Reverend Insanity
1337 Mushroomman Paradise, Dark Grandmaster
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1337 Mushroomman Paradise, Dark Grandmaster

Southern Border, giant dream realm.

"Zuo Ye Hui?!" Hearing the name of this giant monster, Fang Yuan's heart shook intensely.

This was an immemorial desolate beast with a mysterious origin, it had existed since a million years ago, during the Olden Antiquity Era.

Every time it appeared, there would be endless slaughter and fighting. In terms of seniority, the dog tail life extending ferret from Northern Plains was merely a newcomer that rose to fame three hundred thousand years ago.

Zuo Ye Hui, You Tian Guang, these two names were once placed side by side in human history. They were the nightmares of the Olden Antiquity Era, Medieval Antiquity Era, and Late Antiquity Era.

They were immemorial desolate beasts, but they possessed human forms, nobody knew why.

Whenever they appeared, they would create endless slaughter, no matter which region, they would whip up a bloody storm.

Even Central Continent's Heavenly Court could not exterminate them.

They were extremely crafty, they worked together and whenever a Demon Venerable or Immortal Venerable was alive, they would hide and not show up.

Thankfully, when it was Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable's era, the kindest Immortal Venerable throughout history was determined to get rid of these evils, he spent a lot of time and effort, finally locating these two legendary immemorial desolate beasts' hiding spot.

After an intense battle, You Tian Guang died, while Zuo Ye Hui was heavily injured, it managed to escape but it went missing, it was unknown if it was dead or alive.

"Zuo Ye Hui… I actually encountered this legendary immemorial desolate beast in a dream realm?" Fang Yuan held in his shock, he continued to climb.

Zuo Ye Hui was eating all of the corpses around it, in the surroundings of this beast, the mountain-like pile of corpses was pouring into its bloodthirsty mouth.

Immortal killer move!

This was obviously an immortal killer move.

Its chewing alone could not allow it to eat at such a rapid speed.

Fang Yuan was having a tough time.

He was heavily injured and could not move fast, the speed of his climbing could not match the speed of suction by Zuo Ye Hui, he was dragged towards the center by these moving corpses.

Suddenly, Zuo Ye Hui breathed in deeply.

Intense winds blew, Fang Yuan was caught off guard and the winds blew him away, into Zuo Ye Hui's mouth.

Zuo Ye Hui chewed rapidly, Fang Yuan was chomped up into meat paste by its sharp teeth.

"I died again!" Fang Yuan returned to reality with his soul injuries.

"How do I pass this dream realm?" This problem was like a giant boulder blocking Fang Yuan's advancement.

He fell into deep contemplation.

While he was brought up the mountain by the two boar headed beastmen, Fang Yuan tried many ways but could not escape.

He knew now that this dream realm was forcing him to enter the valley.

But this valley was more dangerous than the boar headed beastmen.

Because a legendary immemorial desolate beast was there.

Immemorial desolate beasts rivaled rank eight Gu Immortals, but most of them had low intelligence, they were not the match of rank eight Gu Immortals.

But there were exceptions to everything, among immemorial desolate beasts, there were a certain few unique individuals.

Due to all sorts of fortuitous encounters, they had wisdom akin to that of humans, they learned the ways of Gu cultivation and had immortal apertures, they knew how to manipulate Immortal Gu and could even unleash immortal killer moves.

Their danger was extremely large, thus, every legendary immemorial desolate beast had its own name.

Like dog tail life extending ferret Mao Li Qiu, Central Continent's Evil Dragon Di Zang Sheng as well as Huo Kong, along with Zuo Ye Hui and You Tian Guang. These were all legendary immemorial desolate beasts.

Such existences were often stronger than most rank eight Gu Immortals.

This could be seen from how the dog tail life extending ferret, Mao Li Qiu, killed two Heavenly Court rank eight Gu Immortals.

Man is the spirit of all living beings, but they had weak bodies and could not compare to other lifeforms if Gu worms were not used. Be it speed, strength, lifespan, recovery speed, vision, hearing, and others, humans were inferior.

Immemorial desolate beasts possessed extremely dense dao marks, they had longer lifespan than humans, their recovery, strength, and others surpassed an ordinary human. Once they could use Immortal Gu and immortal killer moves, possessed an immortal aperture and had wisdom like humans, their strength would naturally surpass rank eight Gu Immortals.

"Does this dream realm want me to try and escape from getting eaten by Zuo Ye Hui?"

Fang Yuan entered the dream again.

Using unravel dream along the way, he went to the bottom of the giant corpse pile with a shred of life remaining.

"Good." Fang Yuan gathered his focus, and pushed away all of the corpses before Zuo Ye Hui started eating, burying himself.

As Zuo Ye Hui started to suck, intense winds blew.

The surface of the corpse mountain started to fly away towards it.

Fang Yuan was intact as he had dug into the corpses.

But soon, the intense winds continued unceasingly as he was swept into Zuo Ye Hui's mouth again.

"F*ck!" Fang Yuan's final view was a row of sharp teeth stabbing into his body.

Entering the dream again.

"I'll dig, dig and dig more." Fang Yuan continued as he used unravel dream to find some easy spots to drill into, allowing his progress to be faster.

Zuo Ye Hui continued to breathe in, after a long time, the winds stopped.

Fang Yuan was also on his last breaths, hiding among the corpses.

"I finally endured it." While he was rejoicing, one of the two beastman Gu Immortals in the air spoke.

"Zuo Ye Hui, good appetite."

The dark giant said: "Too few, too few! I want to eat more humans, the more humans I eat, I closer I am to becoming human."

"Don't worry, there's more." The beastman Gu Immortal laughed as it opened its immortal aperture, a large number of human Gu Master corpses fell down like a waterfall.

"F*ck." Fang Yuan's expression changed, he uncontrollably cursed.

At the next moment, he was squashed to death by the pile of corpses.

Entering the dream again.

Fang Yuan dug into the corpse pile, but this time, he did not use his full strength.

After the intense winds vanished, he was at the top layer of the remaining corpses.

Corpses rained down as Fang Yuan quickly climbed towards the walls, trying to find some mountain rocks as his shelter.

After the corpses rained down, he was intact.

"What should I do now?" Fang Yuan looked at the pile of corpses in front of him as he thought rapidly.

Currently, he was still buried among the corpses, he was about six meters away from the top layer.

And now, he felt a numb sensation in his chest.

Fang Yuan could not see in the pile of corpses, he used his hand to touch it.

Next, he touched a slippery tail, it seemed like a snake or a centipede.

Next, this tail drilled into his chest.

"Am I dying again?" This question had just appeared in his mind when he was kicked out of the dream realm yet again.

"Earlier, that seems to be a Gu worm?" Fang Yuan thought in real life.

"There are so many mortal Gu Master corpses, it seemed like a huge battle occurred and some mortal Gu were not taken away, that is normal. Even if Gu Immortals find them, those tiny mortal Gu are not of significance to them."

"Of course, in an extreme environment like the sea of corpses, wild Gu might be created, it is not strange."

Fang Yuan acutely sensed that this Gu worm was his opportunity.

After his injuries healed, he entered the dream realm again.

Refinement of the Gu worm failed, he died.

Refining again, this time, he was in a deadlock as Zuo Ye Hui started to eat again, Fang Yuan was interrupted and failed, he died.

Finally, after refining the Gu worm, he realized that it was a rank two Gu worm used for offense, Fang Yuan cursed as once again, he died.

Again, he died.

And died.

And died.

"What sort of rotten dream is this?" There were an uncountable number of failures, even one time, because of his actions, the two Gu Immortals took notice and waved their fingers, causing Fang Yuan to die from a mystical light.


In this dream realm, Fang Yuan was too weak.

Any mishap or wind was a fatal danger to him that caused him to die.

"Should I give up on this dream realm?" Thoughts continuously appeared of giving up.

Fang Yuan's investment in this dream realm was beyond the rest, but hope was bleak, he could not see any chance of success.

This dream realm was unimaginably difficult!

"Let's try once more."

"I can persevere once more."

"I died again… should I give up?"

There was another chain of deaths, Fang Yuan wanted to give up, but he could not bear to because he had invested so much, more importantly, he had never seen such a dream realm, if he succeeded, it would be a huge accumulation of experience to him!

Even if he gave up now, would he encounter such a dream realm again in the future?

Gritting his teeth and persevering.

Until the final time.

There were about sixty corpses in the ground in the valley, Fang Yuan struggled for a long time before preserving his life, he was mixed among them.

A Gu formation appeared.

Fang Yuan discovered that Zuo Ye Hui was trapped by this super Gu formation, its lower body was buried in the ground, only its upper body could move.

"This damned four elements formation, let me break you!" After it ate enough, Zuo Ye Hui roared at the sky as it burst out with a powerful dark grey light.

The grey light enveloped the entire valley.

"Oh no, this is the immortal killer move grey night! Let's retreat!" The two beastman Gu Immortals flew into the sky.

The four elements formation activated, as earth, water, wind, and fire, four mystical lights burst out and resisted the grey light, limiting it to the valley.

Zuo Ye Hui growled in anger and unwillingness to give in, but it was useless.

"What the, how can I dodge this?!" The grey light was everywhere, enveloping the valley, the beastman Gu Immortals could run, but Fang Yuan could not.

He watched as the surrounding grass and rocks were eliminated by this grey light, he himself was no exception.

Fang Yuan fell into deep despair: "This is an unsolvable dream realm?! The grey light cannot be dodged! If I had known this, I would've given up long ago, that was the wiser decision!"

Feeling deep regret, Fang Yuan returned to the real world.

His soul injury was much more severe than any of his previous attempts.


What made Fang Yuan joyful was that his dark path attainment level had risen to grandmaster level all of a sudden.

"What happened?" Fang Yuan quickly inspected.

He was shocked to find out that this dream realm had vanished.

"So lasting until the final moment meant passing this dream realm! I succeeded! This is a survival type dream realm, I only needed to last till the end."

"This dream realm only had one scene, but after passing it, my ordinary dark path attainment level rose up to grandmaster level!"

"Is it because of Zuo Ye Hui's existence?"

Many questions were left unanswered.

Fang Yuan's knowledge of dream realms was too shallow. After all, he had not invested effort into dream realms in the five hundred years of his previous life.

At the same time, Bai Ning Bing and Hei Lou Lan were filled with questions.

"Where is this?" Hei Lou Lan looked at the world of birds and flowers that was shrouded in thin fog as she asked.

"This is the Mushroomman Paradise." A variant human Gu Immortal appeared from within the fog.

"Mushroomman Gu Immortal?" Bai Ning Bing's dragon pupils shrunk.

Mushroommen were a type of variant humans, they resembled humans but there was a mushroom cap on their heads, resembling a hat.

Below the mushroom cap were the mushroomman's brows and eyes, as for nose, ears, and other features, they were all present.

"Mushroomman… Paradise?" Hei Lou Lan muttered these two words: "Don't tell me, this is Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable's…"


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