Reverend Insanity
1294 Reappearance of Chu Ying
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1294 Reappearance of Chu Ying

"We're finally past the regional wall." Ying Wu Xie let out a breath of air, looking at the sea, he felt mentally fatigued.

Hei Lou Lan and Bai Ning Bing, who were beside him, were in no better condition.

After leaving Northern Plains, Shadow Sect's group left for Eastern Sea. They did not have the sovereign immortal body, each time they passed the regional wall, it was a huge test.

Thankfully, they were all powerful and were elites among Gu Immortals. Even though their immortal apertures were damaged, they did not die.

They were not leaving urgently.

After entering Eastern Sea, they chose a random island.

On this nameless island, Ying Wu Xie directed Bai Ning Bing and Hei Lou Lan to start arranging a refinement path Gu formation.

The Gu formation succeeded in activation, Ying Wu Xie came to the center and took out the purple gold rock, processing this immortal material.

As for Bai Ning Bing and Hei Lou Lan, they were outside the Gu formation, standing to defend against any intruders.

Not long after, the purple gold rock melted as the miniman Gu Immortal, Purple Mountain, True Monarch woke up again.

He was a rank eight Gu Immortal, if he wanted to cross the five regions, he would normally have to use black heaven or white heaven. But now, the parts of black heaven and white heaven above Northern Plains were influenced by Luck Suppression Heavenly Palace, it was controlled by Longevity Heaven.

Shadow Sect's group were not going to enter a trap. The outcome of Central Continent's Gu Immortals were displayed to them.

Shadow Sect had deep foundation, Purple Mountain True Monarch went into hibernation again as a purple gold rock formed around his body.

His aura was completely concealed, his vitality was indiscernible, he was just like a dead object.

Using such incredible methods, Ying Wu Xie brought Purple Mountain True Monarch through the regional walls and arrived in Eastern Sea.

The thin layer of purple gold rock was easily refined by Ying Wu Xie, who had the right method, it was way easier than the time when Lady Wan Shou had to process it.

"Eastern Sea…" Purple Mountain True Monarch woke up and sighed as he looked at the vast sea area.

Under his lead, Shadow Sect's group first dismantled the Gu formation and stored its components, wiping all traces of it.

Then, the four Gu Immortals started to use the ancient battle formation Omni-directional Travel.

A moment later, they arrived in the turbulent flow sea area.

Purple Mountain True Monarch led the way, none of the sea currents could pose as obstacles.

Soon, Shadow Sect's group arrived at the center of the turbulent flow sea area.

"Hmm? Where is the tributary of the River of Time?" Unable to find the thing they needed, Ying Wu Xie asked this in confusion.

"Don't tell me this tributary of the River of Time is already gone, it is at the fringe of the turbulent flows?" Hei Lou Lan guessed.

After some investigation, Purple Mountain True Monarch found some clues.

"That tributary of the River of Time has been taken away by someone." He said grimly.

"How can that be? Who did it? Is it Fang Yuan?" Ying Wu Xie first thought of Fang Yuan.

But Purple Mountain True Monarch shook his head: "This method should not be his. It is someone else, forget about it. Since we cannot use this tributary of the River of Time, we will go to the next location, there is a tributary of the River of Time there too."

Shadow Sect's group left the turbulent flow sea area again.

Elsewhere in Eastern Sea.

There was a vast sea and sky.

Above the sea, a life and death battle was unfolding.

"Quickly leave, I was hit by his lightning soul needle, he can sense my location, I cannot escape, I cannot implicate you." Immortal Hua Die lay in a man's arms, speaking weakly.

This woman was dressed in a raiment, her sleeves were fluttering, she wore light pink. Her eyes were showing signs of weakness, blood was flowing out of the corner of her mouth, her injuries were severe.

Especially on her skin, there were tiny sparks shining at times, it was the sign of the immortal killer move lightning soul needle's effect.

"No." The male Gu Immortal rejected unhesitantly.

He had broad shoulders and a thin waist, he wore a suit of battle armor, and even though he was covered in injuries, his valiance could not be concealed.

"How can I abandon you? If I escape now, how can I face Lord Miao Ming Shen?" Even though he said that, when he looked towards Immortal Hua Die, there was love in his eyes.

He was Feng Jiang.

Feng Jiang, Immortal Hua Die, Gui Qi Ye, these three were subordinates of the Eastern Sea space path expert Miao Ming Shen.

Miao Ming Shen wanted to find a tributary of the River of Time in the turbulent flow sea area, thus these three Gu Immortals would take turns to guard the turbulent flow sea area. When they saw any Gu Immortals approaching the turbulent flow sea area, they would talk to them and ask for their help.

"Then you lovebirds can die together!" There was only one person in pursuit, he had rank seven cultivation level.

He was named Ge Wen, he wore a blue robe and had tough, dry skin, like tree bark. His eyes were shining with red light, his teeth were sharp, he had a sinister expression.

This person was quite a senior and had some reputation in Eastern Sea.

He was a lightning path grandmaster, but once when he was using an immortal killer move, he failed and suffered a backlash, leading to him having no choice but to become an immortal zombie.

Even so, he had outstanding battle strength, he possessed two Immortal Gu, the rank six Immortal Hua Die and Feng Jiang were forced to flee.

"Hand over the year cycle powder, you two are quite daring to snatch my immortal material. If you hand it over, I might leave you a proper corpse!" Ge Wen chuckled as he approached with overwhelming demonic aura.

Immortal Hua Die was anxious: "We found this year cycle powder first, how can it be yours?"

"I have been here for half a month already, but the moment I looked away, you two took it!" Ge Wen growled.

Immortal Hua Die was incensed: "Lord Miao Ming Shen found this year cycle powder three years ago and set a Gu formation here. Once every few months, I would come there and take care of it. No matter how you distort the facts, you cannot change them."

Immortal Hua Die said the truth, Ge Wen stopped denying it, his expression turned grim: "Hmph, you have a sharp tongue, you will be the first one I kill."

"Demonic scoundrel, don't be cocky!"

At this moment, there was a clear voice that resounded in their ears.

"Who?" Ge Wen's expression changed, he shouted.

The moment he said that, the sea level rose up like a small mound.

Next, from within the 'mound', a fierce beast charged out, causing winds to blow and water the splatter.

A blue scaled sea dragon appeared before the three immortals, speaking: "Demon, hand over your life!"

The three immortals saw this and understood that this blue scaled sea dragon was a Gu Immortal's transformation.

Immortal Hua Die and Feng Jiang were happy and shocked.

Ge Wen was furious: "Why are you a busybody! Take my killer move."

Saying this, he breathed in deeply, spitting at his right palm.

He did not spit out saliva, of course, it was an egg-sized flash of lightning.

The lightning entered Ge Wen's right palm and exploded into a beam of lightning that shot out from his palm.

The blue scaled sea dragon did not dodge, it opened its mouth towards the approaching beam of lightning.

Dragon's breath!

Ge Wen saw this and laughed in his mind: "My move can last for several minutes, while dragon breath needs to be used breath by breath, how can he last?"

But the blue scaled sea dragon's breath did not end!

The dragon's breath was like a beam of water colliding with the beam of lightning, next, the powerful dragon breath smashed through the lightning pillar.

In a few breath's time, it got to Ge Wen.

"How can this be? What dragon breath is this?!" Ge Wen showed disbelief and shock on his face.

He quickly dodged.

But the blue scaled sea dragon turned around and its dragon breath continued to sweep the battlefield.

Ge Wen frowned deeply, grunting: "You guys are lucky, I will spare you this time!"

Saying this, he retreated, turning into a flash of lightning with incredible speed.

The blue scaled sea dragon did not give chase, it watched as Ge Wen left.

"He wants to return to the Gu formation, a lot of the year cycle powder is left." Immortal Hua Die pointed out Ge Wen's plan.

Feng Jiang placed Immortal Hua Die down and cupped his fists at the blue scaled sea dragon: "Virtuous friend, you defeated the powerful foe, we will not forget the gratitude of saving our lives. I would like to know your esteemed name!"

The blue scaled sea dragon suddenly transformed into an ordinary looking Gu Immortal, he smiled: "I am Chu Ying, Fairy Hua Die, have you been well?"

Immortal Hua Die was surprised and joyful: "To think that you are Chu Ying!"

Seeing Feng Jiang's gaze, Immortal Hua Die explained: "It was thanks to Chu Ying that we found that tributary of the River of Time in the turbulent flow sea area. He was the reason Lord Miao Ming Shen could take away that tributary of the River of Time."


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