Reverend Insanity
1388 This is Feng Jiu Ge!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1388 This is Feng Jiu Ge!

A middle-aged Gu Immortal appeared in front of Fang Yuan and Wu Yong.

This person was dressed in a red and white robe, standing straight like a spear or sword. His eyebrows were sharp like swords, mysterious light was flashing in his eyes, a gentle smile was on his face, and there was an elegant and invincible aura in him.

But at this moment, his expression carried a trace of melancholy.

He was a Central Continent Gu Immortal whose name was spread throughout the five regions, a pillar of Spirit Affinity House, a sound path rank seven who could battle rank eight, he was Feng Jiu Ge!

Why was he here?

Wu Yong and Fang Yuan were surprised and astonished.

Feng Jiu Ge's appearance and achievements had long spread throughout the five regions. Thus, although Wu Yong was seeing Feng Jiu Ge for the first time, he quickly recognized him.

After all, a rank seven Gu Immortal who could fight rank eight was a peerless genius that was rarely seen even once in a thousand years!

Were it not for Fang Yuan's other identity, Liu Guan Yi, Feng Jiu Ge would probably still be the only one to hold this achievement.

Wu Yong quickly restrained his surprise and sneered at Feng Jiu Ge: "A Central Continent Gu Immortal actually dares to appear in front of me. Good, good!"

In the battle of the dream realm, Heavenly Court reaped the most benefits, taking away many Immortal Gu from Southern Border's righteous path.

Right now, Feng Jiu Ge was being implicated by this matter and provoked Wu Yong's hostility.

Fang Yuan's gaze also focused on Feng Jiu Ge.

This was not his first time seeing Feng Jiu Ge.

In his first life of five hundred years, Feng Jiu Ge's appearance had already been imprinted in the depths of his heart. The radiance Feng Jiu Ge emitted in the five regions chaotic war had even surpassed ordinary rank eight Gu Immortals. Unfortunately, he died in Lang Ya blessed land.

His death had led to a great disturbance, shaking Central Continent while the other four regions danced in joy.

Even after being reborn, Fang Yuan had seen Feng Jiu Ge as well.

It was in that strange space inside the Thieving Heaven true inheritance in Luo Po Valley. Under some strange combination of coincidences, Fang Yuan had saved Feng Jiu Ge.

Originally, he would have perished inside the Thieving Heaven true inheritance's strange space because of Qin Bai Sheng's suicidal attack. But it all changed after Fang Yuan's rebirth.

Although Fang Yuan had done it completely unintentionally, he was indeed Feng Jiu Ge's savior.

But so what if he saved Feng Jiu Ge's life?

In this world, how many times had kindness been reciprocated with ingratitude?

Fang Yuan fixed his gaze on Feng Jiu Ge, he did not dare to relax as he shouted coldly: "Feng Jiu Ge, you are the person Heavenly Court arranged to ambush me?"

Feng Jiu Ge glanced at Wu Yong before fixing his gaze at Fang Yuan.

Seeing Fang Yuan again, moreover in such a situation, made Feng Jiu Ge sigh inwardly.

Fang Yuan's progress was too fast!

The first time Feng Jiu Ge knew of Fang Yuan, the latter had seized Feng Jin Huang's opportunity and became the new owner of Hu Immortal blessed land.

Because of his daughter, Feng Jiu Ge knew of Fang Yuan's name.

But he was not even in the least bit concerned.

The reason?

Because back then, Fang Yuan was only a mere mortal. The difference between an immortal and a mortal was like the difference between heaven and earth, the difference between cloud and mud, they were not even at the same level. It could even be said to be the mortal Fang Yuan's greatest glory for being able to attract a trace of attention from the grand Gu Immortal Feng Jiu Ge.

However, the development of later events went far beyond Feng Jiu Ge's expectations.

Fang Yuan continued to be involved in major events, repeatedly bringing calamity to the world. His identity was exposed, an otherworldly demon who was the owner of Spring Autumn Cicada, inheritor of Giant Sun's true inheritance and so on, the whole world was shocked. Especially when Fang Yuan's progress was extremely fast, he rapidly ascended from a mortal to an immortal, and then to an expert among Gu Immortals, everything happened in a flash.

Many Gu Immortals could not have such accomplishments even after putting in effort for countless years.

But Fang Yuan seemed to have easily achieved this.

The first time they truly met, Feng Jiu Ge was actually saved by Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan smoothly inherited one of the Thieving Heaven true inheritances - ghostly concealment, then in the Battle of Yi Tian Mountain, Fang Yuan played a huge role.

"I did not expect Liu Guan Yi to be Fang Yuan. The great era is coming, heroes and experts are emerging, and Fang Yuan is currently the one who is shining the brightest." Feng Jiu Ge sized up Fang Yuan while thinking to himself.

At the same time, he had a wry smile on his face: "I hurried over from Central Continent to pursue an Immortal Gu that Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable had once used, but unintentionally ran into this matter."

"Is he saying he is not the person arranged by Heavenly Court?" Fang Yuan frowned.

Based on Feng Jiu Ge's nature and way of doing things, he would not deceive Fang Yuan at such a juncture.

Wu Yong, however, sneered in disbelief: "Who could have thought Feng Jiu Ge to have a hypocritical side as well. When I activated the battlefield killer move, you could have easily left if you did not want to participate in this matter."

Feng Jiu Ge nodded: "Right. I entered of my own accord, it is because I owe my life to Fang Yuan. It would not matter if I had not come across this, but since I ran across this matter, I have to help him."

"What?" Wu Yong was astonished.

Fang Yuan was also dumbstruck.

Wu Yong asked back in an incredulous tone: "I didn't hear wrongly? You owe him your life, so you want to help him? Hahaha."

Wu Yong started laughing.

Feng Jiu Ge was a Central Continent Gu Immortal, a person from the ten great ancient sects, everyone believed he would definitely become a member of Heavenly Court in the future.

He was actually going to save Fang Yuan?

Who was Fang Yuan? An otherworldly demon, a demon listed at the top of the Demon Judgment Board.

Feng Jiu Ge actually wanted to save him?

This was simply a huge joke.

Wu Yong laughed, but not only him, even the smile on Feng Jiu Ge's lips started becoming bigger.

As Wu Yong looked at Feng Jiu Ge's smile, his laughter gradually stopped, slowly replaced by solemness.

He knew.

Feng Jiu Ge was serious!

This person was simply a lunatic!

A righteous path Gu Immortal wanted to help a demon.

Feng Jiu Ge was not just an ordinary righteous path Gu Immortal, he was a huge star of the righteous path, despite having only rank seven cultivation, he was treated as a quasi-rank eight expert by the world. His reputation in Central Continent and in the five regions was extremely huge.

And Fang Yuan was similarly not an ordinary demonic character. Over these last years, he held the biggest spotlight in the whole world! He was a complete otherworldly demon, possessing Spring Autumn Cicada, Reverse Flow River… Giant Sun's true inheritance, Thieving Heaven's true inheritance… In Central Continent, he had seized Hu Immortal blessed land under the noses of the ten great ancient sects. In Northern Plains, he had destroyed Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, he then went to Southern Border and thwarted Spectral Soul's heaven-defying plan, and seized the fruits of victory. And recently, he had successfully infiltrated Wu clan, and after the battle of the dream realm, he became the leader of Shadow Sect!

Feng Jiu Ge wanted to help a person like Fang Yuan?

Wu Yong was a righteous path Gu Immortal, he tried putting himself in Feng Jiu Ge's shoes, even if Fang Yuan saved his life, how much pressure would he face if he helped Fang Yuan?!

This pressure did not only come from his faction, it came from his family, his sect, Heavenly Court and even all the Gu Immortals in the world.

"No! Feng Jiu Ge is different from me. He is not born of the righteous path, and was once a demonic path Gu Immortal." Wu Yong suddenly recalled.

"Demons are truly insane, they cannot be reasoned with!" Wu Yong raged inwardly.

Fang Yuan thought of Feng Jiu Ge's past.

Feng Jiu Ge had been an unremarkable secluded cultivator with no fame in his early years.

He cultivated sound path and committed to it his entire life.

One time, he sang loudly in a nameless valley, which attracted two other Gu Immortals to sing in chorus.

Back then, it was night time with the moon hanging high and light wind blowing gently, causing ripples in a glittering lake in the valley.

As the three Gu Immortals sang in harmony, time flew by rapidly, and they had sung till dawn.

The three stopped singing and started laughing. They did not greet each other, but left full of joy.

Only after a few years did Feng Jiu Ge learn of these two's names and origins. At that time, there was news in Central Continent's Gu Immortal world that these two were demonic Gu Immortals who had seized a rank seven Immortal Gu from Black Heaven Temple, and were hunted down by the allied forces of the ten great ancient sects.

Feng Jiu Ge immediately set off to help them.

Those two Gu Immortals were at a dead end, opposed by the masses, so when they saw Feng Jiu Ge coming to aid them, they were both moved and surprised, asking Feng Jiu Ge why he did this.

Feng Jiu Ge had replied: "A few years back, we sang together, I sang about the bright moon, while you sang about the verdant mountain and a white lake. The clear moon and gentle breeze showed your human hearts. How could those capable of singing such a song be petty people who covet others' Immortal Gu? I trust you two."

The two were so touched their tears started flowing down.

One of them spoke: "You… understand us. We had inherited this rank seven Immortal Gu from a true inheritance, but how could we have imagined Black Heaven Temple to falsely accuse us. Black Heaven Temple is one of the ten great ancient sects, whatever it says, others believe them."

The other persuaded Feng Jiu Ge: "We have only sang one song together, we are complete strangers. The two of us are in great danger and have no hope left. It is still not too late for you to leave."

Feng Jiu Ge, however, shook his head and insisted on helping them.

The two immortals said worriedly: "If you do not leave, you will also be branded as a demon."

Feng Jiu Ge laughed: "Neither demonic nor righteous, there is only Feng Jiu Ge in this world. To leave or to stay, I decide my own life and death."

The two immortals were moved, and teared up in admiration.

Feng Jiu Ge's poems were not famous back then. But as he repeatedly forced back Black Heaven Temple's Gu Immortals and was victorious time and again, the matter soon got out of hand.

When the other nine ancient sects heard of the matter, they expressed support for Black Heaven Temple and created the huge pressure of public opinion.

As a result, Feng Jiu Ge proclaimed that he would challenge Central Continent's champions as he traveled the world.

The ten sects sent their experts to challenge Feng Jiu Ge in single battles, but were all defeated.

Feng Jiu Ge was not afraid, fighting as he continuously traveled a huge distance, suddenly changing his tactic and going for the enemy headquarters, causing the ten sects to lose miserably. The scene was total chaos and there was nothing anyone could do.

Finally, Spirit Affinity House made their move, the fairy of that generation, Fairy Bai Qing, moved Feng Jiu Ge with love and turned him into a member of Spirit Affinity House.

Back then, Feng Jiu Ge could put himself on the line to save two complete strangers who had only sung a song with him, becoming labeled as a demon as a result.

Now, why would Feng Jiu Ge not help the demon Fang Yuan?

Especially when Fang Yuan had saved his life!

Feng Jiu Ge was still the same person be it in the past or present.

Fang Yuan suddenly realized the meaning behind Feng Jiu Ge's earlier sigh.

Feng Jiu Ge had already wanted to help Fang Yuan, but he thought of his wife and daughter as well as his situation. He was probably intending to help secretly.

But unfortunately, his presence was sensed by Wu Yong.

Feng Jiu Ge had to make a choice after that.

And just like what he did back then.

He made a similar choice.

Neither demonic nor righteous, there is only Feng Jiu Ge in this world.

To leave or to stay, I decide my own life and death.

Demonic path or righteous path, these two factions and identities could not restrain Feng Jiu Ge!

To leave or to stay, as far as Feng Jiu Ge was concerned, if he left, his heart would not be free, only by remaining would his heart be at ease.

His actions simply came from his inner heart.

I am always me.

I am Feng Jiu Ge.

For all eternity!


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