Reverend Insanity
1348 Easing the Situation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1348 Easing the Situation

The discussion hall became quiet, everyone's gazes turned to this Gu Immortal.

This Gu Immortal looked young and had a normal appearance, it was not outstanding, but he was an important Gu Immortal in Chai clan, he was the trusted and capable aide of Chai clan's first supreme elder.

Chai You Yan, who was an information path Gu Immortal, thought for a while before saying: "The things I consider might be different from everyone. These last days, I have been pondering over Wu Yi Hai."

"Wu Yong went missing and is presumably dead, regardless of whether this is true or who the culprit was, Wu Yi Hai is currently the leader of Wu clan. I am thinking about his personality, and how sincere he actually is."

"We all know about Wu Yi Hai's origin. We know too little about him, he did not grow up in Southern Border after all."

"Hmm, continue." Chai clan's first supreme elder showed interest in his eyes.

Chai You Yan smiled before continuing: "Actually, we know about the information regarding Wu Yi Hai already, I will skip that. From this information, we can more or less understand this person's attitude and personality. I will mention something that everyone ignored."

"Oh? We all ignored something?"

Chai You Yan rubbed his nose: "I mean that letter. In Wu Yi Hai's letter, he wanted to ally with our clan to attack Ba clan and Xia clan. He did not choose either Ba clan or Xia clan, he chose to target them both."

"Wu clan has always acted so domineering, isn't this their usual style of doing things?" Some Chai clan Gu Immortals did not understand.

"No no no. Wu Yi Hai is different." Chai You Yan shook his head: "We can tell from how he dealt with Frosty Peak and the agreement with Mountain Moving Old Monster. His actions are similar to lone cultivators, after all, how long has it been since he returned to Wu clan?"

"Wu Yi Hai lacks the dominating disposition of Wu clan, but he has the astuteness of lone cultivators, he knows how to make agreements, from what I see, he is talented as a part of the righteous path."

"Why did he list Ba clan and Xia clan as his targets? Like what was mentioned earlier, why did he not choose one of them and seek peace with the other? Because when we ally with Wu clan, if we choose one of them to attack, would the other stay still? They would definitely work together and resist both Wu clan and us!"

Chai clan's Gu Immortals heard this and nodded, agreeing with Chai You Yan.

Chai clan, Ba clan, Xia clan, these three clans were gathered around the red and jade rivers, their relationship was complex. If one clan became strong, the other two would join up to resist it.

The three were in a power balance, restraining each other, this was also why Chai clan had never made any progress after so many years of development.

If Chai clan worked with Wu clan, this balance would shift, would Ba clan and Xia clan not cooperate?

Thus, Fang Yuan directly listed both of them as his targets. Because he knew that it was bound to happen!

"This means that Wu Yi Hai has quite good foresight. Since he suggested for us to cooperate with him, he must have made many preparations. We do not need to worry about Wu clan toying with us." Someone said.

Chai You Yan nodded: "What I want to say is, Wu Yi Hai has a lot of talent in politics. From all these details, I can see that he has a lot of sincerity in this cooperation."

"The truth is, our Chai clan needs to act."

"After developing until now, we finally suppressed Xia clan and Ba clan, it was not easy, this is the hard work of countless generations, mixed in with some luck."

"Once Ba clan or Xia clan devours more resources, their foundations would grow, our advantage will be gone."

"Of course, we need to be careful of Wu clan as well if we work together."

"As for how we will fight, and how we will restrict the extent of this battle? That will be first supreme elder's decision."

"But at the very least, we need to send some Gu Immortals to attack. We cannot let Ba clan and Xia clan expand their territories so easily, right?"

His words were met with the nodding of Chai clan's Gu Immortals.

At almost the same time.

Southern Border, Myriad Snake Mountain, Chi clan's base.

Chi clan's first supreme elder held a letter Gu and remained silent.

Chi clan was at the extreme west of Southern Border, southwest of it was Yang clan, and towards its east was Qiao clan.

Chi clan bordered on these two clans, but Yang clan was farther from its base and had a longer border with it.

Making friends with those far away and making enemies with those close by, this was a common foreign policy.

Thus, Chi clan and Yang clan had poor relationships. Yang clan's Ghost Hand Mountain was at the source of yellow dragon river, it had abundant resources and was a strategic location, Yang clan Gu Immortals mostly cultivated soul path, they had incredible battle strength and was a threat to Chi clan.

In the past, Yang clan and Chi clan had many conflicts, this had accumulated throughout history.

Towards the east of Yang clan, all the way along yellow dragon river, was Wu clan's territory.

Actually, Wu clan and Chi clan were close by. Even though they did not border each other, Qiao clan and Chi clan did.

Qiao clan was heavily supported by a Wu clan first supreme elder of a certain generation. Qiao clan was at the central area of Southern Border, bordering Ba clan, Xia clan, and Chi clan, it could even restrain the southwest Yang clan.

Chi clan and Qiao clan had conflicts, but everyone knew that Qiao clan was Wu clan's guard dog, thus, Chi clan's and Wu clan's relationship was good or bad at times, depending on the situation.

If there was one phrase to describe Chi clan's and Wu clan's relationship, ambiguous would be a rather appropriate term.

Not long ago, Chi clan had found trouble with Wu clan. But inside the super Gu formation of Yi Tian Mountain, Chi clan worked with Wu clan, creating the immortal opportunity business.

"Wu Yi Hai, you are giving me a tough problem." In his study room, Chi clan first supreme elder Chi Qu You sighed deeply.

Fang Yuan had requested to work with Chi clan and deal with Yang clan.

Chi Qu You was moved, because he knew this was a good opportunity. This chance was rare even in his lifetime.

Any force needed to grow larger. Trying to annex Yang clan's resources, even if they could not succeed, would weaken Yang clan, this was something beneficial to Chi clan no matter what.

Chi clan had a lot of spare energy for this.

Not only because Chi clan's base was located far from the action, but also because Chi clan specialized in Gu formations. By setting up many immortal Gu formations, Chi clan's base and all their resource points had incredible defense.

Chi clan had little to worry about. They also had two Immortal Gu Houses, and don't forget, Chi Qu You was a rank eight Gu Immortal.

Wu Yong had died, this news sent Southern Border into chaos.

In this chaotic situation, what would Chi clan do, Chi Qu You needed to decide quickly and resolutely!

Several days later, in the super Gu formation, Fang Yuan came out of his seclusion.

He had a bit of joy on his face.

His closed cultivation bore fruit, he had completed the deduction of vajra shell and tested it several times.

And during these few days, the situation in Southern Border had undergone a huge change.

Chai clan sent Gu Immortals to the river and showed a threatening stance. Ba clan and Xia clan had to gather a portion of their strength and defend themselves.

Chi clan's Gu Immortals directly invaded Yang clan's territory. The two clans were neighbors for so long, it was easy to find an excuse to do so.

Both sides were fighting near their mountain range.

Chi clan's great expert was very active, he brought an Immortal Gu House and attacked personally. This made Yang clan very nervous, they had to send their Immortal Gu House and many Gu Immortals to face him. Yang clan had no rank eight Gu Immortal, they were in a passive state.

Other than that, Luo clan, Tie clan, and Yi clan also made their movements.

Because Fang Yuan sent these clans letters as well. Of course, the contents were all different from Chai clan and Chi clan.

After all, these four clans were too close to each other, they were all towards the east of Southern Border.

But even so, these clans' movements had attracted the attention of Hou clan and Yao clan, they were drawn away. Because they knew that even though these clans were unlikely to strike, they were afraid of taking that chance, they had to defend against it.

As for Shang clan, this clan had always scrupulously followed neutrality, even though Fang Yuan sent a letter, they replied instantly, rejecting his suggestion.

Because of this sudden change, Wu clan's and Qiao clan's dangerous situation had become much more relaxed.

Wu clan's and Qiao clan's Gu Immortals were very shocked at this result.

Even though Fang Yuan just sent a few letters, to be able to convince super forces to act, it was not a simple thing. Especially when the letter had to be very precise on the amount of resources Wu clan was willing to give up to express their sincerity.

Fang Yuan dealt with this perfectly, it was far beyond many people's imaginations.

Very few people knew about the content of his letters, but everyone knew that these letters moved many Gu Immortals in these super forces. This allowed Wu clan and Qiao clan to have an opportunity to retaliate!

"It seems that my skills have not fallen much." In the five hundred years of his previous life, Fang Yuan was once the leader of an organization, during the five regions chaotic war, the political situation was far more chaotic, all five regions were linked together, all sorts of deceptions, schemes, betrayal were endless.

The current political chaos was just surrounding Wu clan and Qiao clan, as well as the western part of Southern Border.

It was not too complex in Fang Yuan's opinion.

He did not need to be careful, he could directly target the problem.

"Wu clan's Immortal Gu House is finally arriving?" Fang Yuan received more information.

Originally, the Immortal Gu House was supposed to move earlier, but a mishap occurred midway and it was stalled for some time, no matter who did it or what their intention was, Fang Yuan had to wait an extra day before this Immortal Gu House arrived.

"It seems I need to leave this place now." This dream realm gave Fang Yuan an incredible boost, many things happened during this period, Fang Yuan felt a bit of unwillingness to leave this treasure.


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