Reverend Insanity
1310 So Embarrassing
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1310 So Embarrassing

Since Fang Yuan had used an immortal killer move, Xia Fei Kuai had no choice but to use an immortal killer move as well.

A pure white ball of light moved with an average speed, not showing any signs of light path's speed advantage.

But as it flew in the air, it pushed the air aside, emitting a buzzing noise.


The wine vat sized ball of light smashed down like the weight of a mountain on the divination tortoise's back, smashing the tortoise into the ground.

The enormous divination tortoise had sunken by over a foot in the ground.

Xia Fei Kuai's move was indeed powerful. Light path was famous for speed, but this soaring essence strike of Xia Fei Kuai was the complete opposite, it was like a heavy fist, and the enemies would often be caught off-guard by its powerful strength.

However, Fang Yuan's divination tortoise was perfectly unharmed.

"Huh?" Xia Fei Kuai's eyes almost popped out when he saw the result of his attack.

The divination tortoise was intact with not even a slight dent on it.

This was the obvious result.

Xia Fei Kuai's move used light path to imitate strength path, it was considered a unique move.

Meanwhile, Fang Yuan's divination tortoise transformation was a rank seven immortal killer move, which used change form Immortal Gu and divination tortoise shell Immortal Gu as the cores. Especially the latter, just by activating it, Fang Yuan could obtain a tortoise shell that was not weaker than an ancient divination tortoise.

And now, it was an immortal killer move possessing many supplementary Gu worms, the tortoise shell's defensive capability was stronger than a real ancient divination tortoise.

Ancient desolate beasts had extremely strong and sturdy bodies with vigorous vitality, and tortoises were one of the toughest life forms among all living beings.

It was not strange for Xia Fei Kuai's soaring essence strike to show no effect.

But to the person involved, this was slightly ridiculous.

"Soaring essence strike had no effect, he has such a hard shell!" Xia Zhuo Mo was shocked.

Xia Fei Kuai stopped, he started to develop an unfamiliar feeling, that was a headache.

Looking at such a sturdy tortoise shell, he felt a headache and did not know where to start.

In fact, if he had attacked any other area, the result would not have been this bad, but he had to go and choose the hardest part, the tortoise shell. Naturally, this was also because he wanted to probe the depths of Fang Yuan's strength.

"What should I do?" Xia Fei Kuai began to think rapidly.

Although he was irascible, he managed to quickly become cool-headed in the fight.

But at this moment, Fang Yuan activated a second immortal killer move.

Auras of Immortal Gu and mortal Gu rose. Fang Yuan opened his mouth and breathed out countless small tortoise shells.

The small tortoise shells had the same appearance as the divination tortoise's shell, except that they were many times smaller.

The large numbers of small tortoise shells floated in the air, rotating at a very fast speed.

"What are these things?" Xia Fei Kuai stopped thinking and cautiously pulled apart some distance from Fang Yuan.


He punched forward with soaring essence strike again.

But this time, the wine vat sized heavy light sphere did not even manage to touch the divination tortoise.

Those small fist sized tortoise shells seemed to be attracted like bees attracted to honey, as they looped towards the soaring essence strike.

Bam bam bam…

The seemingly hard tortoise shells shattered into hundreds of pieces in the collisions.

But the soaring essence strike also was completely consumed, finally turning into a dim fragment of light that helplessly dissipated in the air.

Immortal killer move — Vajra Shell!

This was the immortal killer move Fang Yuan had been perfecting earlier, combined with his divination tortoise transformation. This was the first time it had been displayed in Southern Border and even in the five regions.

The core of this immortal killer move was the rank six Immortal Gu Vajra Thought.

But it was combined with rank seven perseverance Immortal Gu as well as large numbers of mortal Gu.

Its might had naturally increased by a lot, it had not been a waste of Fang Yuan's time and energy.

"Ah! These tortoise shells are actually thoughts." Xia Zhuo Mo's eyes emitted sharp light as he saw through the mystery.

He was a wisdom path Gu Immortal and was very sensitive to all kinds of thoughts. This was the area he was proficient in.

As for Xia Fei Kuai, he cultivated light path, not wisdom path, even though he was rank seven, he only realized after Xia Zhuo Mo's notification.

"Xia Zhuo Mo, you are knowledgeable, the two of you are a good match." The divination tortoise spoke human language, its tone filled with sarcasm.

In fact, Fang Yuan had not intended to conceal it, it was just that after combining with divination tortoise transformation, these golden thoughts turned into dark tortoise shells.

"Little Mo, be quiet, I will break his shell." Xia Fei Kuai said.

Xia Zhuo Mo grunted, but did not speak anymore. Being ridiculed by Fang Yuan had made his expression unsightly.

Xia Fei Kuai closed his eyes.

He began to prepare.

All sorts of Gu worms' auras started brimming and linking up, before quickly spreading.

Red date immortal essence was being consumed rapidly.

At the same time, he spread his arms and slowly put his hands together above his head.

Light surged up like a fountain from him, gathering between his palms.

He was still accumulating energy.

The radiance was restrained, but a powerful aura started rising up, becoming more and more dangerous.

Fang Yuan lowered his tortoise head and firmly rooted his limbs to the ground like a silent dark mountain. But at the same time, the small tortoise shells around him were continuing to fly, their numbers increasing extremely rapidly.

There were close to ten thousand at first, but the numbers soon surpassed twenty thousand, thirty thousand, forty thousand…

Their proliferation was extremely fast.

Rank six vajra thought Immortal Gu could create ten thousand vajra thoughts alone.

As an immortal killer move now, its effect had increased by another level.

The most crucial point was that Fang Yuan's body was filled with wisdom path dao marks right now.

Actually, Fang Yuan did not have many wisdom path dao marks, but he had transformation path dao marks and there were quite a lot of them!

He had killed a lot of transformation path Gu Immortals and annexed all of their dao marks. The most significant harvest was when he had killed Wu Yi Hai and the two immortals inside the regional wall, just this alone gave Fang Yuan close to fifty thousand transformation path dao marks.

One thousand dao marks could double the effect.

Ten thousand dao marks could give ten times the amplification.

Fifty thousand dao marks meant fifty times the amplification.

What did that imply?

Ordinary rank seven Gu Immortals would have about ten thousand to thirty thousand dao marks of their main path.

Xia Fei Kuai was a rank seven expert, his light path dao marks exceeded thirty thousand in number.

But how could they compare to Fang Yuan?

As a result, Xia Fei Kuai and Xia Zhuo Mo could only stare wide-eyed at the rapid proliferation of the small tortoise shells that soon covered the whole valley, and were spreading further, the dark and dense numbers of tortoise shells were like locusts and ants.

Xia Fei Kuai's expression sank.

These small tortoise shells had increased by such a quantity in just a short while, emitting a heavy mental pressure to others.

However, Xia Fei Kuai skillfully used the circumstances of the spar, according to the rule they decided upon, Fang Yuan could only defend and not attack, so Fang Yuan could not take the initiative to use these small tortoise shells to attack Xia Fei Kuai.

Xia Fei Kuai calmed his mind and activated his immortal killer move.

Light path immortal killer move — Saw Light Wheel!

His two hands, that were above his head, chopped down at once.

A dazzling wheel of light flew out from Xia Fei Kuai's palms.

The wheel of light grew rapidly and soon was the size of a boat.

The wheel of light was continuously rotating, its edges were filled with sawteeth.

"Good!" Xia Zhuo Mo inwardly cheered: "The tortoise shells are hard, but this move saws through the target, even if the tortoise shells are very hard, they will still be sliced apart."

However, at the next moment.

Swish swish swish…

Countless tortoise shells flew over.

Crack crack crack…

Under the tortoise shells' self-destructive charge, the saw light wheel could only fly for a short distance before it was completely destroyed.

Xia Zhuo Mo: "…"

Xia Fei Kuai: "…"

Fang Yuan praised loudly: "Great killer move, this move is extraordinary, it actually destroyed over six thousand of my thoughts."

These words were like a slap upon the cheeks of Xia Zhuo Mo and Xia Fei Kuai.

Xia Fei Kuai needed a lot of time to prepare for this immortal killer move.

Normally speaking, the shorter the preparation time for an immortal killer move, the better it was, because if it took longer, it could very easily be disrupted. Once the immortal killer move's activation was disrupted, there would be backlash which often caused heavy injuries to the Gu Immortal.

Xia Fei Kuai had used the sparring rule, and was able to safely activate this immortal killer move.


As he was activating the immortal killer move, Fang Yuan was also doing the same.

Xia Fei Kuai activated saw light wheel.

At the same time, Fang Yuan could create thirty-forty thousand small tortoise shell thoughts.

The outcome was obvious, the saw light wheel was besieged and destroyed by over six thousand small tortoise shell thoughts.

Even a fool could compute the numbers here.

The method which Xia Fei Kuai had placed his hopes in had ended up like this…

This was so embarrassing!


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