing as he tried to smell.

"Found it." His eyes shone as he followed the smell, rushing down towards translocation desert.

Seeing that he was getting closer to the ground, Fiend Mosquito did not dodge.

When he was almost in contact with the ground, his black armor flickered with eerie light.


With a soft sound, he drilled into the desert like he was jumping into water, vanishing.

His field of vision turned dark, Fiend Mosquito had closed his eyes already.

The hot sand surrounded his entire body, the temperature was very high, it could instantly cook an egg, before turning it into char.

But Fiend Mosquito had his defensive methods, this environment was not unbearable for him.

Even if his vision was dark, that was not a problem, Fiend Mosquito was most skilled at pursuing smell, the clues were more evident when traveling in the sand.

He continued to travel across the desert.


Suddenly, he pierced out of the sand and arrived in a cave.

Fiend Mosquito was not surprised.

There were many such caves under translocation desert.

During the Remote Antiquity Era, two immemorial desolate beasts fought here, one of the immemorial desolate beasts, an earth qi bat camel, lost the battle and died here.

The earth qi bat camel was a rather unique immemorial desolate beast, it had two forms, bat and camel. When it traveled in the desert, it would become a brown camel large as a mountain, moving slowly. When it wanted to fly, it would turn into a jade bat, small as a fist, and would move extremely quickly.

This unique immemorial desolate beast was quite similar to the sun-moon kun-peng from Eastern Sea, many Gu Immortals compared the two.

The sun-moon kun-peng was a type of immemorial desolate beast living in Eastern Sea.

Under the sun, the sun-moon kun-peng would turn into a giant bird and soar the skies.

When under the moon, the sun-moon kun-peng would turn into a giant fish and devour the seas, having a grand aura.

After the earth qi bat camel died, its dao marks spread out and were carved in this desert, creating translocation desert.

Inside the desert, large amounts of earth qi moved, this earth qi was like bubbles in water, creating tiny caves.

Fiend Mosquito was now inside one of those caves.

There was no air here, mortals would die if they came here. They would not die of suffocation, but the earth qi would turn them into stone.

Gu Immortal Fiend Mosquito was naturally immune to it.

In fact, he could collect the earth qi as it was a type of resource as well.

But now, he was tailing Three Feather Boy, he was afraid that taking the earth qi would alert the former, thus, he did not do so.

He continued to sniff until he sensed Three Feather Boy's scent, continuing to move forward.

Along the way, he passed many caves.

These caves were varied in sizes, some were like rooms while others were like palaces.

Finally, he came to a special cave.

"The aura here is so dense! Three Feather Boy must be nearby."

Fiend Mosquito tried to open his eyes, but soon he was filled with shock.

"My goodness, this cave is too huge, it is like a mortal town!"

"The earth qi here is so dense that an earth qi sandstorm is brewing?"

Fiend Mosquito soon found that at the center of this cave, there was a dark and heavy lump of moving sand, oozing with immortal material aura.

"This sandstorm is made from earth qi, it is a rank seven immortal material, extremely valuable."

Fiend Mosquito was happy but worried.

He was happy seeing such a huge immortal material, as a Western Desert lone immortal, this was a huge profit.

His worry was that the sandstorm was very wild and had great power, it was hard to take it.


"Three Feather Boy's aura is nearby, that means he came here. Why did he not take this huge piece of earth qi essence?"

Fiend Mosquito's pupils suddenly shrunk, feeling something amiss.

At this time, a boyish voice came from behind him: "Fiend Mosquito, you are finally here. Hehe, I have been waiting for you, go and test the formation for me."

"Oh no!" Fiend Mosquito heard this and shuddered, wanting to dodge.

But it was already too late.

A storm of feathers made from blue light landed on his body.

Fiend Mosquito was unable to help himself, the blue feathers brought him into the sandstorm.

Fiend Mosquito's screams could be heard from inside the sandstorm.

Three Feather Boy finally appeared now, he was rosy and tender, his young face was plump and very cute, he looked at the sandstorm as he laughed.

Soon, Fiend Mosquito's cries came to a stop, blood leaked into the sandstorm but the moving sand quickly devoured it entirely.

Three Feather Boy's laughter came to a stop as he had a worried expression.

"So powerful."

He breathed in deeply: "As expected of the defensive formation of Western Desert Zombie Alliance's branch. Fiend Mosquito was a rank six expert, but he only lasted so long. Who is it?"

Three Feather Boy turned around and stared ahead with a fixed gaze.

Over there, a figure suddenly appeared.

"Damn, a rank seven Gu Immortal!" Three Feather Boy sensed the newcomer's aura and felt bitter internally.

He observed carefully, seeing that this Gu Immortal had a handsome and gentlemanly appearance, he wore white clothes and had black hair. Even though he was a young man, and even though they were both guys, Three Feather Boy felt amazed at such an appearance.

"What a handsome person!"

"Seeing his demeanor, he seems to be a righteous path Gu Immortal."

Just as Three Feather Boy was guessing, Fang Yuan looked at him and squinted, having some joy in his tone: "Good, this is the third person I've met, after eating you, my appetite will be appeased for some time."

"What?!" Three Feather Boy was shocked, he quickly retreated: "What righteous path is this! He wants to eat me? Sister, save me!"


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