Reverend Insanity
1299 Another Trade
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1299 Another Trade

The difficulty of refining one rank six Immortal Gu was very different from refining a rank seven Immortal Gu.

Fang Yuan wanted to use rank six flying bear strength Immortal Gu to exchange for rank seven divination tortoise shell Immortal Gu, if spoken nicely, he was dreaming, but to be blunt, he was simply too greedy, he was trying to take advantage.

This 'taking advantage' also gave a feeling of disdain.

Who did he think Miao Ming Shen was?

Was he easy to bully?

Or did he think the others were fools?

Thus, the Gu Immortals having grim expressions was understandable.

Fang Yuan smiled.

He saw these immortals' attitude and expressions, he knew why these people had a change of emotion.

But he still asked: "Will you exchange it?"

Miao Ming Shen smiled forcefully, but he nodded: "Yes! You have helped me twice, these will suffice."

The other Gu Immortals heard this and looked at Miao Ming Shen in a different light, their disdain towards Fang Yuan increased.

One of them even snorted coldly, expressing his unhappiness towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan suddenly laughed.

He said: "Everyone has said how incredible Lord Miao Ming Shen is, I was disbelieving, but after today, I completely agree. How can I take advantage of you? I will compensate you with something else, you will definitely be pleased!"

Saying this, Fang Yuan transmitted to Miao Ming Shen secretly.

Miao Ming Shen heard this and his expression changed, he became excited: "Chu Ying, are you serious?"

"Hahaha, let's do the deal now, you will know if it's true or false." Fang Yuan laughed again.

"Sorry, we need to do this transaction alone." Miao Ming Shen said as Fang Yuan followed him to leave the cave.

They went outside for the transaction, afterwards, the two returned with smiles on their faces.

Fang Yuan was relaxed, while Miao Ming Shen was smiling in a pleased manner.

The two were walking together closely, everyone could tell that their relationship had gotten closer.

After sitting down, Miao Ming Shen cupped his fists at Fang Yuan: "I owe you a third favor."

"Your demeanor is truly magnificent. This is merely a transaction, there is no favor." Fang Yuan was very polite.

These words made the Gu Immortals very perplexed.

At once, they started guessing: What did Chu Ying trade to make up for the difference, and make Miao Ming Shen so happy?

Miao Ming Shen sat down but Fang Yuan did not.

After this transaction, it was Fang Yuan's turn, he went on the platform.

The immortals looking at him had different gazes now, they were solemn and curious, with probing intentions.

At the same time, they were curious about what Fang Yuan was going to offer.

This was because they did not know Fang Yuan, he was a stranger.

According to Fang Yuan's offer, they would be able to guess some information about him. Like what immortal materials he had in abundance, they were often produced in their own blessed lands. This way, some intelligence could be deduced, like how developed Fang Yuan's immortal aperture was, and what types of dao marks he had inside.

If it were one or two damaged ancient desolate beast corpses, they were often the Gu Immortal's spoils of battle. If an ancient desolate beast reared in the immortal aperture died, the corpse would not be damaged. Such corpses would allow the immortals to assess Fang Yuan's battle strength as well.

Gu Immortals focused heavily on gathering intelligence.

On this aspect, information path Gu Immortals had the greatest advantage.

But what Fang Yuan took out shocked them.

"Everyone, take a look, this is a bone path rank six Immortal Gu, Bone Spike. I obtained it by chance, but I am not a bone path Gu Immortal, I want to trade with it, does anyone want this? As for what I want in return, I am like Lord Miao Ming Shen, I have no specific preference." Fang Yuan smiled.

"An Immortal Gu again."

"This is the first round, there are actually two Immortal Gu transactions."

"This Chu Ying is quite rich, he is a transformation path Gu Immortal but he had two Immortal Gu of other paths."

"The first transaction is done, but this one might not succeed. There are no bone path Gu Immortals here."

The Gu Immortals talked to each other secretly, they were close with one another.

"None?" Fang Yuan waited for a while, but no Gu Immortal spoke.

He felt no disappointment.

The rank seven Immortal Gu, Divination Tortoise Shell, was worth coming to this trading convention.

Just when Fang Yuan was about to step down, a voice said: "Wait, I think… we can trade with this Immortal Gu."

The immortals turned to look, it was Wu Ma Yang.

"Strange, he is a dark path Gu Immortal, why does he want a bone path Immortal Gu?" This question appeared in everyone's minds.

Bone spike Immortal Gu had no relation with dark path.

But if Wu Ma Yang had any immortal killer moves that needed bone spike Immortal Gu, then it was possible for him to want this Immortal Gu.

Everyone had their own secrets, even though the Gu Immortals were puzzled, they held in their questions and watched quietly.

"There is a Gu Immortal who wants bone spike Immortal Gu?" Fang Yuan was also curious.

He asked: "I wonder what you would like to trade with?"

Wu Ma Yang frowned, he hesitated a little before gritting his teeth: "I will trade this Immortal Gu."

He displayed this Immortal Gu.

It was a rank six Immortal Gu, on the same rank as bone spike Immortal Gu.

The Gu Immortals looked as someone cried out: "This is day Immortal Gu."

That's right, this was the rank six time path — day Gu!

Fang Yuan was stunned.

"I did not expect this, this trading convention was really worth it!" Fang Yuan rejoiced internally, but his expression was blank, he seemed to be in deep thought.

There was no need to think!

The moment Fang Yuan saw this Immortal Gu, he wanted it.

The reason?

Because he had Hei Fan's true inheritance, he had rank seven year Gu, after Immortal Gu, and Years Flow Like Water, as well as a bunch of time path immortal killer moves.

He remembered that in the true inheritance, Hei Fan had been talking about immortal level day Gu and month Gu non-stop.

He remembered those four immortal killer moves, days pass like years and the rest.

"If the inheritor can obtain immortal level day Gu or month Gu, these four immortal killer moves would not need to expend so many mortal day Gu and month Gu, the effect would even rise greatly."

These were the words recorded in Hei Fan's true inheritance.

Fang Yuan saw this and did not think much of them.

He was not overly ambitious, year Gu was enough to satisfy him.

But destiny was very mystical, when Fang Yuan had placed no attention on immortal level day Gu and month Gu, day Gu appeared right in front of him like this.

"Let's exchange it."

"Even though I am not familiar with time path, feeding bone spike Immortal Gu is certainly a burden."

Fang Yuan said.

"My day Gu consumes the water of the River of Time, it has no feeding problems. However, I cannot use this Immortal Gu, I might as well trade it for bone spike Immortal Gu, to add into my immortal killer moves." Wu Ma Yang said.

The two traded quickly.

The original wills inside the two Immortal Gu left as the other party's immortal essence entered.

The Gu Immortal's will inside the immortal essence was the true key to refining Gu.

In Earth's terms, wills were like a preset program to Gu worms.

Wills could think. Wild Gu worms had their own wills. Refining wild Immortal Gu was simply using the Gu Immortal's will together with immortal essence to erase the wild will.

Wild wills had the instinct to survive, they could not destroy themselves, thus, even though it was tough for Gu Immortals to refine Immortal Gu, it was not risky.

Other people's Immortal Gu were different.

A Gu Immortal's will was vastly different from wild will.

Trying with brute force to refine someone else's Immortal Gu would only destroy it. For example, Fang Yuan could recall his Immortal Gu with just a special will set inside them. Basically all Gu Immortals would not allow another person to refine their Immortal Gu directly.

Once that was happening, the will inside the Immortal Gu would destroy the Gu worm.

Unless wisdom path methods were used to suppress the Immortal Gu's will. But usually, it would be hard to suppress all of it in an instant. With a small flaw, the Immortal Gu would be destroyed.

Precisely because of this, even though Fang Yuan captured Hei Cheng, he did not obtain dark arrow Immortal Gu.

And because of this, even though Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan's alliance agreement was gone, he could not directly refine attitude Gu, it was a problem.


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