Reverend Insanity
1291 Huge Assets
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1291 Huge Assets

While evading deductions, Fang Yuan did not waste time, he inspected his immortal aperture.

Five regions, nine heavens.

The sizes were incredible, beyond this world's common sense.

335000km2 of space was already shockingly huge, nobody would believe it if they heard of it.

But now, Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture had exceeded 335000km2 of space already.

This was because he had been slaughtering Gu Immortals and annexing their immortal apertures recently.

Because of the sovereign immortal body's special characteristics, Fang Yuan could completely annex other people's blessed lands and absorb all their dao marks without any wastage.

These immortal apertures added up to create many unique areas in the sovereign immortal aperture.

These areas were mainly managed by land spirits, Fang Yuan could save a lot of effort. They were like tiny pearls scattered all over the five regions and nine heavens.

"I have incredible amounts of space path resources. Normal Gu Immortals try by all means possible to expand their immortal apertures, but I have so much space that I have yet to develop."

Fang Yuan was satisfied with this, on the other hand, regarding the time path resources, he had a different feeling.

The sovereign immortal aperture's rate of time had slowed a lot.

It was one-to-sixty earlier, this was simply unmatched!

But now, it was below normal standards.

This was something he had no other way to deal with.

Before Fang Yuan changed his cultivation method, in order to stall calamities and tribulations, he had to do this.

He used the time path methods in Hei Fan's true inheritance to slow the time in his immortal aperture, with fewer time path resources now, Fang Yuan's immortal essence production fell greatly, not just that, all of his gains in his other resources also fell.

Thinking over it in detail.

Inside Mini Central Continent, there was the blood zhi forest, and mirror willows, they were from Hu Immortal blessed land. Other than these, there was a small jade light pit.

This small jade light pit had light path mortal Gu in it, the quantity was large.

This was created in his immortal aperture after Fang Yuan took reference from the jade light pit resource point of Northern Plains' Liu tribe.

Not long ago, Fang Yuan ransacked the jade light pit and took away all of the light path mortal Gu in it.

A portion of the light path Gu worms were placed into the aurora lights in the nine heavens, but the rest could not be sold easily.

Fang Yuan thus created a small jade light pit to temporarily store these light path mortal Gu.

Of course, this small jade light pit could not compare with the genuine article. The latter was a true resource point, it had a lot of light path dao marks and any insect group placed in it would become Gu over time. But the former was only created by Fang Yuan haphazardly to store his light path Gu worms, it had no production capabilities.

Mini Central Continent had the least development among the five mini regions.

Mini Northern Plains was at a higher level.

Mini Northern Plains had flat terrain that was mostly covered in snow and ice, becoming an icy plain.

But snow and ice were not its only features.

Closer to Eastern Sea, there was a shallow green beach, pieces of rocks were piled together to form a special lake. The aquatic plants inside were growing well, as spirit snakes lived in it.

This shallow beach was the blessed land of transformation path Gu Immortal Han Dong, after Fang Yuan annexed it, even the pinkish red spirit snake land spirit was moved over and managed the area for him.

Nearer to Western Desert, there was a bone burial field.

There was a mountain of skeletons here of all types, collarbones, skulls, leg bones, even those from flying animals, there were lots of immortal materials that were very valuable.

This bone burial field was the bone burial field that Fang Yuan took from Liu tribe.

After killing Liu tribe Gu Immortal Liu Yong, he moved this bone burial field directly into his immortal aperture.

Thus, he had this resource point that could generate bone path Gu worms.

"But compared to the original bone burial field, my bone burial field may have a lot of bones, but the bone path dao marks cannot match the original. In the original bone burial field, even the surrounding soil had bone path dao marks. Liu tribe can rebuild their bone burial field with no problems."

Fang Yuan knew this deeply.

Of course, Fang Yuan had already taken eighty percent of this bone burial field, the most valuable thing were these bones.

The remaining twenty percent was the soil terrain, Liu tribe could rebuild their bone burial field, but to regain its former scale, they would need to expend a lot of resources.

And closer to Central Continent.

This was a sparse grassland with all sorts of wildflowers and grass, there were mainly blood sickle grass and red axe flowers.

These were from Hu Immortal blessed land too.

This grassland was huge, surpassing Han Dong blessed land. There were some pink flower rabbits, fox groups, water wolf groups, earth skin boar groups, poison beard wolf groups, and others, there was even a shark fin wolf and a desolate beast giant horned sheep, they were living in this grassland.

Mini Western Desert had the highest temperature.

Because most of the fire path dao marks were gathered here, the soil was sandy.

There were three main resource points here.

The first were the eerie fire dragon python dens, there were a lot of them in a particular area.

The second was the the sand gull soil beach.

It produced sand gull soil.

Sand gull soil was a Gu material, it was also the food of connect luck Immortal Gu.

But Fang Yuan did not have connect luck Immortal Gu anymore, sand gull soil was now a resource sold to help Fang Yuan earn immortal essence stones.

At the center of the sand gull soil, there was the dead egg of the worldly sand gull. It was filled with cracks, there were several small holes on it, as transparent egg white flowed out of the cracks slowly. Using the life essence in this egg, one could turn ordinary sand into sand gull soil.

The third was the rotten black swamp. This was formed when Fang Yuan went through tribulation, it was filled with dark path dao marks. Fang Yuan had already modified it to become a dark path Gu worm resource point now, but because it had just been made, its production was low.

Other than these three resource points, there were two blessed lands.

One was an earth path blessed land resembling a rotting swamp, there were five desolate beast mud monsters inside, and all sorts of earth path mortal Gu, it was managed by the small mudman land spirit.

The other was Liu Yong's enslavement path blessed land, there were more than twenty dog desolate beasts in it. These desolate beasts were all purchased in treasure yellow heaven by Fang Yuan. This was because Liu Yong blessed land's ownership requirement was to have twenty hound type desolate beasts. Among those were his six bone armor hounds. The entire blessed land was managed by a black hound land spirit.

Mini Eastern Sea's development was about the same as Mini Western Desert.

Wu Yi Hai's blessed land was here.

This was a sea that was well managed by Wu Yi Hai, there were three ancient desolate beast horned divine tortoises, a huge field of ancient desolate plant silent corals, and six desolate beast white letter blue feather seagulls, managed by the sea turtle land spirit.

Other than that, there was the original dragonfish group and two desolate beast dragonfish, air bubble fish group, as well as some rare literature carps and some oil water. There were large numbers of blue jade carps, blood jade carps, and an ancient desolate beast hidden room oyster (obtained in the turbulent flow sea area).

There was another blood lake, it had a large amount of desolate beast blood and Gu Immortal blood, Fang Yuan had once placed blood asset Immortal Gu here to recover.

Right now, blood asset Immortal Gu had fully recovered, but this blood lake remained.

In the five mini regions, Mini Southern Border was the richest.

Five Light Mountain, Immortal Succession Mountain, Heaven Sealing Mountain and others, for a total of more than ten mountains here.

Stalactite cave, regretful spider group, a small number of rockmen, a huge forest with musical trees, tea streams, and qi death birds singing.

There was a Become Dragon Mound, Fang Yuan had used pulling mountain Immortal Gu to move it into his immortal aperture from Northern Plains.

And in the nine heavens.

A small field of aurora lights were in Mini Orange Heaven. There were a lot of floating flowing light fruits in the aurora lights, and because he had obtained a lot of light path Gu worms from the jade light pit, the scale of the aurora lights and flowing light fruits expanded greatly on its original foundation.

And in Mini Yellow Heaven, there was a small gold fragment current.

In Mini Azure Heaven, there was a lot of pill azure incense, this was the food of change soul Immortal Gu. There was a heavenly crystal storage pool, it came from Hei Fan grotto-heaven and had no use for now.

Mini Black Heaven had the walking meat tree, Mini White Heaven had multicolored overlord flowers, three ancient remnant heavenly dogs, one ancient eagle hound, and seven desolate beast eagle hounds.

Mini Purple Heaven had the upper extreme heavenly eagle, although it had only desolate beast strength. More than eighty eagle nests were floating here. These were the loot from attacking Iron Eagle blessed land. The original eagle nest had already been fully eaten by the upper extreme heavenly eagle.

In Mini Blue Heaven, there was a lot of cloud soil, on top of them were the arrow bamboo forest, a star fragment grass field, and an infant falling star hound. The two desolate beast spinefin star dragonfish had already been sold, during the battle to defend Hei Fan grotto-heaven.

There was also a meteorite pit that produced stellar fire Gu and falling meteor Gu. After killing Ye Lui Qun Xing and obtaining his blessed land, Fang Yuan also placed it here, it was a floating island filled with star fragments, the star core land spirit was managing it.

There were also some blessed lands scattered around, and some other desolate beasts and desolate plants, there was no need to discuss them in detail.

As for Dang Hun Mountain and Luo Po Valley, they were in Lang Ya blessed land.

Reverse Flow River was temporarily placed in Mini Eastern Sea by Fang Yuan.

As for Gu worms —

Rank nine wisdom Gu was in Lang Ya blessed land. Sovereign immortal fetus Gu had already been used, it would not be counted.

Rank eight Immortal Gu: Attitude, Wisdom Sword, Years Flow Like Water (sealed).

Rank seven Immortal Gu: Sword Eyebrows, Wave Sword, Flying Sword, Sword Escape, Calamity Beckoning (with Chu Du), Year, After, Dragon Breath, Affection, Perseverance.

Rank six Immortal Gu: Unravel Mystery, Woman's Heart, Blood Asset, Dark Limit, Dog Shit Luck, Change Form, Strength Qi, Self Strength, Flying Bear Strength, Pulling Mountain, Pulling Water, Landscape as Before, Man as Before, Star Eyes, Spring Autumn Cicada (contains heaven's will, stored in the immortal zombie body), Bone Spike, Perceivable Dao.

The mortal Gu were of all different types, they will be skipped.

Hei Cheng's dark arrow Immortal Gu had self-detonated, Fang Yuan did not obtain it.

In terms of captives, there was Fang Zheng (in Lang Ya blessed land), Hei Cheng (intact body), Ma Hong Yun's soul, Liu Yong's soul, Ye Lui Qun Xing's soul. As for Shi Nu's soul, Fang Yuan did not obtain it. Shadow Sect had incredible attainment in soul path, Fang Yuan could not stop the soul from dissipating even though he captured it.

As for the rest, like Dong Fang Chang Fan's soul, the featherman Gu Immortal's soul, the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals' souls, they were all sold to Lang Ya land spirit for sect contribution points. They were probably absorbed by Dang Hun Mountain and made into guts Gu by now.

There was also the featherman Gu Immortal slave Zhou Zhong, he was sent to Western Desert by Fang Yuan to establish another plan.

Huge assets!

This was Fang Yuan's current portfolio, it was no exaggeration.

In total, even though he was rank seven, he could fully rival ordinary rank eight Gu Immortals in assets.

Just those secluded domains of heaven and earth were incredibly valuable. And his Gu worms were plentiful, the number shockingly high!

Look at Gu Immortal Hei Fan, he was a rank eight Gu Immortal. how many Immortal Gu did he have?

But many Immortal Gu would create the problem of feeding them.

Fang Yuan was still at this stage, trying to provide food for his Immortal Gu.

The rank six and seven Immortal Gu were basically fine. The problems were attitude Gu and wisdom sword Immortal Gu, these two rank eight Immortal Gu.

The new perseverance Gu that he obtained fed on Reverse Flow River's water, Fang Yuan could easily feed it. Affection Gu fed on the same thing as love Gu, hope and fear, Fang Yuan could easily resolve that, he bought a large number of hope Gu and fear Gu from treasure yellow heaven.

For Fang Yuan, developing his immortal aperture was not the main point now.

As long as he slaughtered Gu Immortals and annexed their immortal apertures, his immortal aperture's foundation would continue to grow.

He was facing the problem of insufficient immortal essence.

Pursuing Ying Wu Xie and gang, the Reverse Flow River battle, and escaping from Mao Li Qiu, Fang Yuan expended a lot of immortal essence.

This caused his red date immortal essence storage to fall to a critical level.

"Originally, with my time path resources, the rate of time was fast, my immortal aperture produced a lot of red date immortal essence."

"But after using my time path methods, the immortal aperture's time is close to the five regions' time, I can only replenish my immortal essence through transactions."

Reverse flow protection seal used a lot of the Gu Immortal's mental energy and immortal essence.

Thankfully, Fang Yuan was a rank seven Gu Immortal now, if he was still using green grape immortal essence, he would have ran out of them.

Without red date immortal essence, Fang Yuan did not have much confidence.

While resting, he sold all of the desolate beast corpses in treasure yellow heaven.

These desolate beast corpses were immortal materials of high quantity. Fang Yuan had exterminated these desolate beast groups while he was pursuing Ying Wu Xie in Earth Trench.

Among them were a group of nightmare demonic colts, if these dream path immortal materials were sold in treasure yellow heaven, a huge commotion would arise, many Gu Immortals would fight for them.

But Fang Yuan kept all of these nightmare demonic colt corpses with him, he had better use for them.

After resting for a while, he made several transactions.

After subtracting the transaction fees of treasure yellow heaven, Fang Yuan earned a lot of immortal essence stones.

One immortal essence stone could convert to one bead of green grape immortal essence.

Fang Yuan was a rank seven Gu Immortal, using a hundred immortal essence stones would create one bead of red date immortal essence.

While he was replenishing his red date immortal essence stockpile, he received some information.

"This is a letter from Sixth Hair."

Fang Yuan felt strange.

After checking it, he felt shocked: "Shadow Sect wants to negotiate a truce with me, they even want us to work together?"

Author's Note: Collating Fang Yuan's assets was too tiring!


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