Reverend Insanity
1347 Chai Clan Has Human Smoke
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1347 Chai Clan Has Human Smoke

He started.

The first step, Fang Yuan turned into a divination tortoise.

The second step, he started to activate a large number of mortal Gu, followed by vajra thought Immortal Gu and more mortal Gu.

The third step, and the most important one, he activated precaution Immortal Gu.


Fang Yuan turned into a divination tortoise, spitting out a huge amount of blood. In his immortal aperture, large numbers of mortal Gu were destroyed, but thankfully, precaution Immortal Gu was sturdy and did not get damaged.

Fang Yuan's head was dizzy, his immortal killer move failed, his organs were damaged, he suffered heavy injuries.

Thankfully, he had transformed into a divination tortoise, an ancient desolate beast, he had a tough body and incredible recovery speed. If he did this with a human body, his injuries would have been worse, his organs and intestines might have disintegrated on the spot.

"Why did this happen?" Fang Yuan was dazed.

This was different from what he conceptualized.

In fact, before precaution Immortal Gu could use its power, this immortal killer move broke apart.

Fang Yuan did not expect this.

Fang Yuan had used affection Immortal Gu and other wisdom path Immortal Gu to deduce this modified immortal killer move, such a severe error should not have occurred.

This was truly a huge blow to him.

After Fang Yuan's injuries healed, he calmed down and looked at the killer move.

After several deductions, Fang Yuan was even more troubled: "There are no problems, though?"

Suddenly, he had a flash of inspiration: "I understand!"

Fang Yuan instantly understood where the problem was.

He had misunderstood precaution Immortal Gu.

When precaution Immortal Gu activated, it continued to expend red date immortal essence, but it could only unleash its power after ten breaths. It did not activate at the tenth breath, but at the eleventh breath. Because of this small mistake, the entire immortal killer move failed and Fang Yuan suffered a backlash.

"To think that the problem was here, it was truly a blind spot!"

"It seems that I need to add some time path Gu worms to make up for the time difference." Fang Yuan's time path attainment level was ordinary, it had never risen much. Because he had never encountered any time path dream realm.

However, he had Hei Fan's true inheritance and wisdom path deduction methods, it could make up for some of his weaknesses.

But because of this, the deduction could not be completed instantly.

One day passed, Fang Yuan did not rest.

Two days passed, Fang Yuan was still deducing.

Three days passed, Wu clan's Immortal Gu House had already completed most of its journey.

Fang Yuan's deduction finally had some progress.

After his qualitative advancement, his future deductions went smoothly.

Southern Border, Human Smoke Mountain Range.

This place had the most living mortals in Southern Border. Villages after villages were seen on the mountains here. On some mountain peaks, there were even several villages, they were neighbors.

This was a bountiful sight.

The population had multiplied to its limit, there were a vast number of humans here. Of course, in terms of battle strength, a Gu Immortal would be able to wipe this place out, no mortal could resist their unstoppable might.

And at the center of this mountain range, it was the political core of all the villages — Human Smoke Mountain.

The base of one of the super clans, Chai clan!

The person who created Chai clan was called Chai Fu, he had left his mark in human history.

During his era, he was the number one person in Southern Border's Gu Immortal world, he cultivated fire path along with earth path, because he had gained a lot of insight from reading >, he had a human path killer move. During his later years, he chose this place to create Chai clan, after modifying the mountain range, he created Human Smoke Mountain.

In fact, most Gu Immortal experts and great experts would read >.

A true inheritance of human path was hidden within >, this was indeed the first true inheritance in the history of the Gu Master world.

It had a unique inheritance method.

Normal inheritances were like Hei Fan's true inheritance and Bai Xiang's true inheritance.

But Ren Zu's human path true inheritance was just one book, >, it was information. The profundities of human path were concealed in this information, and whatever a Gu Immortal learned would depend on their affinity and talent.

Everyone had different gains, after all, the benevolent see benevolence, the wise see wisdom. But every Immortal Venerable and Demon Venerable had their gains, and those were huge gains. For example, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had created all living being's luck and heaven and earth luck after reading >.

After Chai Fu read >, he left behind the human path method that he learned after death, passing it down to his Chai clan descendants.

Precisely so, Chai clan's development strategy was different from other super clans. Chai clan focused on increasing population, to increase the number of mortals.

As for other super forces, they basically only focused on a portion of their clansmen and allowed them to develop and grow in the five regions. These clansmen would have the bloodline of certain authoritative figures in the super force, they were also called the main bloodline.

And a portion of the people would stay inside their blessed lands or grotto-heavens and would not go outside. These people were often the branch bloodlines. Only when unexpected mishaps occur and the main bloodline dies out, or when a ruling figure dies without an inheritor, would the branch bloodlines take over.

Chai clan expanded the population, but they did not have Chai clan bloodline.

If any other clan did this, they were courting trouble. Spending great effort to nurture mortals of other surnames, with greater population, more Gu Masters would emerge among them. These Gu Masters would not have the clan's bloodline, their loyalty was greatly reduced, they had no value in being nurtured to become Gu Immortals. If they became Gu Immortals on their own, it would cause conflict between them and the main clan.

But Chai clan was different.

They nurtured so many mortals, but these mortals all had low aptitudes, there were few Gu Masters among them, not to mention Gu Immortals.

In contrast, highly talented people continuously emerged from Chai clan's own descendants, there were many who were talented enough to be nurtured into Gu Immortals.

This formed a clear contrast to the other super forces.

According to their conjectures, Chai clan's abnormal situation was likely due to the human path method that Chai Fu had left behind.

However, no matter which generation it was, even though Chai clan had lots of genius descendants, because of limited resources, these Gu Immortal seeds eventually remained as only rank four or five Gu Masters.

There was a need to talk about Southern Border's geography at this point.

Southern Border's biggest features, other than mountains, were the three great rivers.

Red dragon river, jade dragon river, and yellow dragon river, each of them passed through the whole of Southern Border, cutting it up into many segments.

Red dragon river started from the extreme northwest, moving east towards the south, all the way until Southern Border's extreme southeast.

Jade dragon river started above it, it had a downward slope if a bird's-eye view over the region was used.

Yellow dragon river had the shape of the character '几', there was a protrusion at the top, it was far more steep than jade dragon river.

Jade dragon river and yellow dragon river did not intersect, but red dragon river intersected with both jade dragon river and yellow dragon river.

At the point of intersection between red dragon river and yellow dragon river, it was Wu clan's territory, towards the northeast shore of the huge whirlpool there was Corpse Emperor Yu Ding Tian.

As for the intersection between red dragon river and jade dragon river, the huge whirlpool there was dozens of times as large. Natural essence was incredible dense there, at the center of the whirlpool, there were huge numbers of spirit springs, tens of thousands of them. These spirit springs were not stable, almost every breath of time, dozens would be destroyed.

Thus, a great amount of natural essence poured onto the river banks.

When Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable traveled to this place, he had once commented that throughout the whole of Southern Border, this place had the greatest density of primeval energy.

Over there, the air was filled with primeval energy, large amounts of resources were produced, on par with grotto-heavens and blessed lands.

And at this place, the bases of three super forces were gathered!

For example, red dragon river and jade dragon river formed a cross shape, with the center being the spiral whirlpool. Chai clan's Human Smoke Mountain was north of it, Ba clan was south, while Xia clan was to its east.

For the last three days, Chai clan's discussion hall had been in chaos.

Now was no exception.

Chai clan's first supreme elder sat before everyone as his gaze flickered, showing a hesitant expression.

Not long ago, Fang Yuan had sent him a letter. In the letter, Fang Yuan, who was Wu Yi Hai, represented Wu clan and was willing to work with Chai clan to attack Xia clan and Ba clan.

This was an incredibly important matter, Chai clan's first supreme elder had to gather the clan's Gu Immortals and discuss about it.

The discussion hall's chaos was due to this.

"We cannot attack Ba clan and Xia clan! Wu clan's intention is just to make use of us to get rid of their external pressure. The moment we attack, our Chai clan will have to face two super forces at once. If these two super forces ignore Wu clan and turn around to target us, we will be on the losing end, we will not be able to overturn it." A Chai clan Gu Immortal shouted loudly, standing at the center of the discussion hall.

He had just finished his words when a Gu Immortal at a corner proposed: "We can choose to attack one clan. Even though Wu clan gave the request of fighting both clans, we can negotiate about this matter. This will not determine what we do, after all."

"Sigh… the matter is severe. Our Chai clan has so many mortals around, if we fight, the other party just needs one Gu Immortal to wipe out all of our mortals, we will suffer huge losses." An elderly Gu Immortal from Chai clan sighed, he was very apprehensive.

Because of the human path method's limitation, these humans could not leave Human Smoke Mountain Range. This way, they needed an immortal Gu formation or an Immortal Gu House to defend the place.

"Precisely so, we need to fight for more resources."

"That's right! Our Chai clan's advantage is that we have a human path method to allow geniuses to appear in our descendants. But we do not have enough resources to nurture them. Once we chase away one clan or even two, we will gain a vast amount of resources, we will become the number one force in Southern Border in no time."

These were the arguments of the side that wanted to fight.

Chai clan's first supreme elder remained silent, after a while, he looked at a Gu Immortal in the hall, asking: "You Yan, tell us about your view."Yes the author's geography is incredibly messed up.


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