Reverend Insanity
1309 Spar
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1309 Spar


That was just a nicer way of talking about resolving the problem by fighting.

But this fight was different from the intense battles of the demonic path. When demonic path members fought, it was mortal combat. For righteous path Gu Immortals, they had a lot of assets, why would they fight to the death? Just deciding a winner was enough.

This was also why Fang Yuan purposely stalled for time, preventing the resolution of Frosty Peak's issue. This forced the two Xia clan Gu Immortals to go on the offense and deal with the matter through force.

The truth was, on Earth, when negotiations fail, stronger countries would send their troops over.

It was the same thing.

Xia Fei Kuai's words were quite interesting, he was representing Xia clan and also claimed Wu Yi Hai to be Wu clan's glory, he said this was a spar, but this was actually a contest between both clans.

Just these words forced Fang Yuan into a corner. If he avoided battle, it would harm Wu clan's reputation, this was something that the righteous path would look down upon, he would be treated as a coward.

But the two from Xia clan did not know that Fang Yuan was not Wu Yi Hai, he did not care about Wu clan's reputation or glory.

However, he was acting as Wu Yi Hai now, he still wanted to go to the super Gu formation, Fang Yuan had to accept this challenge.

He thought briefly before saying: "If it is a spar, both of you will be fighting against me, I am outnumbered, I will definitely lose."

Xia Fei Kuai's expression changed.

These were vicious words!

In fact, requesting for the spar had already caused him to be in a passive spot. If he lost, it would be humiliation. If the two Xia clan Gu Immortals fought together and won, they would be using numbers for an unfair advantage, it would make them lose face, they could not spread news about this.

Actually, Xia Fei Kuai had not thought of fighting together with Xia Zhuo Mo, he said: "I will fight you alone, don't worry."

Fang Yuan had a reluctant expression, he said: "Since you want to spar so urgently, I cannot reject you. But since this is a spar, there has to be a time limit, right, we cannot fight on forever."

"What do you have in mind?" Xia Fei Kuai asked.

Spars had their rules, it was different from a life and death battle.

Fang Yuan said: "You attack and I defend, as long as you can break my defense within ten moves, I lose."

Xia Fei Kuai's eyelids were twitching, he said: "Okay."

Xia Zhuo Mo frowned, he felt something amiss. But since Xia Fei Kuai had already agreed, they might as well spar. He had confidence in Xia Fei Kuai.

Frosty Peak was not the place to fight, destroying it would ruin the point of the task.

Both sides flew to a desolate valley.

Fang Yuan quickly stood opposite Xia Fei Kuai.

"Start." Xia Fei Kuai could not wait, he wanted to teach Fang Yuan a lesson.

Among Southern Border's rank seven Gu Immortals, he was a famous expert. In the entire Wu clan, other than the rank eight Gu Immortal Wu Yong, the strongest rank seven Gu Immortal, Wu Yu Bo, was only slightly superior to him. Now that Wu Yu Bo was in secluded cultivation, who would Xia Fei Kuai fear?

One had to say, getting Immortal Yan Huang to defeat Wu Yu Bo was indeed a well executed move.

In terms of real battle strength, Immortal Yan Huang was not Wu Yu Bo's match, but Xia clan had managed to crack Wu Yu Bo's signature killer move.

Wu Yu Bo was targeted, his immortal killer move was broken and he suffered an intense backlash, causing Immortal Yan Huang to win the battle.

"Wait." Fang Yuan gestured with his hand.

Xia Fei Kuai was ready to fight, Fang Yuan's words made him feel very uncomfortable, he called out: "Wu Yi Hai, what else do you want?"

"I almost forgot, since this is a spar, we can't do it so casually, right?" Fang Yuan smiled.

Xia Fei Kuai thought: "How is it casual? Teaching you a lesson is this battle's most important point!"

He was thinking that, but he could not say it out loud.

Gu Immortals had all sorts of methods to record scenes. Like earlier, when Immortal Yan Huang challenged Wu Yu Bo, Xia clan's Xia Qing Cang recorded everything, it was widely spread over Southern Border's Gu Immortal world.

Xia Fei Kuai held in his anger: "What do you want?"

"Simple, if I manage to win, then the status quo for Frosty Peak will remain, it will belong to us." Fang Yuan said.

"How can we do that?!" Xia Zhuo Mo, who was far away, was anxious. He rushed to Xia Fei Kuai and spoke loudly.

Right now, Xia clan was finding trouble, having the descendant of Zhang San Feng, they had justification and a huge advantage, Wu clan was forced into a passive position. If they agreed to this, they would lose their advantage, it was not wise.

Xia Fei Kuai curled his lips, thinking: "I'm not stupid."

At the same time, he rejected: "No way."

"In that case, I cannot fight. This spar is voided." Fang Yuan waved his hand, turning around and walking away.

Xia Fei Kuai almost wanted to curse at him upon seeing this.

We left Frosty Peak and came all this way, after so much trouble, and selecting a proper valley to spar. And now, you want to cancel the fight?

Are you toying with us?

His expression turned grim: "Wu Yi Hai, leaving without fighting, is this the courage and glory of Wu clan?"

Fang Yuan stopped moving.

Xia Fei Kuai smiled coldly.

Fang Yuan turned around, looking at Xia Fei Kuai with a serious expression, saying shamelessly: "You are wrong. I am not avoiding the spar, but you two are not agreeing to my request. Since our negotiation failed, it does not mean I am running away. Look, I even chose the location for it."

"What the f*ck!" These words made Xia Zhuo Mo, who was watching by the side, feel anger.

Xia Fei Kuai stared with furious eyes, he was fuming.

He stared at Fang Yuan fixedly, how could Wu clan produce such a shameless person, weren't Wu clan Gu Immortals brash and usually eager to fight to resolve problems? Where was the bravery and spirit of Wu clan? Where was it!

But soon, Xia Fei Kuai thought of Fang Yuan's origin.

Indeed, Wu Yi Hai was not a Wu clan Gu Immortal from birth, he was a secluded cultivator in Eastern Sea.

This damned secluded cultivator!

Fang Yuan showed a deeper smile: "Since we cannot spar, let's continue talking and drinking tea. I have to say, your four seasons tea is really delicious, I am looking forward to it as we speak."

"Drink tea? Talk about what!" Xia Fei Kuai felt an intense urge to strangle Fang Yuan to death in his mind, his chest was burning with rage.

Xia Zhuo Mo looked at Xia Fei Kuai bitterly, thinking: "Weren't you the one who gave him a lot of tea leaves earlier?"

Fang Yuan suddenly muttered to himself before saying: "How about this, if I win, for the next five years, we will maintain the status quo, you will not harp on the Frosty Peak issue, how about that?"

"This…" Xia Zhuo Mo started to ponder over it.

Fang Yuan suddenly raised this condition, compared to before, it was much more acceptable.

"But Wu Yi Hai likely has a plan for giving us this condition." Xia Zhuo Mo was still thinking.

Xia Fei Kuai spoke: "Okay, I agree."

Xia Zhuo Mo was stunned, transmitting: "Lord Xia Fei Kuai, you…"

"Are we going to let this bastard continue wasting time? I will bear full responsibility for this, it has nothing to do with you! I cannot waste so much time, the less time I spend with this guy, the better." Xia Fei Kuai replied resolutely, he had a firm attitude.

Xia Zhuo Mo smiled bitterly.

"If this battle is lost, even if you, Xia Fei Kuai, take responsibility, can I run away from it? The clan sent me here to help you, it was to give you advice, right? Sigh!"

He sighed deeply in his mind, transmitting helplessly: "Then I will hope for lord to emerge victorious!"

"Are you two sure?" Fang Yuan asked.

His condition was just delaying the problem for Wu clan, it did not solve it.

But after five years, Fang Yuan would be done with his matters, by then, who cares about Wu clan?

"We are sure." This time, Xia Fei Kuai did not speak, Xia Zhuo Mo did.

"Okay." Fang Yuan slowly flew back, speaking in an obnoxious way: "Actually, I did not want to spar, it hurts our relationship either way. But Lord Xia Fei Kuai is so insistent, on behalf of the four seasons tea leaves that you gave me, I will agree to this."

"Stop mentioning that tea and fight." Xia Fei Kuai bellowed, his eyes were bloodshot.

Before he finished his words, Fang Yuan's body shined and turned into a divination tortoise.

Xia Fei Kuai was stunned, Fang Yuan was wasting so much time earlier, but he transformed so quickly now, it was quite a contrast.

"Divination tortoise again!" Xia Zhuo Mo frowned.

The divination tortoise's huge body stood in the valley with its four pillar-like legs, it filled up this entire valley.

The entire divination tortoise was dark in color, the shell had all sorts of markings, thousands or tens of thousands of them, they were very eye-catching, Xia Zhuo Mo looked at them for a while before feeling dizzy, he quickly stopped.

Xia Fei Kuai did not expect Fang Yuan to use an immortal killer move now.

Normally, when Gu Immortals spar, they would probe first. Fang Yuan skipped it and used his trump card immediately.

"The tough shell shows this divination tortoise's defensive power. No wonder he chose this style of sparring." Thinking of this, Xia Zhuo Mo frowned even more deeply.

"What do I do?" Xia Fei Kuai hesitated, he did not know what Wu Yi Hai specialized in, but Fang Yuan knew what he was good at.

Xia Fei Kuai only hesitated for a moment, before attacking.

First move.

He raised his fist and clenched it, floating in the sky, he aimed at the divination tortoise in the valley and punched.

His fist shot out light, it was dazzling. Pure white light gathered in Xia Fei Kuai's fist as it turned into a large ball of light, crashing down.

Auras of Immortal Gu and mortal Gu mixed together.

This was an immortal killer move — Soaring Essence Strike.


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