Reverend Insanity
1375 Battle Ceases
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1375 Battle Ceases

"Another immemorial desolate beast!"

"Someone left the battlefield!"

"It looks like it was from the super Gu formation's direction."

"What had actually happened?"

The upper extreme heavenly eagle carried Fang Yuan, Ying Wu Xie and the rest, quickly leaving the battlefield, stupefying all the Southern Border righteous path Gu Immortals present on the scene.

In fact, when Ying Wu Xie and the others were transported by the super Gu formation, many among them had felt something wrong.

"Almost all those Gu Immortals on the eagle's back are the demonic path scoundrels who attacked us!"

"What exactly is Wu Yi Hai playing at?"

"Quick, let us in!"

The Southern Border Gu Immortals began to protest.

However, there was not even a trace of Fang Yuan left in the super Gu formation.

He had already changed his appearance and fled right under everyone's noses.

"Chi Gui, something seems to be off." At this moment, in the battlefield, an expert among Southern Border's righteous path Gu Immortals, Old Treeman, went up to Chi Gui's side.

It did not matter if the other clan's Gu Immortals failed to contact Wu Yi Hai.

The main thing was Wu clan and Qiao clan, especially Fairy Si Liu failing to get a response from Wu Yi Hai, there was definitely a problem!

Wu Yi Hai had control over the whole super Gu formation, if he made a mistake, it would definitely be a big and fatal one!

Chi Gui nodded solemnly, he also knew the severity of this matter.

This super Gu formation was, after all, personally arranged by Chi clan's first supreme elder, Chi Qu You. Although Chi Gui was not able to control the Gu formation, he still could inspect the state of the Gu formation.

It was just that this would use up his energy and time, and it was rather troublesome.

This inspection immediately turned Chi Gui's expression ashen.

Ba De had been observing Chi Gui, and seeing the latter's expression change to that of shock and terror, his heart jolted and he quickly transmitted his voice: "What happened?"

"Lord Wu Yi Hai is missing, the whole super Gu formation is forcibly controlled by two forces and they are fighting against each other. One has a Central Continent aura and the other has a Northern Plains aura. Just based on their auras, they are both rank eight Gu Immortals." Chi Gui said with distress.

Ba De was immediately dazed.

The impact was too heavy.

He took a few deep breaths, as sweat started to appear on his forehead.

Too dangerous!

This situation was too dangerous.

"Wu Yi Hai has mysteriously gone missing, he is very likely to have been killed. Regardless of how the two rank eights infiltrated the super Gu formation, Wu Yi Hai has no chance with his rank seven cultivation."

Ba De started to make deductions.

Right now, he could not even imagine Fang Yuan was a traitor!

This was also the result of Fang Yuan paying attention to small details like changing his appearance before leaving.

More importantly, they could not even imagine that Wu Yi Hai (Fang Yuan) would mix in with Shadow Sect.


Because not long ago, Ba Quan Feng, this mole in the Southern Border righteous path forces, had caused the super Gu formation to be unable to activate. At the crucial moment, Fang Yuan had saved the day and with his help, Southern Border's righteous forces were able to bring up the second layer of the super Gu formation.

This matter had left a very deep impression on the Southern Border righteous path Gu Immortals.

If such a person was Shadow Sect's mole, how could he hinder Shadow Sect's plan at the crucial moment?

"It probably bodes ill for Wu Yi Hai, oh, now that I think of it, I am lucky I was plotted against by Ba Quan Feng. If it were me controlling the super Gu formation right now, Wu Yi Hai's ending would have been my ending. I should be grateful to Wu Yi Hai for replacing me." Chi Gui was inwardly thankful to Fang Yuan.

Whether Wu Yi Hai was dead or not, Ba De soon accepted it.

Ba De had already found Wu Yi Hai an eyesore, even if Wu Yi Hai had a miserable end, he would still look at it like a joke.

But now, Ba De could not laugh.

"The super Gu formation is already out of our control, Shadow Sect has retreated but Heavenly Court is still here, what is their stance?" Ba De pondered over this serious issue.

Previously, Heavenly Court and Southern Border's righteous path had stood together to fight Shadow Sect.

Now Shadow Sect had left, while Spectral Soul's main body was captured by Duke Long.

What stance would Heavenly Court have?

Ba De did not have any answer to this question.

Because, not long ago, Heavenly Court had organized a secret group to invade Northern Plains and destroy Snowy Mountain blessed land, but they had to retreat in defeat because of Longevity Heaven.

The current situation was extremely similar.

Heavenly Court had organized another expedition group to Southern Border. It was not easy to say what their stance was!

Although both belonged to the righteous path, Ba De, who had held a high position in the righteous path for a long time, knew something: Politics never placed significance on moral integrity, it was all about benefits.

How could they protect their benefits?

One word, strength!

If the super Gu formation was still in their control, Southern Border's righteous forces would still have some confidence to negotiate with Heavenly Court.

But Wu Yi Hai was gone now, and the super Gu formation was seized by others.

It seemed to be two rank eight Gu Immortals who had seized control, and neither of them were from Southern Border.

At this time, in this situation, the more Ba De thought, the more unsightly his expression became.

But he did not waste too much time thinking.

In just a short while, he opened his dried lips and made a difficult decision: "Retreat."

"Retreat? We are giving up the super Gu formation? Our clans' Immortal Gu are all here." Chi Gui then pointed at those patches of dream realms: "Look at these dream realms, Heavenly Court might have a way to collect them. If we retreat, all the Immortal Gu and the dream realms will be lost, who will bear the responsibility for that?"

Ba De coldly glanced at Chi Gui: "Retreat if you want to retreat, if you want to remain, then remain."

Leaving behind this sentence, he recalled the last remaining Ba clan Gu Immortal and left.

Ba De's decision immediately created a commotion among the Southern Border righteous path Gu Immortals.

Before Ba De left, he had informed all of them regarding their current situation.

Wu clan and Qiao clan naturally suffered a huge blow when they heard about Wu Yi Hai being missing.

The super Gu formation was no longer in their control, most of the Southern Border Gu Immortals imitated Ba De and started to retreat.

Wu Liao, however, did not leave.

Wu Yi Hai was Wu Yong's brother, he was now missing, his whereabouts unknown. As a Wu clan Gu Immortal, how could Wu Liao easily retreat?

"I believe Lord Wu Yi Hai is alive and well." Qiao Si Liu thought for a bit, before leaving with Qiao clan's Gu Immortals.

Most of the Southern Border Gu Immortals left, leaving behind Chi Gui, Wu Liao and a few other Gu Immortals. They chose to believe in Heavenly Court, after all, it led Central Continent's righteous path.

Heaven Overseeing Tower was still tangled up with Zuo Ye Hui, neither were able to get the upper hand.

Zuo Ye Hui held deep hatred towards the Heavenly Court Gu Immortals, it was not just a desire to hunt for food.

This point had clearly been calculated by Purple Mountain True Monarch.

Among Southern Border's righteous path Gu Immortals, those that wanted to leave had left.

"A mere will dares to obstruct me!" In a short while, Fairy Zi Wei was covered in the power of Star Constellation Chessboard, finally completely destroying Purple Mountain True Monarch's will.

This rank eight wisdom path expert finally completed her goal, grasping control over this super Gu formation.

However, she was not in the least bit happy.

Fang Yuan had become the leader of Shadow Sect and escaped right under her nose.

Fairy Zi Wei was well aware of the upper extreme heavenly eagle's speed, she definitely would not be able to catch up to it if she were to give chase now.

Fairy Zi Wei's mood was extremely bad.

After gaining control over the super Gu formation, she immediately contacted Duke Long: "Lord Duke Long, how is the situation there?"

All she heard was a loud sound.

Space cracked open like a mirror, and from within the tear, a rank eight Gu Immortal flew out.

Who else could it be but Duke Long?

It was just that, if originally, he had an aloof and domineering aura, now, his face was filled with a dark and ferocious grimace, seemingly enduring something.

Fairy Zi Wei's heart jolted, immediately activating the super Gu formation to bring Duke Long in.

"Lord Duke Long, what's wrong?"

Duke Long said with clenched teeth: "Spectral Soul Demon Venerable is indeed Spectral Soul Demon Venerable! I had just moved the door of life and death into my phantom aperture, when that remnant soul of Spectral Soul actually used the door of life and death's power to try to devour my soul. We need to return to Heavenly Court quickly, and use the power of Heavenly Court to separate Spectral Soul's remnant soul from my body and suppress it!"

Fairy Zi Wei's heart sank, she had not expected the situation to be this serious.

Spectral Soul Demon Venerable had been a grand rank nine when alive, even though he was schemed against by heaven's will and taken captive by Heavenly Court, the moment he was given the slightest chance, the retaliation he unleashed was actually so ferocious.

"Yes." Fairy Zi Wei quickly responded, she naturally would carry out Duke Long's order without doubt.

"But how should we handle Zuo Ye Hui, along with these Southern Border Gu Immortals and Fang Yuan, who has already escaped?" Fairy Zi Wei thought for a bit and asked.

Duke Long said with no hesitation: "Don't worry about Zuo Ye Hui, it cannot catch up to Heaven Overseeing Tower. Forget about these Southern Border righteous forces, Spectral Soul's main body is already within me. From start to finish, we have not fallen out with Southern Border, both of us belong to righteous path, massacring righteous forces is not beneficial to Central Continent's future grand unification of other regions. As for Fang Yuan…."

As he said this, Duke Long paused and looked at Fairy Zi Wei.

An ashamed look flashed past Fairy Zi Wei's face: "I did not handle it properly."

However, Duke Long smiled instead: "I don't believe you didn't use any method."

Fairy Zi Wei answered: "Lord Duke Long is wise, that thief Fang Yuan has already been struck by my investigative method, as well as the rest of Shadow Sect's members."

"Good, Southern Border's righteous path reinforcements are coming from all directions, we need to retreat." Duke Long nodded.

Finally, the reinforcements of Southern Border's super clans successively arrived at the remains of Yi Tian Mountain.

What they saw was a ruined battlefield.

Dream realms were everywhere, piled up messily. They were no longer round like before, but were like a range of mountains, scattered here and there.

The super Gu formation had already disappeared without a trace.

Since Fairy Zi Wei had already gained control of the super Gu formation, she naturally could break it down, many of the Immortal Gu of Southern Border's righteous forces were taken away by Heavenly Court.

Duke Long and Fairy Zi Wei then entered Heaven Overseeing Tower and flew to white heaven.

Zuo Ye Hui did not intend to let them off, charging into white heaven.

More and more Southern Border Gu Immortals gathered here, the scale was so large that it was rarely seen even once in a hundred years.

Wu Yong, Chi Qu You and the others looked at the battlefield with ashen expressions.

They had suffered tremendous losses this time!


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