Reverend Insanity
1350 Grey Night Breaks The Formation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1350 Grey Night Breaks The Formation

Right at this time, an intensely strong aura burst out from outside the super Gu formation.

Soon, the righteous path Gu Immortals controlling the Gu formation noticed.

"There is a strong aura ahead!"

"Such intense aura, so, so powerful! A rank eight Gu Immortal?"

The righteous path Gu Immortals were gasping.

"Is it Purple Mountain True Monarch?" Fang Yuan, who was inside the hall, watched attentively.

"No, it is not a Gu Immortal, it is an immemorial desolate beast… ah, it is actually?!"

Before he finished his words, bam—!

The entire super Gu formation was faced with an unprecedentedly intense attack.

The entire Gu formation shook intensely, the halls created inside the Gu formation were destroyed, they crumbled and disintegrated.

At once, it felt like doomsday.

The entire Gu formation was cracked open, but there were not many injuries in the righteous path Gu Immortals.

This was the difference between a Gu formation and a killer move.

Even though Gu formations were the killer moves of formation path, after a Gu formation is set up, it works based on the Gu worms and the environment. When they are destroyed, the Gu Immortal would suffer a less intense backlash.

Of course, ancient battle formations were different. Once ancient battle formations were destroyed, the Gu Immortals would suffer severe backlashes, especially the main controller of the formation.

"Cough, cough." Dust and smoke was clouding the place.

The hall that Fang Yuan was in had completely collapsed, the corners were turning back into mortal Gu, dead Gu worms poured down like rain.

A huge hole was created in the super Gu formation, the dream realm that was completely concealed earlier was now exposed.

Many righteous path Gu Immortals stood by the opening, looking outside blankly.

Over there, a huge figure was rampaging.

It was a human shaped immemorial desolate beast, it stood on both legs and had two huge monstrous claws, its hair was messy and its body was black like ink.

"Gu Immortals, so many Gu Immortals, I want to eat, I want to eat you all! After eating you, I will be closer to being human." This human shaped immemorial desolate beast growled in a low tone, extremely excited.

"This, this is…" A righteous path Gu Immortal pointed at the immemorial desolate beast, stammering in a shocked state.

"Zuo Ye Hui!" Fang Yuan gritted his teeth subconsciously, feeling great pressure.

The moment he saw this immemorial desolate beast, Fang Yuan felt like he was in the dream, but the shouting of the Gu Immortals around him, the destroyed halls, and the super Gu formation that was breaking apart reminded him that this was not a dream.

Fang Yuan had not expected Zuo Ye Hui to come here!

This legendary immemorial desolate beast had caused too much suffering and deaths in Southern Border. All of the righteous path Gu Immortals in Southern Border knew about it.

With the appearance of Zuo Ye Hui, the hearts of the righteous path members wavered, their morale fell to rock bottom.

This was a powerful existence on par with rank eight Gu Immortals. Especially after the super Gu formation was destroyed, how could these righteous path rank six and seven Gu Immortals defend against it?

With their bodies?

In this huge world of the five regions, there were only two people who could resist rank eight as rank seven, they were Feng Jiu Ge and Liu Guan Yi.

"We need to hold on! Don't panic, our Gu formation has four layers! That was just the outermost fourth layer which broke. Start to move, come into the next layer of the Gu formation." At the crucial moment, Chi Gui spoke up.

He was the leader of Chi clan in this place, this super Gu formation was created by Chi clan's first supreme elder, Chi Qu You, Chi Gui naturally knew some information that others did not.

As expected, the Gu formation activated and shined with a bright light. The collapsing stopped, and the outer formation was completely abandoned, a new line of defense appeared inside.

The third layer of the Gu formation appeared before Zuo Ye Hui.

It did not cover the entire dream realm, it was visible, but most of the dream realm was still concealed by the Gu formation.

The righteous path Gu Immortals quickly went inside.

Fang Yuan was not an exception.

He had to, Shadow Sect did not know about Wu Yi Hai's true identity, otherwise, Shadow Sect, which had a wisdom path rank eight Gu Immortal, would not send just Lady White Rabbit to assassinate Fang Yuan.

The enemy was in the open while he was hidden, this was a clear advantage. At the same time, Fang Yuan had another advantage, that was the Immortal Gu House.

An Immortal Gu House from Wu clan was on the way.

Most Gu formations could not move, but Immortal Gu Houses could!

And the power of Immortal Gu Houses could increase the more immortal essence was used, they could resist rank eight Gu Immortals.

With an Immortal Gu House to defend and escort him, Fang Yuan would have a greater chance to leave this place.

"But earlier, Wu clan's Immortal Gu House was delayed along the way due to an unexpected mishap, was it Shadow Sect?" Fang Yuan considered this as his thoughts turned dark.

"Tsk, so troublesome." Bai Ning Bing looked at the Gu formation's third layer of defense, frowning.

"This is hard to destroy." Hei Lou Lan sighed.

At this time, Ying Wu Xie smiled coldly, transmitting to them: "Don't worry, just dodge."

Fairy Miao Yin's, Bai Ning Bing's, and Hei Lou Lan's bodies shook as they quickly flew back and retreated.


At the next moment, Zuo Ye Hui roared and emitted a thunderously loud wave.

Its voice burst out and created a sonic wave, pushing out the surrounding air and uprooting the trees and rocks, whipping up a storm.

Next, Zuo Ye Hui breathed in deeply, its stomach bulged up.

Its entire body expanded to double its size!

Next, it opened its bloodthirsty mouth filled with sharp teeth, and a huge beam of light shot out fiercely.

The grey colored beam of light shot out extremely quickly, in the blink of an eye, it landed on the third layer of the Gu formation.

There was a creepy silence.

The third layer of the Gu formation was hit by the grey beam of light, as it was dyed grey rapidly.

Earlier, Zuo Ye Hui had attacked the super Gu formation as well. The first few attempts were just trials, but the previous time was also the killer move grey night, together with Hei Lou Lan, Bai Ning Bing, and Fairy Miao Yin, they destroyed the fourth layer of the Gu formation.

Most of the righteous path Gu Immortals did not manage to see these attacks clearly.

But this time, they witnessed it firsthand, they saw how terrifying Zuo Ye Hui was!

As if heaven and earth became still, monochrome color enveloped the place, time seemed to be moving slower.

For one breath of time.


Another thunderous explosion resounded in the world, the immortals' eardrums were bursting.

The entire world shook, the third layer of the Gu formation was ripped apart, as if the previous attack was going to be played out again.

The righteous path Gu Immortals were pale, they instilled their immortal essence into the Gu formation desperately.

When the tremors ended, the third layer of the Gu formation was only half destroyed, it still existed!

This was a super Gu formation personally created by rank eight Gu Immortal Chi Qu You, together with a vast number of Immortal Gu and mortal Gu from Southern Border's righteous path forces, it was displaying its power now.

It managed to block the signature move of legendary immemorial desolate beast Zuo Ye Hui!

There were no injuries or deaths among the righteous path Gu Immortals.

"I am actually still alive!" Someone almost cried from joy.

"This is Zuo Ye Hui's signature method, immortal killer move — Grey Night! We actually defended against it!!" Someone shouted loudly.

Chi Gui's forehead was full of sweat, he said: "This is the super Gu formation that my clan's first supreme elder set up, why would it be destroyed? If not for them attacking from both inside and outside earlier, the fourth layer might still be around."

"Immortal killer move grey night, it is different from the one in my dream realm, was its form changed? After so many years, grey night must have been modified. Did Zuo Ye Hui modify it? Or did it have help? Is this help from Shadow Sect? Strange! If they had Zuo Ye Hui as a tool, why did Shadow Sect not use it when they were refining sovereign immortal fetus Gu? Was it because they could not control it? Or is this all because of that rank eight Gu Immortal?" Fang Yuan fell into deep contemplation.

Fairy Miao Yin, Bai Ning Bing, Hei Lou Lan, they came to the super Gu formation again.

Looking at the damaged third layer of the super Gu formation, they were not shocked nor disappointed.

Because they did not come alone, there was Ying Wu Xie, as well as many demonic path Gu Immortals and lone immortals.

Shadow Sect lacked manpower, but not resources.

Normally, demonic path Gu Immortals and lone cultivators lacked cultivation resources, they would pursue resources over their whole lives.

Purple Mountain True Monarch endured the huge costs of spending resources to recruit a batch of demonic path and lone immortals.

Humans die for wealth and birds die for food, money makes the world go round.

Of course, these Southern Border Gu Immortals were not stupid, only after Zuo Ye Hui appeared and used grey night did they start to follow Ying Wu Xie and show up.

On the other hand, this showed that Shadow Sect had a good grasp on timing and human emotions.

From these demonic path and lone immortals' perspectives, not only was there the wisdom path rank eight great expert Purple Mountain True Monarch, there was also the legendary immemorial desolate beast Zuo Ye Hui, this battle was decided already, they were going to win.

"It is all as Purple Mountain True Monarch predicted, we will attack using these holes in the Gu formation. Whoever can kill enemies and expand the hole would get several times the reward!" Ying Wu Xie shouted, Shadow Sect's side started to clamor as they attacked the super Gu formation.

The righteous path side also reacted.

"Quickly, seal the hole."

"We cannot let them in."

"I need time to activate the second layer of the Gu formation, everyone, try to stall and fight for time." Chi Gui called out.

"Zuo Ye Hui has already used grey night twice, this is the limit. It needs to rest for a while, it is time to teach these demonic path scoundrels a lesson!!" Ba De shouted.

Fang Yuan squinted, he had been assessing Zuo Ye Hui, he also saw that after Zuo Ye Hui used grey night, it was in a state of exhaustion, it panted as it remained on the spot, unmoving.

This made Fang Yuan feel slightly relieved.

There were so many Southern Border Gu Immortals here, many people were familiar with history, they knew a lot about Zuo Ye Hui. After all, every time Zuo Ye Hui appeared, it would cause disaster in Southern Border, lots of Southern Border Gu Immortals would need to work together, defending against and battling it.

Southern Border's righteous path super clans had accurate information about Zuo Ye Hui from their historical records.


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