Reverend Insanity
1364 Duke Long Enters Dream
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1364 Duke Long Enters Dream

At the next moment, Purple Mountain True Monarch snapped his fingers.

An immortal killer move was used, purple halo spread to the range of thousands of steps.

Duke Long's figure came to a stop, he could no longer use teleportation to get close to Purple Mountain True Monarch.

"He saw through it, that reaction speed is really fast… wisdom path Gu Immortals are as troublesome as always." Duke Long stopped his attacks, sighing.

His movement killer move was used with the dragon roar earlier.

Wherever the dragon roar reached, he could teleport over using the killer move.

But there was a time limit.

Purple Mountain True Monarch saw through this and used his wisdom path methods to mimic the effect of sound path, cleansing his surroundings.

Duke Long's movement method could no longer be used, it was ineffective.

"In that case, try this move." Duke Long opened his mouth in the air.

Two teeth fell out, they grew larger with the moving wind.

In an instant, his two teeth became snow-white dragon fangs that resembled curved blades.

Duke Long breathed in deeply and after a few breaths of time, used his immortal killer move —

Spiraling dragon fang!

Two snow-white dragon fangs shot out rapidly, the speed far surpassed Purple Mountain True Monarch, rapidly approaching him.

The two curved dragon fang blades spiraled around Purple Mountain True Monarch, each time they hit, there was a dazzling sharp light on Purple Mountain True Monarch's body.

"Trying to use this method to restrain me?"

"Dragon fangs… they are solid, this is different from normal killer moves."

Purple Mountain True Monarch felt his pressure intensifying.

The power of the dragon fangs was no small matter, Purple Mountain True Monarch quickly realized that he had to deal with this immortal killer move!

"Lord Purple has already used his personal methods, but he is still suppressed by Duke Long." Ying Wu Xie flew as he observed Purple Mountain True Monarch's and Duke Long's battle.

He had a good angle of the battle, in this complex battlefield, he could actually watch the battle of two rank eight Gu Immortals.

At the moment, the two were still probing.

Evidently, Duke Long was stronger than Purple Mountain True Monarch.

In terms of battle strength, Duke Long was on par with Bo Qing, Purple Mountain True Monarch was naturally weaker. Even though the latter actually had peak rank eight battle strength!

"Lord Purple's strength will continue to weaken, because he is constantly using the immortal killer move to create more defective Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies and clear the dream realm. During this process, he would need to split his own soul, it is extremely painful!"

Ying Wu Xie watched with worry.

Purple Mountain True Monarch was not Duke Long's match to begin with, but he still had to create Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies now. By the time Purple Mountain True Monarch's methods were fully understood by Duke Long, he would lose.

"Quick, quick, quick!" Ying Wu Xie urged himself.

He would not tell this to Fang Yuan of course.

Even though they were working together, they did not set any information path agreements, Ying Wu Xie did not trust Fang Yuan fully.

But if they wanted to set an agreement, the situation did not allow them to, and even if they could, Fang Yuan would not do it.

Both sides wanted to cooperate, but they did not trust each other. But because of the enemy, Heavenly Court, they had to work together!

"Found it, towards your southeast, there is a cocoon of light about to form, get there quickly." At this time, Fang Yuan transmitted.

Ying Wu Xie looked in that direction and felt hesitant.

If he followed Fang Yuan's instructions, he had to get deep into the territory of Southern Border's righteous path. There were many Southern Border righteous path Gu Immortals there.

Was Fang Yuan reliable? Was this a trap?

Ying Wu Xie could not help but hesitate.

"If I wanted to harm you, you would have died earlier." Fang Yuan transmitted, as if he knew what Ying Wu Xie was thinking.

Ying Wu Xie had to admit that Fang Yuan was right, but he thought: "Maybe Fang Yuan doesn't want me dead, and wants to capture me alive? If he wants to capture me, he would need to make arrangements, is there a Gu formation or a battlefield killer move there?"

But this time, Ying Wu Xie shook his head, no longer hesitating.

He wanted to gamble.

At this moment, he had to gamble!

Following Fang Yuan's instructions, he flew.

Soon, he saw a Southern Border righteous path Gu Immortal.

"Damn it!" Ying Wu Xie's heart jumped.

The Southern Border righteous path Gu Immortal also found him.

But when he was about to pounce on Ying Wu Xie, his face changed, after hesitating, he flew away with a complex expression.

"Why did that happen?!" Ying Wu Xie was shocked.

This was the second time.

Was he also Fang Yuan's subordinate?

If so, why did he had that expression, he strangely looked unwilling and slightly angry?

Ying Wu Xie was getting more confused.

He continued to move forward and met with the third person, and then a fourth. The two Southern Border righteous path Gu Immortals he met also left him alone.

This was naturally Fang Yuan's manipulation.

Using the excuse of the big picture, he sent all those Southern Border righteous path Gu Immortals away with simple reasons.

For example, 'that place needs you more', 'an ally is in danger, if you do not go, they will die', and 'ignore that rank six immortal zombie, I have sent others to deal with him ahead'…

All sorts of reasons allowed Ying Wu Xie to move unhindered.

Nobody would expect Wu Yi Hai to work with Shadow Sect.

Among the righteous path Gu Immortals in Southern Border, who would think of that?

At this time, Heavenly Court had not yet exposed Fang Yuan's true identity.

With Fang Yuan's help, Ying Wu Xie got closer to his destination.

"Hmm? There is actually a cocoon of light here?" Rank seven expert Yi Hei Ting had a sudden discovery.

His body flickered with lightning, bringing his body towards the cocoon.

"Stop it!" Ying Wu Xie who had just arrived suddenly shouted out loud.

Yi Hei Ting felt strange: "Who is this? He actually made it here!"

Ying Wu Xie's yell did not disrupt him, he was already very close to the light cocoon, he was about to succeed.

But at the next moment, Yi Hei Ting's vision changed.

He was forcefully teleported by the super Gu formation.

"Lord Wu Yi Hai! I was about to…" Yi Hei Ting realized this and suddenly bellowed.

He was truly a hindrance rather than help! He was clearly about to succeed!

"I know, but another place needs you more. Don't worry, I have already noticed the enemy by the cocoon, I will deal with it." Fang Yuan interrupted Yi Hei Ting's words.

Yi Hei Ting wanted to say more, but his vision changed, he was teleported out again to another place.

"This Wu Yi Hai, he thinks he can use me as a pawn because he controls the Gu formation? Hmph!" Yi Hei Ting was extremely unhappy, but he did not suspect Fang Yuan's true intentions.

Fang Yuan did not randomly teleport him, because around him, there was a Southern Border Gu Immortal about to die from Fairy Miao Yin.

Yi Hei Ting quickly entered the battle, forgetting about the displeasure towards Fang Yuan.

Ying Wu Xie felt like he was in a dream!

Seeing that Yi Hei Ting was about to succeed, he almost despaired.

But at the next moment, he went from hell to heaven, this change was too sudden, he was overjoyed.

Ying Wu Xie was a little dazed.

But when he came to his senses, he contacted Fang Yuan with his information path Gu worm, crying out: "You, you actually control the entire super Gu formation! What is your current identity?"

Fang Yuan knew this could not be concealed, he exposed it: "Who else? I am currently Wu Yi Hai."

Ying Wu Xie heard this, his eyes almost popped out.

This answer was too stunning, since when and what methods did Fang Yuan use to get to this position?

After accepting this fact, Ying Wu Xie understood everything.

No wonder those Southern Border righteous path Gu Immortals gave way to him, Ying Wu Xie thought that their expressions were rather funny now.

But soon, he felt some worry.

"Fang Yuan has unravel dream, staying here for so long without any detection, he definitely has a huge scheme! He definitely made great gains!"

"So close. If not for Lord Purple's plan to catch the righteous path off guard, Fang Yuan might have been able to continue staying here for a long time, it would be a huge problem for Shadow Sect."

Ying Wu Xie's emotions were changing, from shock to realization and to worry, he finally reached the cocoon of light.

"This aura! A rank seven cocoon." Ying Wu Xie was excited.

"How can I choose wrongly? What are you waiting for?" Fang Yuan laughed.

Ying Wu Xie nodded, using his immortal killer move.

This killer move took effect rapidly, in an instant, the cocoon that had not formed yet stabilized completely and took shape.

Ying Wu Xie's soul and Gu worms entered the cocoon of light.

Meanwhile, his rank six immortal zombie body was abandoned.

The cocoon of light broke apart as a rank seven Ying Wu Xie appeared!

"Don't resist, I will send you off." Fang Yuan's voice entered Ying Wu Xie's mind again.

At the next moment, Ying Wu Xie was teleported away, watching Duke Long and Purple Mountain True Monarch's battle again.

Without hesitation, Ying Wu Xie used his trump card.

Immortal killer move — Lead Soul Into Dream!

"Urgh!" Duke Long's expression changed, in an instant, he was dragged into a dream.

At the next moment, he lost contact with the outside world.

Purple Mountain True Monarch was stunned: "What is going on? A scheme?"

But next, he received Ying Wu Xie's transmission: "I am here, Lord Purple, I am a rank seven dream path Gu Immortal now!"

"Good." Purple Mountain True Monarch was overjoyed, this trump card was finally activated.

"After some hurdles, I obtained this immortal body due to Fang Yuan's help. He is currently acting as Wu Yi Hai, he is controlling the super Gu formation of Southern Border's righteous path, he wants to cooperate with you."

"Oh?!" Purple Mountain True Monarch's eyes shined brightly: "Excellent, send my information path Gu worm to him, we need to talk."

With Fang Yuan and Shadow Sect starting their cooperation, the situation finally appeared to be turning around!


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