Reverend Insanity
1322 Restrictions of the Righteous Path
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1322 Restrictions of the Righteous Path

Southern Border, at the location of Yi Tian Mountain, in the super Gu formation.

"Wu An (Wu Liao) pays respects to Lord Wu Yi Hai." Inside the super Gu formation, Wu clan's Gu Immortals, Wu Liao and Wu An, greeted Fang Yuan respectfully.

Fang Yuan nodded: "Sit down and explain what happened. Elder Wu Bei actually suffered such heavy injuries?"

Wu Liao and Wu An glanced at each other; Wu Liao kept quiet, letting Wu An, who was good with words, report: "Lord, this is what happened…"

Originally, Ba clan was already eager to make a move against Wu clan, and after Wu clan was involved in all kinds of difficulties, the Gu Immortal leading Ba clan here, Old Treeman Ba De, made a move against Wu clan.

Ba De had already been scheming for a long time, and when he made the move, it was so shocking that it put Wu clan into a passive situation.

Wu clan naturally would not just sit still, Wu Bei set forth, but was schemed against by Ba De and had no choice but to have a spar with him.

The result of the spar was naturally Ba clan's victory and Wu clan's defeat.

"It is just that we did not expect Lord Wu Bei's injuries to be so severe. Although Lord Wu Bei lost in the spar, he still had a fearsome air."

"Yes, although he lost to Ba De, Lord Wu Bei was still able to engage in the secret discussion with Qiao clan's and other clan's Gu Immortals. We all thought his injuries were not serious."

When Wu An finished speaking, Wu Liao added in a couple of sentences.

Fang Yuan sneered inwardly, but had a concerned expression on the surface: "I understand the situation, Wu Bei has left and I am here now, everything will be like before, I won't move if the enemy doesn't move."

"Yes, lord." Wu Liao and Wu An immediately responded.

They were not surprised at such a command.

As far as others were concerned, how could Wu Yi Hai's battle strength compare to Ba De's?

Although Wu Yi Hai had recently gained some limelight, his victory against Xia Fei Kuai was only in a spar, furthermore, the rules were decided by him.

Although he had resolved the conflict over Mount Snail, there was no show of might during the whole process and it was resolved through discussion with Mountain Moving Old Monster.

Finally, the rumors with Qiao Si Liu carried the feeling of illicit love, and would not engender respect in others.

"If there is nothing, the two of you may leave. I hurried to get here, I am slightly tired." Fang Yuan waved his hand.

Wu Liao immediately excused himself and left, but Wu An hesitated and said softly: "Lord, there is something I need to report…."

"Speak." Fang Yuan already knew what Wu An wanted to report.

Sure enough, Wu An's words did not deviate from Fang Yuan's expectation, it was related to the matter of dream realm business which Wu clan and other super clans were engaged in.

"The situation is tense now, the other clans are also anxious and fearful, should we stop this business for some time?" Wu An worriedly asked.

Fang Yuan was silent for a moment: "You don't need to worry, I have already said everything will be like before. If there is nothing else, you may leave."

"Yes, lord." A trace of joy flashed past Wu An's face as he bowed and left.

As long as this dream realm's business continued, Wu An could continue to gain profits from it. Why would he not be happy?

Even if the matter turned south and the business was exposed by Ba clan, Wu An's responsibility was still very low. Because his superior, Fang Yuan, had allowed the business to continue like before.

Fang Yuan was obviously well aware of Wu An's thoughts.

He sneered inwardly: "This Wu An is simply shortsighted."

It was true that Wu clan's situation was not too good at the moment, but it was still the number one clan of Southern Border.

Ba De was very astute, although he made a move, he did not target this dream realm business. He knew his limits, because these benefits were not solely enjoyed by Wu clan, but also by other clans.

If he had laid a hand on this business, it would lead to hostility from the other clans, who would then ally with Wu clan to deal with this common enemy.

It was due to his clear insight towards the situation of the whole of Southern Border that he did not target this weakness to create difficulties. This was a significant weakness, but if he used it now, the results would not be optimal at this time. If some day in the future, Wu clan's prestige truly crashed, that would be the time to use this and add fuel to the fire.

Ba De saw this accurately, Fang Yuan did as well.

The matters of the world were like games of chess, the best chess players always planned their future moves, knew when to use certain tactics and what chess pieces would achieve the best result.

As such, the dream realm business could continue to run, what truly decided whether Ba De would make a move or not was not this business itself, but Wu clan!

The matters of the world were often this strange.

The deciding factors of many matters were not the matters themselves, but something that was outside of them.

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan subconsciously gazed at the direction of Wu clan.

Wu Yong might be a rank eight Gu Immortal, but was still schemed against by Fang Yuan.

Because this was not a contest of cultivation and battle strength, but experience and methods.

The reason Fang Yuan took the initiative to approach Qiao Si Liu was naturally not for Qiao Si Liu herself, but for something else, that was — to return to the giant dream realm!

Wu Yong could endure Wu Yi Hai's greed, but he could not stand Wu Yi Hai contesting for authority.

This was an expected situation.

The seed had already been planted before Wu Du Xiu passed away. Before she passed away, her last words were that she wanted to give her Immortal Gu to Wu Yi Hai.

Wu Yi Hai's bloodline and origin were already approved, once he gained some authority, he would become a huge threat to Wu Yong's rule.

Just like when Wu Du Xiu was in power, she was wary and on guard against Qiao clan, within Wu clan, Wu Yong was on guard against two threats - Qiao clan and Wu Yi Hai.

Right now, these two were close to each other, even looking like they would wind up together, how could this not make Wu Yong vigilant?

Previously, when Wu Yi Hai had joined Wu clan, Qiao clan had mobilized its agent inside Wu clan, whom unexpectedly was Wu clan's third supreme elder. Many perceptive people were given a fright, how could Wu Yong not be wary?

And now, it looked like Wu Yi Hai was going to collaborate with Qiao clan, how could Wu Yong not make a move early?

Wu Yong's action was quite extraordinary.

He did not directly question if Fang Yuan still wanted to return to the giant dream realm.

He gave Fang Yuan three choices, Xuan Ming Mountain, red dragon river and Yi clan's banquet.

There was deep meaning behind these three choices.

The first task of Xuan Ming Mountain was naturally the most intense task, there was definitely going to be conflict since it concerned a wild Immortal Gu. If Fang Yuan chose this task, it would show he did not fear taking risks for the clan, and Wu Yong could make great use of him in the future.

The third task of Yi clan's banquet was a test. Yi clan had close relations with Eastern Sea, if Fang Yuan chose this task, it would mean he still had attachment towards Eastern Sea in the depths of his heart.

The second task of preventing red dragon river's flood was a trap.

Wu clan and Qiao clan both had territories near red dragon river. Wu clan wanted to prevent a flood, Qiao clan naturally would also do the same.

As such, there would be an opportunity to collaborate with Qiao clan's Gu Immortals.

When Fang Yuan chose this task, Wu Yong's heart had immediately chilled, even if he had been all smiles at that time, he had already made the decision to transfer Wu Yi Hai away as soon as possible! He could not let Wu Yi Hai be in contact with Qiao clan any longer.

Qiao Si Liu was one of the three great fairies of Southern Border, she had astonishingly enchanting beauty. Even if Wu Yi Hai's heart was not moved yet, what about in the future?

Even outstanding men might be unable to resist the charms of a beautiful woman, let alone a beauty like Qiao Si Liu!

Let alone when besides beauty, she was also tied to extraordinary benefits for him.

Once Wu Yi Hai married Qiao Si Liu, it was a hugely profitable matter to both him and Qiao clan.

Wu Yi Hai could use Qiao clan to greatly increase his authority inside Wu clan. And Qiao clan could also finally break their historical limit, with a son-in-law like Wu Yi Hai, this vine that was Qiao clan could truly penetrate deep into the inner core of the giant tree that was Wu clan.

How could Wu Yong make such a mistake?

It was not feasible for him to forcefully break the relationship between the two, it might even backfire if he did not handle it well.

Moreover, the righteous path had to do things according to rules. He could not act willfully like in demonic path.

Wu Yong had thought for a while, but found it was difficult to handle Wu Yi Hai. Despite having evidence of Wu Yi Hai's corruption, Wu Yi Hai was his own brother in the end.

After thinking for a while, Wu Yong thought of the giant dream realm.

He could use this dream realm to 'exile' Wu Yi Hai for as long as possible, after all, wasn't it peaceful when Wu Yi Hai had stayed in the Gu formation earlier?

This past success finally made Wu Yong come to a decision.

He immediately took action after making up his mind. Although he gave Fang Yuan three choices, in truth, he did not let Fang Yuan have any power to choose, they were just a way of testing him.

"The righteous path is like this."

"If one is not at the top, there is no freedom."

"But even when one is at the top, the whole organization will become the shackles that bind them."

Fang Yuan sighed inwardly, but he quickly sorted out his mood and began looking at the dream realm in front of him.

He had returned to this familiar place once again, and there were still two Immortal Gu that belonged to him here.

The dream realm was always expanding and always moving.

"Oh? This dream realm is pretty good, it is a dream realm made of true memories and experiences, and not from absurd imagination."

Soon, Fang Yuan finished inspecting it and entered a shiny bright blue dream realm.

His vision changed.

In a gently sloping hill, a middle-aged Gu Immortal had his back towards Fang Yuan: "My son, do you know why our Tu clan has dominance over this mountain range?"

Fang Yuan inspected himself, he found he had already turned into a child.

"Father, I don't know." He replied after giving it a thought.

"Formation path!" The middle-aged Gu Immortal's voice rose, carrying strong pride within it.

"Formation path?" Fang Yuan mumbled.

"Right! Formation path." The middle-aged Gu Immortal turned around, revealing his aged face and resolute eyes, giving off the air of an authority figure.

"Among the numerous paths, formation path might be the most complicated path. Son, starting today, father will impart to you the essence of formation path and guide you in cultivation." The middle-aged Gu Immortal said with a burning gaze.

"Yes, father, I will definitely study properly." Fang Yuan replied.

The middle-aged Gu Immortal shook his head: "Studying is not enough, you must achieve success, put in all your effort to be the best, be better than all your peers and even those young Gu Immortals. Because you are my, Tu Shi Cheng's son, because you are the future leader of the clan!"


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