Reverend Insanity
1315 Convincing Old Monster
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1315 Convincing Old Monster

Southern Border.

Light rain was drizzling on a range of verdant mountains.

Fang Yuan wore a blue robe, and was gazing at these grand rivers and mountains from atop a rock, before his gaze finally settled on a mountain.

This mountain was rather special.

The mountain peaks beside it were either tall or short, steep or slanted.

But this mountain was round in shape.

This was Mount Snail.

Or it could be considered a snail mountain.

It was an immemorial desolate beast! It was an enormous river snail with a tall, tower-like spiral shell drenched with green moss.

When it stayed still, its body would hide in the shell, looking like a towering mountain.

Right now, it was awake and was slowly moving.


As it moved, all the surroundings quaked slightly, birds and beasts fled in disorder.

Fang Yuan was calmly looking at the movement of this immemorial desolate beast, Mount Snail, from another mountain peak.

Its speed was slow.

Mount Snail might be an immemorial desolate beast, but its temperament was simple and mild, it was hard to anger it, it could even be said to be harmless.

Not only harmless, it also provided benefits.

Because Mount Snail's body was full of enslavement path and earth path dao marks, which created a special environment around it that would spawn many enslavement path and earth path resources.

Mount Snail's ownership had all the while been an unsettled issue.

Few Gu Immortals could control Mount Snail, it was very difficult for even rank eight enslavement path Gu Immortals.

Because Mount Snail itself was full of enslavement path dao marks.

There were already seven known Mount Snails in Southern Border. Long ago, Southern Border's super forces had set an agreement: As long as these Mount Snails were not controlled by anyone, that is to say, they were wild Mount Snails, they would be considered as a resource of the clan whose territory it was staying in.

This Mount Snail was originally living in Wu clan's territory, naturally it belonged to Wu clan.

There was no doubt about this.

But now, it was time for the Mount Snail's migration, it was currently leaving Wu clan's territory for other territories.

Mount Snail's original location was at the periphery of Wu clan's territory.

In fact, during Wu Du Xiu's time, Wu clan had intentionally expanded their territory to include this Mount Snail.

Currently, Mount Snail was leaving Wu clan's territory, but the place it was going to did not have other righteous path super forces.

This also meant this Mount Snail was going to become wild again.

Wu Yong naturally did not want to see such a situation happening, and under the situation where he did not have enough manpower, without other options, he could only assign this task to his younger brother, Wu Yi Hai.

"Wu Yi Hai? I am Qin Jin Sheng, I am also called Mountain Moving Old Monster." A Gu Immortal flew over from another mountain peak.

Fang Yuan gazed at the Gu Immortal.

This old Gu Immortal was adorned in a suit of rocky grey armor, his hair was a mix of black and white, looking messy like straws. He looked slovenly, with the corners of his clothes being in shreds.

But the rank seven aura he gave out was majestic and forceful, especially his eyes which shone with sharp light. Right now, as he looked at Fang Yuan, it was like a senior sizing up a junior.

"It is me indeed, Wu Yi Hai, I greet Senior Mountain Moving." Fang Yuan bowed slightly, his greeting had the style of the righteous path.

This Mountain Moving Old Monster's title had 'old' in it, it naturally was because he was an old veteran, an old senior, having lived for over two thousand years.

He had lifespan Gu and also had unique lifespan extension methods.

His battle strength was also very high and he was a famous expert among lone immortals, almost at the level of Old Treeman Ba De and Wu clan's Wu Yu Bo.

Rank seven Gu Immortals like Xia Fei Kuai could not compare to Mountain Moving Old Monster.

Thus, when Mountain Moving Old Monster sized up Fang Yuan, he was not humble and treated himself as a senior, even if Fang Yuan came from Wu clan.

"Hehehe, considering the time, it was time your Wu clan sent someone as well. Let's sit and talk." Mountain Moving Old Monster laughed and sat on a rock.

Fang Yuan smiled and also sat down.

Mountain Moving Old Monster saw that Fang Yuan had no objection to sitting on a rock and also did not have a high-and-mighty attitude, his impression of Fang Yuan improved: "I almost forgot you were a lone cultivator, although you have joined Wu clan, you don't have the hypocritical attitude of those righteous path members."

Fang Yuan slightly shook his head: "The righteous path has to act like the righteous path, as for me, I spent most of my time as a secluded cultivator in Eastern Sea, these habits cannot be changed."

"Hahaha." Mountain Moving Old Monster laughed heartily, "I hear you chased away the two Gu Immortals from Xia clan, but plundered the resources of Frosty Peak."

Fang Yuan revealed a surprised expression: "Senior, these are groundless rumors, I have never stated that."

Mountain Moving Old Monster laughed loudly, before heaving a deep sigh: "The righteous path Gu Immortals can't understand you, but I understand. How difficult is it for us lone cultivators to become an immortal? We have to earn every cultivation resource with our own hands. There won't be future opportunities, so we need to grasp the present benefits with all our strength. Who knows what will happen in the future?"

"As for those righteous path Gu Immortals, even if they stay in their homes, plenty of resources are provided to them. How could they understand the pain and difficulties we lone cultivators face?"

Fang Yuan's expression was calm, he did not praise nor did he retort.

He knew that Mountain Moving Old Monster's words were absolutely not just to get close to him, but to express his resolve — he, Mountain Moving Old Monster, was a lone cultivator, and the present benefit in front of him was this Mount Snail. His resolve could not be shaken, and the former lone cultivator, Wu Yi Hai, should be aware of it.

"I am clear of your intention, senior, but I still have to ask you to have some understanding, I have my own difficulties in coming here." Fang Yuan spoke.

Mountain Moving Old Monster snickered: "Everyone has their own difficulties."

With age and experience, one's words would carry deeper meaning.

Everyone has their own difficulties; not only was it replying to Fang Yuan's words, it also meant he, himself, had his own difficulties, and more importantly, it was also indicating that Wu clan was currently in a difficult situation.

Fang Yuan did not speak anymore.

Sometimes, silence was a tactic which could be used in a confrontation between words.

Sure enough, Mountain Moving Old Monster could not sit still and handed an information path mortal Gu to Fang Yuan: "Take a look at it."

The contents listed in this mortal Gu had high value. If Fang Yuan obtained them, he could directly construct coiling thread caves!

"We will cooperate, I will take Mount Snail and you will get these, what do you think?" Mountain Moving Old Monster smiled.

He was actually trying to bribe Fang Yuan!

But this was not strange.

Instead, it fell within Fang Yuan's expectations.

Mountain Moving Old Monster was a lone cultivator, and from his point of view, he naturally did not want to offend the number one righteous path super force, Wu clan. Despite Wu clan currently being in a predicament, such a colossal force was not something Mountain Moving Old Monster could threaten by himself.

More importantly, if Mountain Moving Old Monster obtained this Mount Snail, he would no longer be a person who could freely move.

Mount Snail could not be stored inside an immortal aperture, unless it was completely subdued.

Mountain Moving Old Monster was an earth path Gu Immortal, he clearly did not have such attainment. Like this, he would become the 'owner' of this Mount Snail, and would have to defend it if someone attacked it in the future.

If he offended Wu clan, Wu clan's Gu Immortals would attack in waves, how could he defend against them by himself?

Even if he could defend once, what about the second time, the third time?

Even if he was able to defend against them all, there would be losses in battle. Would Mountain Moving Old Monster still have time to cultivate if he were to be disturbed repeatedly?

As such, there was only one option in front of Mountain Moving Old Monster.

That was to negotiate with Wu clan.

Wu clan did not want to let go of this Mount Snail, but even the large Wu clan was an organization formed by its clansmen. And so long as it was an organization, it could not be an airtight fortress, there would naturally be chinks in the armor.

Wu Yi Hai's arrival gave even greater hope to Mountain Moving Old Monster.

"Senior, you want to use these to exchange for an immemorial desolate beast?" Fang Yuan held the information path mortal Gu and said with a faint smile.

"The resources inside are very valuable! This Mount Snail might be an immemorial desolate beast, but who can control it? If I become its owner, I will also only be taking the resources produced by it. Naturally, we can talk if you have any conditions." Mountain Moving Old Monster's eyes glimmered brightly, his attitude turning much warmer.

Since Fang Yuan had not directly refused, Mountain Moving Old Monster cheered inwardly and had much higher hope.

"The contents inside this list needs to be doubled at least." This was Fang Yuan's first condition.

Mountain Moving Old Monster immediately frowned.

"Mount Snail cannot be yours in name, it will still belong to Wu clan." This was Fang Yuan's second condition.

Mountain Moving Old Monster's eyes opened wide, his warm expression suddenly changing to that of anger.

"But in truth, senior, you will be this mountain's owner, the benefits will mostly go to you, but you need to hand over a portion of the resources to our Wu clan every year." This was Fang Yuan's third condition.

Mountain Moving Old Monster began to sneer, his expression had turned dark: "Wu Yi Hai, are you playing with me?"

"Of course not." Fang Yuan had a sober expression, he stood up and looked at Mountain Moving Old Monster's eyes with no fear: "Senior, may I ask three questions?"

Mountain Moving Old Monster barely restrained his anger: "Speak."

"Senior, first, you are a lone person not affiliated with any super force, how could my Wu clan leave Mount Snail in your hands? It would be alright if it were a super force, but letting a lone cultivator take benefits would negatively affect my Wu clan's prestige."

"Second, even if you can take possession of this Mount Snail for the moment, how long can you defend it? Even if my Wu clan doesn't interfere with you, what about the other super forces?"

"Third, senior, do you think that by only bribing me, the whole of Wu clan will simply watch from the sidelines?"

Mountain Moving Old Monster fell into silence.

After a long while, he sighed and spoke with a hoarse voice: "Then if we go with your idea, wouldn't I become the guard for your Wu clan's mountain?"

Fang Yuan smiled lightly: "It is just some insignificant reputation. How could everything go perfectly? The conditions I mentioned are actually not excessive, it is because I considered how I was also once a lone cultivator. The question is, do you want face or real benefits, please consider it properly."

Mountain Moving Old Monster fell into silence.

This time, the silence lasted an even longer time, only when the light drizzle gradually stopped, he spoke: "Alright, we will go according to your idea."


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