Reverend Insanity
1362 For Now... Cooperate
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1362 For Now... Cooperate

Hope was slim.

It was a chaotic three-way battle now.

Heavenly Court's forces were number one.

Shadow Sect was number two because of their rank eight battle strengths, Purple Mountain True Monarch and Zuo Ye Hui.

Southern Border's righteous path forces were third, even with the super Gu formation, it was stationary and even Fairy Zi Wei's Star Constellation Chessboard could infiltrate it.

As for Fang Yuan, he was a Southern Border righteous path member on the surface, but the truth was, he was closer to Shadow Sect's side, he was a unique person.

Based on the battle situation, Heavenly Court and Southern Border's righteous path were attacking Shadow Sect.

Shadow Sect was unable to rival Heavenly Court, now that they were attacked by another side, they were in the worst position.

"One day, it takes at least one day to get here."

"In this current situation, if the situation continues like this, I cannot hold on until then."

"Moreover, once Shadow Sect falls, Heavenly Court and Southern Border's righteous path would deal with me, the traitor, together."

"Shadow Sect's loss is just one aspect, this super Gu formation is also unable to hold on for a day!"

Fang Yuan retracted his gaze, he looked at this super Gu formation worriedly.

Because of Chi Qu You's design, this super Gu formation's second layer could only be controlled by one person, others were useless. Thus, even if Fang Yuan intended to recall the Southern Border righteous path Gu Immortals, they were unable to resist Fairy Zi Wei's invasion.

Moreover, Fang Yuan's identity was a problem.

If these Southern Border Gu Immortals learned about Fang Yuan's true identity from Heavenly Court, regardless of whether they believed it or not, or whatever action they take, it meant there would be unknown danger for Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan had naturally thought of the first layer of the Gu formation.

This super Gu formation had four layers, Fang Yuan was only controlling the second layer, there was still a first layer.

If Fairy Zi Wei succeeded, Fang Yuan would destroy the second layer of the Gu formation, in theory, he could activate the first layer and resist her.

But, according to Chi Gui's information path Gu worm, the user of this first layer must be a Chi clan Gu Immortal.

This was Chi Qu You's personal arrangement, from his perspective, he naturally placed his clan's benefits first.

The first layer of the Gu formation had many ways to detect identities, Fang Yuan could disguise himself if it was bloodline.

But unfortunately for him.

One of the methods was about life tablet Gu and soul lantern Gu.

Fang Yuan did not leave any life tablet Gu or soul lantern Gu in Chi clan.

Regarding this, Fang Yuan could only sigh, he cursed helplessly in his mind: "Chi Qu You, this old dog!"

A rank eight Gu Immortal, how could he be simple?

When Chi Qu You designed it, he naturally did not think of this complex situation. But now, it was Fang Yuan's greatest restriction. It was like a dead end, Fang Yuan was getting closer and closer to it.

But Chi Qu You's move was undoubtedly the best one he could have made.

It was a huge assurance to Chi clan.

Fang Yuan had to ensure that Chi clan's Gu Immortals did not die out completely, especially Chi Gui, if anything dangerous happened, he needed to teleport him back using the super Gu formation.

With Chi Gui, there would be the first layer of the Gu formation.

As for what attitude Chi Gui would have and how he would treat Fang Yuan, it was a mystery.

Unless he was completely helpless, Fang Yuan would not make use of Chi Gui.

The situation was complex, three sides were fighting, Fang Yuan had a special status, even though he was in the Southern Border righteous path camp, it was not reliable.

There were too many variables now.

He was using wisdom path methods too.

Fang Yuan's mind was full of churning thoughts, his brain was going to emit smoke at this rate!

How could he escape?

This was an unsolved problem.

"Spring Autumn Cicada?" A thought appeared in Fang Yuan's mind before he denied the possibility.

He could not use Spring Autumn Cicada no matter what.

Heaven's will was inside it, the risk of failure was nearly certain.

A few times, Fang Yuan was able to rebirth successfully because of the secret help of heaven's will. But now, he was standing on the opposite side, heaven's will wanted to eradicate him.

Using Spring Autumn Cicada to rebirth in this situation was simply deluding himself!

The heaven's will in Spring Autumn Cicada would directly kill him.

Using Spring Autumn Cicada was suicide!

Unless he used Shadow Sect's method to reverse refine it. But now, how could Fang Yuan find time for that?

"Wait, no!"

"I can use time path methods to accelerate the time of my immortal aperture. This way, I can give up the super Gu formation and hide inside my immortal aperture, to refine Spring Autumn Cicada."

"No, this won't do, there are calamities and tribulations."

"If I accelerate the immortal aperture's time, calamities and tribulations will descend, heaven's will would control them and make it much more difficult."

"And my time path attainment level is too low, I have no guarantee in this, to successfully purify Spring Autumn Cicada under such restrictions."

"And this method requires me to give up the super Gu formation, it is simply an idiotic way of crippling myself."

This would not do.

Fate was too vicious, as if there was no way to survive.

But Fang Yuan did not give up.

He continued to persevere.

His determination did not waver, even though his pressure was intense, even though Fairy Zi Wei had not stopped her invasion of the super Gu formation.


Fang Yuan's eyes shined with vigor, he was not afraid, he was very calm in his mind.

This was not his first desperate situation, in fact, he had many such encounters.

In this world, cultivating and fighting for one's life, no matter what choices one made, there were risks involved.

Once one started moving up, like climbing a mountain, how could there be gains and growth without any risks?

Even the powerful Old Ancestor Xue Hu, the number one battle strength in Northern Plains (publicly), had taken a risk, causing Snowy Mountain, hundreds of years of his hard work, to be destroyed. His plan of refining Fortune Rivalling Heaven completely failed, Reverse Flow River was taken away, and even his wife, Lady Wan Shou, was injured.

Or look at Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals, Bi Chen Tian and Wei Ling Yang, these rank eight great experts, they were such high and mighty existences. But in the end, they died in another region, even their ruined corpses were lost, unable to return home.

And Sword Immortal Bo Qing, as well as Feng Jiu Ge, who died from attacking Lang Ya blessed land back in the five hundred years of Fang Yuan's previous life…

Fang Yuan was not Ma Hong Yun, he was not the child of luck, compared to everyone above, he was extremely ordinary.

In fact, Ma Hong Yun died too, even with Fortune Rivalling Heaven's protection.

Heaven and earth were impartial, treating all beings as pawns. No matter how talented one was, or how extraordinary the Gu Immortal was, in this world, they were just a life form, ordinary and simple, they were all treated equally.

His five hundred years of experience, compared to heaven and earth, what could it amount to?

His experience and deep schemes were just the result of having experienced the callous nature of this world, and having understood the ways of human minds.

Humans had limits, who had never made a mistake? Even rank nine venerables were no exception, even Ren Zu was deceived by wisdom Gu.

Conversely, heaven's will was vast, it controlled the situation, the power of heaven and earth was limitless.

Defying heaven as a human, how hard was that!

Such feelings were not just in Fang Yuan's heart.

Ying Wu Xie felt very similarly.

He was fighting.

His enemy was a rank seven righteous path Gu Immortal, at this moment, the rank six immortal zombie Ying Wu Xie had the disadvantage.

Even though he had incredible immortal killer moves, his opponent was so strong, Ying Wu Xie was just barely able to stay on par with him.

After an intense chaotic battle, Ying Wu Xie was left to fight alone, the situation was dangerous.

Soul beast summoning!

Ying Wu Xie unleashed his immortal killer move, three ancient soul beasts surrounded his body again.

But his enemy, a Xia clan rank seven Gu Immortal, laughed mockingly.

Not long ago, when he first faced the soul beast summoning killer move, he was flustered.

But now, after gaining experience, the Xia clan Gu Immortal found a way to counter the ancient soul beasts.

Using the dream realms.

Ancient soul beasts had low intelligence, with just some schemes, the Xia clan Gu Immortal was able to lure these soul beasts towards dream realms.

Once the soul entered the dream realm, they were meat on the chopping block.

Soul beasts were souls that became solid bodies.

Making full use of the battlefield was part of the qualities that made up a Gu Immortal's battle strength.

Soon, the ancient soul beasts that Ying Wu Xie painstakingly summoned were dealt with by the Xia clan Gu Immortal.

Ying Wu Xie smiled bitterly on the inside, he could not get free, he had to rely on external help now.

But at this moment, his expression froze, he received Sixth Hair's letter — Fang Yuan wanted to cooperate with Shadow Sect!

Ever since Purple Mountain True Monarch awakened and took over control, he had contacted Fang Yuan, asking to work together.

Unfortunately, Fang Yuan had been wary of Shadow Sect's information path methods, even though they had their respective needs, they did not make any progress in cooperation.

Ying Wu Xie did not expect that Fang Yuan would seek cooperation with Shadow Sect now.

"It's too late!" The bitterness in Ying Wu Xie's heart intensified.

Too late.

It was too late.

He did not know where Fang Yuan was, but Shadow Sect had already started the mission to save the main body!

Sixth Hair transmitted that Fang Yuan needed an information path Gu worm to communicate with Ying Wu Xie.

Fang Yuan could not interact with Shadow Sect directly, they needed Sixth Hair as the middleman.

This was because communication information path Gu came in pairs.

This way, clues to each others' whereabouts were left behind. It was easy to deduce their locations from this.

"Give it to him." Ying Wu Xie thought and did not reject it.

Next, Fang Yuan's voice resounded in Ying Wu Xie's mind: "You are in a sorry state, Ying Wu Xie, the Xia clan immortal is about to kill you. What about lead soul into dream? Aren't you using it?"

Ying Wu Xie heard these words and his eyes widened, he was extremely shocked.

"Fang Yuan!" He transmitted: "You are here in this battlefield?"

"What do you think?" Fang Yuan chuckled: "Stop using soul beast summoning randomly, you have already used it three times, the effect is getting worse, you are only increasing the risk and wasting your immortal essence."

Ying Wu Xie shook: "Fang Yuan, you are here indeed! Damn it, you actually made your way in, since when? Wait, is my opponent you?!"

"If that was me, you would be dead already. Enough idle chatter, let's…" Fang Yuan paused: "Cooperate!"


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