Reverend Insanity
1352 Fang Yuan versus Black Tigress
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1352 Fang Yuan versus Black Tigress

"Hehehe." Black Tigress had a strange laugh, her beautiful appearance looked very twisted.

Her clear innocent eyes were filled with sinister light, there were deep bags under her eyes, like she had not slept for a long time. Her eyeshadow was thick, like the wings of a black butterfly, extending from her eyes to her brows.

Even though her appearance did not change much, she had turned sinister and vicious, her demeanor had changed completely, the innocent and weak form was worlds apart from this.

"White Rabbit true inheritance… interesting." Fang Yuan's body shined in bright light.

When the light faded, Fang Yuan had turned into a huge tortoise.

Immortal killer move — Divination Tortoise Transformation!


The rank seven formation path Gu Immortal Chi Gui coughed out a mouthful of blood.

"Damn it, damn it!" He cursed continuously, looking ahead at the fragmented corpse of the Immortal Gu floating in front of him.

This Immortal Gu was originally damaged by Zuo Ye Hui's attack.

Earlier, when Chi Gui wanted to activate the second layer of the super Gu formation, this Immortal Gu reached its limit and broke.

The Gu formation activation failed, there would be a chain reaction and cause other Immortal Gu to be damaged.

Chi Gui had to use his own body to endure the backlash of the collapsing Gu formation, in order to keep it from being destroyed.

But he got injured in the process.

"Is the injury severe?" Ba De quickly came to check.

Chi Gui swallowed the blood in his mouth, he had a pale expression like that of a dead person: "Very severe! This destroyed Immortal Gu is one of the main pillars. The second layer of the Gu formation has three hundred thousand Gu worms, but there are only four Immortal Gu of such importance. We need to find a replacement and activate the second layer of the Gu formation. This Gu formation has many linked layers, without the second layer, the first layer will not be able to activate."

After pausing for a while, Chi Gui shouted with a frantic expression: "Anyone who has earth path Immortal Gu, I need one passed to me. Now is the moment of life and death!"

Beside him, Ba Quan Feng and Ba De looked at each other helplessly.

The former was a wind path Gu Immortal, while the latter was wood path, they did not have earth path Immortal Gu.

Chi Gui had to heal his injuries, Ba Quan Feng and Ba De went to ask around.

The reason why they had to ask one by one was because he needed to try and conceal this disastrous information. After all, mental state affected battle strength, the fewer people who knew, the better.

Thankfully, among the five regions, Southern Border had the most earth path Gu Immortals.

Soon, some people spoke up, they were willing to contribute their earth path Immortal Gu.

Chi Gui had to choose, it was not easy to choose the earth path Immortal Gu, but he had to try and find the one closest to the one that was destroyed.

Chi Gui's injuries had not healed, but he could not care.

"Next, I need to deduce this and try to add that earth path Immortal Gu into this Gu formation. My safety will be in your hands."

This act was very risky, he was placing his life in the hands of others.

But Chi Gui had a determined expression, he did not hesitate.

He knew that there was no other way now, time was pressing, he needed to gamble!

Ba De had a solemn expression, nodding: "I promise that I will defend your life. Even if Zuo Ye Hui comes, he will have to step over my corpse first."

He was sincere, these were not lies. In this situation, even if Ba De had high battle strength, he could not resist Zuo Ye Hui, the battle could not be turned around.

He was not Feng Jiu Ge or Fang Yuan, who had reverse flow protection seal.

Ba De did not know that Wu clan's Immortal Gu House was on the way.

But the moment Shadow Sect attacked, he had immediately used his information path methods to inform Ba clan.

There were other Gu Immortals who did the same thing.

Defending with all they had, that was the only way for everyone to survive.

Like this, Chi Gui's attention and concentration was focused on the Gu formation. And Ba De, who had the highest battle strength, was leading the group in defending the place. With Wu clan and Qiao clan in trouble, their reputation had fallen greatly, Ba clan's Ba De became the most suitable leader.

Ba De did not let go of this chance.

As the most important person to protect Chi Gui, he stayed at the back and observed the battlefield.

All in all, the righteous path's defense was quite stable.

The righteous path Gu Immortal elites were using the damaged Gu formation, they could retreat in time.

Meanwhile, even though the demonic path Gu Immortals arrived imposingly, they lacked strong experts. It was not that Southern Border had no demonic path or lone immortal experts, but most of them had died in Yi Tian Mountain.

Even though the righteous path also suffered great losses in that battle, compared to the demonic path, the righteous path was more stable, it was easier to produce Gu Immortal experts with abundant resources.

One could imagine, unless something happened, at this rate, for the following period of time, Southern Border's righteous path would greatly suppress the demonic path and lone cultivators.

Ba De's gaze swept past Fairy Miao Yin, Hei Lou Lan, and Bai Ning Bing's battlefield, eventually looking at Fang Yuan.

"Wu Yi Hai." He muttered this name, feeling some emotions.

In the past, he wanted to suppress Wu Yi Hai and teach Wu clan a lesson. But now, they had to work together, Ba De had a lot of ambition, he wanted to replace Wu clan and make Ba clan flourish. But now, with this strong enemy, he was willing to work with Wu Yi Hai, he had an open mind.

Of course, this was temporary, once the crisis ended, Ba De would deal with them again.

With this event, Ba De had a huge hold on Fang Yuan. Before the mishap occurred in Wu clan and Qiao clan, Ba De had been holding himself back, he did not use the immortal opportunity business to find trouble with him. He had endured until now, there were finally results to be shown.

Black Tigress jumped around, she was very agile, evading many vajra thoughts.

After her personality changed, this former Lady White Rabbit started to use dark path methods.

Not just that, her rank six cultivation level turned to rank seven, it was simply unreasonable!

But no matter how fast she moved, she was merely a bit faster than Fang Yuan's thoughts.

Times were different now.

If this was Fang Yuan had just obtained vajra thought Immortal Gu, he might not have been able to handle Black Tigress. But now, Fang Yuan was very familiar with this move, thoughts scattered like rain, assaulting her and cooperating with each other, forming a huge web of attacks, even though Black Tigress dodged them, she was still going to be overwhelmed by the countless thoughts.

Immortal killer move — Cornered Tiger!

Realizing that she was in a disadvantage, Black Tigress' aura burst out as her toes landed lightly on the ground.

Black liquid started to spread on the ground.

A breath of time later, the water expanded to the size of a pond.

Two breaths of time later, the black water started to bubble.

Three breaths of time later, a lizard with the size of a horse emerged from the black water.

This lizard was black in color and had shiny eyes, it was not real, it was made from the dark path killer move.

The lizard moved rapidly, spreading its limbs and moving like the wind, bringing Black Tigress to its back as she charged away.

Compared to Black Tigress, Fang Yuan, who had turned into a divination tortoise, looked very slow.

After he transformed, he stopped moving, he blocked the hole of the Gu formation.

Even though Fang Yuan did not move, the vajra thoughts he created were like tiny tortoise shells, they moved agilely and circulated around the divination tortoise's body with an incredible number.

Since the battle started, Fang Yuan had been using vajra shell.

The tortoise shell thoughts few rapidly, Fang Yuan had a composed plan, he first used these thoughts to defend himself before sending the new ones outside.

Black Tigress stood on top of the black lizard, she could move with ease but she gritted her teeth.

On the surface, her speed was an advantage, she had the initiative, but the truth was, she needed to get past Fang Yuan's obstruction to attack the damaged formation.

But Fang Yuan was blocking her way.

Black Tigress tried to move every which way, trying to get past Fang Yuan.

She moved around these tortoise shell thoughts and exposed vulnerability on purpose, but Fang Yuan did not fall for it, he defended himself firmly and continued to push Black Tigress out.

Fang Yuan was a bit wary of Black Tigress' trump card.

Even though Fang Yuan did not know its name, he saw how Wu An had turned into a puddle of black water after he got hit by it unknowingly.

"Black Tigress prepared that move for me."

"She wanted to meet me but I rejected her, thus she used it on Wu An."

"This means that the move has a small range, it is quite limited. Like dark assassination, even though the aura is concealed and it has great power, the flaw is evident."

Fang Yuan created more and more thoughts, the tortoise shell thoughts were moving around without any gaps, it was terrifying.

Black Tigress had to retreat, seeing so many tortoise shells, she was so angry her chest was moving up and down.

"This tortoise transformation really suits you, Lord Wu Yi Hai." She grinned, showing a cruel smile filled with killing intent.

"However, don't think my methods are just these. Take this!"

Saying so, Black Tigress opened her mouth and aimed at Fang Yuan, sticking out her tiny tongue.

Her tongue was cute and pinkish, but her lips were black like ink, it was a clear contrast of black lips and pink tongue.

Her tongue moved rapidly.

It was like a cute neighbor's daughter making a funny face.

But Fang Yuan felt a chill down his spine, he suffered a heavy injury.

He quickly turned around and looked, he saw a tiny hole on his shell.

This hole was only the size of a basin, it was nothing compared to the giant tortoise's size.

But it was very deep, the wound was spreading outwards, black smoke could be seen rising from the hole, making a cracking sound.Lizard is written as wall/corner tiger in Chinese characters


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