Reverend Insanity
1365 Star Constellation Heaven“s Will Appears
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1365 Star Constellation Heaven“s Will Appears

Duke Long entered a dream!

Ying Wu Xie had a rank seven immortal body, he burst out with great strength, changing the battle situation between two rank eight Gu Immortals.

Duke Long fell into a dream realm and could not escape.

Purple Mountain True Monarch used this great chance to retaliate.


Explosions continued unceasingly, but countless dragon shadows appeared on Duke Long's body, there were also countless dragon-shaped tattoos moving around his skin.

"Such an amazing defensive killer move…" Purple Mountain True Monarch could not do anything to Duke Long for the time being.

Similar to Purple Mountain True Monarch, Duke Long had a lot of defensive methods, among them were incredibly useful killer moves. These killer moves were like the wood armor that Bi Chen Tian was so proud of.

This type of killer move turned into dao marks and became engraved on the Gu Immortal's body. They were normally dormant, but when attacked, they would activate themselves and would not need any thoughts for manipulation, only using immortal essence.

This was somewhat like Fang Yuan's ghostly concealment.

Ghostly concealment was a top-tier killer move created by Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable. But this move was much more refined than Bi Chen Tian's wood armor, or Duke Long's and Purple Mountain True Monarch's defensive methods.

Because ghostly concealment not only melded with oneself and had an active effect all the time, most importantly, it did not cost any of the Gu Immortal's immortal essence.

A killer move that was active permanently without using any immortal essence.

This was a supreme method of Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable! From the perspective of Central Continent's ten great sects and Fang Yuan, it was unthinkable, they had no way of understanding such a mystical method.

Swish swish!

Two white lights were spiraling and landing on Purple Mountain True Monarch's body.

It was the spiraling dragon fang killer move that Duke Long had used earlier.

After the two flashes of light burst out, the two dragon fangs met with no success, but they still circled around Purple Mountain True Monarch, ready for an opportunity.

"This killer move also needs no manipulation from the Gu Immortal? Troublesome." Purple Mountain True Monarch frowned slightly.

"But thankfully, I have been keeping purple thought perception starlight activated!" Purple Mountain True Monarch let out a loud shout as countless starlight specks emerged from the pores of his body.

Starlight specks flew around Duke Long, they gathered, shooting at Duke Long's layers of defense and being broken continuously.

But soon, all sorts of information was transmitted into Purple Mountain True Monarch's mind.

"Quickly kill him!" Ying Wu Xie observed the battle from afar, calling out in his mind.

In the super Gu formation, Fang Yuan was also watching Purple Mountain True Monarch's battle closely.

"Truly unrepentant!"

"Fallen demon, you are beyond saving!"

Fairy Zi Wei's voice could be heard from the super Gu formation again. Fang Yuan had helped Ying Wu Xie and indirectly caused Duke Long to enter his dream, Fairy Zi Wei saw all of these.

"However, if you think Lord Duke Long will fail because of this, you are completely wrong."

Saying this, Fairy Zi Wei actually laughed: "I need to thank you, the many times you used the super Gu formation allowed me to see many of the operations of the super Gu formation, haven't you noticed that you are gradually losing control of this super Gu formation?"

"Your invasion speed is getting faster, but there is no need to try and bluff me." Fang Yuan sneered.

Fairy Zi Wei was dazed: "Hmm?"

"Even though you people came here imposingly, your true battle strength is only at this level." Fang Yuan's eyes shined brightly.

"The truth is, as long as another rank eight Gu Immortal like you shows up, you would be able to sweep the battlefield. Unfortunately, Heaven Overseeing Tower did not send anyone else."

"Instead, you had to come here secretly to invade the super Gu formation, and Duke Long had to go battle personally."

"Even though you know my true identity, you have not exposed me, my identity is still a secret."

"Other than having no evidence, your intention is to use the strength of Southern Border's righteous path to deal with Shadow Sect, right?"

"And also, there is another reason, even if you expose my identity and convince Southern Border's righteous path, this super Gu formation will still be in my control. This crucial point will not change because of my identity."

"You came to the super Gu formation in order to get this huge bargaining chip too."

"All these show that your Heavenly Court is putting up a false front, your rank eight battle strength is lacking."

Fairy Zi Wei went silent.

She recalled the scene a few days ago.

Back then, she was researching Star Constellation Chessboard.

This Immortal Gu House had always been in Heavenly Court's treasury, after Duke Long woke up, he had the authority to take it out and let Fairy Zi Wei use it.

After interacting with and using it, Fairy Zi Wei felt the supreme brilliance of this Immortal Gu House.

"This Immortal Gu House was indeed the wisdom path Immortal Gu House created by Lady Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, it could actually allow my deduction ability to rise by many times."

Thinking of Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, Fairy Zi Wei had a look of admiration.

Her wisdom path deduction ability was originally amazing. Now that it grew by several times, Fairy Zi Wei felt as if this was an illusion of her being the number one wisdom path immortal in the current world.

"It is a pity that even though my deductions are more powerful now, I still need crucial information. The clues are too few, it is hard to make deductions." Fairy Zi Wei had a dim gaze.

She thought about earlier, when Central Continent's Gu Immortals were pursued by Old Ancestor Xue Hu and Longevity Heaven, they managed to conceal the clues and prevent Fairy Zi Wei from deducing the location of where the Central Continent Gu Immortals were trapped. The reinforcements thus had no place to go and could not be sent.

She also thought about Fang Yuan, all along, Heavenly Court had been trying to kill this person.

But they lacked the clues to him.

When deducing, because Fang Yuan had preventive measures, he could always hold out and get informed of the deductions.

Thus, Fang Yuan's whereabouts were not in Heavenly Court's grasp.

Fairy Zi Wei sighed eerily.

But right at this moment, the Star Constellation Chessboard in her hands started to absorb her immortal essence and activated on its own.

A lump of heaven's will gushed out of Star Constellation Chessboard, floating in the air and turning into Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's appearance.

Seeing this, Fairy Zi Wei was extremely shocked.

Star Constellation Chessboard was the possession of Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, but she had died long ago. Fairy Zi Wei was able to control this Immortal Gu House now, she was merely borrowing it.

"Zi Wei, this is Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, why are you not paying respects?" Duke Long arrived and stood behind Fairy Zi Wei.

"But this is heaven's will." Fairy Zi Wei was a wisdom path Gu Immortal, she could naturally tell what this will was.

"Of course this is heaven's will. You are too young, you do not know this secret. Lady Star Constellation Immortal Venerable had assimilated with heaven's will long ago. Even though her body is gone, her will resides in the world of the five regions, she is one with heaven and earth!" Duke Long exposed some truly terrifying secrets.

Fairy Zi Wei was in a daze, feeling unparalleled shock.

"This means Star Constellation Immortal Venerable achieved eternal life? If heaven's will is Lady Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, then wouldn't the entire world be on Heavenly Court's side?"

But Duke Long shook his head: "You should say, Heavenly Court is on the side of heaven's will. After assimilating with heaven's will, Star Constellation Immortal Venerable is no longer herself. This was a major and selfless sacrifice! Back then, for the sake of humanity, Star Constellation Immortal Venerable sacrificed herself to modify heaven's will. Since then, heaven's will gained the form of Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, but it is still heaven's will in essence."

Fairy Zi Wei's gaze flickered, she was a wisdom path Gu Immortal, she immediately understood.

Star Constellation Immortal Venerable had sacrificed herself for the entire human race, she assimilated with heaven's will.

The core of heaven's will did not change, but some things were modified by Star Constellation Immortal Venerable. For example, the form that it took, and maybe… a hint of human-like concern towards Heavenly Court?"

This was perhaps the reason why Heavenly Court followed and executed the will of heaven, and after countless eons, it was still standing strong!

"The great era is coming, the five regions will become one, destiny has already reached a crucial point." Star Constellation heaven's will spoke while stretching out her right hand.

On her right hand, a lump of heaven's will flew out and floated in the air, turning into the form of Southern Border's super Gu formation.


"A crucial battle is about to unfold, the result of this battle will affect the entire world."

"Spectral Soul Demon Venerable is extremely weak, all of Shadow Sect will be gathered here, Fang Yuan is disguised as Wu Yi Hai, mixing in with Southern Border's righteous path."

"These are a bunch of fate defying people, the source of all chaos and turmoil. Eliminating them will help towards the repairing of fate Immortal Gu."

"However, Heavenly Court will only allow the two of you to fight this time."

Star Constellation heaven's will said plainly.

"Why?" Fairy Zi Wei did not understand.

Heavenly Court had very deep foundations, earlier in the Battle of Yi Tian Mountain, they had found out too late, and the awakened Heavenly Court rank eight Gu Immortals were not enough to turn the situation around.

But now that they had the reminder of Star Constellation heaven's will, time was ample, Heavenly Court had lots of time to prepare. Heavenly Court could totally gather its power and crush the enemies.

But Star Constellation heaven's will told Fairy Zi Wei and Duke Long that only the two of them could go.

"This is something fated to happen."

"After the Battle of Yi Tian Mountain, the uncertainties of luck have greatly decreased. Now that fate Immortal Gu is recovering, fate is regaining control of the world."

"You will undoubtedly win this time."

"Do not bother the hibernating Gu Immortals in Heavenly Court, they serve a greater purpose. Heavenly Court's foundation cannot be weakened further, otherwise, the consequences will be severe."

"Bring Heaven Overseeing Tower and Star Constellation Chessboard, the Gu Immortals of Central Continent's ten great sects should not be mobilized unnecessarily. Keep in mind to preserve their lives, in the next ten years, Heaven Overseeing Tower will need even more rank eight Gu Immortals to hibernate. Remember, remember this."

Star Constellation heaven's will gave them many instructions.

Fairy Zi Wei obtained a lot of information, but she became much more confused now.

She found out that even though she was a member of Heavenly Court, she, in fact, knew too little about it.

Such a huge organization had deep foundations, but it could not use them recklessly like she had imagined before.

Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals were hibernating, other than to extend their lifespan, there seemed to be an even greater purpose.


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