Reverend Insanity
1340 Ghost Summoning, Tie Mian Shen
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1340 Ghost Summoning, Tie Mian Shen

Southern Border, Tie clan, Wan Cheng Mountain.


A chain of low sounds enveloped this unassuming valley.

At the bottom of this valley, there was a girl.

She had a tall body, her legs were more than sixty percent of her total height, she looked heroic and agile. Right now, her eyebrows were sharp like swords, her eyes were shining like stars, she looked upwards.

Giant rocks that were the size of houses were crashing down towards her by the cliff.

The girl breathed in deeply, at this moment of life and death, she shut her eyes.

Hundreds of giant rocks were about to land on her, but at this moment, she opened her eyes.

In an instant, golden light radiated, it was extremely dazzling, as if a miniature sun had appeared in the valley!

The light lasted for a while before vanishing.

The loud sounds also vanished, endless white powder scattered down, slowly descending.

The young woman was bathed in the rock powder, joy showing on her determined face.

"Good, Tie Ruo Nan, you succeeded in this killer move I taught, passing the final test. From now onwards, you will follow me and cultivate, I will teach you the ways of becoming an immortal." A grand voice echoed in this valley.

The young girl knelt on the ground: "Thank you for the guidance, lord supreme elder!"

"You hate evil so much and have great talent, you are suited for my Iron Mask true inheritance. Originally, your father was one of my chosen seeds, but to think that his daughter had countless times his talent… hmm?" The grand voice suddenly stopped.

But soon, Tie Ruo Nan heard: "There is a sudden issue, stay here and cultivate. The killer move I taught you might have succeeded, but you are not proficient enough. During this period, you need to practise more, when I return, we will have further plans."

"Yes." The girl respectfully bowed, excitement could not be concealed on her face.

"Finally, I finally did it. Father, I surpassed you. Watch me in heaven, I will become a Gu Immortal and obtain true strength."

"This world is too dark and chaotic, only with greater strength can I punish evildoers and reward those who carry out good deeds, justice will prevail and the world will be a better place!"

"Zhang Li, you bitch who murdered your own husband, to think that my brother treated you so well, and in the end, you actually acted so ruthlessly and killed him. Today, I will cut you into pieces, you will die without a proper corpse!" A young Gu Immortal shouted, his rage was unstoppable, his rank seven aura was bursting.

Fang Yuan: "…"

Ever since he passed the dream realm regarding Zuo Ye Hui, his dark path attainment level had risen to grandmaster level. But next, there was an absurd dream realm.

Fang Yuan played safe and did not explore this dream realm full of uncertainties.

After waiting for a while, he finally encountered a realistic dream realm.

But in the end, he became a female Gu Immortal in this dream realm, and was very… risque.

Because this female immortal cultivated enchantment emotion path.

This was a tiny path, derived from wisdom path as a minor path. It used emotions to fight, and enchantment to allure enemies.

Right now, Fang Yuan was a female immortal, he wore a pink dress, there were two huge treasures on his upper body, the corners of his skirt were open and exposed until his upper thigh. When he smiled, it was incredibly seductive.

Fang Yuan was helpless about this.

This was another person's dream realm, he had to be a character in it if he wanted to take part in the dream.

Of course, becoming a woman would not disrupt Fang Yuan's impassive mental state.

He was vigilant against his enemy as he concentrated on his immortal aperture.

What made Fang Yuan glad was that this female immortal had many Immortal Gu.

"I'll try this Gu first." Fang Yuan instilled immortal essence as he heard an alluring cry from it.

This voice that appeared was not controlled by Fang Yuan, it was a woman's voice filled with seduction and temptation.

The young Gu Immortal was very angry earlier, but after hearing this sound, his body went limp, his killing intent faded.

His momentum was lost as he gritted his teeth, clarity returning to his eyes: "Vicious woman, you dare to toy with me! Take this move!!"

Saying this, he pushed with his hands as a huge tornado swept towards Fang Yuan with countless wind blades.

Fang Yuan quickly retreated, dodging as he used his second Immortal Gu.

Immediately, Fang Yuan's skirt turned into a pink fog as it coiled around him, bringing Fang Yuan away quickly.

The speed was impressive, Fang Yuan sighed, it was not inferior to sword escape Immortal Gu, the only regretful part was, the farther he flew, the thinner the pink fog on his body, it was able to cover his entire body earlier, but now, his tender white thighs and arms were exposed already.

Fang Yuan was not afraid of running naked, this mindset of being embarrassed was no longer in him, moreover, this was a dream.

The regretful thing was, this Immortal Gu could not be used for long, otherwise, with just this speed, his enemy was not a problem.

"Slut, you ran quickly. But you will die today, in order to kill you and avenge my brother, I will do anything and pay any price!"

The young Gu Immortal shouted loudly with blood red eyes.

At the same time, he used his immortal killer move.

Jade green wind gathered into a small dagger in his palm.

The dagger shone with jade light, Fang Yuan took a look at it and felt fearful.

"Oh no!" Fang Yuan's heart sank.

"Just these one or two Immortal Gu alone cannot stop the immortal killer move. But I do not know what immortal killer moves this Zhang Li possesses."

As he felt troubled, Fang Yuan quickly used unravel dream.

Suddenly, a mysterious power moved in Fang Yuan's immortal aperture. An Immortal Gu and dozens of mortal Gu were activated under this mysterious power.

"This is?" Fang Yuan sensed this and felt great joy.

He quickly continued to use unravel dream, under its influence, the mysterious power continued to exert its strength, many Gu worms in his immortal aperture were used.

Next, a completely unknown immortal killer move was activated.

Fang Yuan did not know what this immortal killer move did, or what effect it had.

There was no time to lose, right now, the young Gu Immortal had already blown at his hand with his lips. That jade wind dagger shot out like an arrow, flying towards Fang Yuan, fast and ruthless!

Fang Yuan sighed to himself, at this moment, it was all up to chance.

Would unravel dream use an effective immortal killer move to defend against this jade wind dagger, Fang Yuan had no idea.

But under the effect of this killer move, Fang Yuan could not help but pinch his fingers, waving at this young Gu Immortal as he whispered bewitchingly: "Ghost summoning!"

This voice was enchanting to the limit, even Fang Yuan shuddered upon hearing it.

Next, a ghost really came.

This Gu Immortal soul had rank seven battle strength, it flew towards the jade wind dagger relentlessly.

That young Gu Immortal saw the ghost and his expression changed, he shouted: "Brother!!"

It turned out that this female immortal, Zhang Li, had killed her husband and refined his soul into an immortal killer move.

Fang Yuan saw this and had a flash of inspiration, he called out: "As long as I stop this killer move, your brother's soul can be saved, destroy it if you dare!"

The young Gu Immortal was enraged, but he was afraid of harming his brother, he could not fight properly.

Fang Yuan was intensely joyful, he quickly attacked and stabilized the situation.

A moment later, he found a flaw and killed him.

He passed the dream realm!

"Huff." Fang Yuan let out a breath of air, returning to reality.

"This dream realm only had one scene." Fang Yuan was slightly surprised.

This was a tiny dream realm.

Fang Yuan passed it in one try, inspecting himself, he found that his attainment level for wisdom path and soul path had risen.

"Enchantment emotion path had never left wisdom path, there are no enchantment emotion path dao marks in this world, only wisdom path dao marks. Thus, my wisdom path attainment level grew."

"As for soul path… perhaps that Zhang Li cultivated soul path too. Her ghost summoning immortal killer move belongs to soul path."

He analyzed and looked at his attainment level.

Right now, he had eight grandmaster level paths, they were blood path, strength path, transformation path, star path, wisdom path, water path, dark path, and formation path.

Refinement path was quasi-grandmaster, luck path was master, phantom path was empty. His sword path attainment level was ordinary, his soul path was also ordinary, but after Zhang Li's dream realm, it had risen to quasi-master level.

"That immortal killer move, ghost summoning, is quite interesting, even though I do not have enough soul path attainment level, my wisdom path is grandmaster. It was from a realistic dream realm, I very likely can use this same killer move again, with a portion of its strength. Even if I cannot replicate it, I can create a similar immortal killer move."

"But even if I replicate this immortal killer move, it is inferior to improving vajra shell."

Ordinary Gu Immortals would be happy if there was a possibility, they would try to deduce the immortal killer move.

But Fang Yuan was different.

Recently, his attainment level had risen a lot, he had countless inspirations, he could only choose to modify the immortal killer moves with the highest value to him.

This was a good problem to have.

His dark path attainment level was grandmaster, he could use dark limit Immortal Gu and perseverance Immortal Gu as the cores to create a new immortal killer move. This immortal killer move would allow him to conceal himself.

His formation path attainment level rose, Fang Yuan had a new idea about vajra shell.

This made him extremely moved. The original vajra shell used vajra thought Immortal Gu and perseverance Immortal Gu as the cores, but in his concept, if he could add in precaution Immortal Gu and some formation path mortal Gu, the power would rise by multiple times.

After Zhang Li's dream realm, the following ones were not suited for exploration.

Fang Yuan started to shift his focus, modifying the immortal killer move vajra shell.

Just as Fang Yuan rapidly increased his strength, Tie Mian Shen arrived in front of Qiao Zhi Cai and Wu Yong.

This rank seven Gu Immortal wore a martial uniform, his chest and legs were covered in light armor, there was a thick iron mask on his face.

He had not brought a mask to wear, it was the trait of cultivating the Iron Mask true inheritance.

All the Gu Immortals who cultivate this true inheritance must have a heart of justice, they also were often people most skilled in Southern Border in investigating the truth.

After seeing those two corpses, Tie Mian Shen declared: "It was not Qiao Zhi Cai."

Qiao Zhi Cai let out a breath of air.

"Who was it?" Wu Yong asked.

"Someone mimicked his immortal killer move wooden statue murder. This is something seen before in history." Tie Mian Shen answered: "Lord Wu Yong, I wonder if you have heard of Seven Illusions Demon Immortal?"

Wu Yong frowned: "You mean the inheritor of the Seven Illusions true inheritance? It is said that the Gu Immortal who inherits it will have a method to mimic almost any method used by Gu Immortals in this world, Tie Mian Shen, is that true?"

Tie Mian Shen nodded: "Our clan's Demon Suppression Tower had once contained a Seven Illusions Demon Immortal. We did not manage to get the contents of the Seven Illusions true inheritance, but we know a lot of its secrets. This Seven Illusions true inheritance has seven different layers. The inheritor can choose to inherit any of the layers or get the complete Seven Illusions true inheritance. But after inheriting one true inheritance, they will have to agree to one condition, in the future, they would need to do something for someone. Taking all seven layers would mean seven conditions."

"Our clan has already devised methods to locate a Seven Illusions inheritor, and differentiate their methods. I used it earlier, this was undoubtedly a Seven Illusions Demon Immortal."

"Interesting." Wu Yong nodded, frowning deeply.

Even if they knew the truth, so what?

Who was the Seven Illusions Demon Immortal? Which force or person was behind them?

Wu Yong still did not know the answer to this problem!

But at the next moment, Tie Mian Shen's words eased Wu Yong's frown.


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