Reverend Insanity
1344 Troubled Thoughts, Clear Jade Dripping Wind Building
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1344 Troubled Thoughts, Clear Jade Dripping Wind Building

"What is it?" Qiao Si Liu did not understand.

Fang Yuan did not answer her, he paced around, using wisdom path methods as he fell into deep thought.

The situation was very complex now, the mastermind was hidden, while Wu Yong was missing, everything was shrouded in mystery. But Fang Yuan had no choice but to decide his course of action now.

He had no choice.

Fang Yuan could deeply feel how helpless he was in this situation.

Wu clan's Gu Immortals, Qiao clan's Gu Immortals, as well as Southern Border's situation and the mastermind, they all forced him to leave the super Gu formation.

This was the helplessness of the righteous path.

Fang Yuan was faced with a difficult test.

He did not want to be a chess piece of Qiao clan and Wu clan, he wanted to keep his benefits amidst this complex situation.

What to do?

Fang Yuan had already guessed Wu Ba Chong's intention and desire.

"Maybe I can make use of this?" Thinking of this, Fang Yuan decided to make use of it.

He stopped walking around, he faced Qiao Si Liu: "Since they want me to lead the clan, I will give my orders."

"Yi Hai, this is the demeanor of a heroic man!" Qiao Si Liu's eyes shone, she praised.

Fang Yuan continued: "With the mastermind hidden, we need to play safe now. I will order Wu clan's Gu Immortals to give up on the faraway resource points and return to Wu Yi Mountain, we will activate our Immortal Gu Houses to defend against the unknown."

Qiao Si Liu was very satisfied with Fang Yuan's action.

Fang Yuan informed her of his thoughts regarding Wu clan's internal affairs, he did not treat her as an outsider.

Qiao Si Liu was joyful, she said: "This is the best method to play safe. But it is a severe loss, by giving up the defense of so many resource points, the surrounding super forces will take over them."

"We have no choice, Wu clan's strength is too dispersed, with this uncertain situation, we can only regroup and defend against future challenges." Fang Yuan sighed.

"That makes sense too, let's go, we should return to Wu Yi Mountain." Qiao Si Liu approved of Fang Yuan's idea, she said.

Fang Yuan shook his head: "No, we are not leaving."

"This will be too dangerous."

"Even my brother was ambushed, we are just rank seven, wouldn't that mastermind easily deal with us?"

"If this mastermind wants to deal with Wu clan, their next target is me. How can I leave now? The route back to Wu clan is too dangerous!"

Fang Yuan's excuse was very reasonable.

Qiao Si Liu's expression turned grim, nodding: "That is true! We need to be safer, it will be best if we can be escorted by an Immortal Gu House."

After spending so much effort, he finally convinced Qiao Si Liu, Fang Yuan let out a sigh of relief.

But he was still frowning.

He had finally managed to stay in the super Gu formation, but now, how long could it continue?

Wu Yong's survival was uncertain, this situation made even Fang Yuan, who knew about certain future events, feel helpless.

Inside the purple blood river formation.

There were over a dozen blood rivers now.

In this dim place, countless purple thoughts were pouring out unceasingly.

Tie Mian Shen shouted loudly, iron sand that resembled fog was surrounding him, forming a huge veil that defended him.

But the purple thoughts turned from solid to phantom, entering the iron sand veil towards Tie Mian Shen unobstructed.

"Damn it!" Tie Mian Shen gritted his teeth, he had no options against such a phantom path method.

But at the moment of crisis, a clear wind blew.

The purple thoughts that had turned into phantom burst like bubbles.

"So close…" Tie Mian Shen looked around, giving Wu Yong a look of gratitude.

Purple thoughts formed into a storm around Wu Yong, there were countless blood beasts mixed among them.

But even in this intense battle, Wu Yong was uninjured, he still had the spare energy to take care of Tie Mian Shen and Qiao Zhi Cai, who were far away in the battlefield.

"This purple blood river formation has phantom path effects, if we do not get rid of the ruin bat corpses, these phantom path effects will not end!" Qiao Zhi Cai shouted.

He needed to shout.

Because voice transmissions would not work here.

Wisdom path methods like communicating with thoughts were also unusable.

Tie Mian Shen had a cold gaze, sharp as a dagger, he looked around and saw that there were thirty to forty ruin bat corpses, most were desolate level, but there were some ancient ruin bats and even an immemorial ruin bat, defended by two blood rivers.

In fact, at this point, Tie Mian Shen could understand some things already.

These ruin bat corpses were rapidly melted in the blood river. Especially when the purple thoughts turned from solid to phantom, these ruin bat corpses were being consumed at a rapid rate.

But so what if he knew about the importance of the ruin bat corpses?

Not long after they fought, that rank eight Gu Immortal (Purple Mountain True Monarch) had vanished.

Wu Yong was greatly restricted now, he was defending against Purple Mountain True Monarch's sneak attack.

"It is unwise to get Lord Wu Yong to destroy the ruin bat corpses, that purple haired rank eight will use it to his advantage."

"In this situation, Qiao Zhi Cai and I need to work together to clear the ruin bat corpses."

"If that purple haired enemy attacks, Lord Wu Yong would be able to block him and save our lives…"

But what if he could not?

Or rather, even if he could save their lives, if he had to give up a chance to destroy the Gu formation, what would Wu Yong do?

Tie Mian Shen was hesitant, because trust between the three was lacking.

But at this time, a complex aura burst out from the very center of the battlefield.

Great winds blew, Wu Yong's sleeves were fluttering like the king of the wind. At this moment, his ordinary appearance had turned into one of grand boldness and authority.

"Since you want to see the rank eight Immortal Gu that my mother left me, I will show you." Wu Yong called out coldly.

A vast number of purple thoughts were blown away, the blood rivers were in turbulence, several rivers were cut apart from this intense wind.

Qiao Zhi Cai was shocked and joyful.

Tie Mian Shen's iron mask was also shaved off slightly from this commotion, he called out in surprise: "This is an… Immortal Gu House?!"

Wu Yong had struck without warning, making a truly shocking move.

He did not use any immortal killer moves, he took out an Immortal Gu House from his immortal aperture.

This Immortal Gu House was not glorious or grand, it had the appearance of a bamboo building.

This was a very commonly seen type of building in Southern Border, it existed in the other four regions as well, but it was only built on mountainous terrain.

This bamboo building had two stories, made entirely out of bamboo, there were even bamboo leaves growing on the bamboos, drops of dew were dripping down from the leaves, green as jade.

Wu Yong's sleeves billowed, flying into the second story of the bamboo building.

He sat by the window, flicking his finger as the bamboo building shook, more than ten drops of jade dew fell off the roof.

At that moment, the jade dew shot out from the bamboo building at lightning speed.

Everywhere they went, clear wind blew, sweeping everything. Be it the purple thoughts or blood red tides, they were all disintegrated by the wind.

"So impressive!" Qiao Zhi Cai praised, the jade dew had flown over and resolved his crisis.

"Wu clan had three Immortal Gu Houses initially, but now they have a fourth! And this Immortal Gu House has the aura of two rank eight wind path Immortal Gu… Wu Yong had truly hidden it very deeply." Tie Mian Shen was deeply shook.

The two Gu Immortals were saved one after another, they flew into the bamboo building, standing beside Wu Yong.

"This is the Immortal Gu House that my mother constructed, Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building." Wu Yong sat by the window, looking at the Gu formation outside as he explained clearly.

"Amazing! With this building, we will not lose. It is only a matter of time until we escape." Qiao Zhi Cai was overjoyed.

If Wu Yong was using Wu Du Xiu's two rank eight Immortal Gu to activate an immortal killer move, Qiao Zhi Cai would be very worried.

Because activating immortal killer moves had a chance of failure. The stronger the killer move, the greater the backlash if he failed in activating it.

But Wu Du Xiu had died, Wu Yong had only inherited these two rank eight Immortal Gu for a short amount of time.

Especially when Wu Yong was the first supreme elder of Wu clan, he had high status, how much time did he have to practise his killer moves? This was a huge problem.

But now, these two rank eight wind path Immortal Gu were used with other Gu worms to construct an Immortal Gu House!

Everyone knew that Immortal Gu Houses had fixed abilities, but they were easy to use and would not normally have backlash.

Tie Mian Shen's emotions were much more complex, he thought: "Wu clan actually had a fourth Immortal Gu House, and it is a rank eight Immortal Gu House, it is far more powerful than the first three. Each Immortal Gu House will greatly raise a clan's overall strength. With a rank eight Immortal Gu House, and some Gu Immortals, as long as they had enough immortal essence, Wu clan would basically have the equivalent of a second rank eight Gu Immortal. Wu Yong had truly concealed this deeply!"

He could not help but assess Wu Yong again in a new light.

Wu clan was not having an easy time recently, they were facing the threat of many forces around them. As the only rank eight Gu Immortal left in Wu clan, Wu Yong was busy sending out people to deal with problems, he was in an awkward state.

But as long as he used this Immortal Gu House, all his problems would be resolved, Wu clan's reputation would soar and they would become the number one force in Southern Border again without doubt, all of the other forces would stop having greedy thoughts.

But Wu Yong did not.

He had been using his own strength to deal with Wu clan's problems. He hid this Immortal Gu House very deeply, even Wu clan's Gu Immortals did not know of it.

If he was not trapped inside this purple blood river formation, nobody would be able to find out that Wu Yong actually had a fourth Immortal Gu House, and it was a rank eight Immortal Gu House at that.

"With just this, Wu Yong is definitely not inferior to his mother Wu Du Xiu! Thankfully, my Tie clan is at the northeast of Southern Border, while Wu clan is at the southwest, we are far apart. And earlier, my clan did not join in on making problems for Wu clan." Tie Mian Shen let out a breath, feeling relieved.

All of the super forces dominated an area, they had been in Southern Border for countless years.

They understood each other very clearly, each of their strengths were balanced with the amount of territory they had, it was in a deadlock.

But once Wu Du Xiu died, this balance was upset, thus, the other super clans worked together to find trouble with Wu clan.

But the moment they displayed this Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building, it would replace Wu Du Xiu and suppress Southern Border once again.

Wu Yong's simply had been scheming so deeply, he had been hiding it from view. One could easily tell, the moment he took out this Immortal Gu House, the other clans would suffer, they would be met with a great defeat!


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