Reverend Insanity
1327 Letter of Challenge to Chi Shang
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1327 Letter of Challenge to Chi Shang

Fang Yuan roughly skimmed through the accounts, increasing his understanding of the forces around him. He then asked Wu An and Lady White Rabbit to leave.

"Lord, there is a matter, I don't know if I should speak of it or not." Before leaving, Wu An spoke with some hesitation.

"Speak." Fang Yuan was straightforward.

Wu An reported to Fang Yuan that there were some rumors recently saying that Chi clan Gu Immortal Chi Shang was coming over to inspect the super Gu formation.

Fang Yuan immediately understood Wu An's meaning, and waved for him to leave.

"Qiao Si Liu has many pursuers, this Chi Shang is the most important one among them."

"He has never taken the initiative to do an inspection, this time, he is most likely coming over to find trouble with me."

However, righteous path Gu Immortals could not disregard all considerations and engage in life and death battle. At most, there would be a drop in reputation.

"At worst, I will give up my reputation and avoid fighting." Fang Yuan rubbed his chin: "But I also need to prevent my secrets from being exposed. After all, this super Gu formation was built under the leadership of Chi clan. Among Southern Border's super forces, Chi clan is absolutely the number one force in formation path."

Fang Yuan already understood those mortal formation path contents clearly, and there were only a few things which he could not understand completely.

However, when he looked at this super Gu formation he was in, there was still no change, he was still dazzled like an ant facing a vast river of stars.

Chi clan's first supreme elder had personally set up this super Gu formation, he was a great grandmaster in formation path!

Chi Shang's arrival was quicker than everyone's expectations.

A banquet to welcome him was essential.

Because Chi Shang represented Chi clan in this trip, what's more, he was responsible for inspecting around the super Gu formation to see if there were any defensive flaws and so on.

During the banquet, everyone interacted with each other, portraying a cohesive gathering on the outside, but secretly, there were undercurrents brewing.

The perceptive people knew this was not originally Chi Shang's task, but he had taken the initiative for this duty. Everyone in Southern Border knew Chi Shang was pursuing Qiao Si Liu, but in these recent times, there were rumors of Wu Yi Hai being very close with Qiao Si Liu.

Chi Shang's objective in this trip was self-evident.

But unfortunately, Fang Yuan did not partake in this banquet, instead holed up in the Gu formation, continuing to explore the dream realm.

Many people interested in this could not help but be disappointed at not being able to see a good show.

Ba De slowly put down his cup: "Nephew Chi Shang, I have already introduced all the Gu Immortals here to you, they are all elites. Unfortunately, there is still one person who has not appeared today, this person is even more outstanding. He came from Eastern Sea, and later on, became a part of our Southern Border. Recently, he has defeated Xia Fei Kuai and Mountain Moving Old Monster, and is the head of Wu clan here."

All the Gu Immortals in the banquet felt a jolt in their minds, they all knew precisely whom Ba De was talking about.

Chi Shang wore a white robe, he had a handsome face, deep eyes and an aquiline nose, giving him a dark and devious aura. He was a hundred and sixty years old by now.

Old Treeman Ba De was much older than him. Chi clan and Ba clan were also united by marriage, thus Ba De was not randomly addressing Chi Shang by calling him nephew.

Chi Shang smiled: "I have also heard of the great name of Wu Yi Hai. It is truly regretful that I could not meet him today. But I will be here for some time, and I will also be inspecting all around the Gu formation. At that time, I will definitely meet Wu Yi Hai."

Chi Shang showcased initiative, immediately making everyone think over this: Fang Yuan, who was hiding away, looked quite weak-willed, compared to Chi Shang.

The banquet ended, Wu An and Wu Liao were aggrieved, and both requested to have an audience with Fang Yuan.

They had a very uncomfortable time in this banquet. They were cast aside by the others and even taunted, the only thing missing was nobody asking them for a spar.

"Oh? Since that is the case, then I shall hold a banquet tomorrow, send an invitation to Chi Shang." Fang Yuan thought for a bit, before speaking.

Wu An and Wu Liao glanced at each other, they felt excited as they retreated with Fang Yuan's order.

Only Fang Yuan, alone, remained in the large hall.

He walked to the depths of the hall and looked at the dream realm.

He had already explored more than half of this formation path dream realm.

After using unravel dream, Fang Yuan had passed through the third, fourth and fifth stages.

The main contents of the dream realm were Tu Shi Cheng teaching his son about formation path. His education style was brutal and harsh, using survival to forcefully stimulate his son's potential, Fang Yuan had suffered so much from this that he no longer had the energy to curse.

Unravel dream had outstanding effects indeed, these stages were no obstacle to Fang Yuan, letting Fang Yuan's current formation path attainment soar once again. He had not only stepped into master level, he even went one step further, becoming a quasi-grandmaster.

"But I still am a long way from truly reaching formation path grandmaster level." Fang Yuan had an extremely clear sensation of this.

Towards the later stages, attainment levels became increasingly difficult to raise.

"This dream realm is still not over, according to its size, there are at least two stages left!"

"This Tu Shi Cheng's son was truly amazing, his formation path attainment was definitely above grandmaster level."

"But recently, Chi Shang has been inspecting the various places of the Gu formation, I should restrain myself a bit and stop exploring the dream realm."

After all, this super Gu formation was constructed mainly by Chi clan, Fang Yuan was still not able to thoroughly understand this super Gu formation, so it was better for him to be careful.

Fang Yuan knew that once the secret of him being able to effectively explore dream realms was exposed, it would create an extremely huge impact.

At that time, not only Southern Border, the other four regions would also be shaken and would mobilize their forces to find him.

"Wu Yi Hai is inviting me to a banquet tomorrow?" Looking at Wu An, Chi Shang smiled.

"I appreciate Wu Yi Hai's good intention, but… forgive me, I am on official business and have to prioritize it, wait for me to finish inspecting the Gu formation, after that, I can visit to thank him for his hospitality." Chi Shang refused Fang Yuan's invitation with a slight smile on his face.

Wu An felt helpless, as he left with a face filled with anger and embarrassment, he reported this to Fang Yuan.

Chi Shang's action was slightly overboard and had slapped Wu clan's face. This made both Wu Liao and Wu An indignant.

The other clans' Gu Immortals, however, were secretly laughing at this, anticipating a good show.

Regardless, Fang Yuan was calm the whole time.

He indifferently looked at Wu An and Wu Liao: "Since that is the case, then we shall wait."

He did not look the least bit angry.

"But…" Wu An and Wu Liao were inwardly anxious, feeling like their face had been torn by Chi Shang, but since Fang Yuan did not look anxious at all, they could only take their leave.

Although Fang Yuan could not continue exploring the dream realm, he still had a lot of other things to do.

For instance, constructing coiling thread caves to expand the scale of regretful spiders.

This was to be the sovereign immortal aperture's second large scale resource expansion.

Fang Yuan had been preparing for it these last days.

It was all to construct an environment that was suitable for ordinary spiders to qualitatively transform into regretful spiders.

According to Dong Fang tribe's method, constructing coiling thread caves required setting up a Gu formation, and it also required a rank six immortal material, dark soft silk, and a rank seven immortal material, regret water rock.

Fang Yuan had already gathered dark soft silk and regret water rocks, he had paid a large amount of immortal essence stones as well as some other immortal materials for them.

Next was setting up the Gu formation.

This was clearly a Gu formation that concerned immortal materials.

Normally speaking, this kind of Gu formation which relied upon immortal materials could only be deduced and created by a grandmaster level formation path Gu Immortal. And a great grandmaster formation path Gu Immortal could construct a Gu formation using the natural dao marks in the world as the foundation.

Prior to exploring the formation path dream realm, Fang Yuan felt like he was looking at an illegible book when he considered this Gu formation. But now, he understood it clearly, after all, he had quasi-grandmaster attainment.

Moreover, Fang Yuan still had some inspiration.

"Maybe I can improve this Gu formation and add in perseverance Immortal Gu! According to the principle of this Gu formation, if I add in perseverance Immortal Gu, the production of regretful spiders will at least multiply by eight."

Fang Yuan's heart thumped with excitement at such a concept.

If he could achieve this target, then the regretful spider business would surpass the dragonfish. The profits it could bring Fang Yuan could surpass even the guts Gu business.

This seemed to be exaggerated, but if looked at carefully, it was true!

Guts Gu's production was restricted by the quality and the quantity of souls. Currently, Lang Ya Sect was killing desolate beasts in Tai Qiu and using their souls as the resources to produce guts Gu. They were also bringing in some souls from treasure yellow heaven as well as the northern icy plain as replenishment.

The key point was there was Western Desert's Xiao clan, which could take in all the regretful spiders even if its supply was much higher.

There was no need to worry about the sales of regretful spiders, furthermore, Fang Yuan had a collaborative relationship with Xiao clan.

Fang Yuan started deducing.

But soon, he ran into a problem.

He was unable to arrange a part of the Gu formation, this already surpassed his limits regardless of how many wisdom path methods he used.

"I am only a quasi-grandmaster, if I were a grandmaster, I would have the foundation to modify this Gu formation." Fang Yuan realized.

"But although I am not a formation path grandmaster, there is someone nearby who has this attainment level."

This person was none other than Chi Shang!

After Chi Shang refused Fang Yuan's invitation, he started patrolling all the places around the super Gu formation.

Every stationed Gu Immortal welcomed Chi Shang warmly.

Chi Shang was intentionally delaying his inspection. Everyone knew that the longer he delayed, the more Wu clan's face would be lost.

Naturally, it was Wu Yi Hai that Chi Shang held hostility towards, not Wu clan.

A love rival!

"Wu Yi Hai, you think of yourself as so high and mighty, you look down on me. By inviting me, do you think I will scuttle towards you? Hmph! I want you to come look for me personally!" Chi Shang had such an intention in his mind.

But soon, this plan of his was destroyed.

Because Fang Yuan's letter of challenge was in his hands.

In the letter, Fang Yuan wrote: I once toured scenic spots with Fairy Si Liu, and in that time, your name was mentioned. Fairy Si Liu praised you as a genius in formation path, but I, Wu Yi Hai, don't accept that. I have created a formation path problem, let's see if you can answer it. If you can, then it is your win. If you can't, it is your loss, I will be informing Fairy Si Liu of this result when I return.

Chi Shang completely lost it!

"Wu Yi Hai, as expected, you could not take it any more."

"But you actually want to use formation path to trouble me?"

"You, a transformation path Gu Immortal, want to use formation path to embarrass me? What gave you the guts?!"

"You are asking for your own humiliation! I will definitely tell Fairy Si Liu of your loss and prove my, Chi Shang's, strength!!"


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