Reverend Insanity
1323 Formation Path Contains Countless Paths
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1323 Formation Path Contains Countless Paths

"Tu Shi Cheng? I have never heard of this name…" Fang Yuan thought to himself.

Since his father's surname was Tu, this boy Fang Yuan was acting as naturally was surnamed Tu. Being able to leave behind a dream realm meant he indeed had remarkable skill in formation path, but there seemed to be no formation path great experts with the surname Tu in the history of Gu Masters.

Fang Yuan scanned through his memories, but did not have any findings.

Naturally, his knowledge could not encompass the whole of Gu Master history. Maybe this was the dream of a hidden expert.

"Come, sit by me." The middle-aged Gu Immortal sat on the ground, and patted the area beside him.

Fang Yuan quickly sat down beside him.

"My son, do you know how many Gu Master paths there are in this world?" Tu Shi Cheng asked with a warm smile on his face.

Fang Yuan pondered, there were naturally many Gu Master paths, and looking at the trend, even more were starting to thrive. For instance, when Gu Master cultivation had just started to flourish, space path and time path were the mainstream paths, afterwards, wisdom path, qi path, strength path, rule path and other paths emerged one after the other, and now, there were even more paths like fire path, water path, metal path, bone path, poison path and so on.

"Five hundred years later, there is also dream path… innovation never stops, Gu Immortal paths will continue to increase." Fang Yuan pondered inwardly, while replying: "According to what I know, there is space path, time path, hmm, and also qi path, wisdom path and so on."

Tu Shi Cheng nodded: "You are correct, but it is still not detailed. Let me tell you, in Ren Zu's time during the Immemorial Antiquity Era, there were space path and time path, these two paths researched and expounded on the profundities of time and space."

"In the Remote Antiquity Era, Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable created qi path and enslavement path, Star Constellation Immortal Venerable created wisdom path and star path, and our formation path was also created during the later period of the Remote Antiquity Era. But its true founder could not be verified. Refinement path and fire path were also created during this period."

"In the Olden Antiquity Era, Limitless Demon Venerable created rule path, Reckless Savage Demon Venerable created transformation path. Strength path, wind path, light path and dark path were also created in this era."

"In the Medieval Antiquity Era, Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable created wood path, Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable created theft path, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable created luck path. Moreover, metal path, water path, ice and snow path, cloud path, earth path, lightning path, information path and sound path emerged one after another, this was an era where all kinds of diverse paths appeared."

"And in our present era, bone path was created, there are also phantom path and restriction path. Naturally, what I mentioned are only the mainstream Gu Master paths, minor paths like enchantment path, illusion path, and others will be omitted for now."

Fang Yuan immediately came to an understanding when he heard these words.

"So this dream realm is set in the Late Antiquity Era. Right now, Spectral Soul Demon Venerable has yet to appear, otherwise Tu Shi Cheng would have mentioned him."

Tu Shi Cheng continued: "Son, I have elaborated on so much because I want to tell you our formation path is one of the longest standing paths in history. Although it cannot be compared to space path and time path, it was created in the same era as qi path and wisdom path. Just based on seniority, it appeared even before transformation path."

As he said this, Tu Shi Cheng asked: "The essence of transformation path is to project countless paths, son, what do you think is the essence of formation path?"

Although Fang Yuan's attainment in formation path was extremely ordinary, this question was fairly simple and common, he knew about it.

He replied: "Formation path contains countless paths."

"Haha, good answer!" Tu Shi Cheng did not stint on his praise, and gave a deeper explanation: "Our formation path can set up Gu formations, which can use Gu worms of space path and time path, we can also use Gu worms of metal path, wood path, fire path, water path and so on. Just because of this, formation path can be said to be the most complex path among all the paths."

"Setting up a Gu formation is very difficult, because it might need to use Gu worms of many other paths. As such, when cultivating formation path, we need to have some understanding of other paths, even if the understanding is not deep, we need to have basic knowledge of them, at the least, we need to have deep understanding of the Gu worms we are using."

Fang Yuan continued to nod while listening.

This was one of the difficulties of formation path cultivation.

Actually, every path had some areas which it was proficient in and weak in. For instance, cultivating enslavement path allowed one to fight many by oneself, but it had an extremely huge demand on resources.

Cultivating and learning formation path was a large obstacle, because it involved Gu worms of other paths. Formation path Gu worms were only the foundation and framework of a Gu formation, the rest of the content required large numbers of Gu worms from other paths.

Because of this, it was difficult to learn and master formation path.

Nurturing a formation path expert was not easy. On one hand, it had high demand towards resources, time and knowledge, on the other hand, the Gu Master needed to have talent for it and put in effort as well.

As such, in the Gu Immortal world, there had always been very few Gu Immortals who specialized in formation path.

Naturally, this rarity was only relative, at the very least, there were more formation path Gu Immortals than wisdom path Gu Immortals.

This was also the reason why Fang Yuan had not involved himself in formation path in the five hundred years of his previous life.

The barrier to entry was high, and it was difficult to learn.

"Son, since you have become a Gu Master today, I will give you your first Gu worm." At this time, Tu Shi Cheng's palm slowly opened, revealing a small Gu worm.

This Gu looked like a ladybug, its carapace was glossy and round, it was as small as a little finger, and it had a glistening yellow shine, giving a cute appearance.

"This is formation heart Gu, come, refine it first." Tu Shi Cheng said.

With Tu Shi Cheng's help, Fang Yuan directly refined this rank one Gu worm.

Formation heart Gu's carapace opened up, the thin wings inside continuously flapped as it merrily flew around its new master, Fang Yuan.

This Gu worm was not precious and could even be said to be extremely ordinary.

Because it was one of the most basic Gu worms to lay a formation, and was commonly available throughout the five regions.

"Alright, let's play a game." Tu Shi Cheng smiled, taking out four Gu worms.

"They are all rank one Gu, I will lend them to you temporarily. Come, use your formation heart Gu as the core, choose the Gu worms from here and arrange them, see if you can form a Gu formation."

Fang Yuan's eyebrows slightly rose, glancing at Tu Shi Cheng in surprise.

Was this a joke?

This boy had just become a Gu Master, and he wanted him to construct a Gu formation on the same day?

Although Fang Yuan had not truly cultivated formation path, he had some superficial knowledge of formation path. For instance, normally speaking, this youth should only be involved in constructing a Gu formation after at least two to three months, After all, he had just become a Gu Master, controlling a Gu worm was strenuous, everything was new to him, calculating primeval essence, nourishing the aperture, feeding Gu worms, and other aspects, they all required him to adapt and train.

Now, in this dream, this Tu Shi Cheng was actually asking his son, a boy who had just become a Gu Master, to construct a Gu formation?

"Hah, this style of education is truly 'original'… fortunately, it is a dream realm and it is all up to me. How could a normal child accomplish this task? Or maybe… it is because he could not accomplish this, his obsession turned into this dream realm?"

While guessing, he sized up the four Gu worms.

But, he actually was not able to recognize them all!

With his knowledge, he only recognized three of them, and could not identify the remaining one.

It was somewhat awkward.

But when he thought of it, it was also not strange.

The time period of this dream was the Late Antiquity Era, Spectral Soul Demon Venerable had not appeared yet, thus the situation compared to the present was very different.

Moreover, there were countless Gu worms, unique and mysterious. There were also many innovated Gu worms and many secretly guarded Gu worms, of which little were known by others. How could Fang Yuan know of all the Gu worms?

Even though he was not able to recognize them all, Fang Yuan was still aware of the paths of these four Gu worms.

They were of earth path, water path, wind path and fire path.

The one that Fang Yuan did not recognize was the earth path Gu worm.

"To construct a Gu formation, I need to first understand these Gu worms. There is no need to worry about formation heart Gu, but what use does this earth path Gu worm have?" Fang Yuan intended to test this Gu and see its ability.

But this action was stopped by Tu Shi Cheng.

Tu Shi Cheng spoke with solemness: "Use your heart to sense it, listen to the sound of your heart, rely on your feelings. Construct the Gu formation according to your feelings. Remember, you only have one chance."

Fang Yuan was immediately dumbfounded.


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