Reverend Insanity
1372 Demise of Purple 2/2
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1372 Demise of Purple 2/2

Purple Mountain True Monarch realized that his clothes were extremely tattered, he had a wrinkled face covered in dust and mud, he was scrawny and dirty.

But soon, he looked at the female Gu Master in front of him, thinking: "It's her? The crucial person in fate? No, this feeling is not her, it is her descendant."

The female Gu Master left behind some food before leaving with the servant.

That night, Purple went to her and left a true inheritance in her dream.

"This true inheritance is a little messy, it has wisdom path, transformation path, and also food path. I'll call it Black Tigress true inheritance."

"Oh, I wonder if it will be effective, can I influence anything?"

"But there is still hope at least, right?"

Purple left silently.

Northern Plains, in a cave.

"She's here." Purple Mountain True Monarch thought to himself.

A young Lady Wan Shou charged into this place, upon seeing Purple Mountain True Monarch, her heart sank to rock bottom: "So senior, you were already here, this junior will leave, I don't dare disturb senior from taking this true inheritance."

Purple Mountain True Monarch's aura made Lady Wan Shou's heart palpitate.

Purple Mountain True Monarch looked at her, thinking: "This is the girl."

He said: "Little girl, you could become a Gu Immortal at such a young age, and also know your own limits, knowing when to retreat or advance, quite good. I don't have the qualifications to take this true inheritance. I am willing to give this true inheritance to you, but, after you inherit it, you need to tell me of its contents. You will also owe me a favor, if there is a situation in the future, you must help the person who uses this information path Gu worm."

"Hmph, you can kill me however you want! But I will never beg for mercy." The female Gu Master lying on the ground said stubbornly.

Purple laughed.

"Little girl, you are quite interesting. You remind me of the past. Meeting me is your great fortune."

Saying this, Purple stretched out his index finger, pointing on the female Gu Master's forehead.

"This is a fire path true inheritance, I am giving you the first half. When you reach rank five and become a Gu Master expert, you can find the second half somewhere in Northern Plains, if you manage to obtain it, you might be able to become an immortal."

Saying this, Purple vanished.

"Immortal ascension? This old beggar is crazy, is he a Gu Immortal?!" The female Gu Master recovered after a long time.

She left this place filled with shock and suspicion.

Purple stood on the cloud, looking at the departing female Gu Master, he muttered: "This girl is quite special, not only is there the smell of fate, she is also receiving heaven's will's attention. I'm afraid that one of her close relatives becomes a pawn of heaven's will in the future."

"Hehehe, young man, I have three true inheritances here."

"The first can allow you to bathe in flames and step on fire, surpassing the mortal realm. The second can allow you to control wind and fly in the air, roaming the world freely. The third can allow you to surpass life and death, gaining the ability to assist the world's people. Which one will you chose? Think about it and tell me."

The young Tai Bai Yun Sheng thought for a while and said: "The third one!"

"Another source of hope."

"Sigh… it has been almost a hundred thousand years."

"I hope that the seeds of hope that I spread will accumulate sufficiently to help our main body's plan."


A dragon roar resounded in the entire blessed land.

Duke Long spat out dragon flames and directly hit Purple Mountain True Monarch.

Purple Mountain True Monarch sacrificed his own arm to block his attack, before retreating.

Duke Long grabbed, Purple Mountain True Monarch felt intense pain in his heart. After some struggling, half of his skeleton was smashed to bits by Duke Long.

Purple Mountain True Monarch endured the pain, even though he could not move, he still tried to use Gu worms to dodge.

Duke Long's expression was still cold: "Want to know why you lost?"

He looked at Purple Mountain True Monarch like a cat looking at a mouse.

Purple Mountain True Monarch coughed as he spat out some blood, looking at Duke Long: "I am listening."

Duke Long smiled coldly, vanishing on the spot before appearing in front of Purple Mountain True Monarch.

A tough fist!

Purple Mountain True Monarch's stomach was hit by the fist, the unparalleled force directly broke through his abdomen and created a huge hole.

Purple Mountain True Monarch was like a cannonball, crashing into the ground and creating a deep pit.

"You tried to partially assimilate with heaven's will, the truth is, Lady Star Constellation Immortal Venerable had done that eons ago. She is the creator of wisdom path, how could you possibly play tricks before her very eyes?"

"The latter half of your life was spent doing one thing, that was to fight for pawns against heaven's will. But unfortunately, you were assimilated with heaven's will, you are one of heaven's will's pawns too."

Duke Long said this as he descended.

Purple Mountain True Monarch gritted his teeth, exerting his strength to fly out of the pit.

He flew backwards and landed on the ground, coughing out blood again.

His stomach was held together by two pieces of skin, but he no longer bled, he had used healing methods already.

Purple Mountain True Monarch had a pale expression, his body was wavering, all he saw was darkness, using only his will to maintain his consciousness, he tried not to faint.

Duke Long gradually landed on the ground, he did not pursue him, stretching out his index finger to point at Purple Mountain True Monarch.


A grand beam of light shot out intensely.

Purple Mountain True Monarch's entire body was flickering with purple light, but under Duke Long's unstoppable attacks, he was thrown into the sky, before crashing onto the ground, his body covered by a pool of blood.

"As for the second reason you failed, I am sure you have guessed it. That's right, this dream realm has been taken over by heaven's will. The longer the dream realm manifests, the deeper the infiltration of heaven's will in this place."

"This time, my Heavenly Court was blessed to have gained the guidance of Star Constellation heaven's will, we have already understood the condition and location of Spectral Soul's main body.

"Oh, and that Fang Yuan, it is quite ironic, if he hid somewhere else, we would not have been able to find him, but because he was here to explore the dream realm, he was completely exposed to heaven's will."

"He attempted to defy the will of heaven, he deserves death, he will die today without doubt."

Duke Long stepped forward.

During which, countless soul beasts gathered, it was a completely dark area filled with endlessly killing intent against Duke Long.

Duke Long continued moving forward, without looking above himself, he raised his left arm and grasped lightly.


There was a huge explosion, during that period, countless soul beasts broke apart, smashed into smithereens.

Duke Long had quasi-rank nine battle strength indeed, primarily cultivating qi path and transformation path secondarily. He was now using his qi path methods, in front of him, the soul beast army was like a fragile toy army.

He moved forward, his body was tough and his hair was fluttering.

Getting to Purple Mountain True Monarch, Duke Long stood and observed Purple Mountain True Monarch by his feet.

Purple Mountain True Monarch lay on the ground, his arms were trembling, he was trying to sit up, he wanted to stand.

He wanted to continue fighting.

Thus, Duke Long looked at him quietly, seeing him exert all his strength to stand up against him.

But Purple Mountain True Monarch was too heavily injured, he had no way of fighting back.

Even the action of standing was too tough for him.

But just when he was about to fall, Duke Long attacked and grabbed Purple Mountain True Monarch's neck.

Duke Long used his pincer-like hand to grab Purple Mountain True Monarch, holding him up towards the sky.

"How does it feel to have your hopes dashed? Attempting to defy fate will result in such a pitiful ending. Even a venerable's soul is no different." Duke Long said coldly.

Purple Mountain True Monarch grabbed Duke Long's arms weakly: "Cough, cough, cough, I… indeed… have no hope… but that does not mean that others… have… no… hope… hehehe."

Duke Long's expression changed, his sharp dragon eyes gazed at Purple Mountain True Monarch's body.

"No wonder you are so weak."

"You sent a portion of your Immortal Gu away!"

"You are truly unrepentant."

"Even you could not succeed, what can the rest of Shadow Sect do?"

Purple Mountain True Monarch's face was purple, he could not breathe, he could not speak.

He could only think to himself: "This person, is different…"

"Oh Fang Yuan!"

"You are definitely different!"

"You are a complete otherworldly demon, the best person to resist fate."

"You are the greatest pawn chosen by heaven's will to deal with Shadow Sect, but now, you have already escaped the manipulation of heaven's will."

"I assimilated with heaven's will to spread hope in this world and influence fate. Unfortunately, I failed. Like what Duke Long said, I had unknowingly become the pawn of heaven's will. In the process of assimilating with heaven's will, heaven's will also assimilated me."

"I have no hope left, but Fang Yuan, you carry the biggest hope."

"Let me exert my final influence at the last moment of my life!"

"Hehehe, I am really curious, after gaining the entirety of Shadow Sect, how far can you go?"

"Go ahead and wreak havoc in this world, Fang Yuan!!"

All of his internal thoughts were transmitted to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan sighed deeply: "A person near death…"

He held no more suspicions: "I understand you, even though we were enemies… I will accept this and become the leader of Shadow Sect!"

"Very good, very… good." Purple Mountain True Monarch closed his eyes weakly.

He grabbed onto Duke Long's hands in the end, even though his movement was stiff, he did not let go.

He did not go down without a fight!

At this moment, Purple Mountain True Monarch truly died from combat!

His messy purple hair was no longer shiny. After a hundred thousand years, his journey had come to an end.

This person who had fought endlessly in his life, he had finally rested.

Even though he failed and lost his life, at the final moment of his life, he still continued to spread hope.

He died with great expectations, perhaps this was the reason why he was still carrying a smile upon death.

This was truly —

A hundred thousand years of living in this world, being in a state of half clarity and half insanity.

Staring at heaven without bowing down, before his death he gifts the source of chaos.Source 源 (Yuan) is the same character as Fang Yuan's name


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