Reverend Insanity
1351 Chaotic Battle
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1351 Chaotic Battle



"Block them, we need more time."

"Don't be afraid, so what if this is Zuo Ye Hui, the Gu formation is around, we can last until reinforcements arrive from our clans."

Shadow Sect attacked, while Southern Border's righteous path defended desperately.

The third layer of the Gu formation was already half destroyed, cracks could be seen everywhere, it was of little help to the righteous path Gu Immortals, a chaotic battle ensued.


Unceasing explosions, the collisions of wind, fire, water, and lightning, unfolded like fireworks in the sky.

There was no probing, Immortal Gu and immortal killer moves were used from the start, the battle became heated almost instantly.

"You cannot defend this place." Fairy Miao Yin smiled as she flew in the air.

Qiao Si Liu was in front of her.

Qiao Si Liu was silent, the situation had changed too quickly, earlier, the righteous path had the advantage, but now they were at a disadvantage. Even with the super Gu formation, they could only defend passively, they lost their initiative. For the righteous path Gu Immortals, their only chance was to wait for reinforcements.

"Who are you people? You can actually mobilize the legendary immemorial desolate beast Zuo Ye Hui." Qiao Si Liu asked, paying close attention.

Fairy Miao Yin laughed: "The ones to end your life."

Her killing intent rose, a crescent moon shadow appeared in her eyes.

Immortal killer move — Curved Moon!

This was a sight based attack, because the aura was completely concealed, once it was used, one would not be able to react in time, it was very difficult to guard against.

Qiao Si Liu was hit immediately.

But soon, on the surface of her dress and skin, jade green light shone. Within the faint light, long willow branches formed, it was like ribbons made of branches coiling around her, she resembled a fairy from heaven.

Swish swish swish.

The jade willow branches were not just defensive, they quickly flew towards Fairy Miao Yin with impressive mobility.

Fairy Miao Yin was stunned, she quickly retreated.

She avoided the willow branches but could not defend against the shadow below them. One of the shadows shot up like a venomous snake, slapping Fairy Miao Yin's body.

"This is… an attached move?" Fairy Miao Yin could not conceal the shock on her beautiful face.

Attached moves were like consecutive moves, split moves, and variation moves, they were special techniques in activating killer moves, they were hard to master for normal people.

What was an attached move?

Normally speaking, it meant two different immortal killer moves, one primary and one secondary. Like the willow branch attack that Qiao Si Liu used, it was the primary move. The shadows below the branches were the secondary move, attached to the primary move.

When the primary move was used, the secondary move would have a certain chance of getting activated as well, unleashing its effects.

Fairy Miao Yin did not expect that Qiao Si Liu would actually master such a difficult technique like attached move, she was caught off guard and was hit by the willow branch's shadow.

A long wound appeared as blood started to flow out.

On Fairy Miao Yin's beautiful face, it was really apparent.

Qiao Si Liu tittered: "Oh no, I lost my concentration and disfigured you. If we fight anymore, you'll no longer be on par with me in beauty."

Fairy Miao Yin snorted.

Qiao Si Liu took the initiative and attacked, there were countless jade willow branches around her, these rootless willows were formed from the killer move, they were agile and resembled dozens of long whips, lashing at Fairy Miao Yin.

The attacks became more frequent, it was like a jade storm.

Fairy Miao Yin was shrouded in whips, not only did she need to defend against the whips, she also had to guard against their shadows.

After all, a whip might come out at any time and attack Fairy Miao Yin.

Splat splat splat…

Lashing sounds were endless, even though Fairy Miao Yin was putting up her defense, her clothes were still torn by the whips.

Fairy Miao Yin retreated as she used her hands to shield herself from the willow branches.

A moment later, her clothes were torn and her snow white body was exposed, it was beautiful and alluring, men would have a nosebleed upon seeing her.

Qiao Si Liu pursued her along the way.

But good times did not last, her opponent suddenly cried out as a pair of slender hands appeared on her back.

Fairy Miao Yin had four arms now.

Her four arms defended herself as Fairy Miao Yin restored her steady position, it was easy for her to block those willows now.

Qiao Si Liu sighed to herself.

This was immortal killer move — Wondrous Hand Profound Sound, Fairy Miao Yin's signature killer move, Qiao Si Liu knew of it.

She had attacked rapidly earlier to catch Fairy Miao Yin off-guard, to maintain her pressure and prevent her from regaining her composure.

However, Qiao Si Liu's tactic failed, Fairy Miao Yin managed to use this move in the end.

Even though Fairy Miao Yin was facing huge pressure, she was not a newbie like Zhao Lian Yun, Fairy Miao Yin did not make an error, she withstood the pressure and used her killer move successfully.

With her success, the situation changed.

Qiao Si Liu slowly flew backwards, stopping her attacks and starting a battle of attrition using the damaged Gu formation as she retreated.

She had left the super Gu formation when pursuing Fairy Miao Yin, it was wise to return.

"It is my turn now, Sister Si Liu, you have to endure it." Fairy Miao Yin smiled, but her gaze was very dark.

Four hands started to move rapidly.

Her smooth, long fingers were moving in a dazzling motion.

Ding ding, dang dang…

Cling cling, clang clang…

With the movement of her fingers, sharp sounds could be heard whenever they touched.

The sounds even caused sound waves to start appearing in the surrounding air.

The sound waves were moving rapidly, with Fairy Miao Yin at the center, it quickly spread to the radius of a few hundred steps.

The damaged third layer of the Gu formation was breaking apart many times as quickly with the effect of the sound.

The sound waves appeared quickly and vanished just as quickly.

Qiao Si Liu had a solemn expression, she quickly defended herself, as willow branches surrounded her entire body.

The two were in a deadlock.

And at another hole.

Shang clan Gu Immortal Shang Guai Li crossed his arms as he stood in front of the hole, looking at Hei Lou Lan.

He had arrogance and disdain on his face: "Just a rank six Gu Immortal, you dare to attack us, you are truly courting death. I will kill you first before reinforcing my allies."

Saying this, he vanished on the spot.

At the next moment, he appeared behind Hei Lou Lan.

Next, he stretched out his right hand as it turned into a white bone claw, scratching at Hei Lou Lan's back.


A soft sound echoed.

The white bone claw ripped apart Hei Lou Lan's defensive method, stabbing into her back as blood splattered upon impact.

Hei Lou Lan shouted in anger, turning around to retaliate.

Shang Guai Li vanished on the spot again, appearing in the damaged formation once more.

Hei Lou Lan missed her attack, she growled in anger, her expression was twisted, there were five deep wounds on her back.

Shang Guai Li mocked in disdain: "You're nothing much, I will take your life in the next hit… hmm?"

But suddenly, his expression changed.

On his white bone claw, Hei Lou Lan's flesh and blood were burning in flames.

The fire was extremely special, it grew as it burned, in the blink of an eye, it covered Shang Guai Li's entire right hand.

"You fell for it so easily." Hei Lou Lan laughed.

Immortal killer move — Flesh Blood Fire!

"Dragonman?" A middle aged Gu Immortal with huge nostrils, Chai Huo Xiong, was bare on his upper body, he had a wide back and waist, his body's muscles were glowing red, like he was on fire.

Every time he breathed, smoke came out of his nostrils.

He was brutish and domineering, he stood on the spot and blocked the hole in the Gu formation behind him.

"At least you are knowledgeable." Bai Ning Bing had a plain expression, she stretched out her right arm, her jade fingers were covered in frost energy, as snowflakes descended from the sky.


A loud sound occurred around Chai Huo Xiong, the ground caved in as he shot out like a cannonball, charging towards Bai Ning Bing.

"Take this!" Chai Huo Xiong shouted in the air, large amounts of flames flew out of his nose and nose, even his pores were flaming.

In an instant, raging flames filled Bai Ning Bing's vision.

Bai Ning Bing had a cold gaze, she did not dodge, she watched as Chai Huo Xiong got closer.

Her lips curled up, she called out in excitement: "Come at me."

Before she finished her words, she charged forward!

Her body was tiny compared to Chai Huo Xiong, this was like the collision of a fly towards a flame.


An intense explosion.

Both sides attacked and were locked in the middle, dividing this battlefield into two.

Half was flame and half was frost, they were repelling each other.

Flames flickered with the power to burn all lifeforms, while the frost solidified the earth into an icy domain, freezing all lifeforms.

Flames could not melt the frost, and the frost could not freeze the flames, there was no clear victor.

When the flames and frost vanished, two figures appeared on each end.

Bai Ning Bing stood on the spot, excitement and concentration was evident in her dragon eyes.

On the other end, the domineering Chai clan Gu Immortal took several steps back, looking at Bai Ning Bing in disbelief: "Impossible, you are only a rank six Gu Immortal!"

Bai Ning Bing smiled and her icy white teeth were exposed: "I praised you for being knowledgeable earlier, it seems that I need to… take that back!"

The moment she said 'need to', Bai Ning Bing charged ahead again, when she finished her words, she was right in front of Chai Huo Xiong.

She jumped into the sky and her right arm was raised up, she was like a deity of snow descending to the world, bringing with her an endless blizzard, her divine might was unstoppable.

Next, Bai Ning Bing's right arm slashed down at Chai Huo Xiong like a giant sharp blade!

"White Rabbit, you slut, die!" Wu Liao had bloodshot eyes, filled with rage and hatred.

Even though he was not on good terms with Wu An as they disliked each other, they were still Wu clan Gu Immortals.

Now that White Rabbit killed Wu An, Wu Liao attacked with hatred, wanting to avenge Wu An.

But it was a pity, Lady White Rabbit who had transformed, or rather, Black Tigress, had rank seven cultivation level, her battle strength had surged dramatically.

Wu Liao was just a rank six Gu Immortal, he could do nothing to Lady White Rabbit, instead, his own life was in danger.

"Step down Wu Liao, you are not her match." Fang Yuan blocked Wu Liao, who was going to fight, he had cold killing intent as he stood in front of Lady White Rabbit.


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