Reverend Insanity
1296 Light Shine Fungi
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1296 Light Shine Fungi

Eastern Sea.

In an ordinary sea area, there was a nameless mountain, it was desolate and barren, there were only rocks and caves in it.

Several Gu Immortals descended from the sky.

Among them were Fang Yuan, Immortal Hua Die and Feng Jiang.

"To think that this trading convention would be held on such an empty island." Fang Yuan stepped on the island as he sighed to himself.

"Brother Chu, you might be unaware that large trading conventions like this usually have their locations decided several days before the meeting, to prevent others from having ill intentions." A Gu Immortal beside Fang Yuan said.

This male Gu Immortal was neither tall nor short, neither fat nor thin. In terms of appearance, he looked ordinary, only his flat and wide nose left a heavy impression on others.

This person was a famous rank seven space path Gu Immortal expert in Eastern Sea — Miao Ming Shen.

In terms of appearance, he was not outstanding, but after Fang Yuan interacted with him, even though it was a short time, he could feel that this person was impressive, his appearance was deceiving.

Fang Yuan had saved Immortal Hua Die and Feng Jiang under the identity of Chu Ying, learning about the trading convention.

Next, he followed Immortal Hua Die and Feng Jiang to meet Miao Ming Shen.

Miao Ming Shen had no hesitation as he agreed to Fang Yuan's request of joining the trading convention: "Friend, you have helped me twice, you are also the benefactor of Little Die and Little Feng. This is just a trading convention, how can I reject you? Please do grace us with your presence!"

He was a rank seven Gu Immortal expert, but Chu Ying was a secluded cultivator with no reputation. Yet Miao Ming Shen did not put on airs, he was very amiable. He spoke politely and warmly to others.

Thus, Fang Yuan and Miao Ming Shen came to attend the trading convention.

The four of them had just stepped onto the island when a Gu Immortal came out of a rock.

"Miao Ming Shen, you are here." A midget Gu Immortal with a big head and small body welcomed them.

"Haha, Tu Tou Tuo, long time no see!" Miao Ming Shen said warmly, he laughed as he quickly went up to the person.

"Come, let me introduce the two of you. This is a secluded cultivator of Eastern Sea, Chu Ying, this is a rare earth path grandmaster in Eastern Sea, Tu Tou Tuo." Miao Ming Shen said.

"Greetings to you." Fang Yuan was polite but his expression was stiff, he pretended to be a secluded cultivator who was not good at interacting with people, it was flawless.

Tu Tou Tuo looked at Fang Yuan with several glances, he smiled with his yellow teeth: "You received Miao Ming Shen's recommendation and are here for the first time? Haha, in the past, I also joined in after Miao Ming Shen's recommendation."

Tu Tou Tuo was also quite polite.

He thought: "Miao Ming Shen has good foresight, the people he invites are all talented experts. This Chu Ying looks unassuming and has no reputation, but since he has Miao Ming Shen's recommendation, he is not simple."

While thinking of that, Tu Tou Tuo said: "Follow me, I was the first to arrive, there is nothing much to do but wait now, we can create a space underground first."

"I will trouble Brother Tu. After all, this time, I am the host of the trading convention…" Miao Ming Shen said courteously.

"Haha, it is just an underground cave, it is nothing much. Come!" Tu Tou Tuo looked at Miao Ming Shen like an old friend, he grabbed his arm and led him underground.

Everywhere he went, the tough ground melted like flowing water, opening a wide path that extended underground.

Tu Tou Tuo and Miao Ming Shen walked ahead while Fang Yuan, Feng Jiang and Immortal Hua Die walked behind them.

Tu Tou Tuo and Miao Ming Shen talked along the way.

Miao Ming Shen had incredible interpersonal skills, Tu Tou Tuo was laughing as he talked, his laughter was reverberating in the cave.

Furthermore, Miao Ming Shen did not give the cold shoulder to Fang Yuan, he turned around to talk to Fang Yuan.

His words seemed ordinary, but they felt natural and did not make Fang Yuan feel like he was alone, or that he was neglected.

The underground cave was very ordinary, but it was wide enough.

There was a platform, and several chairs in front of it, they were huge. There were carvings on the chairs, they were fluid patterns. This showed Tu Tou Tuo's incredible skills, and the meticulous aspect that he had.

Fang Yuan counted, there were six chairs.

"It seems that this trading convention only had six people originally. Immortal Hua Die and Feng Jiang are not part of this, they will leave when the trading convention starts and guard the area." Fang Yuan guessed.

"There is a new member, I will add a chair." Tu Tou Tuo stomped lightly as a mound appeared on the ground, it started to rotate like a ball.

In the blink of an eye, a chair was carved out like it was made by an artisan.

Fang Yuan and the rest sat down while waiting for the other immortals.

Not long later, two Gu Immortals appeared.

The former was a girl, she looked like a child with two ponytail braids, her eyes were round and watery, but there was deep maturity in them.

She was Tong Hua.

A rank seven light path Gu Immortal famous in the north of Eastern Sea.

The latter was a male immortal. He had an aquiline nose, his gaze was dark and he wore a black robe, having messy hair.

He was Wu Ma Yang, a dark path Gu Immortal, having exemplary battle strength among rank seven Gu Immortals. His immortal killer move, dark arrow veil, had once defeated three rank seven Gu Immortals working together, this battle caused his reputation to surge in Eastern Sea for some time.

Tong Hua talked a lot, while Wu Ma Yang was uncommunicative.

The two sides continued to mingle, and under Miao Ming Shen's intentional guidance, the atmosphere became congenial.

Fifteen minutes later, a third Gu Immortal entered this space.

He was Gong Liang Bai, a wisdom path Gu Immortal who also cultivated wood path. Wisdom path was his main focus, but wisdom path Gu Immortals were few in numbers, especially those like Fang Yuan who possessed a complete wisdom path Gu Immortal true inheritance.

However, not only did Gong Liang Bai have a complete wisdom path true inheritance, he even had some achievements in his cultivation, even though he could not match the top three wisdom path experts, among lone immortals, he had a huge network and was willing to deduce for people in exchange for payment.

The saying goes: Jia Dan sits in twin polar, Hua An hides in Nan Gong, there is also Dragon Head Tortoise, living inside adversity sea.

This saying refers to the publicly recognized three most powerful wisdom path Gu Immortals in Eastern Sea currently.

Song Jia Dan, Hua An, they were righteous path members, they rarely deduced for lone immortals. And Dragon Head Tortoise was always inside adversity sea, his traces were hard to find, it was hard for people to seek help from him.

"Gong Liang Bai, after these trades, let's have a good talk. I have some things for you to deduce." While talking, Miao Ming Shen said.

"Is it that Liu Guan Yi? I have received many requests from others, they are all after this person." Gong Liang Bai said.

"Of course not." Miao Ming Shen denied.

Gong Liang Bai nodded: "Then that is fine. Speaking of which, I have already made five deductions, I failed each time. There are simply too few clues, and that Liu Guan Yi has methods to defend against deductions."

Fang Yuan listened by the side, his expression did not change, though he felt a little awkward.

This topic attracted everyone's attention.

Tu Tou Tuo shouted: "This Liu Guan Yi is so popular now, he is completely famous!"

"Anyone who can render rank eight Gu Immortals unable to deal with them as a rank seven will go down in history." Tong Hua sighed.

"Resisting rank eight with rank seven cultivation level, this is truly a goal to set." Miao Ming Shen smiled bitterly: "It is a pity that I've had no opportunity to befriend such a person."

Fang Yuan was sitting right beside him, hearing this, he said expressionlessly: "I heard that Liu Guan Yi could resist rank eights as a rank seven because he became the Reverse Flow River Lord. This Reverse Flow River is a secluded domain of heaven and earth, but how can it be so powerful as to leave rank eight existences without options?"

Thus, the immortals' topic of discussion turned from Liu Guan Yi to Reverse Flow River.

Fang Yuan had subtly changed the conversation's direction.

The Gu Immortals talked until night time.

When night appeared and the moon rose, the trading convention began.

The other two Gu Immortals also had arrived.

The trading convention officially began.

According to the rules set earlier, Tong Hua stood on the platform.

"This is a desolate plant, I found it when exploring a deep sea. That place was dark as an abyss, but I saw some light far away. When I found the source, I took several minutes to reach it. The place was like a paradise of light path. It was so dazzling with rays of light extending immeasurably far."

"Initially, I thought that it was light from the corals. But soon, I found some green fungus on the surface of the corals. This green fungus is a desolate plant seen all over that place, I named it light shine fungus, it contains light path dao marks and can emit strong light."

Tong Hua talked about her findings, and the process of her naming.

Fang Yuan was surprised, to think that he found something he wanted when the trading convention had just started.

Light shine fungi!


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